Drunk Plaything


“You can crash at my place if you want.” He said. I was completely drunk. It seemed like a good idea.

Let’s backtrack. I was 19 years old, and this was my first job. I was a barback at a pretty busy bar and he was the bartender. This being my first week on the job, I didn’t really know how the place ran. It was a busy Saturday night and he had been feeding my drinks all night – shots, beers. I knew I shouldn’t be drinking on the job, but I also didn’t know how to say no. I was new, right? Maybe that’s how they did things here.

So now we were closing and I was drunk and I was telling him how much it would cost me to cab home.

“Just crash on my couch,” he said “I live close.”

“You don’t mind?” I asked

“Not at all.” He said with a smirk.

So I guess that’s how it happened. That’s how I ended up at his house. We walked in, I was falling down drunk (and I thought he was too) and immediately collapsed on the couch.

“Hey, come on.” He said “You can sleep in the bed tonight. I promise I won’t try anything.” He laughed and slapped my shoulder. I had no idea what was going on but a bed felt better than a couch. So I followed him.

“Want to sleep foot to head?” He asked and laughed. I sort of nodded, too drunk to really respond. I fell down on his bed, rolled over onto my back, and could feel the pass out coming.

He lay down next to me and suddenly I felt something strange. His hand was at my waist, undoing my belt.

“What are you doing?” I managed to ask through the haze.

“Do you want to sleep in your jeans?” He asked. That made sense, I thought. I shook my head.

“Look, you’re drunk now but you’ll feel better in the morning if you take them off.”

Couldn’t argue with that logic. I undid my belt and slipped my jeans off. Then, without thinking, I took my shirt off. I was used to sleeping in nothing but my underwear and it made sense.

So there I was, drunk, naked except for my underwear, in bed with a guy I had just met. Had I not been so drunk I guess I would have thought this was strange but… I passed out about then.

And then, I woke up. Sort of. In that way you do when you’re that drunk. There was a hand on my body.

I lay there and tried to think about where I was, what had happened. I had some drunk amnesia for the first few moments, and then I realized what the hand was doing. It was running up and down my body, feeling gaziantep escort me up. For a moment, I thought I was with a girl. Then I remembered where I was.

He was touching me. How had I let this happen? I lay still, thinking that it must have been a mistake, that he would stop. But he didn’t. His hand was roaming all over my almost naked body. He must have thought I was asleep.

I had never even thought about a man touching me like this, but something about his hand was pleasant… it was like he was exploring me. And he thought I was asleep. His hand roamed over my pecks, touching and playing with my nipples, then down to my abs, and my belly button, and then enticingly down to the waistband of my underwear.

I almost gasped at that, but didn’t. He paused there, and ran his fingers over the place just under my belly button and just above the waistband.

I didn’t want to but I could feel myself getting hard.

Why is this happening? I thought. I was not attracted to this man… or any man… but for some reason having his hand roaming over me was turning me on. It felt so good… I wanted to stop him, to tell him I was awake, but I didn’t. And somehow I felt that if I said nothing, did nothing, this wouldn’t “count.”

His fingers were now at the waistband of my underwear and he was playing with it. Running his fingers under it, pulling it back. It was like he was deliberately teasing me, but he couldn’t know I was awake, could he?

Whatever he was doing, my cock was now rock hard. I was trying to will it to go down, to pretend this wasn’t happening.

I’m straight, I thought. Why am I letting this happen? Why am I so hard?

As if on cue, he reached his hand into my underwear and starting fondling my cock. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know what to do. I had been pretending to be asleep, but I couldn’t pretend any longer.

His fingers touched my hard cock and started to play with it… he wasn’t exactly stroking, just touching it, feeling it.

“What are you…” I trailed off.

“Whatever you want.” He said, and then he wrapped his hand around my cock and started to stroke. I almost moaned.

“I’m not… I don’t…” I gasped.

“You don’t what?” he asked, and the increased the tempo on my cock. He was stroking me slowly but insistently. It felt like the way I masturbated, but it was someone else’s hand. That thought turned me on even more.

“I’m not… gay…” I gasped.

