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“Driving Miss Daisy”


I first met Daisy while a graduate student in college. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that she met me as she was the dominant driving force through most of our relationship. You see, I was a nerd, still am for that matter. I wasn’t ugly or fat, or even a sloppy, smelly person. I was tall at six feet three inches and thin as a rail at 165 pounds. I still have a full head of light brown hair at thirty-eight, but I have filled out a bit, the result of sitting on my ass most days at work.

In all my five-plus years at the university I’d never gone on even a single date. As smart as I was, that’s just how shy I was when around the opposite sex so I was shell-shocked as well as tongue tied when Daisy sat opposite me in the library that cold day in early December. She was my exact opposite—beautiful and gregarious, the kind of woman who attracts men the way flowers attract bees and butterflies. She had the most beautiful eyes—sparkling blue—and light brown hair with not a strand out of place. Her face was a perfect oval with skin like fine bone china. Her body? It was the kind of body most guys masturbated to. I know I did…almost every night.

Daisy was a sorority girl—popular, effervescent, the life of every party. I had never even been to a party, not a real one and certainly not one at a sorority or fraternity. My social life revolved around the chess club and university bridge tournaments. I’d been university champion two years running with Phil Jorgenson until he graduated and left school. I had also graduated early, but unlike Phil I had stayed as a graduate assistant while picking up my PhD. in Computer Engineering. Daisy was majoring in psychology, one of the easiest and most useless majors in my opinion.

I was so into a programming exercise on my laptop that I hadn’t noticed her presence until she spoke. “Um…You’re John, aren’t you?” She had to repeat it twice before I realized that she was talking to me. She giggled when I finally looked up. “Boy, you sure do concentrate.”

My response was a guttural gurgle of unintelligible sounds. “You ARE John, right? Don’t be nervous. I’m just another girl.”

“Yeah, right,” I thought. “In order to be just another girl there would have had to be someone else first, but there wasn’t.” There had never been any other.

“Uh…what do you want?”

“Can I speak to you for a few minutes? I hear you’re a real math whiz and I’m having a problem in algebra. Think you can help me? Please?” She batted those deep blue eyes at me and I melted.

“To be honest, I haven’t taken algebra since high school, but I should be able to figure it out. What did you have in mind?”

She laughed as she replied, “So you can speak, after all. Could you possibly spend an hour here with me, say Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons? I have finals in three weeks. Please? If I flunk this course I won’t graduate on time. How would I explain to my Grandma and Poppa?”

I smiled—just a small one—when I replied, “It wouldn’t do to upset your grandparents, would it? I think I can fit you in to my tight social calendar. How is two o’clock for you?”

“Perfect!” She jumped up and kissed my cheek. “I’ll see you here tomorrow. Don’t forget!” She wasted her words. I never forgot anything, thanks to a photographic memory I’d been cursed with and there was no way I’d forget my first on-campus contact with a genuine girl. I finished my work and packed up my backpack. I was back in the dorm an hour later, just in time to clean up before dinner.

I had just returned from the bathroom when my roommate Rob walked in. “You will never believe who approached me in the library this afternoon, Rob.”

“Well, I know it wasn’t a girl.”

“Actually, it was—none other than Daisy O’Neill. She wants tutoring help in algebra, of all things.” Rob gave me a funny look, but remained silent. We walked out into the chill night a few minutes later. Our cafeteria was almost a quarter mile away. We usually chatted, but tonight Rob was silent. He was a grad student in math so I was going to suggest that he tutor Daisy and, in fact, that’s exactly what I said once we were back in the dorm.

“What you said earlier had me confused. I want to access the class’s records. Professor Newton teaches that course and I work with him quite often. I have his access code so I can enter grades from tests and homework. Hold on a second.” We waited for the course database to load then it was only a few seconds before Rob found the grades he was looking for. His face suddenly turned sour, as though he had sucked on a lemon.

“What’s wrong, Rob?”

“Take a look for yourself. She seems to be doing quite well for someone who is afraid she’ll flunk the course. It looks like she has about a B+ average.”

“Maybe she’s just afraid of the exam.”

“I don’t think so; she aced the mid-term. Something’s up, John; give me a day or two to snoop around.” I shrugged my shoulders and went back to work. One of the good things about majoring in computer science was that I could work anywhere. My programs and records were on the university server. I could access them from anywhere in the world.


Daisy was right on time the next afternoon and for a so-called failing student she showed a real aptitude for the work. She left after the hour to return to her sorority. I stayed to do more work on my dissertation. My professor had told me it was ground-breaking work that could lead to big bucks once I had graduated. He had introduced me to a patent attorney almost a year ago who agreed with his assessment. I had already paid him $10,000 to begin the patent process.

Rob’s face was even more upset when I saw him before dinner that afternoon. “You’d better sit down, John. Here’s the scoop. I overheard her and a few of her friends talking between classes. These girls are so self-absorbed that they never even noticed me standing less than ten feet away. I pretended that I was playing with my phone, but I could hear every word they said, not that they were very quiet about it. She’s looking for a meal ticket, John. She said that she realizes her Bachelor’s in Psych is basically useless. She wants a husband who’s going to strike it rich and that’s going to be you.”

I laughed. I couldn’t help myself. I laughed for almost ten minutes, rolling onto my bed before I stopped. “I can’t believe it, Rob. Of all the people on this campus she picked me? I believe you, but either she’s crazy or she’s the best actress ever.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Do? Nothing; I’m going to do absolutely nothing. I’m glad you told me. I’ll just wait to see how she plays this out. She is right about one thing; Professor Eastman says my thesis could be worth millions. I wonder how she learned about that.” We talked for a few more minutes before leaving for dinner.

I taught an elementary computer sci. class the next day and spent the rest of the day editing my thesis or writing and rewriting code. I continued the work at the library the following morning and I was so into it that I completely missed lunch. I was surprised when Daisy sat down next to me. “What time is it,” I asked.

“Just before two; don’t you have a clock on that laptop?” I did and I was shocked again when I realized that she was right. Leaning toward me, I could smell the shampoo in her hair. “What are you doing that you completely lost track of the time?”

“Working on my dissertation and tweaking the code…the program that I’m proposing for my PhD.”

