Eight Ball, Corner Pocket

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Jayne just got out of the shower when she heard the doorbell ring.

“Shit,” she said to herself. “He’s early.”

She grabbed a towel and dried herself as best she could. The doorbell rang a few more times before she quickly threw on her bathrobe and ran downstairs to answer the door.

“COMING!” She yelled.

She stopped at the door and looked at herself in the hallway mirror. Her long black hair was still very wet and dripping down her face and on to her robe. She opened the robe slightly to show a little bit of her cleavage and allowed some water to drip down to her breast. She didn’t originally intend to create this sexy look for herself for when Tom finally arrives, but now she thought it would help the chances of her plan to succeed.

She opened the door to find Tom standing. He was wearing a new pair of sneakers, jeans, a black T-shirt, and his brown sport jacket, and in his right hand he was holding a 12 pack case of beer. His eyes shot wide open when he saw Jayne standing there with her hair still wet and bathrobe slightly opened.

“Hey Tom,” Jayne said. “Aren’t you early?”

“You said 8, and its 8:20, so that means I’m late,” he replied as he tried to resist looking at her cleavage so she wouldn’t him doing it.

“I guess I lost track of time, I just got out of the shower when you rang the doorbell. Come on in.”

Tom walked in and as Jayne ran back upstairs.

“I’m just going to throw something on, make yourself at home.”

She ran into her bedroom and closed the door. Tom walked into the kitchen and put down the case of beer. He opened the case, took out one of the beers, opened it and walked to the living room. His mind was still on how Jayne looked when she opened the door. He was always jealous of his friend David for marrying someone as drop dead gorgeous as Jayne. She had amazing wavy black hair, great legs, a nice round ass, and a great pair of tits and any man would kill to put his hands on. He never saw what her tits looked like, but he has seen her in bikinis on the beach or at pool parties and guessed that they got to be at least 36D’s. And he has seen pictures of her when she was younger so he definitely knew that they were real which made them all the more enticing.

He was sitting on the couch watching basketball game with the beer in his hand when Jayne came downstairs and into the living room.

“Oh, it started already,” she said. “I’ll be right back.”

She went to the kitchen and grabbed one of the beers and went back to the living room and sat down close to Tom on the couch. Her hair was completely dry and pulled back into a ponytail, with a few strands of hair coming off the side. She was wearing sandals, tight jeans and tight white tank top with a name of a basketball team on it. It was a little low-cut was showing some cleavage. Tom could clearly see a part of some tattoo on her left breast but didn’t know what it was. He has noticed that tattoo before when he saw her in bikinis, but her tops were always covering it up so he didn’t know what it was.

They spent the next few hours watching the game together, yelling at the TV when the ref made a bad call and cheering when their team scored. They went through half the case of beer before the game ended, their team won the game and they gave each other high-fives.

“That was an awesome game,” said Tom.

“I know, it was amazing, I can’t believe he scored 75 points,” replied Jayne. “I never thought live to see anything like that. He was all over the place the other team couldn’t touch him.”

As she continued to talk the way she was about the game, Tom couldn’t help thinking how hot she sounded right then. He never met a girl was as much into sports as he was.

“So now what?” Jayne asked.

Tom only came by tonight to watch the game with Jayne as a favor to David; he was out of town on business and wanted somebody to keep Jayne company so she wouldn’t be completely lonely. Now that the game was over there was nothing much for him to do with her.

“I guess we could just sit here and talk,” he told her.

“I can talk with my girl friends anytime, lets do something fun,” she said. “Oh! I know, want to play pool.”

“Sure,” Tom replied.

“Cool! I’ll go set up the table, you bring down the rest of the beer.”

She jumped up from the couch and ran into the game room. Tom got up and went to the kitchen to grab the rest of the beer and walked to the game room. Tom helped David to make the game room over a year ago. It now had a pool table, a dart board, a poker table, and an arcade game that David bought on ebay. But it broke down snowpiercer izle about three months ago so it’s just taking up space in the corner. When Tom entered the game room he found Jayne bent down at the end of the pool table straightening up the balls. Her tits were pressed against the table and Tom got a good look at her cleavage.