“No?” He asked. With that he rolled over on top of me and started to run his tongue over my nipples while his hand still fondled me inside my underwear. I didn’t know what to do. This man was using my like a plaything and I was enjoying it. Somewhere in the back of my mind I wanted to stop it, but my cock had other ideas.

“Don’t worry.” he said “No one will ever know what I did to you tonight.” With that he ran his other hand down my body and into my underwear and starting to pull. I didn’t mean to do it but I lifted my ass up and he slid them right off and down my legs, all while keeping his hand slowly stroking me, up and down.

I was now completely naked in his bed, my cock in his hand, my clothes all over the floor.

I still, somehow, wanted it to stop. I wanted to say something. But what he was doing felt too good. And he had said that it was a secret… that no one would ever know. And I wanted to come so badly.

It was something about the way he was stroking me, about how wrong it was, I knew he shouldn’t be touching me like this. I knew I shouldn’t like it as much as I did, but knowing that made me eve harder. I was helpless.

I couldn’t say anything. I just wanted him to keep going. His hand, up and down, his thumb, playing with me like that. His other hand stroked up my body to my nipples and started playing with them. Teasing them with his finger. The feeling of his experienced hand on my cock, and his other hand twisting and pinching my nipples was too much.

I knew how wrong this was. “Don’t…” I said, and trailed off. He smiled. “Don’t what?” “Don’t… you have to stop… I’m not…”

“Not gay?” He asked, then leaned over and wrapped his lips around my nipple again. I moaned with how good it felt. I couldn’t believe i was letting a man do this. letting a man suck my nipple and fondle my cock. But every circle he did with his tongue made me even harder. I was bucking now, begging him to finish me off. He smiled. He had me. Arrogant bastard.

He was still playing me with his hand, still slowly jerking me. He started kissing his way down my body. He started on my pecks. His lips worked their way down to my stomach. His hand was stroking me and his tongue was working it’s way around my belly button. I knew where he was going next. I tried to muster up the will to stop him, but it wasn’t there.

His mouth wrapped around my cock. I moaned again. I was so close. He snaked his hands up my body and wrapped his fingers around my nipples.

It was too much. He had my whole cock in his mouth and he was doing something with his tongue… running it in slow little circles around the crown of my cock while his fingers did the same to my nipples. I had never felt anything like it. I realized that I was completely helpless, completely in his power. I wanted nothing more in the world then to come. I looked down and saw his mouth, a man’s mouth, wrapped around my cock and his hands working my nipples. Somehow the combination of him doing this to me, of me enjoying something I knew was so wrong, of him taking me so easily all made it even hotter. I was bucking, my mind was a flood of sex and want.

A man’s mouth on my cock. This wasn’t supposed to happen. I shouldn’t have let it. I was close.

“Please… stop…” I begged, for some reason still weakly protesting, only turning myself on even more by it.

Suddenly he stopped sucking my cock. But his hand returned and started stroking again.

“Okay. I can make you come with my hand.”


“Stop me.” He said with another arrogant smirk.

“This… please… don’t tell anyone… we did this…” I protested as his hand moved up and down, still stroking me slowly, keeping me on the edge, doing things to my cock that he knew I did too.

“I already said I wouldn’t. But i get to do this to you again.”

“Again?” I asked, almost panting.

“Yes.” He said and leaned in. “I’m going to make you come soon. And when you do, I want you to remember how good it felt. And I’m going to do it to you again. And I won’t tell anyone. But you’ll want it. You’ll come back.”

With that, he leaned in to me. He was still stroking my cock. And then he put his mouth on my ear and started to nibble on it slightly.

It was too much. Lying completely naked, a man stroking my cock, nibbling on my ear the way I liked it, his other hand pulling and teasing my nipple, I came. I came all over his hand, he had made me come. I came again and again, I yelled his name, the asshole, and he kept stroking, up and down, again and again.

After what felt like minutes of coming in his hand, I was done. I fell back on the bed.

When I opened my eyes, he was looking down at me.

“We can do that anytime you want. And I won’t tell anyone.”

Somehow, despite coming as hard as I just had, I could feel those words turning me on again.