Ebony Mother Lover Goes Anal

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To all my readers who enjoy inter-racial love and mature love, this is the second story in the Ebony Mother Series that I hope you will enjoy. I will be writing other stories to the series along with other stories you will also enjoy reading.

I wish I knew the answer to what attracts a man like me to me to be so attracted to older mature women. I also wish I knew why I am so attracted to black women Ebony if you prefer. I really have soul searched for that answer and have come up with no concrete answer as to why. The only answer I have is they excite the hell out of me, making me feel lie a young Spartan stud that has long since passed me by. I am sure that I am not the only man turned on by mature ebony women. Enough with the philosophical talk the only thing that matters is my name is Jerry and I love to fuck and be fucked by black women who are mature and I am now driving towards Marie’s house in a little less then one hour I will be there.

Marie is my mature ebony mother lover who loves to fuck, suck and talk a dirty note now and then. She is a woman 19 years my senior at 62 years of age and eligible for early social security but looks around 45 years old. Marie has no wrinkles, 42DD breast, that if you believe me or not have no sag time and hard nipples half-inch long. Her areolas are perfectly circled to perfection. I know having a sexual relationship with a black woman is not for everyone but having a relationship with someone whom is also black and old enough to have shot me out of her vagina is another thing.

As I drive towards Marie’s house I am thinking of fucking her. I know that I have had sex with her on countless occasions and we screwed in all different ways including tit fucking and me fucking her in her black mouth. There was only one way that my sexual ebony mother lover has never been fucked dare I go there, dare I even bring the subject up. I think of how I approach her with this new twisted sometimes-perverted thought process I have in my mind. Maybe I won’t approach her with it tonight, she might think it was sinful then again my ebony mother lover Marie just might like the thought of her getting fucked up her black beautiful ass. The only question that a remains as I pull into her driveway is my now rock hard penis going to reach into new crevices and cavities in what sexoligist call the anal region of the world.

I ring the doorbell I see Marie coming down the stairs, she is wearing a beautiful satin lace outfit white cream colored to contrast her brown ebony Küçükköy escort skin. Her skin is just glistening with jubilation from her white young lover, who is young enough to be her son and as a matter of fact I am the same age, as her own son who is a captain in the Army. My ebony mother lover opens the door she says in a shy voice how was your ride down? I answer that it was as smooth as the skin that covers your beautiful body and your well-pronounced breasts. Immediately I notice Marie’s tits busting out with intense excitement as her nipples start to harden at the touch of my hand in hers as she leads me into her house and my house of pleasure.

Like always we go into the living room and I sit on her couch and she sits down next to me. Marie gives a nice kiss on the lips and I respond with a quick kiss back on her lips. My ebony mother lover has great big lips that I would like to refer to them as blowjob lips. They are not too big but not too small just perfect enough to stick your cock in for her to perform a great sucking motion for the most erotic blow job you have ever experienced. I lean over and give Marie another kiss on the lips and she responds like a young bitch in heat by licking the outside of my lips and gently sucking my lips into hers. Before long we are in an intense make out session going like to hot teenagers in an old drive-in movie never watching the movie just getting hotter and hotter. My ebony mother is now rubbing my cock through my pants and I am rubbing her black pussy with my right hand feveriuosly through her white cream colored satin lace outfit, which is now getting a good soaking from her pussy juices that are flowing.

Marie is moaning with desire has she fucks my right hand which is lodged in between her legs. She is now mounting my hand like a male horse mounting a mare. While Marie is lost in her delight I flashback to my thoughts of fucking my ebony mother in her ass. I quickly come back to reality stand up in front of her and sit on her lap facing her and start to play with those beautiful mounds of flesh that want to come out and be sucked. My ebony mother is now under my command even though she is old enough to be my mom she let’s me have my way with her. I start to squeeze her nipples and she says harder I squeeze harder and she says harder babe. I twist her nipples and Marie moans with delight and her nipples grow to a size that is quite larger and my cock gets even harder. I stand up again and now I loosen my belt and take Mecidiyeköy escort bayan my cock out and show my ebony mother lover my cock. She goes to reach for it and I pull away. I say to Marie that you are going to be my ebony mother lover tonight? She says, “she will.” I make her beg for my cock after a couple of minutes I let her touch my cock and then I put it back in my pants.