Jayne finished setting up the balls and got off the table. She saw Tom standing there at the other end of the pool table and smiled.

“We’re all set,” she said. “Pass me a cold one.”

Tom took out a beer from the case and threw it to her. She grabbed it with one hand and opened it up.

“Technically, it’s not a cold one since it’s been out for a few hours now.”

“Whatever,” she replied. “You want to break first?”

“Sure,” said Tom. He grabbed a pool stick from the stand, chalked up the tip, set up his shot and broke the set.

Over the next hour they played about three games and drank two more beers each. They talked as they played, catching up on old times and spilling dirt about David.

“You’re very good at this game,” said Tom.

“Not as good as you, since you keep beating me,” she replied.

“You almost got me in the last game.”

“But I totally screwed up that last shot.”

“Don’t beat yourself over it,” he said as he was about to take his final shot. “It was a tough shot.”

Tom hit the cue ball; it bounced off the sides twice and hit the eight ball in the corner pocket.

“I win again,” he said with an arrogant smile.

Jayne looked pissed as she drank her beer. The can was finished so she threw it in the garbage can.

“There are two beers left, you want one?” she asked.

“Definitely,” he said.

Jayne threw him the last of the two beers and they both opened their cans at the same time.

“Did David ever tell you what we used to do back in college when we played pool?”

“What? You used to hustle the freshman out of their money?”

“We did, but that wasn’t what I wanted to tell you. We used to play against some girls from different sororities and pretend to lose badly and as soon as we get a few beers into them—”

“Oh my God!” Jayne interrupted.

“NO! It wasn’t like that. We just convinced them to play strip pool and then beet their asses in every game until they were completely naked.”

“Oh, yeah, I now I remember David telling me that a long time ago when we were dating,” she said as she took another sip of her beer. “I was appalled by that then, but now it’s kind of funny.”

“Too bad you and I can’t play that game,” Tom said with a chuckle.

“Why not?” asked Jayne.

“Why not what?”

“I mean, why not? Let’s play strip poker.”

Tom began to laugh but stopped when he saw that she was being serious.

“You’re being serious, aren’t you?”

“Sure,” she said. “It could be fun.”

“What about David?” he asked.

Jayne rolled up her eyes and laughed.

“So what about him? Didn’t he used to see your ex-girlfriend naked?

“She was a stripper,” he replied. “Everybody saw her naked, even you did.”

“Come on, it could be fun. And David doesn’t have to know, it will be our little secret.”

She said this with her hands firmly placed on the pool table and her arms sort of pushing her tits closer together. She looked at him with her deep blue eyes and gave him a mischievous smile.

“Ok,” said Tom as he finished the rest of the beer and threw it in the garbage can. “We’ll play by the old rules we used to use back in college. Set up the table and I’ll tell them to you.”

As Jayne set up the table, Tom began going over the rules. It was just two rules; First, jewelry, socks and shoes don’t count, so they both threw off those articles and set them aside. Second, after each game the loser loses, he or she has to take off the shirt first, then pants, then T-shirt or bra, then panties.

They played the first game, near the end Tom decided to that it wasn’t fair that he was going to make Jayne was going to be the one to lose all of her clothing so he messed up his last shot and allowed Jayne to win the game. He took off his pants and revealed his striped boxer shorts which Jayne laughed at. He didn’t mind because he thought that hew as going to see her naked anyway. But in the next game Jayne pulled several great shots in a row all on her own and Tom had to lose his shirt. So he was now wearing an undershirt and his embarrassing striped boxer shorts.

He was beginning to think that he was going to be the one to lose his clothes first, so help me todd izle but he won the next game so Jayne took off her shirt and showed off her black bra that perfectly held up her tits. Because she was showing more of her breasts he saw a little bit more of her tattoo, but still couldn’t make out what it was.

