Email Cuckold Ch. 02

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Bodies writhed on the packed dance floor and Karen was feeling fine… very fine. Two different guys had bought drinks for her and her friends. Both had been alright looking, probably in their mid 40s, and she had had fun grinding against them. Their hands had explored perhaps too freely over her body. But when she glanced over at Jill and Tracy, they had smiled and given a thumbs up. One guy had even whispered in her ear a promise of a night of passion if she went home with him! She hadn’t done that since college.

She made her way off the dance floor and looked for her friends. They were at a bend in the bar, joking with the bartender. Jill had been her best friend since their husbands began working at the same company eight years ago. She was only a few inches taller than Karen at 5’2″, but a size zero that Karen envied and platinum blonde hair. Usually, she was the target of guys’ flirting. Tracy on the other hand caught men’s attention with her fiery red hair and 5’10” height. She had an average pear-shaped body and wore outfits that showed off her ass. Jill and Tracy had gone to Indiana together and Karen was grateful that they had included her in their friendship so readily.

She sauntered over to the two women. They turned towards her and gave a mock round of applause. She giggled and did a little curtsy.

“Well, hot mama, cool off with a drink.” Tracy handed her a appletini.

Karen fanned herself and took a long pull. “It has been a good night, hasn’t it?” She gave a small smile and looked down.

Jill poked her in the boob. “Don’t dare become bashful now. Enjoy the moment!” She raised her own glass for a toast. “To cute men.. the drinks they buy us and the way they grind us!”


After the three girls drank, Jill turned to Karen. “Of course, I’m not going to let you get out of telling us your secret!

Karen shrugged. “I mean, I’ve been working out, but really… Is it close to Saint Patty’s Day? It could be the luck o’ the Irish!”

“I’m Irish too!” Tracy protested. “Where’s my luck!”

“I’m Irish too…” drawled a masculine voice. “Does that mean I’m going to get lucky?”

Karen turned and immediately noticed to a pair of intense green eyes.

The man offered his hand to her. “My name is Connor. You?”


His hand was warm and firm, completely enveloping hers. He was tall, maybe a couple inches over six foot. His dark hair was slicked back, and from the stubble to the broad shoulders, he oozed masculinity. She took in the his nicely fitted black shirt and flat front gray slacks. Just the look she liked, well put together but not quite metrosexual.

“I’m Tracy and this is Jill.” Connor turned to greet her friends and took a drink from his beer.

Due to the fact she was under five foot, Karen usually wasn’t attracted to very tall guys but this man didn’t overpower her. Instead, he seemed to be more enclosing… safe…

“Would you like to dance?” Karen nodded, but his hand was already on the small of her back, guiding her towards the dance floor. He turned back to Jill and Tracy. “What are the two of waiting for? C’mon!”

Karen turned to see her friends down their drinks and follow them back into the mass of dancing bodies.

The deep bass from trance music pounded through and the girls set up a mini circle around Connor. He smiled and put his arms around Tracy and Jill. They giggled and all started moving time to the music. Karen felt silly feeling a surge of jealousy. But Connor winked at her and then moved kaçak iddaa forward. Their hips ground together and she felt his leg scissor in between hers. Tracy and Jill pressed in on either side of her. Karen turned toward Jill. Her friend yelled out and gave her a smack on the ass, pressing Karen’s crotch against Connor’s leg.

A shiver of electricity jolted Karen from her groin to nipples. Karen blushed, glad that the dark lighting hid her body’s reaction. She looked up and locked eyes with Connor. The way he smiled made her sure she knew the reaction he had caused. His leg pressed up against her again and she felt her own hips moved in tandem. Tracy held on to Karen’s shoulder for balance, but the feeling of three bodies pressed against her caused a wave of pleasure through the housewife.

A new song amped up the beat and Tracy and Jill broke away from their foursome embrace. Karen felt Connor move back and a wave of relief coursed through her. But it was short lived. Connor grabbed her by her hips and spun the petite mother around. He then pulled her ass against his body. She reached behind her for balance and her fingers grasped on to his belt. As Connor ground against her body… she realized with a flare of embarrassment that she could feel his manhood against the small of her back. His hand moved past her hips, up the side of her breasts. She was just about to protest when they stayed where they were… hot and merely inches from her nipples. She leaned back, allowing her whole body to move with his. She closed her eyes, getting lost in the beat of the song and the connection between the body of her and this passionate man.