“What’s it about?”

“I can only speak in generalities because the patent is still pending, but I can tell you that it has to do with transactional security on the internet.” She gave me a look that said, “I have no idea what you’re talking about” so I continued. “Just give me a minute to close everything up and we can look at your math. How was your class today?”

“Confusing.” I knew that was a lie. Rob had been there to assist Prof. Newton and he had texted me about her outstanding participation in the class.

“Okay, show me what you want to go over.” I must be an excellent tutor because she seemed to understand everything by the time the hour was up.

“Do you know where the Chi O house is, John?”

“Sure, right down on Professor’s Row about half a mile from here.”

“I assume that you have a sport jacket, a dress shirt, and a tie.”

“Sure, I even have dress shoes that I use when I’m not living in my cave.”

“Ha ha…very funny; I need a date for a party tomorrow night. Show up at the house at eight. There will be some snacks and wine. I assume you’re old enough to drink.”

“As a matter of fact, I am. Are you?”

“I had no idea you were such a comedian. Eight o’clock! I’ll see you then.” She leaned over to kiss my cheek and a second later she was gone. I sat back in the chair and laughed. So that was how she was going to do it. I packed my laptop into my backpack and walked to my dorm knowing that Rob would be there.

“Okay, I have to say that Daisy is a fast worker. Thanks for the text. It made my day knowing what an outstanding tutor I am. She knew everything from the lesson only half an hour into the session then she ordered me to meet her at the Chi O house for a party tomorrow night.”

“What do you mean…ordered?”

“Just that; she asked if I had a sport coat, shirt and tie then told me to show up at eight–kind of bossy in my opinion.”

“Gonna go?”

“Sure…maybe I’ll lose my virginity.” Rob laughed. He knew that I’d lost it a few years ago, courtesy of his sister. He’d set it up…told me she was the town slut. I thought at the time that it was a strange way to talk about one’s sister, but he was right. I had stayed with him and his family for three days and she’d gotten to me five times—three times at night when I had taken her to the movies and bowling and twice in my bed in the morning after Rob’s parents had left for work. She didn’t even close the door to the guest room. Rob had walked by several times and looked in, bemused at the sight of his twin sister riding my cock.

I may not have many social skills when it comes to women, but I knew that my cock was somewhat larger than average. I’d measured back when I was in high school—along the top which always shorter than along the bottom. I always was the curious type. “Seven and a quarter inches,” that’s what it said, and thick, too. Too bad it was attached to the body of someone with no ability to deal with women. I’d bet at the time that it could have satisfied plenty if only I had some nerve. It did a hell of a number with Rob’s sister. Unfortunately, she married some guy from her work about two weeks later and I’d never found anyone else.


I checked myself in the mirror one final time. I thought I looked presentable. My tie was just the right length and it was centered just perfectly between the two collar leaves of my button-down shirt. My navy blazer completed my outfit. I checked my pockets—wallet, hankies, room key, breath mints. I was all set. No condoms; I doubted I’d be that lucky. All I had to do was walk down the hill and turn right onto Professors Row.

I was a few minutes early so I strolled around aimlessly until my watch read 7:59 then I strode up the walk and knocked on the door. Nobody answered so I tried the handle. The door opened and I stepped inside. I was met by a young woman who told me her name was Amanda. She was like a lower case Daisy. I wondered then how many women like Daisy would be in attendance. Plenty, I guessed. “I’m here for Daisy O’Neill.” She took a look at me and began to giggle. Then she walked away and called up the stairs. Daisy walked down a few minutes later, a smirk on her otherwise lovely face. I continued to play dumb.

As she approached she said, “Right on time; that’s very good, John. You know…I realized this afternoon that I’m not sure of your surname.”

Wow—a big word; I was amazed so I decided to pull her leg a bit. “It’s Gotti…John Gotti; maybe you’ve heard of my uncle, John Gotti—the Dapper Don.”

“I thought you said his name was John. Why would anyone call him Don?”

“Try Google. I’m sure you’ll find him there. He was quite famous.”

“Isn’t he still famous?”

“Yes, of course, but he’s dead now.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” I almost laughed. My name is John Gotti, but I’m no relation to the notorious Mafia kingpin. Instead, I simply smiled and allowed Daisy to lead me to the basement where the party was just underway. I poured two glasses of Merlot from a bottle. It was a brand I’d never heard of even though my parents were oenophiles–wine aficionados. Apparently, sorority girls didn’t necessarily have great taste. I thought the wine was a bit acidic, too. It had begun to turn into vinegar, but I said nothing, smiling instead in faux innocence.

Daisy and I danced quite a few times and she moved right into my body on the slow ones. I enjoyed those dances quite a bit and Daisy obviously noticed. She rubbed her body into my erection several times. I noticed Daisy and her friends talking quietly and giggling whenever I went to get another glass of wine. It was like a play within a play. They had me playing the fool while I was playing a different role entirely.

I’m obviously smart. One does not earn a PhD in computer engineering through stupidity. I had been at the party less than an hour when I realized that this was no Mensa meeting. Daisy was no genius. I already knew that, but her friends were no smarter. Several had asked me to explain words that I had used in conversation—words that any college student should have known in my opinion. I had a great time at the party though, mostly from the role I was playing. Around midnight I wondered what would come next. Would Daisy put her moves on me? If so…when?

She did it then, inviting me to her room. It was a great opportunity for me. No, not that way; I’d driven to Radio Shack this morning to buy some audio bugs. They were small with strong adhesive on one side. I was able to attach one to the underside of Daisy’s desk while she was distracted. Rob had installed a relay while we were partying that would collect the data and forward it to my laptop when I called for it. In appearance it was just like a telephone junction box that was stuck to the exterior brick with strips of strong adhesive. A conduit that went down into the soil below held the wires that formed the antenna. Only a real phone technician would be able to tell that it wasn’t genuine telephone company equipment. Rob told me later that night that installing it on the side of the house while the part roared inside was a real rip. I wasn’t interested in spying on the sorority members. I only wanted clues as to Daisy’s plans for me and, in that regard, I got a boatful.

