Eighteen Holes Ch. 02

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Summer was almost over, or at least school was set to start in a few weeks. I know that ‘Autumn’ doesn’t officially begin until late September, but as far as I was concerned, me having to go to class every day again was ‘the end.’ I had turned 18 earlier in the summer, and I was looking forward to my senior year with a mix of excitement and dread.

A few days earlier, two of the hottest girls in school had come by the place where I worked – the bumper boats at the mini-golf course and amusement center – right before closing time. While I had been busy checking out their bodies, Alex’s mother had flirted with me. I had never seen flirting like that before – and Mrs. Dixon ended up cornering me behind one of the buildings and jacking me off. It was as if I couldn’t help myself, and I didn’t really WANT to help myself, either.

That encounter with Mrs. Dixon was amazing, but I was also kind of freaked out – the gorgeous 30-something woman mentioned that Laurel, her daughter’s friend, had been talking about the size of my dick. At the time that info had zoomed right past my sex addled brain, but later on, with school starting, I started to wonder how she had seen my dick, and what the girls would say once classes began. Did they know what I had done with Alex’s mom?

I had plenty of time to think about the situation at my job running the bumper boats and batting cages. There were only a few weeks left before school started, so my boss had me doing all kinds of crap work while I could still work weekdays when it was slower and there was more time to do maintenance on the boats. I was scrubbing away on the engine covers, my shirt off and my back to the customer area since it was an hour before the amusement center would even open.

The sun was already hot in the sky as I stacked up some of the unused inner-tubes along the back fence. Just then, a dark, luxury SUV pulled up – right on the other side of the fence. It looked like the Dixon’s Escalade. Was this Mrs. Dixon? Mr. Dixon here to kick my ass? Then the tinted window glided down and I saw it was the gorgeous Mrs. Dixon behind the wheel.

“Hi,” Mrs. Dixon called out. Just as calm as if our last meeting had not ended with me shooting my load all over her hand.

“You know my husband almost saw my purse was covered by your cum,” She added – completely calm and matter-of-fact. I swallowed hard and felt my prick starting to stir in my shorts.

“Honey, I said ‘almost.’ Calm down and let’s go for a ride.” I looked around the empty parking lots and walk ways of the amusement center – no one was around. Then I glanced at a one of the security cameras and thought of my boss in his office with all the monitors. I only hesitated for a moment, as Mrs. Dixon gave me a sexy look and I climbed over the chain link fence.

The cool air flowed out of the SUV’s window as I stepped closer and could see that Mrs. Dixon was wearing a thin summer dress over a bikini top that tied at the back of her neck.

“Get in. I dropped Alex off at her dance class and I have to pick her little brother up in an hour.”

I still hadn’t said a word as I climbed in, my mesh basketball shorts already starting to tent out in front and suddenly aware I was shirtless. Mrs. Dixon rolled up the window and eased out of the parking Cebeci Escort lot as I glanced at her tan legs.

“Mrs. Dixon …” the words were barely making it past my lips.

“I like it when you call me that. ‘Mrs. Dixon!'” she cooed. “It sounds so nasty.”

The SUV turned into the parking lot of the mall and I sank down into the seat. Here I was, shirtless and riding around with an older (married) woman. Then it occurred to me that no one could see past the tented glass and I sat up a bit taller – trying to get a peek down the top of Mrs. Dixon’s dress.

She pulled the SUV into the low parking structure behind the movie theater. At this time of day it was deserted and there was shade from the August sun. I was starting to wonder what would happen next – excited but also just a bit scared due to my inexperience. She backed the SUV up against the wall of the parking structure – but left the engine running to keep the A/C flowing.

She reached for a button and the back seats slowly reclined. I turned around at the sound – still feeling skittish. Her hand went to my bare knee and my groin throbbed just a little bit more.

“Why don’t we climb in the back. There’ll be more room.”

I tumbled shirtless into the backseat, right on top of a backpack. It was Alex’s – I recognized it from school. Not only was I in the backseat of a car with a super-hot woman – but I had lusted after her daughter every day last spring in Western Civ. Mrs. Dixon saw me staring at the backpack and she tossed it over the seat into the cargo area – laughing at my hesitation.

“Don’t worry, honey. I won’t tell her you were here. She would be jealous that I got to your cock before she did.”

Mrs. Dixon wrapped her fingers around my shaft through the fabric of my shorts – making my brain disengage so I couldn’t process what the phrase ‘before she did’ might mean.

The first time, Mrs. Dixon had just touched my prick, we had barely touched. I guess she had put her hand on my chest at one point but that was it. I would have been ecstatic for another hand job from any hand not my own, but the prospect of more made my mouth go dry as she leaned in closer.

Her lips brushed against mine – a teasing sexy kiss. I was too stunned to move until she bared her teeth and nipped at my lower lip. This sent a spark of electricity down to my crotch and I leaned into her – kissing her soft lips.

“Yeah, that’s my boy,” she whispered as she traced her fingers along my chest and down my flat belly.

Her fingers tugged at the waist of my shorts and the head of my cock swung up to rest against my stomach. She sucked in her breath as her fingers brushed the head of my cock. My hips twitched – almost as if my body was pulling away from her fingertips, because it was too much.

She eased the front of my shorts farther down from my body – tucking the elastic waistband under my balls. Now my full cock was out and I just sat there – watching Mrs. Dixon with her eyes locked on my tool. She gently traced her finger tips up my shaft and then down over my quickly contracting ball-sack.

She cooed and sighed as she gave my jaw one last kiss and then leaned down closer to my cock. I just wanted her to put the head of Çıtır Escort my dick into her mouth. That was all I wanted. That was all I could think about. But she didn’t.