Tom won the next game and Jayne took off her pants and felt embarrassed when she was wearing white panties with little hearts on them that not only didn’t match with her bra but looked very childish. It was Tom’s turn to laugh at her misfortune, but being half naked in front of Tom worked well to Jayne’s advantage, because he was so distracted by her body that he ended up losing the next game and took off his undershirt.

Tom tried learned from his mistake and did his best not to look at Jayne as they played the next game. It was hard; he had admired her body for so long and the idea that he was finally going to see her naked overwhelmed him. When it looked like he was about to loose, he took control of his emotions and focused it all on the game. He managed to win with an incredible shot and looked up at Jayne.

“I have to admit something,” said Tom. “I always wanted to see that tattoo on your breast.”

“I always thought that you always wanted to see me naked,” Jayne replied.

“Oh, don’t get me wrong, I always did want to see you naked.”

He placed his hands on the edge of the pool table and looked at Jayne. She gave him a big smile as she slowly put her hands behind her and unclasped the bra. She slowly pulled down the straps and pulled down the cups but with her arm still covering her chest.

“Ready?” she asked in a smooth, sultry voice.

“Oh, I’m ready,” he replied with a huge smile on her face.

Jayne removed her arm to reveal the greatest pair of tits that Tom has ever laid his eyes on. They were perfectly round and plump, with great big nipples. He didn’t care about the tattoo anymore, which was a butterfly landing on a rose; he only cared about staring at those amazing tits and fantasizing about grabbing and sucking on them.

“Ease up tiger, or you’ll explode,” she said as she pointed to his shorts.

Tom just realized that he was sporting an erection and turned around in embarrassment.

“I’m so sorry,” Tom said.

“Don’t worry about it,” Jayne assured him. “I knew since the beginning of this game that you might get turned on. Now come on, lets finish they game, we still have one more piece of clothing to lose.”

When Tom was sure that the erection had subsided he went back to the game. The next 10 minutes were very tense, they both wanted to win badly. And it kept going back and forth of who the winner might be. Jayne had a good shot for herself but had trouble reaching across the table, Tom being the gentleman offered to help.

“I’m just going to keep you steady,” he told her as he put his hands on her waist.

Jayne was more steady now but still had trouble with the shot.

“My tits are getting in the way,” she said. “I need some support.”

“I’ll let you put your bra back on for this shot,” Tom suggested.

“I have a better idea,” said Jayne.

She grabbed one of Tom’s hands and placed his arm across her chest with his hand firmly grabbing Jayne’s right tit. Tom was taken completely by surprise.

“Hold them steady,” Jayne ordered.

“I will,” he said with a crack in his voice.

The breast in Tom’s hand felt amazing, it was better then he had ever imaged it would be. He was so excited that his erection was coming back and was pressing up against Jayne’s ass.

“Um, Jayne—”

“I know, I can feel it, just let me take this shot.”

She hit the cue ball; it bounced off the sides three times, and then hit another ball which hit the eight ball in the side pocket, which meant that Jayne won the last game. Jayne got off the pool table and Tom had let her go, he just realized what he had just done.

“Did I just help you win the game?” he asked.

“Yes you did, now pay up sucker.”

Tom felt his erection still there; he was hesitant to pull down his boxer shorts just then.

“I’ll tell you what,” Jayne said. “Since you were such a good sport, I’ll take off my panties first then you can take off your boxers.”

And she did, she pulled them off and threw them across the room. She then did a little twirl so that Tom could soak in the entire view. Her pussy was completely shaved and her ass as just as hot as he imagined. It was now Tom’s turn and he took off his boxer shorts. His massive 9 sokağın çocukları izle inch erection popped straight up and pointed at Jayne. Jayne gave him a big smile and Tom gave her one back. They both stood there in front of each other completely naked for almost a minute before Jayne walked up to him.

“I have something to admit,” she told him. “I kind of set up this whole thing just to get you here just like this.”