I knew in advance when she would allow me to fondle her breasts and when I could chance fingering her pussy. That way I could build the illusion that she was in control of our relationship when just the opposite was true. I knew everything she had planned then made the decision whether Sex hikayeleri or not to go along. Twice in January I was able to foil her plans by making arrangements for group activities when she had desperately wanted us to be alone so she could seduce me.

I allowed that to happen in early March, partly because I was really horny and partly because she seemed to be so desperate, too. Daisy invited me to her sorority on a Wednesday night when almost everyone was studying at the library. She literally pulled me up the stairs, locking the door once we were in the room. She rushed into my arms and we were making out like crazy only a few seconds later.

We had made out often, especially after my tutoring sessions had enabled her to ace the algebra course, at least that’s what she led me to believe. I knew otherwise, but she still thought I was totally in the dark about her intentions. I would have gladly fucked her had our relationship been based on more honest and open principles. Unfortunately, it was based on deception and manipulation and Daisy sincerely thought that she was steering the wagon with me as the horse and her as the driver, complete with whip. Not that I minded either her attentions or being with her. Take away her sneaky duplicitous behavior and I actually found her extremely likable. I also enjoyed playing with her tits and fingering her drenched pussy, a pussy I knew could be exclusively mine.

Now it was early March and I had decided it was time to stake my claim. My hands roamed over her body, taking a few seconds to massage her breasts through her blouse. A minute later it was off and so was her bra. I moved down to suckle, knowing how much she loved that. Even fingering her clit didn’t turn her on as much as breast and nipple play.

We kissed and it continued throughout the removal of our clothes. Daisy moved me back until I fell onto her bed. I could see the lust in her eyes as she knelt and moved her mouth toward my cock. I’d gotten into the habit of jerking off before every date so I’d be able to maintain control. Had she known how horny I was she’d have run over me like a steamroller.

She licked around the head several times, maintaining eye contact with me the entire time and smiling as she worked her way around my rock hard organ. Her hand ran over my washboard abs as she swallowed my organ—all of it until she was kissing my neatly trimmed pubic hair. I had no idea what to do next, but, acting on instinct, I pulled her up my body, kissing her and tasting the tang of my cock on her tongue as I spread her legs and pushed up. My lessons with Rob’s sister paid off now as I drove into her in a single thrust. Daisy never needed much to become really, really wet. What surprised me was how tight and how muscular her cunt actually was.

My hands found the globes of her ass as she began to ride me. It was every bit as thrilling as I had imagined. What made it even more exciting was the knowledge that she had tried unsuccessfully to maneuver me into a long-term relationship. Now, as we were fucking I wondered if I could trust her to be honest as to whether or not it was safe to cum in her. No, I decided—it wasn’t going to happen. I’d finished with my hand so many times one more wouldn’t kill me.

Holding tight, I rolled her over so I was on top in what is usually known as missionary. Supporting my body with my left arm I used my right to worry her nipples and massage her big beautiful breasts. Daisy must have really been into it because she was humping wildly, even as her legs wrapped themselves around my waist. I had been rubbing her clit for several minutes when she shuddered, closed her eyes, and arched her back. A second later her entire being shook wildly as three massive spasms coursed through her body. That was enough for me. I pulled out just in time as long ropes of steaming hot semen spurted out onto her breasts and tummy. I was completely drained by the time the sixth dribbled from my cock. I carefully lowered myself to her side, resting as our breathing slowly returned to normal.

She was giggling as she rose up on her arm to kiss me. “Mind telling me what the hell you did to me?”

“I’m pretty sure we were fucking.”

She giggled again. “I think I knew that. I have never cum from just fucking. I usually need a lot of clitoral stimulation, but—oh God—you’re so long and so fucking thick. It was incredible. Did you ever see the movie, ‘Revenge of the Nerds?”

“Of course, it’s required viewing for membership in the club. I’ve probably seen it twenty times, at least. Why?”

“I think I feel the way that girl in the film must have felt.”

“Yeah, Betty was pretty hot, but not as hot as you!” She smiled and climbed onto my chest, my cooling semen gluing us together. Daisy laid her head on my shoulder as we rested. I realized that our fucking and the subsequent brief conversation was the most honest exchange we’d ever had. I couldn’t resist a quick smile then I closed my eyes and fell asleep.


Daisy and I were really sticky when we got up almost an hour later. “Let me grab a quick shower and I’ll bring back a warm wash cloth for you. Is that okay, John? By the way, I looked up your uncle yesterday. I can’t believe you’re related to a Mafia chieftain. Is that how you’re paying for college?”

“No, my parents didn’t have anything to do with him. My dad’s a plumber and my mom works in an insurance office. I paid my own way through school—well, part of it anyway. I had almost a full scholarship. The rest I earned from a game I wrote last half of my senior year of high school through first half of freshman year here. I have a deal with a major gaming company. They paid me $100,000 up front and I get a royalty every three months on what they sell. In return I write a tweak every now and then when they tell me they want something. Of course, you never actually buy a program. You buy a license, in this case to use. It’s worked out well for me…them, too.” She kissed me quickly, donned a robe, and slipped out the door. She returned about fifteen minutes later with a wash cloth that she ran over my body, spending a long time on my cock and balls. She kissed my cock before handing my boxers back to me.

“You know, John—you have a really decent body. Do you exercise?”

“No, I have a really high metabolism. I eat a lot, but I never seem to gain weight. That’ll probably change as I get older.” We chatted about meaningless things for a while before I realized what time it was. “Sorry, Daisy, but I have to go. I have a prelim for my oral exam tomorrow with Professor Eastman so I have to get up early.”

“What does that mean, John?”

“A group of professors will read the dissertation then we’ll meet and they’ll ask me a lot of questions. Of course, I’ll have Professor Eastman on my side as my advisor which is good because I understand that they sometimes ask questions that are no way related to the student’s work.”

“Are you worried about it? It sounds scary?”

“I suppose it can be, but nobody knows more about the work than I do. That’s the whole idea.” I leaned down to kiss her. I couldn’t wait to hear what she would say to the other girls after I’d gone. We walked down the stairs and kissed again briefly at the door. I saw her smile at her sorority sisters just before it closed.
Rob was waiting impatiently when I walked through our door. “So…what happened?”

