Drunk Sisters Give The Best Bjs Pt. 02


Drunk Sisters give the best BJs

Chapter 2

Sara was at the kitchen table drinking coffee and going over some homework when Colton walked in. “Good morning, little brother,” Sara said teasingly, he hated it when she called him little brother, mostly because little was attached.

“Good morning Sara,” Colton grumbled as he poured himself a cup of coffee. Colton was not a morning person, and it didn’t help that Wes was over till 3 am.

Thinking of Wes, Colton asked curiously., “Sounds like you and Wes had a good time last night, he mentioned you wanted him to come back over tonight for round two.”

“I did. I was a little tipsy last night, so I wanted to have some fun completely sober, and he didn’t seem to mind a second time, so why not?” She thought about it for a second and added, “Hey although there isn’t anything serious between us, will Wes and I be a problem for you?” She asked him with a little bit of concern.

“Not if I get to watch,” Colton said half-jokingly.

Sara smiled, “Colton, do you like watching?’

Colton thought for a minute and answered, “Well I would much rather be in on the action, but yea, I like to watch, especially the girls. It’s like live porn, right? So you got any lesbian friends at school that like to put on shows?” he asked hopefully.

“Sorry I don’t have any lesbian friends that like to have public sex,” hearing that Colton pouted a little, “But I do have some straight friends who wouldn’t mind,” Sara added watching his face brighten.

“Give me the hookup!” He demanded

Sara put her coffee down and studied him, “What would you do for that kind of introduction Colton?”

“Anything! I’ll do anything to make it happen.” Colton promised with wide eyes. The thought of watching two girls fuck and maybe letting him join at some point was making his dick hard.

Sara crossed her arms and thought for a moment unsure if Colton would go for what she truly wanted from him; they had lived together for five years now, but she didn’t know that much about what he was into. So she decided to ask anyway, but first, she would ask for something she knew he would agree to, then lay out what she desired and see adana escort how it went from there.

“Ok Colton, First I want you to eat my pussy.” She said bluntly.

Shocked then excited Colton Responded, “Okay let’s go do it now,” he said jumping out of his chair.

“And” she added. That stopped Colton in his tracks. “When Wes comes over tonight, I want a threesome with you guys.” She laid out her deal and watched Colton.

Colton was shocked, having sex with Sara wasn’t a big deal, but would Wes be into a threesome? Would he? He thought about it, he didn’t want to kiss Wes or fuck him for that matter, but could he handle them both fucking Sara?

“I’m not sure; I’m not completely opposed to it. If I don’t have to kiss or fuck Wes, I am game, but I think we should talk to Wes and find out how he feels.” Colton said a little worried that his dream was going down the drain.

Sara could understand where he was coming from, it was way easier for girls to mess around with each other or have threesomes with guys. When it came to multiple guys and a girl, well the guys were always accused of being gay, and Wes and Colton are the furthest things from being gay.

“OK, I can respect that; we will run it over with Wes when he gets here. Also just so you two know; if it does happen, it stays between the 3 of us.” She added knowing that would help him relax. “Okay so back to my pussy…” she trailed off with a smile.

Colton grinned and said, “Let’s go to dad’s study, I’ve always wanted to fuck someone on his big desk.” Colton heard her laugh as he grabbed her hand and ran to his dad’s office.

Once inside the office, Colton pushed her up against the door and started kissing her. He pressed himself into her body and ran his hands up under her shirt and started fondling her tits; he was filled with a strong desire to possess her and the knowledge that they were still family, even though they weren’t blood, turned him on more. He pulled her shirt over her head and threw it on the floor and sucked her pink nipple into his mouth.

“MMMmmm,” Sara almost whined. “I have wanted you to put your mouth on me since I watched you pleasuring yourself the other day when you caught me masturbating.”

Shocked afyon escort Colton pulled back, “Wait you knew? You watched me?”

“Yep, I watched your reflection in the mirror on my wall. Why do you think I left the door open that much when I knew you were home? Normal girls don’t masturbate with their doors open when men are in the house.”

Colton was shocked speechless, the sight of her masturbating was fucking hot and he fanaticized about it many times since, but to know that she planned it? Sara leaned forward and with a low sultry voice whispered into his ear, “I like to be watched too, Colton.”

Colton fucking lost it, he picked her up and carried her to the desk, ripping off her clothes and laid her down on the desk in front of him completely naked. He then pulled his shirt off and went back to sucking her tits and stuck 2 fingers inside her cunt and started pumping.

Sara continued to moan, Colton was better with his fingers that she thought, and she couldn’t wait to test out his tongue. “Colton, please eat me.” She begged.

Colton looked down at her and commanded, “Play with your tits for me, pinch those pink nipples as I lick you cunt.” Then he dropped to his knees and pulled her hips close to him and brought his mouth down to her and licked.

“Oh god, yes just like that.” She hollered in passion. Colton pressed his face closer to her and licked, sucked, nibbled, and bit at her nub while he watched her play with her nipples.

She tasted nice and sweet, he couldn’t get enough of her so he licked harder applying more pressure that caused his jaw to ache, but it was worth it when he heard her say “Fucking yes Colton, lick my pussy, oh god. Show me what little brothers are made of.” She was yelling now.

She was turning him on his dick was trying to bust out of his shorts; he decided when he made her cum with his tongue he was going to also make her cum with his dick. So he stuck three fingers in her pussy and started to finger fuck her hard, curling his fingers upwards each time he hit the back of her pussy.

“Oh shit, oh shit, Colton, don’t stop I’m almost there.” She screamed in desperation. Colton felt her body tense up and heard her suck in a deep breath seconds before alanya escort she let out an ear-piercing scream and her body started rocking so hard he had to hold her down to keep her from bouncing around.

As he felt her body start to relax he pulled back from her cunt and smiled at her. “Did you enjoy that big sis?” he asked mockingly.

“Oh my god yes!” she said still trying to breathe.

Colton watched her close her eyes and said, “Oh big sis, I’m not finished with you yet, I’m going to fuck you like your life depends on it now.” He picked her up and carried her to the couch across the room, laid her down on her back, and positioned himself between her thighs and plunged into her.

“Fucking Hell, you feel so damn good.” He moaned. She was so wet and tight he almost lost it on the first stroke. He waited a minute allowing his cock time to adjust. Then he pulled out and slammed back in. “MMMM damn girl, why did it take me 5 years to fuck you.” He said with lust dripping from his voice.

She just smiled and wrapped her legs around his back helping him plunge deeper. He began to rock her body with his thrusts causing her tits to jump wildly about. Just the sight of that combined with the look of pleasure on her face and her hair sprawled out around her filled him with more lust. He lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulders and grabbed her hips lifting her a little and started to pound into her as fast as he could go. Her moans went to screams and pleas as he rocked her world.

He watched as she ran one hand down her stomach to play with her clit, while her second hand began to twist her nipple. Watching her play with her body, giving herself such pleasure sent a wave of fire through his body that sent him to the edge of orgasm. He whispered to her, “Shit, I’m going to cum,” then closed his eyes and began to lose himself to the sensations.

“Come inside me Colton, I want to feel your hot seed exploded deep into my pussy.” She screamed with her release.

That was all it took to set him off, he slammed it her a few more times filling her with her seed. Exhausted he collapsed on the couch beside her and tried to catch his breath and calm down.

“That was amazing Colton, I have never been fucked like that before. I hope that I can try out you and Wes tonight, I would love to have one of her fuck my pussy while the other fucks my ass.” She said in a sleepy dream state.

“We will see.” Was all Colton could say as he fell asleep with his sister in his arms.