Elastic Daddy Ch. 04

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To see how a daddy winds up having sex with his daughter after snapping her bra you should read the prior chapters. The writer of this offers no pretense that these events could actually happen which is the wonderful thing about a fantasy. The curious thing about a fantasy is that even if a person actually got a chance to make it come true the reality might be too scary and the opportunity lost. If the reader is offended by some same sex contact, lactation sex, or anal you may want to read another selection.

The next night Sandy had her date with Oscar. She had wanted to bed Oscar for two years and wasn’t going to waste her opportunity. They went on a typical date; fast food and a movie as neither of them was rich. In the theater they smooched some and Sandy didn’t stop his hand from traversing up her thigh. The only trouble was the film ended before he reached her steamy crotch.

“Let’s go somewhere where I can take care of that for you,” Sandy whispered as she squeezed his cock through his jeans. Five minutes later Oscar had parked on a remote road and Sandy placed his hand on her massive titties. Clothes flew from them all over the car and soon Oscar’s mouth was firmly attached to Sandy’s boobs.

“These are the biggest tits I’ve ever seen. They are so fucking hot,” Oscar mumbled between sucks. Sandy stroked his member slowly and deliberately while occasionally teasing his balls. Oscar let a soft moan.

“So Oscar who has the sexiest ass you’ve ever seen,” Sandy asked merely out of curiosity. Oscar thought long about that before answering her query.

“You ain’t gonna believe this Sandy but your mom’s ass is the hottest one in the whole county,” he admitted worried that this would spoil the mood. However it only served to turn Sandy on more. Soon they were both nude and Oscar was climbing on top of Sandy. She stopped him in time to slide on a rubber before he plunged his rod deep into her pussy. It seemed like her cunt decided to suck his whole cock into her twat.

Oscar and Sandy’s fuck in the car wasn’t very great but Oscar liked it enough to lust for even more.

“I bet you’ve imagined cumming inside of my mom’s ass and kissing that monster thing haven’t you Oscar?” Sandy cooed while licking the juices from his cock. She hadn’t planned anything other than what she was doing with this stud but a wild thought occurred to her as she licked the last bit of cream from his cock.

“Ah yes I have,” Oscar admitted blushing at his new lover. She kissed him softly and invited him back to her house to snuggle with her. Hurriedly they got dressed so they could enjoy the creature comforts of Sandy’s place.

Becky and Steve were sitting on the sofa when Sandy and Oscar walked in Sandy introduced Oscar as her lover and went right to work. Oscar stood dumb-founded as Sandy French kissed both of her parents. Her parents were happy as they both figured that Sandy would stop with her demands now that she had a guy.

“Hey mom, guess what, Oscar thinks you have the sexiest ass in the whole county and he hasn’t even seen it naked. It is ok Oscar there is no need to blush. Just have a seat right there. Now mom waltz over to my boyfriend and shake that rump in his face so he can get a better look at it before pulling down your pants and panties for him so he can see it in all of it’s glory,” Sandy demanded confidently.

Oscar thought he better leave and tried to get up but it seemed his legs wouldn’t cooperate. It was as if he were glued to the chair. He was shocked when, without a word, Becky came right over and swayed her large ass six inches from his face. Then she seductively pulled down her slacks and panties as part of her really enjoyed turning this boy on. Oscar felt like he was being tortured being so close but afraid to touch.

Glancing briefly over at Sandy he saw her removing her blouse and settling onto her father’s lap. As Sandy pulled her father’s mouth to her bosom she spoke to Oscar and Becky, “Oscar you said you fantasized about kissing and fucking my mom’s ass there it is; it is all yours. It is my gift to you. Mom you are going to be a hot slut for Oscar and let him fulfill all of his dreams.”

It took a couple of seconds for it to click in the young man’s head. Then convinced that this wasn’t some kind of cruel joke or worse Oscar dove for the mature woman’s ass. Becky and Oscar spent the next three hours in pure lust. He filled all 3 of her holes. As Steve and Sandy watched they followed every move and copied it. Becky was happy to actually get a cock into her cunt. It was a great night of unbridled lust.

For the next two months Sandy fucked and sucked her parent’s almost non-stop. All of them were smart enough to stop the sex long enough to meet all normal obligations in their lives. Sandy was the perfect obedient daughter when mom and dad were around with other people but was a hell cat when the family was alone.