“She said it was the best orgasm she’d ever had. Also said I was the best fuck of her life. Let’s see what she’s saying now.” I turned on my laptop, entering the three passwords needed to open it.

I listened closely, shocked at what she was saying to her friends. “I wasn’t expecting much, but it was something I had to do to keep his interest, but, ladies, it was by far the best…most outstanding sex of my life.”

“You’re not really falling for this nerd, are you, Daisy?

She hesitated for almost a minute before responding, “You know, I think I am. Initially, I was just looking for someone to support me, but he’s so nice and so polite. He treats me like I’m a queen and if he keeps on fucking me like he did tonight I’m keeping him.”

I looked at Rob, thinking he was going to laugh. Instead, he said, “I think you might be the luckiest guy on campus, John. Everyone I know thinks she’s the hottest woman here. What are you going to do now?”

“The same thing I’ve been doing so far…nothing. I’ll let her think she’s leading the relationship and see where she goes with it. Right now I desperately need a shower.” I stripped down, grabbed my robe and a towel en route to the shower. Rob and I were in a really old dorm. We had a small suite—a living area with a couch, an upholstered chair, and a beat up coffee table we’d picked up at the Salvation Army store downtown and an area rug from Goodwill. We also had two small bedrooms just big enough for a double bed and a dresser. I also had a portable closet from Home Depot that I used so Rob could have the single closet in our main room. There was a gang toilet with six urinals, an equal number of toilets and a dozen basins with mirrors. Our gang shower was just next door.

I returned, brushed my teeth and got my clothes ready for the morning as I did every night. Just before turning in I charged my laptop and my phone. I slept extremely well that night.


My practice session for my dissertation defense went extremely well. Prof. Eastman had brought two colleagues from the physics department. They asked a host of questions that I answered easily. They seemed to be impressed by my research and agreed that my firewall program would be a great investment for almost any company or organization. In fact, they told me they intended to speak with the university president about it.

Two weeks later my dissertation was brought before the committee. Daisy had done a great job helping me to relax in the period before it by fucking me senseless every day. That weekend we spent in a nearby motel, pausing only to eat and occasionally to sleep. I came in Daisy for the first time that weekend after seeing that she was conscientiously taking birth control pills.

She was waiting for me after the orals were over. It was hard to believe that this was the same girl who had plotted to make me her meal ticket. She had professed that she loved me several times over the past two weeks. Here it was—mid-April and, other than my teaching obligations, I was finished with college. I waited only for graduation, something I looked forward to eagerly.

Daisy was on par to graduate, also. However, I knew from my eavesdropping that she was becoming increasingly nervous about our future. That came to a head on Friday evening when she came straight out and asked me about it. “What would you like to do,” I replied.

“I want us to stay together,” she said, almost in a whisper. “I think I’m in love with you.”

I thought about it for a few minutes which I was sure she thought was insulting. Then I smiled and nodded my agreement. Daisy jumped into my lap to hug and kiss me. I knew our relationship had begun in a pool of lies and deceit, but somewhere along the line I thought that had changed. I’d heard enough conversations in Daisy’s room to convince me of her new-found sincerity. The only thing that bothered me was that she was so bossy and demanding. I found out why when she invited me to her home for a weekend. I had no classes and Daisy only had three which she decided to cut. We left at nine Friday morning for the three hour ride to her home in my not quite new Honda Civic.

We arrived around noon and I learned in less than an hour why she was so overbearing. She had learned it from her mother. She greeted Daisy warmly, but treated me like I had leprosy. Worse, when I met her father I looked him straight in the eyes and saw…nothing. It was as though he was hollow—there was nothing there but his shell…his husk. Mrs. O’Neill—Margaret–treated him like shit, ordering him here and there. “Do this. Do that.” It got so bad that I dreamed up an excuse for us to leave early Sunday morning.

The trip there had been jocular with the two of us laughing and joking all the way. Our trip back to school was somber. I said not a single word the entire trip until Daisy asked me what was wrong. “We’ll talk about it once we’re back at your sorority, Daisy. I have to concentrate on my driving.” She shut up mid-sentence and pouted for the remainder of the trip.

I stopped just in front of her building, turned the car off, and turned to face her. “Daisy, you’re a psych major so I’m sure you understand the impact that a parent’s behavior has on a child. Your mother dominates your home the way Hitler dominated Germany. I took a good look at your father and when I did all I could see was his hollow form. Your mother has reduced him to a cipher with her constant harping. I looked at him and saw myself in another thirty years. That’s not going to happen. You’re bossy and pushy now. What will you be like if we’re married? I’m sorry, but it’s not going to happen. I’m not going to turn out like your father.”

I got out of the car, removed her small suitcase from the trunk, and opened the door for her. I handed her the case, kissed her cheek, and drove away. I loved Daisy and I was pretty sure that she loved me. Well, maybe she just loved fucking me, but she’d come a long way since our relationship had begun. Problem was I didn’t think it was enough.


Daisy was in tears by the time she reached her room. Her sorority sisters ran to her aid. “What did that jerk do to you, Daisy,” they asked.

Daisy took a tissue and blew her nose before replying. “Nothing…he did nothing. It was my mother; she bossed my father around mercilessly. John told me he saw nothing but a hollow shell when he looked at my dad.”

“Surely, he didn’t mean that.”

“No…he did and he’s right. My dad is nothing more than a slave to my mother. She treats him like he’s dog shit. She destroyed my engagement. Where will I ever find another John?” She fell onto the bed as her sobbing continued for almost an hour.

Then she roused herself and took her phone from her pocket. A few seconds later she spoke to her mother. “Thanks for nothing, Mom. You couldn’t take it easy for even a single weekend? You berated Dad the entire time. John told me he thought Dad was nothing more than your slave and when he looked into his eyes he saw someone who…someone who was just a shell of a person. Then he told me that he couldn’t see himself like that in thirty years. He broke the engagement. Thanks a lot, Mom! You’ve fucked up my life!” She ended the call and I could hear what I thought was the phone clattering off the wall and more of Daisy’s sobbing.

I turned to Rob and asked, “What do you think?”

“Personally…you did the right thing unless you enjoy being bossed around. Was it really that bad?”

