Drunk Lessons Ch. 2

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John was sprawled across the bed naked and passed out when his mom entered into her bedroom, 10 minutes had passed. It seems the mixture of unbridled fucking and alcohol doesn’t mix well for her son. She walked over to the bed and glanced down at her son for a moment before turning out the light and opening the curtains just enough to let the moonlight into the room.

She used the moonlight to find her silk night gown and make her way to the bed. Her son had not moved since she found him. “Hey John boy,” she whispered before sitting on the bed by his hips.

“Hey sweetie, are you awake?” she asked. She got no answer.

“Ok then little boy, have it your way,” she whispered with a sassy grin as she repositioned herself on the bed. She sat close to her son, her silky gown touching the skin of his upper thigh and hips. She placed her right hand on his back and gently began to rub him down.

Seeing her son lay there and the feel of the touch she gave him allowed her thoughts to run wild again. She closed her eyes as she continued to rub over his back. She thought of their first encounter earlier and grinned from pleasure. She imagined how his cock felt deep inside her and how it shook and convulsed as he came inside of her experienced pussy. As she thought of the pleasures with her son, her hand roamed across his body. Her sensual touch became more intimate.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned as her mind danced and her fingers felt pleasures. She rubbed his neck and then down his back. He lay there motionless except for his deep breathing. Her hand continued to roam along the small of his back and down over his buttocks. She was feeling hot and bothered. His mom repositioned again, to get better leverage and to include her other hand.

Her pussy was beginning to moan after 5 minutes of exotic bliss. Between her thoughts and the massaging of her son her pussy moaned for more of his cock. She allowed her fingers to roam more now. As she placed her left hand on his shoulders her right hand moved about. She had to wake him up, at least a little bit in order to awaken his shaft.

Her right hand stirred about over his buttocks and thighs. As the hand roamed, her index finger followed his ass crack up and down. Every couple laps she would follow the crack to his balls and provide them with a gentle squeeze or rubbing. While doing this, her son stirred a little bit, as if he felt the pleasure of her touch.

She couldn’t stand the anxiety and her pussy was getting wetter by the minute. She looked over her son’s body as her hand moved around. She glanced down at his ass, she had an idea. She took her index finger and ran it up and down his ass crack. She could slow her pace and apply more pressure with each pass. Her son stirred a little bit more now.

After a few passes along his crack she decided to go all out. She brought her left hand down to his butt and spread his cheeks a bit, with her right hand she guided her index finger to his hole. Once found she rubbed over it with her finger tip. She began to do so with more force and finally she inserted her finger tip into his asshole. She pushed in bursa otele gelen escort and out of his hole with little pressure. Her son was now moving more and began to pick up the pace his mom was fucking his ass with. Slowly his legs shifted and he brought his hips up, allowing better access for his mom. He moaned as she worked his hole with half a finger now.

“Hey there Johnny boy, I hope I’m not bothering you.” his mom said in an innocent manner as she worked.

“Mmmm, not at all. It feels great.” he whispered as he turned his head toward her.

“You know what I want?” She asked quickly while he was somewhat awake. “I want your cock, little boy.” she added with an evil grin.

Johnny smiled to his mom, “Well quit fucking my ass and take it.”

She slowed the pace in which she fucked John’s ass and eventually pulled her finger out. “Roll over boy.” She blurted to her son while she helped him on his way to his back.

Now it was his cock took the place of his ass. She looked down to find the shaft at about 75% hardness. She took his cock into her hand and began to stroke it up and down. Every few strokes included a thumb rub over the head. His cock grew harder by the second.

She leaned toward his midsection and took the head of his shaft into her mouth. “Mmmmmmmmmm!” she moaned as she sucked the head while her tongue danced along the ridge.

She stroked his cock with more vigor. Slowly her mouth took more and more of the cock until she could feel the head hit the back of her throat. She began to suck on her son with more force and speed. John moaned and his hips rocked up and down in an effort to assist his mom and her greedy mouth.

After several minutes of tantalizing mouth play on his cock she pulled away. “Do you like that, John boy?” she asked teasingly.

“Oh yeah.” he grunted back.

“MMMM… me too,” said his mom inbetween soft licks over his shaft.

“Did you like my finger in your ass, John boy?,” she asked with a submissive tone.

“Mmm hmmm.” John answered back with emphasis in his muttering.

“Good. I liked fucking your tight little hole.” She answered back to her son.

“Fuck me Johnny” She begged as she pulled away from him.

“Oh yeah mama!” he said. He sat up and put his mother on on fours on the bed. He got on one knee behind her and threw her robe up onto her back. He glanced down at the sight of his mother bent over, waiting for his cock. Her ass was great looking for a woman of her age. Her pussy was wet and the surrounding hair was damp. He placed on hand on her hip and the other on his cock in order to guide it into his mother’s love box.

He pulled at her as he rose up to allow his cock to meet her pussy. He poked the head inbetween her cunt lips and began to move his cock around, teasing the wet and swollen mound. His mother moaned and threw her head back. She was ready for his shaft to enter. Her pussy was yelling for a release and her heart pounded in excitement.

Swiftly and without any hint, Jonh rammed the length of his cock into the wet box.

“Ohhhhhhhhh bursa eve gelen eskort yeah!!” his mother moaned as the cock ran deep inside her. “Fuck that pussy John boy!” she added as she threw her head forward.

John began to fuck his mother like an animal. He placed both hands on her hips and pulled her close to him as he threw all of his momentum into her. His cock slid in and out with ease, it was slick from her flowing juices. He fucked her hard and fast. His mother’s back arched and her upper body collapsed to the bed in the midst of her constant moans of pleasure.