Neither Becky nor Steve had noticed that Sandy hadn’t had a period since they had started fucking. If anything they were enjoying bursa escort bayanlar themselves too much. Neither of them could get enough of their daughter’s tits. They had reached the point that all of the sex was consensual and blackmail had been long forgotten. The parents were comfortable with things as they were and gladly left Sandy as their sex master.

Becky’s only complaint was that she wasn’t getting to fuck Steve much. Sandy had arranged for her to have a few other guys but she had only gotten Steve’s cock two or three times since this began and both times it was immediately after Sandy had fucked him so he didn’t have a lot left for her.

Steve loved watching his daughter fuck both of her mom’s holes with the strap-on as it was clear how much both of the ladies enjoyed it. He was also amazed at how expertly Sandy used her pussy to milk every drop of spunk out of his cock. He had taken her word for the fact that she was on birth control; never making her prove it. Lust had allowed him to be careless on this vital subject.

“Go ahead daddy and fuck mommy; give her her all you’ve got. Fuck the hell out of her sweet daddy,” Sandy purred one night when they got to the bedroom. Her parents were mildly shocked at the invitation but didn’t hesitate for a second. They were starved for one another’s bodies. Sandy kissed both of them as they carried on like rabbits.

“Guess what mom and dad?” Sandy purred as she licked her mother’s cream from her daddy’s cock. Their breathing was just calming down from the exertion of their wild fuck as they answered.

“What honey?” Steve asked. Sandy moved between her mother’s legs and ate her cream pie as she stroked her father’s erection.

“Daddy you are going to be a daddy again. Oh daddy I’m going to have your baby,” she whispered sweetly as she mounted his cock. She had actually gotten quite a rhythm going on his cock before what she said fully registered with her parents. Horror was the only emotion Becky could feel as her biggest fear had come to reality. Steve merely pushed his hips up to meet each downward thrust of his daughter’s cunt as she had succeeded in taking him past the point of caring about what she had just said at that moment. As Steve mauled his daughter’s tits Becky slapped her across the face

“You fucking whore what the hell has gotten into you?” Becky roared.

“Right now daddy! Now shut up we’ll talk in a moment,” Sandy panted as she came hard with sweat droplets shining on her breasts.

“You cunt you can’t be pregnant! You can’t keep the baby,” Becky snapped back. Sandy slapped her mom’s face and then put the pregnancy test strip on her chest. With one loud grunt Steve emptied the remainder of his jism into his daughter’s pussy. His whole body went limp as he gasped for his breath as Sandy dismounted him.

“How are you going to stop me from keeping it mother? Now get on your hands and knees. I am still in charge in here,” Sandy commanded as she put the strap-on in place. Floods of emotion ran through the older woman’s body. She wanted out of the mess. But, the one reoccurring thought was where would she go and what a mess it would be if this got out? So, slowly Becky gave her ass to her daughter.

Her dad watched totally dumb founded. He couldn’t think of what to say. He had no idea of what he should be thinking. Glassy-eyed he watched the dildo stroke in and out of his wife’s ass. Becky could no longer speak as her body was consumed by the feeling of the ass fucking she was getting.

When Sandy had finished wearing out her parents the three of them sat on the bed and talked for hours. As you can imagine there were some heated moments especially between mother and daughter. Sandy confirmed that she had used rubber’s with everyone but her dad and had gotten pregnant intentionally.

Finally they made the decision that Sandy would keep the baby and all three of them would stay together. They would claim to not know who the father of the baby was. Becky wanted some changes in the sexual situation but Sandy rebuffed that idea firmly except to tell her she would get to fuck Steve more now that she had succeeded in getting pregnant. It was 1:30 in the morning before sleep overtook them.

Over the next couple of weeks Steve and Becky became more used to the idea of a baby being born out of incest joining the family. It didn’t take long for the planning to begin for the arrival. Becky actually was beginning to enjoy shopping as the grandma/stepmother. There were a couple of tense days after Sandy’s announcement but soon even their sex life was back to abnormal.

Now that Sandy wasn’t worried about saving all of her dad’s seed for her pussy it allowed for a lot more freedom. Steve was having a lot of fun spraying his spunk on the ladies tits, ass and anywhere else Sandy wanted it. It turned out that Becky and Steve both found out that they were naturally a bit submissive and it became easier and easier to put themselves in Sandy’s hands.