“No…it was worse, much worse. I’ve never seen someone beaten down emotionally like Daisy’s father. I feel so badly for him.” I went into my room and laid my head on the pillow. I looked back on my relationship Sikiş hikayeleri with Daisy. Other than the lies and deception and the bossiness she was really a good girlfriend. So far as I knew the lies had ended early on so the only ongoing issue was the bossiness–her continuing attempts to run everything, including me.

There was no way I would become anything close to what her father had become. I was smart—very smart—and I had a product that almost everyone would want. My patent had been approved and my first client was the university. There was also interest in the patent office. Once that happened, I knew, I’d pick up other government agencies. Damn, I was going to be a millionaire. Even a nerd could attract plenty of hot women if he was rich enough. I closed my eyes knowing that I’d never sleep. I kept seeing Daisy in my mind—her cute face, sparkling eyes, and gorgeous sexy body. I doubted that I’d ever forget the sensation of her silken muscular pussy, but no pussy was worth the price being with her would cost.


I had just finished a tutoring session with some freshman computer sci. students and was almost to Professor Eastman’s office when she tackled me. Okay, maybe “tackled” was too much, but she certainly latched herself to my leg and she wasn’t letting go. It had been two weeks since I had broken the engagement. I had missed Daisy, but felt that I had made the right decision.

“Please, John—can we talk. I miss you so much. Please?”

“Daisy, come on now. You need to stand up. I agree that we need to speak, but not here, and certainly not like this. Let’s go outside and find a bench where we can sit down and speak like responsible adults.” I pulled her up, handing her the hankie I always carried in my right rear pocket. She wiped her eyes and blew her nose before handing it back to me. I gingerly dropped in into a trash can as I led Daisy out the door.

The university is on a big hill so we found one of dozens of benches along one of the walkways. I sat her down and joined her. “Daisy, I’m going to ask you some questions to start this and I expect you to be completely honest. I know much more than you realize. Now…why did you approach me back in December and don’t tell me it was about the math because I know better.” I stopped then and waited for her to speak. It was quite a long wait, but hopefully worth it.

Eventually, she looked up and brushed away her remaining tears. “Okay, the honest truth; I realized that my B.A. in psychology was almost worthless. I didn’t want to go home to live with my parents after graduation. You’ve seen what my home is like. One of our pledges is studying computers and she had heard about your program being worth a lot of money. I thought I could trick you into marrying and supporting me, but you’re too smart.

“Then, after winter break, I began to see you differently. I realized what a wonderful person you are. We began kissing and touching and I loved it. I realized that I was falling in love with you. John, I am in love with you. I’m sorry for being so pushy. That’s how I grew up—with my mother totally dominating my father. I thought that was normal. Over the last two weeks I’ve talked a lot with my sorority sisters about their family life and I’ve learned that the way I grew up wasn’t normal. I’m so sorry for acting like that, John. Can’t we try again…start over? Please?”

She stopped talking then and burst into tears. I reached for a handkerchief, but my pocket was empty. I removed my shirt and handed her my undershirt then returned my shirt to my body. Daisy took it and giggled. “I wish you’d keep the shirt off along with everything else you’re wearing. Then I’d really be able to show you how much I love you.”

“Maybe, but I’m sure I’d be arrested. I don’t think they allow conjugal visits in the city jail. I need to think about this, Daisy. That means you need to leave me alone. I’ll meet you here on this bench, same time in two days. I’ll have an answer for you then.” I rose, leaned forward, and kissed her cheek, leaving her there with my tee shirt as I returned to my dorm.

I wasn’t surprised to find Rob in our living room working to correct homework for Professor Newton. He looked up, surprised to see me. “Aren’t you supposed to be covering for Eastman during office hours?”

“Yeah, but I was tackled about ten feet from the door. It was Daisy. I took her outside when she said she wanted to talk. She basically told me everything.”

“She told you that she was looking for a meal ticket?” He sounded incredulous.

“She did. She owned up to everything, even telling me that she thought bossy women were the norm until she discussed it with the other girls in her sorority. She wants another chance…a chance to start over.”

“Well? And don’t tell me that you’re going to do nothing.”

“No, not this time—this time I need to make a decision, but, honestly, I don’t know what it will be.” I retreated to my room and laid my head on the pillow. I cleared my mind and tried to apply the same logic I used in programming to my love life. Good luck with that! Surprisingly, I fell asleep and when I woke up I had an idea. The best thing about it was that I could delay making the real final decision for as long as a year. Then I had another idea and I knew that I’d be okay. Hopefully, we’d be okay, too, but only time would tell about that.

Checking my watch I saw it was almost time for dinner so I went out to the living room to help Rob. He graded the students’ work while I entered the grades into the computer. “So…what did you decide?” He laughed as I explained. “Well, if nothing else you should get at least a year’s worth of hot pussy.”

“I was thinking of at least two!” We shared another laugh and left our suite for dinner. I was in higher spirits than I had been since driving to Daisy’s home.


Daisy was there on what I now called “our bench” as I approached. She jumped up and tried to hug me, but I told her to wait until I had told her of my decision. “If you want us to continue our relationship we can, but it will be on my terms. Your parents live in western Massachusetts. I had planned to move near my parents in Long Island because I’ll need to be near a major airport. I’ll get an apartment and I invite you to join me. We’ll live together for at least a year and if things are good between us then I will propose again, but there will be a strong pre-nuptial agreement to protect my business that will be agreed to at that time.

“Even the most successful business needs seed money to get started. My dad insists on a pre-nup because he’s risking his life savings and his opportunity to retire at sixty-five. Considering that you initiated our relationship on a bunch of lies to access what we both hope will be my fortune….”

“You don’t have to say it, John. You’re right. I did lie to you over and over, but that was a long time ago. I’m so ashamed of what I did. Does this mean we’ll be living as husband and wife even though we won’t be married?”

“It does, but I probably won’t require you to do anything you haven’t already done except maybe anal, but there’s more. Don’t agree until you’ve heard the rest. I don’t want you in contact with your mother: she’s a terrible influence on you. I do understand that you are her daughter so that’s going to happen, but only occasionally. Rarely would be better. However, I will not have anything to do with her except attend her funeral when the time comes. The logistics are simple. My parents have a big SUV. After graduation they’ll take all of my stuff and whatever of yours they can carry. You and I will drive to your parents’ home to pick up whatever you want—clothes, CD’s, whatever with the limit being that it has to fit into my Civic. Then we’ll drive to New York. We might have to stay overnight somewhere en route depending on what time we leave their place. Okay, that’s it.”