Mrs. Dixon pulled on my shorts more – until I realized she wanted me to lift my hips so she could strip them off all the way. As my balls were finally free I gasped – I was now naked except for my socks and Vans. Mrs. Dixon leaned lower and …

She sucked one of my balls into her mouth. My ass lifted off the leather seats and My eyes rolled back. I had not expected that, or for it to feel that amazing. My limited knowledge of blow jobs was all from porn – with women choking the cock down their throats as far and as fast as possible. To feel her lips tugging at the loose skin on my balls and her breath on the base of my cock was amazing.

She planted gently kisses on my shaft, each one a tinier bit closer to the swollen head of my dick. I struggled to stay still as my sneakers struggled for grip on the plush carpet of the SUV. My throat was dry as I gasped for air.

A flash of bright light made us both look up – but it was just a passing car on a distant road reflecting the sun. The parking garage was still empty except for our blacked out SUV. Mrs. Dixon reached for the knots at the back of her neck but couldn’t quite get it.

“Let me help you,” I said.

“Oh! He speaks,” she laughed as she turned her back so I could loosen the two sets of ties – one for her dress and the other for the bikini top she wore beneath. As the garments came free my fingers reached out to touch the bare flesh. Almost by accident, my thumb brushed a nipple and we both caught our breath.

Mrs. Dixon urged me to turn my body across the backseat so that she could get between my open thighs. Her breasts pressed against my skin – making my already hard cock feel ready to explode. Her lips lowered over the tip of my prick and I groaned out loud.

Mrs. Dixon really went to work – spit running down my cock as she sucked and licked. My hands reached under to cradle her swaying breast as she worked her mouth up and down. Her breasts were so big and full – they felt amazing in my palm. In retrospect I am sure Mrs. Dixon had implants but I wasn’t even paying that much attention (or would have known what silicone even felt like).

My balls were churning as I got closer and closer to coming. Mrs. Dixon could tell what was happening and she pulled my prick out of her mouth. She pumped the shaft with her hand – and pressed her tits forward to surround the twitching head. My eyes flew wide open – this was the hottest thing I had ever seen.

“Do you wanna come all over my tits?” she asked.

I struggled to nod – all of my nervous system locked in on the quivering cock wedged between her breasts.

“Oh you do? Do you want to see your cum all over me?” she teased, rubbing the underside of my cock head back and forth across her erect nipples.

I nodded again, but that is not the answer she wanted. “I can’t hear you,” she said as she gently ran her slippery, saliva-soaked thumb all around the ridge of my cock.

“Yesssss,” I mumbled as her hand picked up speed.

“I don’t think that will work – how will we clean up all your cum? You Demetevler Escort don’t even have a t-shirt for us to use, this time.”

Her fingers worked down to my balls and she sucked just the head of my prick into her wet mouth. Was she asking for suggestions from me? I was so close to cumming, my ‘problem solving’ skills were at an all time low.

“I know, I bet my daughter’s backpack has something we could use to mop up all your cum.” I gasped out loud at that thought, but Mrs. Dixon continued, “That would work, right? Some of Alex’s pretty little panties …”

Her hand never slowed down as my orgasm started to wash over me. A surge of electricity raced up from my legs to my hips as I thrust my cock upwards. Mrs. Dixon’s hand continued to stroke my shaft but now she dropped her mouth over the head of my dick and sucked. The first blast of my cum surged deep into her mouth.

My head slammed back against the seat as I came in heavy, jolting spurts. Mrs. Dixon ran her tongue all over my the sensitive tip of my dick and she pumped away on the exposed portion of my shaft. Behind my eyelids, I saw pulses of light. It was almost an out of body experience.

The jets of cum shooting into Mrs. Dixon’s mouth slowed to a seep. The tension in my body drained away. My hips lowered back to the leather seat and my eyes could focus again.

Mrs. Dixon slowly eased my cock from her mouth – carefully keeping much of the cum inside. She swallowed the load in her mouth – and smiled even wider as she used a finger to swab some of the juice off one of her exposed breasts. I couldn’t believe she actually swallowed the load – and she seemed to like it!

As Mrs. Dixon climbed back onto the seat next to me she turned her back – indicating I should help her re-tie the strings to her top. My fingers were slowly regaining their coordination and I was able to tie some loose knots while my damp cock slowly deflated in my lap.

“You are a naughty boy. You sure liked that part about cumming on Alex’s panties,” she flashed a wicked smile as she turned to face me. “But I swallowed you, because I didn’t want any mess to clean up.”

Mrs. Dixon leaned forward and kissed me – her lips still flavored by my own load. I cringed for a second, then started to enjoy the idea as she slipped her salty tongue into my mouth. Mrs. Dixon turned towards the front of the SUV and her loose summer dress had slid up to reveal her panty-less pussy. There was a tiny strip of hair in the front, but her pussy lips were glistening and bare.

I reached out to touch her ass as she climbed over the seat, but Mrs. Dixon chided me, “Next time, big man, next time.” My head was clearing and I suddenly grasped what that meant. There WOULD be a next time, and maybe I’d get to fuck Mrs. Dixon!

I pulled my basketball shorts up over my soggy cock and crawled back into the front passenger seat. The SUV pulled onto the sunny street and my eyes squinted against the glare. In a moment we were back at the amusement center – and I hadn’t said another word.

Mrs. Dixon stopped next to the boat maintenance area where she had picked me up just a few minutes (hours?) before. She leaned over and breathed softly into my ear as her hand rested on my prick. Suddenly I was starting to harden again, and she chuckled.

“Back to work, I have to get going,” said Mrs. Dixon. I climbed out of the air conditioning and into the sweltering heat. The SUV eased away and I quickly scaled the fence to get back to my job. The rest of the day and the work I had to do seemed a little bit easier to take as I thought of Mrs. Dixon and her bare, shaved pussy.

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