Things were going along swimmingly bayan sarisin escort bursa until Sandy was four months pregnant and they realized that they faced a big problem. Kim was coming home for a four week break between semesters at school. All of them worried about keeping the secret from her and also knew that they wouldn’t be able to stop their activities altogether. Steve seemed just as worried about explaining why there were two king beds in their bedroom.

In Sandy’s mind there was no doubt about what had to happen. She was too horny to keep her lust closeted. The welcome home seemed perfectly normal. Kim didn’t even notice that she was being hugged extra tight by the rest of her family. Kim’s features were the best of both her sister and her mother as her boobs were slightly smaller than Sandy’s massive melons and her ass was just a tad smaller than her mom’s monstrous butt. An instant erection formed in Steve’s pants.

Sandy had told her folks that she expected to see her dad fucking Kim by the second night she was home. Becky and Sandy stayed in the kitchen while Steve escorted Kim to her bedroom. He was to snap the elastic of her bra as she walked down the hall to gage her reaction. A high pitched squeal rang from the hall as the pair disappeared.

As soon as his daughter dropped her suitcase Steve grabbed her around the waist and pulled Kim into his arms. The pair kissed hard and passionately; their tongues doing the tango. Steve ran his hands over her breasts as she took a half a step back to unzip his fly. Kim whispered, “Daddy I’ve missed you and your cock so much; fuck me right now.”

“Oh yes sweetie, but it has to be damn quick before they wonder what we’re up to,” Steve said pulling down her pants and undies as he spoke. Kim leaned on the side of the bed as her father sawed his cock into her pussy like a knife through butter. Excitedly he thrust in and out of his eldest child’s cunt feeling all over her body. He wanted to spank her ass so bad but he knew the slapping noise could be heard down the hall.

As Kim frigged her clit and thrust her hips up to meet her dad’s thrusts she realized just how much she missed his big cock. It only took a couple of minutes for both of them to cum. When they were finished Steve sat the girl down and they had a long talk while the other ladies made dinner.

Shock is not an adequate word to describe Kim’s feeling at being told that her baby sister was in sexual control of her parents. She thought that she was the only one in the house who was committing incest but apparently it really did run in the family. Her pussy was throbbing as she knew that her and her dad no longer had to hide their affair.

Obviously they couldn’t go out and announce that they had been fucking off and on for five years. Kim was suddenly happy that she had to share her sister’s room as hers had been converted into a workout room. The only real thing that bothered her was the idea that Sandy was in charge but she could live with that as long as her sister spread things around all of them fairly.

Kim hatched her own plan to get things moving determined not to wait more than a few short hours. Not even her dad knew that she was bisexual and had a girlfriend and boyfriend back at school. Her mother and sister were the hottest women Kim had ever ogled. She was not about to let this chance pass her by.

“Don’t worry dad. I bet there are four of us in your huge bed by the end of the night. Let me take care of everything,” she cooed giving his cock a hard squeeze before leaving the room. Steve had no doubt that she would make good on her promise as Kim always got what she wanted.

At about 10:00 Kim feigned exhaustion and told Sandy she was going to climb under the covers and read until her eyes fell shut but would love to talk if Sandy got there before she fell asleep. Sandy smooched with her parents a few minutes before going to her bedroom figuring any seduction of Kim would take time and probably wouldn’t happen her first night back and might require getting her sister drunk.

When her sister came into the room Kim watched as she stripped down and then put on a slinky nightgown that clung to her body. Kim licked her lips at this vision as they exchanged small talk. Sandy turned off the overhead light leaving the room lit only by the dim bedside lamp and then climbed in bed beside her sister.

“Sandy let me show you something,” Kim whispered as she gently caressed Sandy’s arm. Turning to face Kim Sandy nodded her assent. Kim tossed back the covers and got up to her knees beside her sister revealing a bright red bra, stockings and garter belt. Then before Sandy had a chance to say anything Kim pulled up her gown and pushed apart Sandy’s legs.

Kim thought it curious that her sister wasn’t wearing panties but ignored it and quickly went down on Sandy’s steamy twat. All Sandy could think of besides the great cunt lapping she was getting was that she was a bit disappointed at not being the one doing bursa evi olan eskort the seduction. But as Kim expertly swirled her tongue around Sandy’s clit all those thoughts faded as she feverishly ground her twat in Kim’s face.