She released his belt and moved her arms up to encircle his neck. She turned her head and his cologne was heady and filled her senses. Then she realized his hands had moved to completely envelope her sizable breasts!

His fingers tweaked her nipples through the fabric, causing her to gasp and half open her eyes. She saw Jill and Tracy watching her with amusement on their faces.

“You go girl!” Jill yelled and then the two moved away on the dance floor leaving Karen alone with her emotions in turmoil.

“You’ll stay and dance with me a little longer, won’t you Karen?”

His warm breath on her hear caused her to shiver. This dance had already carried her further in flirting than she had ever gone before.

Then he spun her so she was facing him again. His firm grip on her hips allowed for no objection. She surrendered herself to the beat of music and the touches of his body. Her groin once again against his legs pushing against it with every downbeat and rewarded with tiny shivers of pleasure…

…His hands moving along her hips…

… grabbing her ass…

…hands clutching her hair and exposing her neck to his lips…

… her own hands moving down his back to grab his ass…

… Tracy sandwiching Karen against Conner…

… Connor once again brazenly playing with her boobs…

…somehow her hands were down his pants…

…barely able to grasp his large cock…

…stroking him to the beat of the music

… people nearby cheering her on…

… His cock twitched and her fingers were covered – warm and sticky…

Finally, Karen stumbled away from the dance floor in a daze. She grabbed a curtain, pretending to need to catch her balance, but really cleaned off her hand. She glanced up, surprised to see her friends looking at her with concern.

Tracy gave her a hug. “You doing ok?”

“Yeah… why?” Karen blinked up at her tall, red headed friend.

Jill laughed. “You’ve been dancing for an hour without a break!”

At her shocked expression, Tracy laughed. “I came in to find me kaçak bahis but you waved me away after one song.” Her gaze went back to the dance floor. “Not that I blame you, that guy was H-O-T.”

Jill rolled her eyes. “C’mon let’s get out of here.”

They bid Tracy good night and Jill eased Karen into the passenger seat. “Good thing I was the DD tonight.”

After they got on the road, Jill gave Karen a sidelong glance. “Mind if I ask you something?”

Karen smiled at her friend… tiny sparks still tingled across her body and she was already thinking of ravishing Ken as soon as she got home. “Sure Jill.”

“You made him cum, didn’t you?”

Karen covered her face blushing. “Oh God!”

Jill reached over and grabbed Karen’s shoulder. “Don’t worry my lips are sealed! Tracy was at the bar and I went to see if you were fine… and I saw your hand in his pants. I turned and made a beeline for the bar. But now fess up!”

“Oh Jill… I did.”

The petite blonde laughed. “Was he big?”

“Very… I’ve never played with one quite that big.” Karen’s hand flew up to her mouth. “Oh no! I just remembered I told him I was getting a drink and would be right back.”

“Probably best just to have left him Karen. He might have had you right on the dance floor.”

“Oh God!” Karen felt her face heating up again. “I can’t believe I let it go that far!”

Jill hand kneaded her shoulder. “Well if it will make you feel better. I have to confess that I didn’t go right back to the bar. Watching you stroke him… well it was pretty hot. I admit I stayed and watched.”

Karen peeked at her friend. “Really?”

Jill pulled into Karen’s driveway. The house was completely dark. She turned off the engine and the headlights. Jill turned and stared at her friend.

“Yes it was very hot.” Now it was Jill who hesitated. “You know in college when my sorority sisters came home horny from a date… we’d sometimes take care of each other.” She glanced at the darkened house. “I won’t be getting anything from Rob and it looks like your husband is done for the night.”

Shocked, Karen searched for an answer. “I’ve never… I don’t think…”

“Shhhh…” Jill put a finger on Karen’s lips. “Let me start and if you don’t feel right, I can stop.” Before Karen could answer, Jill undid her seatbelt and moved a hand lightly up and down Karen’s thigh. She reached down to recline the passenger seat. “Just close your eyes Karen. Think about that hunk, Connor, on the dance floor.”

Karen hesitated but excitement won out and she shut her eyes. She felt Jill’s hands move up her stomach and cup her breasts.

