Ella Cucks Her Patient Ch. 08

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It’s been 3 days since my last therapy session with Ella and her boyfriend. I haven’t heard from them since then but it was the only thing I could think about especially since I was bored at work. The bar is empty at around 2 o’clock so I had a good half hour of free time until the regulars would come in later.

All of a sudden a get a FaceTime call from Ella. I instantly opened it and smiled when I saw her beautiful face. “Hiii.” She said with a wide smile.

“Hey Ella! What’s up?” Even tho she regularly humiliated me sexually I felt normal talking to her as if we were friends who respected each other.

“So…while I was horny yesterday…” I listened intently “I mentioned to Nathan that you wanted to kiss me, and well…he said yes.”

“Really? Oh my God!-I mean, oh wow that’s awesome!” I was close to fainting.

“There are a few small demands first.” She smiled at me. Fuck, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

“I’ve been sucking his balls a lot and pulling them. It makes them hang lower and produce more cum. Edging him makes his sack fill up really quick. I want him horny and aggressive for your sessions so they are effective.” I was already rock hard in my pants listening to her sultry voice. “I won’t let him cum until your next appointment in 4 days. But if you make him cum now not only will you get to kiss me not once but a few times, he will also be a little more relaxed and be nicer to you the next time. He should be coming at any moment.”

I heard the door open and in came Nathan on cue. As Ella worked here before she knew that there were usually no clients around this time.

“He’s here…” I said with my voice shaking.

“I instructed him not to talk to you and be nice. It’s a crucial part of you’re therapy and a huge opportunity for you. Will you do it? Take him out back and suck his cock for me? Think of the rewards!” She blew me a kiss on the camera.

“Yes goddess.” When I saw her lips pucker and blow me a kiss I instantly said yes. No matter what it was. I don’t even know if I wanted to suck Nathan off or not or if I felt used hurt and humiliated. I only saw my end goal or placing my lips on hers. Nothing else mattered.

I took Nathan in the storage room behind the bar and had his back to the wall. “Give him the phone. He will hold it so I can see. I’ll get his point of view as you suck his dick.” I followed her instructions and handed him my phone with the videocall still going.

“Get on your knees and pull his pants down.” As I did what I was told I noticed that he was wearing skinny jeans. His bulge was visible trough them. I unbuckled his belt and opened his fly pulling his pants down. He was not wearing any underwear and his cock hung between his knees. He was full mast but not erect. Knowing his arousal state he has been denied orgasm a few days just like Ella said. His thick cock hid his balls which were surely full.

“Mmmm, you look so cute with a large cock pulsing in front of your face. Baby, rest it on his face for me.” Nathan swung his hips and his penis swung up and on its way down planted itself on my face.

“Stay just like that. Look at me and tell me what he smells like, what he feels like.” Ella said visibly aroused.

I was breathing trough my nose taking his familiar scent in and felt his meat pulse. I spoke with his gaziantep escort manhood on my face. “He still smells like an alpha. His cock feels big and heavy.”

“Fuck, it looks so hot when you talk with his cock across your face.” Ella said in a state of arousal and suppressed laughter.

“Stroke him with both hands and lick his balls.” I was so used to complying that this time I just followed orders without hesitation. I grabbed his pole with both hands unable to wrap my fingers around his girth and lapped up his balls. Licking them trying to cover his scrotum skin with my tongue. Stroking in a medium pace.

“I can see him getting harder. I love how his veins stick out. Start sucking his balls. Suck them hard, pull them, make him moan.” My dick was leaking in my pants. I was following her perverted orders and servicing her boyfriends bull sized nuts.

I suckled on his testicle and latched onto it. Used the weigh of my head to pull it down and extend it. “Oh fuck. Just like that!” Nathan moaned.

“Oooh, good job bitch boy. You’re making me wet when you please my stud like that. I’m so proud of myself seeing you develop your sissy cock worshipping skills like that.” I could tell that Ella was rubbing herself while watching.

“You’ve earned one kiss already. Now open your slutty mouth and swallow as much of his pole as you can. Don’t be shy, show me how much you can devour.” Ella moaned out her order.

I grabbed the base of Nathan’s big stick and stretched my lips opening as wide as I can. I got past his head easily and took in 4″ of his massive meat. His head blocked the entrance to my breathing pipe. My mouth was cock stuffed.

“Baby, try to push in deeper. If possible I want you to be deepthroated with your balls on his chin. Matter of fact I want his tongue stuck out and eyes bulging so he licks your nuts while being a blowjob whore. Take your time, you can mouth fuck him as long as you want.” Ella talked calmly to her boyfriend.

He proceeded to grab the back of my head and tried pushing his pipe deeper into my mouth. He probably thought of it as a pussy at the time. He didn’t back up once, he only pushed forward and with intent. His heavy cock started making me gag. My jaw started getting tired and my lips closed on his shaft. I was now just a wet hole for him to try to push into while I stared Ella in the eyes throughout the video call.

“Switch places guys. Put him up against the wall and start using more swing to break into his throat. He throated you once, break him again babe.” Ella squinted her eyes and opened her mouth to breath heavily. She was very turned on.

Nathan grabbed me and with his anaconda still in my mouth I maneuvered on my knees and traded places with him. I had my back pressed up against the wall as the back of my head was an inch away from it. Nathan wasted little time and pulled his girth back until his head and the tip of my tongue touched. He then swung forward with his body weight and thrust his spear into my hole but my throat did not budge and the force slammed me in the wall.

Ella started laughing maniacally. My gag reflex triggered and I started coughing and choking. My eyes teared up and she saw my sad state. Trapped between the wall and a massive cock I had nowhere to go. My jaw was already starting to ache, his cock was heavy and the weight of his meat pummeling me was taking it’s toll.