Soon Sandy’s fingers were entangled in Kim’s hair as she pulled her older sister tighter against her pussy. Sandy saw stars as she came hard into her sister’s mouth flooding her with a torrent of sweet nectar. Convinced that Sandy was totally into it Kim broke free and scooted up Sandy’s body and kissed her mouth with deep passion. In seconds their crotches were grinding together in an almost violent dance.

For the next hour they spent their time getting to know one another’s bodies in a very unsister-like way. As they snuggled after the intensity of their incestual play Kim caressed Sandy’s breasts. Then Sandy spoke up, “Now Kim can I show you something?”

Sandy handed her sister the clothing she just removed from her and put back on her gown. Then she took Kim’s hand and led her to the living room where her parents were watching television while they smooched. Kim balked and stopped in her tracks, “Sandy, I can’t go out there with them. I am not dressed; hell I don’t even have panties on!”

“It’ll be ok Kim, I promise. Now just come with me; this will be a lot of fun.” Sandy answered practically dragging her sister. Kim was having fun acting like a reluctant participant in what Sandy was up to. Becky’s eyes popped when her daughters walked into the room. Steve salivated but wasn’t shocked as he half expected that things might move this fast after he clued in Kim.

“Slaves turn off the television and on your fucking knees and worship your mistress,” Sandy snapped. Her parents weren’t ready for this as lately the commanding had fallen off as it was clearly understood Sandy was in charge so she didn’t command. Sometimes a glance was enough to get them to do as Sandy pleased. Instantly Steve and Becky were on their knees in front of their daughters.

Becky’s face was red in anger at Sandy as evidently Sandy had managed to corrupt Kim in just a few hours. Steve secretly smiled to himself as things were going better than he could have dreamed. Using her very best actress voice Kim blurted out, “What the fuck is going on here Sandy?”

“Well Kim I thought I should let you in on our parents new role especially after you initiated that hot session with me in my room just now. Mommy and daddy are my sex slaves and will do anything I tell them to,” she said confidently.

You mean you’ve been having sex with them? You’ve fucked dad?” Kim asked.

“Yes, they both are under my total control. Mommy and Daddy show Kim your nude bodies right now. So, Kim, do you want to join us in some hot sex?” Sandy asked as she walked up behind her sister and nibbled on her neck. In less than a minute Steve and Becky were naked back on their knees.

“Oh gawd yes, they are both so hot,” Kim purred as she relaxed against her little sister.

“Ok, dear sister only one condition and that is that you are under my control or nothing doing,” Sandy sounded uncompromising.”

“Anything you want just let me at them,” Kim replied almost desperate. Sandy hugged Kim hard against her body and then looked back down at her kneeling parents.

“Mom and Dad I want each of you to get behind Kim and give each ass cheek and her asshole a kiss of submission as when I am not around you are her slaves.” Becky started to protest but knew it was pointless and crawled around to Kim’s posterior. She was quickly followed by Steve. Kim was thrilled at the circumstance she was in.

Not wasting anytime Sandy thought she would give her sister the gift of her parent’s genitals right away. So she ordered her sister onto her back on the floor. Then had her mother sit her dripping pussy right on Kim’s face as she had Steve fuck Kim. Becky decided not to fight it and enjoy this new twist.

The next month was very wild and the family had to place some limits on activities so that they could function as a complete household by going to work and school. A few times Kim convinced Sandy to stay home and play or ordered one of her parent’s to stay with her. Kim and Sandy also provided other people for some of their evenings together being careful not to reveal the real relationships.

Near the end of Kim’s visit reality began to set in as Sandy’s belly was growing rapidly. This fact eliminated certain activities and some positions as time went on. Everyone noticed a new sensuality about Sandy’s body and it wasn’t only that her boobs were getting even a bit larger.

Finally the big day arrived and Sandy went into labor. Her parents were her birthing coaches as they told the doctor the father of the daddy was nowhere to be found. Steve got the thrill of cutting the umbilical chord freeing his new baby boy from his last attachment to the womb. Within minutes the baby was sucking on his mother’s breast drinking his fill of pre-milk. Sandy looked down in wonder at her beautiful baby.

A couple of days later the baby and mother were home from the hospital settling into their new worlds. Life was good for the entire family as everyone took turns taking care of the baby’s needs; even Steve changed diapers at 3:00 a.m. Sandy’s only complaint was that no matter how much the baby nursed her breasts were always fully engorged.

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