“I saw him play with these. I saw you lean against his body and give him full access.” Her hands dipped beneath the dress and popped out the left and then the right breast. Karen opened her eyes to protest but was silenced by the intensity of Jill’s gaze. “I’ve always been jealous of these two puppies! You can wear dresses that immediately get a man’s attention.” Jill’s long fingernails gently grazed along her sensitive skin and Karen felt her nipples tighten in response. Slowly the fingers teased her nipples and then she felt a warm tongue circle one and the then other.

Karen grabbed the door handle, but in passion not to escape. “You and Tracy did this?”

Jill laughed as she continued to suck on her friend’s breasts. She moved a hand down under the hem of Karen’s dress. “No, Tracy never had a problem giving it up on a first date so she never came home needing help.”

Karen felt her friend’s hand firmly push her thighs apart. What was she doing? She wasn’t attracted to women! But what if Ken really was too sleepy to play? Her body had been teased for hours now. Connor had promised illegal bahis to return the favor when she returned and now her friend was offering –

Jill’s hand moved her panties aside and shoved two fingers directly inside of her.

“You are so wet! Connor must have done a number on you…”

Jill finger continued to move in and out of her friend’s pussy. To Karen’s surprise, she felt her body responding quickly to the fingering. And then when Jill’s wet mouth returned to her nipples, Karen gasped at the electric currents that ran through her body.

“Oh yeah… Jill, that feels good…”

Jill bit a nipple gently and then lay her head in between Karen’s D cup breasts. Karen hips lifted as Jill’s fingers withdrew from inside of her. Instead Jill began rubbing her clit in a circular motion.

The new sensation built the waves of pleasure with Karen. It radiated through her body and her hips bucked against her friend’s magical touch.

“Jill… just like that…”

Karen briefly tried to fight her impending climax, to prolong the pleasure, but her friend’s mouth once again returned to her nipples.

Karen’s pussy clenched around Jill’s fingers as she came.

Delicately, Jill pulled a tissue from the center console and wiped her hand. “I hadn’t done that in a long time… nice to know I haven’t lost my touch.”

Woozily, Karen turned to her friend and gave a weak laugh. “No you certainly have not.”

She straightened her dress and licked her lips. “So… um… what do I do?”

Jill grabbed Karen’s hand brought it to her lips to give it a kiss. “I’ll show you where…” Her voice trailed off as she kept a grip on Karen’s hand and moved it down her dress. Karen felt her hand being guided under Jill’s dress and she felt silky lace. Her friend moved their intertwined finger under the underwear. She felt no hair! At Karen’s shocked expression, Jill winked and then closed her eyes.

Karen felt Jill’s warm slit… already very wet. Instinctively, she inserted two fingers into her friend’s body.

“Karen… just like that… keep up that rhythm.”

The petite housewife watched her lithe friend move to her touch. Above her fingers, Karen felt Jill’s hand playing with her clit. Wanting to please her friend, Karen kept the beat going with her friend, but also began using her other hand to move all over her friend’s body. She could feel Jill’s perky nipples through the dress and moved her hands back and forth. In answer the blonde arched her back.

Karen felt her fingers begin to be enveloped in warm wetness. Jill held her breath and her whole body stiffened. Suddenly, her pussy quivered and Karen’s whole hand was wet. Jill relaxed in the seat of her car.

“Oh man, how I needed that!” Jill gasped. She then reached over and offered her friend a wipe.

Karen laughed at the absurdity of it all as she cleaned off her hand. She wished her friend good night and stepped out of the car.

“Next girls’ night should be fun!” Jill exclaimed as she waved before backing out of the driveway.

Still in a dreamlike state, Karen made her way into the house and up into her bedroom.

She tried to quietly slide into bed but Ken surprised her by kissing her passionately. He pushed her onto the bed and kissed his way down to her crotch. As his tongue moved within her, he paused. Did he suspect something?

“You are awfully wet down here.”

Karen peeked down and saw a huge grin painted across his face. Too drained for words, she grabbed the back of his head and pulled him back to pleasure her. Her thoughts were so into the actions of earlier that night. The way flirting with Connor had made her feel. The sensations of playing with a new cock. Jill’s touch on her pussy. So wrapped up was she in the experiences of the night that she hardly noticed as Ken moved back and mounted her.

They climaxed together before settling down for some much deserved sleep.

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