Ember’s Toys

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Ember is a beautiful voluptuous woman, shorter than me at about 5′ 5″ with milky skin, bluish eyes that change to hazel or green with her mood, and long dark brown hair. After several children her B cup breasts have enlarged to a distracting D cup, and her hips flare out provocatively. Now in her thirties, she still has a great ass and legs, and smooth, soft skin. In short, she is most certainly my type – a curvy sex kitten that makes me hard when I see or think of her.

I like to think she has a hidden slutty side that I only see when I am lucky enough to get one of her professional blow jobs (she definitely knows what to do with a dick in her mouth) or when she occasionally completely abandons any pretense of propriety when absolutely turned on and becomes a wanton slut, just begging to be fucked. This is rare, as she is truly a lady most times. This is a part of her that I am privileged to see – exclusive to me.

Several years older, I am 6′ 1″, with a lanky build, blonde hair, and blue eyes. I have what is considered an about average penis, about 5″ long and maybe 1 1/2″ thick and probably like most men, wish I had something more.

After we had been together for a couple of years, she introduced a small egg or bullet vibrator to our bedroom experience, and despite my initial bruised ego, I realized that it was a fantastic enhancement for her pleasure. The bullet vibrator remained part of our foreplay routine for some time, making Ember moist and ready to clench down on me tightly afterward, and with it caught between us it would transmit delightful sensations.

Over the years we have gone to a couple of sex shops and even a sex toy trade show and we purchased replacements when the bullet died: a top rated bullet and a g-spot massager, both of which didn’t quite live up to their billing in satisfying Ember. Her main stimulation Arnavutköy escort bayan to orgasm was clitoral, but I was looking for something to satisfy her with penetrative sex as well.

We ended up buying a 6″ realistic suction cup dildo only somewhat larger and thicker than I. When we got it home we tried it out; naked, Ember slowly lowered herself onto the dildo attached to a chair as I watched her wet pussy grip around its shaft. She then gave me one of her amazing blow-jobs, taking my throbbing cock between her lips. I think that I came almost immediately, and we soon transitioned to the floor for some one-on-one.

The dildo didn’t come out again for a week or two. It surprised me when it did; Ember and I had missionary style sex sometime later, I quickly blew my load inside her, and frustrated, she said “Fuck my pussy with the dildo and finish me!” I immediately grabbed it from the nightstand drawer and slid it fully into her glistening vagina as she laid sprawled back on our bed, legs open to receive it. As its balls bumped her clit, she moaned and my limp dick had suddenly regained its turgidity, and I pulled out the dildo, threw it aside, and thrust my cock into her hot slit. I hammered away until she bit her lip, grabbed the sheets, and moaned as her pussy clamped down on my hard pole, her beautiful breasts bobbing with my thrusts as she had an orgasm.

She is so hot, that watching her dress or undress, or when when she leaned over during household chores my eyes stared at her deep cleavage or round ass, wanting to take her, then and there.

I had to go out of town for work so beforehand I bought a rabbit type vibrator, a vibrating cock ring, and an angled mount for suction cup toys. Ember wasn’t overly impressed with my purchases at the time, although if I could keep from cumming Escort Avcılar right away, the vibrating cock ring provided an improvement, massaging her needy clit as she rode my pole, grinding her juicy vagina against it until she shuddered and fell forward on top of me.

The dildo did get occasional use in our sessions, sometimes “warming” up Ember with a quick fucking while I teased her clit with my tongue. In fact, oral sex on Ember has been almost the only way I could be certain to elicit a really good moaning orgasm from her, and when she permitted it I would engage in a good tongue lashing before fucking her. She would usually follow up by straddling me and grinding her sensitive clitoris into my pelvic bone while I would grab her round ass or hips and enjoy her soft breasts swaying against my chest or nibbling a hard nipple in my mouth. This was one of our favourite positions – she enjoyed the sensations and taking some control, and I loved the access to the various erotic parts of her soft body, the amazing view of her breasts and her face concentrating as she rode, and the feel of her dominating me from on top. Ember rarely dominated in bed, and although it excited me tremendously when she did.

She didn’t actually use the rabbit until I was away and convinced her to send me naughty pictures. It quickly became a favourite of hers after that, as I had hoped, as the clitoral stimulation met her needs. The pictures blew my mind (and my load) all selfies featuring her in lingerie sucking or fucking her toys.

We had enjoyed our first dildo very much, but Ember had mentioned before that while it was very realistic in feel, it was somewhat too soft, and would be better if more rigid. As I had previously told her that I would love to see her play with a thicker dildo, I thought this might be a good opportunity Bağcılar escort to buy myself a birthday present. Some internet research turned up an 8″ dildo, with a 1.75″ girth. I ordered the vibrating version as reviews described it as more rigid due to the mechanism inside. It arrived with some lube and I hid it away for my birthday. That evening after being out, we went to bed, where I revealed our new friend.

Ember examined it closely. I wondered what she would think; it was much thicker than our other dildo, thicker than I thought it would be, and I was worried what her reaction might be. However, she took it very much in stride, and said, “You will just have to get me very excited and wet tonight before I try it.” I made sure that I gave my maximum effort with my tongue and fingers to prepare her. When her pussy was glistening wet, I also lubed the dildo and slowly pressed the large head of this new cock against her vagina. She pushed back against its bulk and the head slid in; she moaned.

Encouraged, I continued to insert the large dildo into her wet pussy very gradually, turning on the vibration and watching her squeeze tightly around it and hearing her moan with pleasure. Finally, it was in all the way to the balls, and I began to thrust it in and out carefully so as not to hurt her. She was still making sexy whimpers and grabbed my raging hard cock in her hand, so I moved to lay beside her as she stroked me, licking her clitoris gently as the large dildo slid in and out, vibrating softly. She bucked her hips, riding the large dick, clearly enjoying the experience. She orgasm-ed quickly and intensely, gasping with pleasure, clamping her legs around my head, the dildo buried inside of her, and she quivered until she could regain control. I removed the cock slowly as she moaned from the tantalizing friction, and then slid my own cock into her wet pussy. It closed around me and I made love to her, quickly finishing myself.

Since that time, our large friend joins us from time to time, sometimes to carry on after I’ve left off, and sometimes as a complement to our fun. The other toys also make appearances, depending on the mood.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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