After several minutes of savage and fast paced fucking her legs began to quiver and her breath was short but deep. John rammed away at his mother, his midriff bouncing off of her ass. He slapped her cheeks a couple times. With each smack his mother would release a lust filled moan.

“Oh John boy, you’re so fucking good!,” she shouted in pleasure. “Oh baby, I want you to fuck my ass!,” she added with a moan.

“Mmmm mama.” John said as he looked down at his moms ass. He guided a thumb to her asshole and rubbed it with purpose.

“MMMMMMMM! Oh…. Oh yeah!” his mother yelped.

He jabbed his thumb in and out of her tight ass. “You want my cock in your asshole?” John asked loudly.

“Fuck yes!!” she screamed to her son. “Fuck my ass baby, fuck it!” she added with a set of gasps.

John quickly pulled his cock from his moms creamy pussy. His cock glistened in the moonlight from her juices. He licked his thumb and got a good amount of lube on it then rubbed it over her asshole. He repeated this several times before providing a lick lube to the head of his cock.

He repositioned in between his bent-over mother’s legs and raised his cock to her asshole. His pre-cum provided more lube to her hole. He used his thumb and a couple of fingers to help guide his cockhead into her hole. He worked to try to gain access. His mother moaned in delight as he struggled to get the head of his dick into her asshole.

Slowly his head gained access. Centimeter by centimeter her asshole took the head of his cock.

“Ohhhhhhhh yeah baby! Mmmmmmm, I love it! Oh God I love it!” his mother moaned as her asshole opened to his cock. “Throw your cock in there boy, all of it. I want it all!

With a groan and a few grunts John pushed his cock in about 4 inches. His mother jerked forward and moaned with a sinister laugh.

“Is this good mom?!” John said as he pushed and pulled in and out slightly. All his mom could do was moan and whimper in ecstacy.

With force and quickness John thrusted toward his mom. His cock slid deeper into her asshole. “Uhhhhhhhhhhh!” she moaned as she jerked forward. The pain was great but it was a good pain, or so she thought.

John quickened his pace, fucking her ass deeply and at a good pace yet being as gentle as possible. He leaned forward and wrapped his hands around his mother, finding her breasts. He humped away at her while he fondled her mounds. Every now and again he would kiss her shoulders, back and neck. Both bayan escort bursa moaned with content as they enjoyed the pleasures they had found.

A few minutes later his mother’s legs began to shake wildly. “Johnny boy, I want you to cum for mama.” She said with a hint of pain.

John leaned back again and placed his hands on her buttons. “You want me to cum in you or you want me to pull out?” He asked as he fucked her.

“Oh Johnny, baby, do as you wish.” she answered him, still moaning.

“I want to cum on you mom! I want to cum all over you, your face…” He said as he rocked his cock in and out of her asshole.

“Then do it baby!,” shouted his mom as she pulled away enough for his cock to exit her asshole.

She flopped onto her back and spread her legs. Her asshole hurt now but she enjoyed the pain his cock caused the tight little hole. “Come up here and cum for mama.” she said while motioning to her son.

John moved and knelt between her legs, his cock was coated with her natural ass lube. He stroked at his shaft in a fast and hard pace. He looked down at his mom as he did so. “Ohhh yeah mom! Take my cum, take it! Uhhhhh… uhhhhh.” he grunted as he jerked at his cock.

His mother layed back with her arms to her side. She watched as her son stroked his cock. “Oh yeah Johnny, cum for me baby.” she moaned ot her son.

“Uhhhhh… uhhhhh… oh fuck, oh fuck!” Johnny blurted out, his cock began to spit cum on his mother. “Ohhhhhh yeah, uhhhh! Ughhhhh!” he moaned.

His cock shot in spurts. Cum streamed out and splashed all over her belly, chest and face. He continued to stroke his manhood, getting every ounce of cum out of his aching balls and onto his mom.

He slowed and eventually stopped jerking off as his cock quit spitting and quivering. John looked down at his cum covered mom. She had glistening streams going from her pubic hair to her breasts. He noticed several splashes on her tits. Her chin was coated in enough cum to drip down her neck.

“You like that, Johnny?” His mother asked with sass.
“Yeah, I love it!” He answered with a smile.

“Good boy.” She said with a smile of her own. “I have one last favor to ask of you, my little boy.”

“And what might that be?” John asked out of excited curiosity.

“I want you to lick my belly. I want you to get a mouthful of cum and feed it to me.” His mother said with a hint of seriousness. She stirred a bit in anticipation of his payment of the favor.

“Ummmmm” John said in shock. “Would it make you happy?” He added.

His mom looked at him and smiled, “Very happy!”

John looked to her belly and saw the streams of cum. “Ok mom.” He said as he leaned forward.

He stuck his tongue out and ran it through his cum. With each pool of juice he tucked it away in his mouth. Making his way up to his mothers neck he gathered as much cum as he could. He rolled off of his mom and laid down next to her and moved in for the kiss. Slowly and mutually their lips touched and their mouths opened. John drained every bit of cum into her mouth as he could.

“Mmmmmmmmmm.” His mother groaned in pleasure as their tongues danced.

Their mouths broke free and his mother swallowed every bit of cum she was fed and smiled. John smiled back to her and layed down on the pillow next to his mom. She rolled over and placed her head on his chest.

Within minutes they both drifted off to sleep in dreamland without another spoken word.

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