Dreamy Trucker Daddy


It was a normal Wednesday morning, well to me because it was 3:40AM. I’m often up very late on some nights, board out of my mind alone in this quiet house. I live at my fathers house, though he isn’t here very often as he is an over the road truck driver. So with the exception of a few friends I have around this small town, I’m pretty much lonely most times. Which gives my mind and imagination alot of free time to wander about, and most times I masturbate until I fall asleep and sated.

I’ve thought of alot of different things while playing with myself at night, during the day or whenever the mood hits me. I’m pretty innocent but sometimes what my mind comes up with to get me off is anything but innocent, twisted or not I love it and I just seem to cream the best that way.

All the time growing up I’ve been a daddy’s girl, a bit of a tomboy and usually more than a handful. I was born to very young parents, when I was born my father was 16 and my mother 20. My dad turned 38 three weeks ago, I’m currently 22. Majority of my friends gawk when they learn how young my father is, he doesn’t look his age very much.

He is 6ft tall and around 214lbs, he’s in very good shape as he is really into weight training. He has long hair that extends to just below the shoulders all one length, though he keeps it in a pony tail most times out of habit from his work. So yeah he is a good looking man for my father, my girl friends have often commented when he is home.

I have often fantasized about istanbulescortbayanlar.com my dad, what it would be like to be with him sexually. To be his lover, to take up that empty space in his bed that my bitch of a mother left cold for a loser. I’ve tried to imagine what it would be like in reality, and what he thought of me as a women and not just his daughter. Often I pop a dirty movie into his DVD player in his room, and masturbate in his bed watching and trying to imagine the man and woman fucking on the screen as me and my dad going at it.

During those times I truly wish he were there with me in his big bed, and instead of my fingers or a toy it would be his big thick cock burrowing deeply into me. Imagining his cock so hard it would feel like a piece of hot steel surging into me, feeling him spreading me wide and going so deep making us both gasp when he hits the sensitive bottom in me. My smoothly shaved womanhood enveloping him entirely in it’s over heated wetness as I reach up and hold him firmly inside me, the feeling of him and the thought of what we were doing would make me tremble with sheer bliss.

For a moment or so I would relish this feeling, of being so full and the fact that I now had not only the largest cock I’ve ever had fully lodged inside me. But also the thought that not only was it big and I could feel it throbbing against my inner walls, but that it was the very same steel hard cock that had brought me into this world.

I remember the times where I had cooked for him, I had made dinner one evening. He had gotten home around noon that day and had wanted a nap, I had let him nap and was about to wake him as it was 6:30pm and dinner was ready. I went to his room, the door was cracked and I knocked a bit not so loud as to startle him. No answer so I opened the door to go in and wake him, the room was dark except for his nightstand clock and the light the poured in from the hall as I opened the door.

I took a step in and stood frozen where I stood, I had no idea what I would see before I walked in. He was nude and sprawled out on his back, obviously still dead asleep the sheet covering only one leg partially. What had me frozen was not only seeing my own dad naked for the first time that I could recall, but that he had a hard on. I suppose it was “morning wood” as the term goes, and it was a real whopper. Easily the biggest boner I’ve seen a man or boy sport for sure, by my guess it must have been at least 8 or 9 inches long and thick with a huge head on the end.

After a few moments of standing there my mouth open in disbelief and my mind in a mess, finally I gathered my wits and went back out the door into the hallway closing the door and knocked loudly to get him up. That was the first time I had seen him like that, there were two other times later on and after those decided that he must get hard in his sleep all the time because I was never aware of any girlfriends if he ever had any. He’d been single since my mother left us when I was young, and aside from one women years ago he hadn’t had any girlfriends. I can only imagine how hard it would be to go without sex for so long, and on that thought I imagine why he gets these huge erections in his sleep.

As I think back to those times I’ve often wondered what would have happened if I would have crept over and took hold of him and opened my mouth and sucked him, how he would have reacted to waking up to find his one and only child sucking his hard cock lovingly. Would he have freaked out and rejected me, or let me have my way and submit to his desire for a woman even if it were his own daughter.

The times I lay on his bed naked and alone, I would finger myself to orgasm after orgasm thinking of depraved animalistic sex with my dad. I would let him have his way with me, he could do anything and have my body for his own pleasure and I would have his. The thought of being not only a loving daughter and father, but also mutual lovers is an exciting one for me. All those long lonely nights away from home, the only warmth in his bunk is the heater and his hand and maybe a porno. If he would let me I would want to fix that, I would be more than willing to relive him of his stress and other things.

Turns out I cum the hardest with thoughts of overwhelming him, and making him cum inside me. To hear him get off hard and to feel him explode deep inside me, to feel weeks of pent up sperm filling me as I squeeze and milk him dry as I cum so hard myself that I nearly pass out. And soon after I fall asleep on his bed, the sheets cool against my sweaty skin as I drift off.