“I agree, but we won’t need to drive to Springfield. There’s nothing there I want or need. Everything I want and need is right here on this bench.” I extended my hand. She took it and I led her to my dorm. Once in the suite we couldn’t get our clothes off fast enough. I lay on the bed and pulled Daisy down to me. Her lips were hungry as she pressed them to mine. She gripped my short hair like a drowning person would grab a life ring as her tongue found its way into my mouth. Her hand found me hard and hot, already leaking pre-cum.

She moved quickly to straddle my hips and a second later my cock disappeared into her slender body. She arched her back to better drive her clit into my abdomen. That worked for me, too. Every action of her body squeezed and flexed my rigid organ. I’d like to say that we worked together like the parts of a fine watch, but that would be a lie. Our movements were erratic and uncoordinated, but—damn—they got the job done, and in record time. Daisy came twice in less than five minutes which was fortunate because I literally exploded within her.

Daisy collapsed onto my chest with a mighty exhale that emptied her lungs of air. She had almost fainted when her head fell into position on my shoulder. I held her gingerly as my deflated cock slipped from her tight vault.

We stayed there for almost an hour in post coital bliss until Daisy began to stir. “Promise me,” she whispered, “that you’ll force me to do that every single day.”

“Force you? I thought you initiated everything. All I did was lie here and let you take advantage of me.”

“How about next time you take advantage of me?” I smiled and nodded then I suggested that we shower and go out for dinner. “Can we do it together? Is it big enough?”

I laughed. “Yeah, it’s big enough. There are a dozen shower heads in there. It’s a gang shower for this entire floor. I doubt we’ll be interrupted at this hour. I think we can borrow Rob’s robe. You two know each other.”


“Yeah, he’s Prof. Newton’s graduate assistant. He’s the reason why I learned of your plot.”

“You mean…you knew…you knew from the very beginning.”

“Yes, guilty as charged; I went along for several reasons. First, I wanted to see where you would go with our ‘relationship,’ and—second, I enjoyed the attention. I share a lot with Rob and when I told him that I had met you in the library he made a sour face. After dinner he accessed the class records and learned that you had quite a decent grade. He has Prof. Newton’s access code because he enters class data all the time. That happened the same day you introduced yourself to me. The next day he overheard all of your plans in the hallway after class.”

“I feel like such a fool.”

“Better you than me; at least I didn’t have a hidden agenda, but now that’s all behind us. Everything is out in the open unless you want to change your mind about my offer.”

A sly smile appeared on Daisy’s face. “Not a chance. Now that I have you I’m holding on for dear life.”

“Okay, let’s get showered up and I’ll take you out for dinner. I won’t see you for a few days. I have to fly to D.C. on business. I have a few meetings with the Patent Office about my firewall and I suspect that there will be a few other bureaus involved. I already have the university as a client. I’d love to have a few more before I graduate.”

“Could I come with you?”

“No, you only have three weeks until graduation, meaning you have finals in another ten days. Stay here and study. Make me proud of you.” I grabbed my robe and had it around my body before walking Daisy into Rob’s room. I knew he always kept his robe on a hook behind his door. A few seconds later I had tied it around Daisy’s body then pulled a couple of towels from my closet. Hand in hand we walked across the hall to the gang shower.

As expected the room was empty and remained that way until we had washed and dried each other. Rob was there when we returned. “Hope you don’t mind, but we needed another robe.”

“Hey…mi casa es su casa.” Daisy returned to my room and I returned Rob’s robe to his hook. He spoke again when we returned fully dressed. “I guess this means she accepted your terms.”

“Yes, I did, Rob and I wish I had friends like you. John told me everything you did to help him. It may sound funny, but I’m glad you did.” She walked up to Rob and kissed his cheek then took my hand as I led her out to my car. Finding a good restaurant in the Boston area is easy. I drove to the harbor where I’d found an outstanding seafood restaurant a few years ago.

We had a wonderful meal with great service. I’ve always enjoyed lobster. It was expensive, but this was a celebration—a revival of our love for each other. I drove her back to her sorority after dinner where we kissed in the car for almost half an hour before I let her go. She stopped to blow a kiss to me at the door.


I was up early the following morning dressed in my best suit for my trip to Dulles just outside our nation’s capital. I had been emailed directions from the airport, but I still got lost, arriving only a few minutes before my important meeting. The time spent in the air had enabled me to think in detail about my relationship with Daisy. I knew that I was in love with her, but could I trust her after all she had done to trick me? I thought then about Ronald Reagan—trust but verify. That would be my motto from now on.

I met with representatives of the U.S. Patent Office in a large conference room where I dealt with one of their directors although there were at least twenty other men and women present. My presentation was on my laptop with a projector that displayed the information onto a large screen. After I answered the director’s questions I turned to the others in the room, asking them, “Anything you want to know?”

I learned then who the top dog was when everyone paused to look in his direction. He looked at me and laughed. “Good thing we don’t handle top secret information.”

Now it was my turn to laugh. “I thought you did. Well…maybe not information that would impact national security, but I know that I appreciated your security when I was going for my patent.” We spoke for almost twenty minutes before he introduced himself as Secretary of the Treasury. I was in, leaving two days later with four huge contracts. I knew that Dad, especially, would be thrilled. There’d be no need for his retirement money after all.

I saw Daisy briefly when I returned to school. Finals would begin in another five days and this time was always hectic. Besides attending classes and doing the required work everyone was studying like crazy. I was relieved that this year I had no such worries although I did help to tutor a number of undergrad computer sci. students.

There was a week between the end of exams and graduation weekend. That week was spent with a number of activities for seniors and reunions for graduates. I wasn’t permitted to participate in either so I spent most of my time relaxing and packing up my stuff. My parents phoned every day because they were doing some research for me—looking into apartments where Daisy and I would Porno Hikayeleri live. Both were amazed when I told them I’d move out within a week because my girlfriend and I would be living together. I also took another trip to Washington where I spent four days installing my firewall on the Patent Office servers.