I again touch her tits and pull one of them out of her satin lace outfit and suck on her right nipple like a new born getting milk from his mother. I tell her I will suck your breast until I get my milk she responds “oh yes baby suck mommy’s tits suck baby suck” I continue to finish that breast getting my imaginative milk from her breast and then I suck the left breast. I suck her left breast filling my mind with thoughts of fucking my ebony mother lover up her black ass. Again Marie moans with the utmost excitement “suck mommy’s breast” this of course turns me on thinking I am sucking on my own moms tits. This of course is not the case but I sure enjoy the shear thought of it all.

Finally couch foreplay is almost over and Marie grabs my hand and leads me into her spacious sexual palace that is her bedroom. My black ebony mother starts to talk dirty as we both take our clothes off. As I am taking my clothes off my ebony mother lover spanks me hard on my white ass. This only makes my cock even harder and wanting to fuck my black ebony mother lover hard. Then I thought if she wants it hard maybe I could fuck her up her ass after all tonight. We are both naked we are exploring each other’s body I am giving my ebony mother lover a tongue bath and she is moaning and squirming. I reach her black pussy where she once sprouted out five children through her love canal and now I am sticking my tongue there. The smell is sensational and inviting and I continue to lick and suck her clit. Her vagina lips are a pink red colored very pronounced as I pull the vagina lips apart to get a good look at her clit. My ebony mother lover is grabbing my hair and calling me a good motherfucker and begging me to fuck her. She is shoving my head into her vagina to bring her to another organism as she rocks my love bed. I finally cannot take to much more of this I am as excited as an old man with a virgin, little do I know I am with a virgin of sorts. My ebony mother lover who has been fucking since her traditional virginity was taken when she was fifteen years old by a neighborhood kid who was around twenty Escort Merter years old at the time. My ebony mother lover has only one virgin hole left and after tonight she will not have any as she will enter into the elite club of three input lover I hope.

The moment of truth has come and now is the time to make my move as I lap up her cunt juices. The juices are milky gooey white the way I like it, thick as cream. She continues to moan. I take my head up from her luscious pussy as her juices are dripping from my mustache. I reach her face and shove my mouth onto hers as she licks her creamy white juices from my face like a cat licking milk off its paws. Only this pussy is my black ebony mother lover who is now prepared to go anal. I shove my tongue deep into her mouth and we kiss for what seems an eternity. Finally I say to Marie sit up and she does. I stand in front of her as I shove my cock into her mouth and start to fuck her mouth hard. I am shoving my cock through her blowjob lips finally I stop. She is now beyond control and ready to obey anything I tell her.

Then it finally happens “I ask her if she had ever had anal sex.” She replied “no” and asked me “if I wanted to try it with her.” I said “if she wants to”. She replied “I will do it for you.” I thought to myself that I would need lubricant as not to shock that virgin asshole of hers. I asked my ebony mother lover for some KY jelly she said, “ that she did not have any.” But she said why don’t you use some Vaseline. By this time I was as hard as a rock, I got the Vaseline from the bathroom and she applied it all over my rigid cock. My ebony mother lover knew the position; she got on all fours, me standing up behind her at the edge of the bed.

I stuck my finger in her virgin asshole of 62 years and eased my 7-inch cock into her virgin hole slowly through the canal, as she reacted with a low moan gently pushing in more and more. My ebony mother lover started to move more and more as we got our rhythm down and I fucked her up her black ass as she said harder, harder you motherfucker.

I continued to fuck her as the cum built up to the tip of my cock and throbbed. I wanted to take my cock out to prolong my orgasm but my cock fit her asshole like a glove and fucking her up the ass felt so good. I finally came in what was her virgin ass no more. She moaned with delight and said that was the first time anyone had ever fucked her, up her ass. She was sorry she did not go anal sooner but loved my white cock in her black pussy.

My black ebony mother was a sensational fuck up the ass. It was a feeling that was erotic and something just a little dirty about it made it feel like the best fuck I had in a long time. After we finished she decided to clean me off like a good lover should by sucking the remaining juices of cum and pussy off my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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