“Mmmmm, fuck baby. This is insanely hot! I love watching you do this to him. Please keep going. Punish him. I want to see you hurt him. HURT HIM!” Ella started yelling.

With that her lover unleashed a rhythm of fucking on me. Each time he pumped back and forth my head slammed against the wall and my throat was punched. I felt like he was punching the inside of my mouth with his iron rod. I was gagging like crazy and slobbered his meat thanks to all the spit I was regurgitating. I placed my hands on his thighs as a way to hold on to something. He took it as a sign of submission I suppose.

I could tell he wasn’t holding anything back from the way his balls swung back and forth. He was intent on forcing his mammoth cock down my throat with no mercy or compassion. Her stiff cock boyfriend treated me as a hole.

After dozens of painful thrusts I started getting dizzy. I would have slowed down by now but Ella’s fuck beast had such staying power he seemed like he didn’t get tired. He always kept fucking, and fucking and fucking. I took every bit of it, I had to.

“That’s good babe. Paint his face with his spit. I like seeing him sloppy.” Ella had one depraved idea after the other.

Her man wasted no time and finally freed my mouth only to rub his spit drenched cock all over my face. My face felt as if it was smoldering. I was thoroughly humiliated in front of my crush again. My mouth raped, my face covered in my own saliva and my eyes red and teary while she laughed and watched getting herself off.

“Put it in his mouth again and push. Not too hard, just push and let me do the rest.” Ella looked at me while my mouth was filled yet again but this time he just kept his huge cock at the entrance of my throat and applied a little pressure. Finally the pain stopped…for a moment.

“My dear, dear patient. You’ve grown so much! My pussy is dripping watching you handle his thick cock. I already had an orgasm thanks to you and that pathetic look on your face when you choked on his member.” Ella looked directly into my eyes trough the camera. “I want you to grab his balls and play with them, use your other hand and stroke the remaining shaft that’s too long for your cuck mouth.”

After I did what she wanted she spoke slow and methodical to me “You’re a pathetic cuck with light small balls. You have short thin dick, you can’t make me cum. You’re not a real man. His cock is so much better than yours.” While berating my masculinity or lack there of she was gently shaking her head to the left and right. It was a new technique she was using on me while continuing her phrases “You’re a pathetic cuck, you’re not half the man he is. He fucks like you can only dream of. He cums thick ropes and your cum is sad and useless.”

I felt an orgasm building in me even though my dick was in my pants untouched. But her sexy voice was enough “His cock feels good doesn’t it? He’s so thick and heavy, he fills your mouth. That large cock is better than yours in every way imaginable. His balls swing and bounce but yours stay in place. That’s because they’re small and pathetic. You have light cuck balls and he has big heavy balls.”

I started moaning on Nathan’s massive cock and came in my pants. The way she coldly told me how my balls are smaller than his made me cum. It was what broke me.

“Push in babe. He should be softened up. Fuck his throat.” Ella’s command was followed swiftly and me being too dazed from my orgasm I felt her horse cock boyfriend slide his pole right in my throat. I let go of his balls and he buried his public areas in my face. He was balls to the chin in my mouth.

“Ooooh, good job boys! I knew his throat would be just a matter of time.” Ella was giddy “Now, slave-I want you to repeat everything I say.” She quickly turned cold again. “I love sucking fat juicy cock. I love the way it fills my mouth. When this hung stud rubs his balls across my face it makes me feel like I deserve to be his slut.”

Naturally having a forearm sized cock shoved down my throat made it impossible for words to come out of my mouth. I was just making gobbling and gurgling sounds which is what Ella wanted and thoroughly enjoyed.

She then continued “I’m a beta cuck with a tiny loser dick. That’s why I’m choking on my alpha bull and his oversized cock which is better than mine in every way.”

I tried to repeat what she said but to no avail due to the pipe in my face hole.

Me trying to talk with Nathan’s behemoth in my mouth massaged him and he was softly moaning. He started to fuck my face again with short strokes punishing his balls against my chin. I could feel them tightening and his shaft pulsing. He was about to bust.

“I’ve enjoyed watching a sissy like you suck off a giant cock. It’s time for the finale. Cover him babe.” Ella instructed her hung boyfriend.

Nathan pinched my nose cutting off any form of oxygen entering me. My cock stuffed throat was plugged and it was just a matter of time before I started panicking. I tapped gently on his ties and then tapped harder and harder. Submitting to his improvised choke hold but he was getting off seeing me like this and his girlfriend more so. I knew my face was turning blue and eyes were bulging red. I was losing my wits about me and their laughs started to fade. I was passing out.

Eventually after both of my sexual owners had their fun at my expense Nathan pulled his cock out of my punished face hole and let go of my nose. I immediately gasped for air and coughed. While I regained myself and was able to look back up it was just in time for the relentless cumblast that shot the first high speed bullet into my eye stunning me and the rest of his alpha seed was sprayed on my face indiscriminately. Even after 9 shots he shook his dangling cock making sure every last drop was disposed of.

With one eye still operational I looked passed Nathan’s big swinging cum soaker and looked to Ella on the phone seeing her bite her nail with a blissful smile in her face.

“Absolutely amazing. You look so natural with your face coated in a mix of cum and spit. Your cock slut talents are improving. I’ll ask you in the next session how this all made you feel. Oh, and you’ve earned a third kiss. But for now put his big dick back in his pants and thank him. I have another patient coming in soon. See you soon!” Ella closed the call.

I tucked her flaccid boyfriend is his pants again and thanked him while I was on my knees. He immediately

gave me my phone back and left. I quickly ran to the bathroom to wash my face and remove his thick cum off me. As I watched his sperm flow down the drain I saw my dignity leave with it.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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