Returning just in time for my graduation, I was relaxing with Daisy in my dorm when my parents knocked on the door. I introduced Daisy after hugs and kisses and I could see the amazement in their eyes. Dad and I left Daisy and Mom in the room while we carried all of my stuff out to their SUV. “Wow, John—Daisy really is a stunner. How’d you manage that?”

I had always been honest with my parents so I told him our story right up to the present day. He agreed that I was right to be cautious with her, but also said that he hoped it would work out for both of us. All told we needed four trips to get everything into the vehicle then we started with Daisy’s stuff. All of her winter clothes were loaded aboard. The rest would have to go with me in the Civic.

My ceremony was scheduled with the other graduate students on Sunday morning at 10:00. I wore a traditional PhD. gown with three black velvet stripes on the sleeves and a six-sided tam rather than the traditional mortarboard. Mom, Dad, and Daisy, along with my Aunt May and Uncle David—my godparents even though I rarely attended Catholic Mass—were my guests. They were my closest relatives. I could see the pride in their faces once we met after the ceremony had ended.

Mom, Dad, and I attended the undergrad ceremony at 1:00 that afternoon. There were a lot of undergrads—several thousand—so the ceremony was long—long and boring, but I suspected that all such ceremonies were no better. We celebrated with Daisy once it had ended. I was surprised that I didn’t see her parents. “My mother is still pissed at me and I’m even more pissed at her. I told her off after we returned from their house and you broke up with me. I don’t mind at all that she didn’t come. She almost ruined my life so the hell with her. I’d rather have you any day.” Then she reached up to me and our lips met for the most incredible kiss. It would have gone on for an hour if I had my way, but after ten minutes my folks started clearing their throats—a sure signal that we should stop. Daisy was giggling when we turned red-faced toward my parents.

We hugged and kissed them goodbye so they could drive home. It would be four-plus hours to Long Island even though they were taking the Bridgeport-Port Jefferson ferry. Daisy and I had a reservation for the ferry tomorrow morning. We walked into my dorm where I hugged Rob, knowing that we’d stay in touch. We’d lived together for four years. I had no brothers or sisters so Rob was my closest “almost family member” other than Daisy and that was still up in the air.

We spent almost two hours cleaning out her room at the sorority. We were delayed several times so Daisy could hug and kiss her friends so it was fairly late by the time we left. I drove for an hour then we stopped for burgers and fries at a Five Guys on the way, stopping an hour later just outside Bridgeport, Connecticut.
We showered together; space was tight in the tub, but that just enabled me to rub against Daisy’s succulent body more often. We dried each other using all of the motel’s thin towels, draping them over the shower rod in case we needed them tomorrow morning.

We did! Daisy and I made the sweetest love, first in missionary then switching to cowgirl and finally finishing as I stood behind her with my finger up her tight pucker while I pounded her hot pussy until she came for the second time. Her bodily convulsions triggered my wild orgasm–my thrusts so powerful that they pushed her forward onto the bed with me lying squarely on her back. She turned her head and laughed then I leaned forward and we kissed. Our tongues danced back and forth for several minutes before she broke it. I slid off to her side and pulled the blanket up and over our bodies. We were asleep in minutes.


I had always enjoyed taking the ferry across Long Island Sound. It was a relaxing 90 minutes during which we could sit and rest in the sun or have a hot coffee in the lounge. More importantly, it eliminated the need to drive through New York City where either heavy traffic or an accident could tie up traffic for hours.

We exited the big ship at the harbor in Port Jefferson and drove up the hill on Route 112, turning right onto Route 347—the Smithtown bypass—and from there to the Northern Parkway. Another hour’s drive brought us to Oyster Bay and my parents’ home. We left together with my mother after lunch to look at several apartments.

We found exactly what we wanted—two bedrooms on the end of the second floor in an almost new garden apartment complex. The master bedroom was big enough to hold all of the furniture we wanted to buy and the second bedroom would be used as my home office. Daisy and I bought living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture the next day. I looked for an office the day after, settling on an office suite in which I would share a secretary, mail room, and conference room with five other small businesses. I thought it was a good deal for my beginning enterprise. The offices were in a large contemporary business park on one of the main streets in nearby Jericho and the rent was even less than I had anticipated. I spent the next day with Daisy buying furniture, carpeting, and computers for my office. Then all I had to do was to wait for a T-1 optic fiber line to be installed. A T-1 line is high speed, capable of carrying more than sixty times as much data as a normal telephone line.

We spent that first week living with my folks before the apartment was ready. By then we had dishes, tableware, glasses and pots and pans for the kitchen. We had bought sheets and blankets, towels, and bath mats for the bathroom. Even with everything we had purchased there were still other things that we had forgotten. We spent most of the following weekend buying two TV’s, a stereo, and a DVR. Daisy was home in our apartment on Tuesday morning when cable for our TV’s and internet was installed and connected.

We really began our lives together then. Daisy acted as though she loved me completely and I acted the same way back to her. However, there was one big difference: she trusted me—no reason not to—but I didn’t yet completely trust her. I still held to the motto of “trust, but verify.” Only time would tell—one way or the other.

Daisy and I made love almost every night, but I could tell that she was getting nervous. I asked her about it one evening after dinner. “What’s bothering you, Daisy? You seem to be as nervous as a cat in a rocking chair factory.”

“I never did understand that saying, John. What does it mean?”

“Well…if you had a long tail that was really close to the floor would you want to risk getting it caught under one of those rockers?”

She looked at me for a second before she laughed. “You’re right. I have been nervous. When I agreed to your conditions you mentioned something about anal sex. I’ve never done that. I’m kind of nervous about it. I’ve been expecting you to demand it. I’ve heard it can hurt a lot.”

“To tell you the whole truth, I’ve never done it either. I’ve heard that it can hurt, but also that it can be exquisite if done right. Why don’t we shower then spend some time online doing some research? I will promise you this—I don’t want to hurt you so at the first sign of any pain we’re done.”

Daisy smiled and said, “I liked it the times when you pushed your finger in. I wouldn’t mind if you did it again.” I chuckled, took her hand, and led her to the bathroom whispering that maybe—just maybe—she might get her wish.