“You mean, you planned on playing strip pool this whole time?”

“Yes,” she said as she walked closer to him. “Actually, my original plan was for me to bring up the game, but when you brought it up first I used it to my advantage.”

She came right up to him until her breasts were gently touching Tom’s torso, and his erection rubbing against her leg.

“What about David?” he asked nervously.

“Fuck him!” she replied.

Jayne moved downwards and sat on her knees. Tom’s erection was right up to her face; she grabbed it and rubbed it gently against his cheek, close to her mouth as she was looking up at Tom’s face.

“So what do you say?” She asked.

Tom gave her a big smile and said, “Fuck David!”

At that very moment Jayne shoved Tom’s cock straight into her mouth. Her lips were tightly sealed around his shaft, and with each thrust into her mouth her tongue wriggles around it and lathers it up with saliva. Her moans only increased Tom’s sensation. She started moving her head faster and faster, making suction noises as she goes along. This whole time Tom just stood there taking in every second of this pleasure that he was recieving from Jayne’s sweet, warm mouth.

After ten minutes Jayne stopped, she pulled Tom’s cock from her mouth and stood up. Tom grabbed her head and brought it to his. Their mouths and tongues met in a wild, passionate embrace. Tom gently laid her down on top of the pool table with her legs still dangling from the side, still kissing her. He slowly moved his kisses downward to her neck and shoulders. He then moved down to her tits. He began kissing and licking them both, pushing those luscious pillows of flesh against his face. He started to suck on her nipples which sent a sensational surge through Jayne’s body.

Tom finished playing with Jayne’s tits and stood up. He spread open her legs and moved her pussy closer to the edge of the pool table. He put lined up his cock right at the tip of her pussy and placed his hands on her hips.

“Eight ball, corner pocket,” said Tom.

He shoved his massive cock into Jayne’s hot wet pussy. The sudden thrust into her body made Jayne yelp with excitement. Tom held it there for a few seconds before he took it out. Then he wasted no more time to start fucking her pussy as fast and as hard as he can. He watched as Jayne’s body began to arch upward and her big tits jiggle around wildly. Jayne’s moans grew louder and she began to scream obscenities and begging him to fuck her harder. Tom’s face was turning red, the veins in his neck were now throbbing as he summoning every once of strength he had to fuck Jayne.

After nearly fifteen minutes, Tom stopped and pulled out of her. He got on the pool table and lied down on his back. Jayne got on top of him, she grabbed his cock and guided it to her pussy and she just moved her body downward right on it. She began to grind her hips and move her body up and down on Tom’s cock. Slowly at first and then she picked up the pace. Her hand were on Tom’s chest with her nails digging right into it, while Tom’s hands reached up and grabbed both of Jayne’s tits. She had an angry look on his face as she fucked him as hard as she could. And Tom, in turn, began thrusting his hips upward to help with the motion.

Tom grabbed Jayne from around the waste and turned her around until she was on her back. He took over the fucking from then on. His body was pressed firmly against hers which hurt her tits in a good way. His one hand was grabbing one of her legs while the other was pulling her hair as he grinding his body against hers. Jayne began screaming into his ear and he worked himself faster on her. Her arms were wrapped around his body as she was putting deep scratches into his back.

Tom couldn’t hold himself much longer, he knew he was about to cum very soon. He pulled himself off of her and repositioned himself. He put his cock between Jayne’s tits as she grabbed her own tits and pushed them around his cock. He began to fuck Jayne’s titties; she smiled up at him as he did this. And at that very moment streams of hot white cum came gushing out and covered Jayne’s tits. When it was all over he laid down on the pool table right next to Jayne who was scooping up the cum with her fingers and sticking it into her mouth.

“What about David?” Tom asked.

“He’s probably to busy fucking his secretary, or one of his interns, or a business client’s daughter, or a hooker.”

“Oh,” he replied. “So you want to go again.”

“Ok,” said Jayne. “But this time let’s do it on the poker table.”

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