The shower was big enough for two—just. Daisy was concentrating her washing efforts on my cock and balls when I took the soap from her to wash her breasts and tummy and pussy. I’d learned that she wore a 34C bra which I found interesting. I was planning to buy her some sexy lingerie at Victoria’s Secret in Lake Success, only a few miles from where I now worked. All I knew was that she had the most delicious and sensitive breasts and nipples.

My fingers were thoroughly soaped when I ran the bar into her ass crack. I lifted her fairly easily and pushed my cock into her hot velvet tunnel at the same time my finger entered her ass. Daisy’s gasp even surprised her, but a second later she was trying to break my steely cock with her frantic movements. My cock could feel my finger through the thin membrane that separated her ass from her cunt. We had gone at it for several minutes when she bucked violently, spraying my abdomen with her ejaculate. I came a few seconds later, filling her with my seed. We fell together, the shower wall being the only thing that held us up. Finally, I turned off the water and lowered her feet to the floor.

I dried her as I always did and once I was dry I led her, both of us still naked, to my office to learn everything we could about anal sex. She sat in my lap, playing with my dick between her legs, her other arm draped around my neck. It’s amazing how much information the net has on an arcane subject like this. We sat and read and watched videos for almost an hour. My cock felt like iron long before we were done and somehow Daisy had managed to slip it into her wet cunt before we were done.

Lifting her left leg over my head she was able to straddle me and force my organ deep into her love tunnel. Her arms went around my neck as she kissed me, forcing her tongue deep into my mouth as her hips gyrated into my abdomen. We worked together for maybe twenty minutes—maybe longer—since we had just made love an hour earlier. We were a sweaty mess by the time I was finally able to cum. Rather than drip our sexual fluids all over our new carpets I picked Daisy up and carried her back to the shower. “You’re incredible,” I told her.

“Me? You gave me two orgasms in the shower and another four just now. I’m so lucky to have you.” I still had her in my arms when I turned the water on again. Fifteen minutes later we were clean and dry again and in bed together, naked as always.


I thought it might be a good idea to put our “arrangement” into writing so I spoke to a lawyer one morning when I had some time available. In addition to what Daisy and I had agreed to I had her add a clause about adultery. Daisy was quite shocked when she read the adultery clause. “Why, John? Why did you put this in here?”

“Think of it as a way to guarantee that neither of us ever cheats.” She lowered her head for a few seconds then raised it, smiled, and signed the agreement. I also signed and our signatures were notarized. The secretary excused herself and returned with copies of the pre-nup in envelopes and handed one to each of us. “I’ll gladly destroy both copies on the day we become engaged.” Daisy leapt into my arms and we kissed long and deep right there in front of the attorney. We walked out into a beautiful bright summer day.

I left the shared office suite after three months. I had no choice. My business was growing rapidly—so rapidly that I needed help and bigger quarters. I put Prof. Eastman on as a consultant. He had already helped me tremendously. Even though I had a great product I had no idea how to market or charge for it. Prof. Eastman had worked for a Fortune 100 corporation for more than ten years before accepting a highly regarded professorship. I also used him as a resource to screen potential candidates for future employment. He recommended two graduate students who could start almost immediately and finish their studies online.

I moved my headquarters to Smithtown, about thirty miles east of Great Neck, selecting a building that was just a block away from the Long Island Expressway. I also suggested to Daisy that we seek a house nearby. We found one we liked in the Village of Northport overlooking Long Island Sound. It was as expensive as hell, but we thought it was also a great opportunity. Besides, I was already a millionaire. I bought the house in the name of my company–TriTech, Inc.

One of the things I liked about the house was that it gave me the opportunity to resume one of the hobbies of my youth—woodworking. It was something I had learned from my grandfather—Dad’s father. There was a full basement that had been walled off to form two rooms—one big with plenty of room for kids to play or to establish a family room for relaxing or entertaining with sliding glass doors to the back yard.

The part I wanted was smaller with the oil burner, hot water heater, and room for my power tools–a table saw, drill press, and router–in addition to wall racks to hold supplies of wood and metal and a mid-sized work area with a four-inch table vise. I installed a phone next to the workbench, forgetting somehow to tell Daisy about it.
We had been in the house about six months and had passed our one year test period. I walked in the door that day to be greeted eagerly by Daisy who jumped into my arms and planted a sensational kiss on my lips.

She had her copy of the pre-nup in her hand. I retrieved mine from my safe and walking hand-in-hand we stepped out to the rear deck where I started my Weber propane grill. As one we slipped the pages between the cast iron grates and watched as they burned to ashes. I leaned down to whisper in Daisy’s ear, “I love you.” We left then for a celebration dinner at a nearby steak house. After dinner we celebrated again, first by actively fucking until we could go no more then, after a short respite, I stood at the bed’s side while Daisy arranged a pillow under her hips. I had a towel nearby because I knew that this could be messy.

We had tried anal sex a few days after our big night of research. I went slowly and carefully, intent at making the experience as pleasurable for Daisy as I was sure it would be for me. I learned quickly that my concerns were unfounded. Daisy easily took my thick cock, loving the sensation of being filled completely, and cumming strongly when I inserted my thumb into her cunt while tickling her clit with my fingers. After that night anal became as regular a part of our sex as oral. I thought our sex life was fantastic. Daisy told me often that she agreed.

I had carried her to the shower once we had both experienced intense orgasms, my wilting cock still embedded in her shitter. We washed and dried each other and I carried her back to bed where I sat her on the edge while I knelt before her. She smiled broadly, knowing what was afoot. I had made a promise and tonight I was going to keep it. “Daisy,” I began, “I hope you know how much I love you. I know that I promised you that I would propose if things between us were good after a year together and that’s what I’m doing tonight. Will you marry me?”

Daisy held her hand out and I placed the ring I had selected—a 3.5 carat round solitaire in a yellow gold setting—onto her finger. She kissed me as she pulled me up to the bed with her. She spooned in front of me, my cock wedged into her ass crack and my hand in its usual place on her right breast. She held her hand up to admire her ring. Reaching forward she turned out the lamp on the night stand as she snuggled in close to me. “I love my ring, John and I love you.”