Emily Goes Door to Door

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Emily was introduced in a story called “Emily the Church Lady”, and I am most appreciative of the incredibly enthusiastic response it received. While the author would certainly love it if you chose to read that one as well, this tale does not require you to. In addition, please take note of the category the story was submitted into.

The only introduction that is absolutely necessary is that Emily is forty-five years old, seven months younger than David. It’s just two ADULTS having fun, and I hope you will too!

Of course, no inference should be made by the reader regarding the involvement of any existing group or organization when reading this story, as none exists.


1. Anticipation.

The note that I found stuck to my outside door was both vague and precise. While I fully realize that statement may not make much sense, frankly neither had my relationship with Emily, at least so far. Sensual, yes. Passionate? Without question. A whole lot of fun? You betcha! The only thing the relationship lacked was deja vu, as I had never met a woman remotely like Emily before. She was one of a kind to be sure, and so far I was having one hell of a time.

Since we had found each other, my whole world had changed for the better. I looked forward to each new day, and especially the ones that Emily and I would spend together. That petite little blonde with the aquamarine eyes had certainly thrown me for a loop, and what was even better, she seemed equally crazy about me, too!

Back to the note. After thanking me for an incredible wonderful time the previous weekend, she recalled warning me that she wasn’t the prude I might have thought she was.

Point well taken there. The quiet and reserved church-going lady had been like an animal once she got going. Almost feral, and I mean that in complimentary way, if that’s possible.

She then told me that if I wanted to have some more fun, some amusement of a different nature, I should follow her instructions, which she listed at the end of the note.

First, if I was interested, I should turn my outside light on. I turned it on two hours before she was planning on stopping by. If it appeared I was anxious, appearances were not deceiving, because I was very interested.

Second, I was to take a nice relaxing shower, and only wear a bathrobe afterward. That was easy enough too. I took two showers, having taken the first one too early and proceeded to nervously sweat like a buffalo, making another one a necessity.

Thirdly, I should open up a bottle of wine, something light was preferred, and wait for the doorbell to ring. I popped open a bottle of white Zinfandel and set it in the refrigerator.

The last line of the note said that I should just pretend I was performing in a play, and simply say what I thought was appropriate. Go with the flow!

Fair enough, I thought. I was always a frustrated actor anyway, in addition to being a frustrated musician, writer, athlete… you get the picture. It sounded like it was something I could handle.

2. Emily arrives.

The doorbell chimed at exactly six o’clock, and I squinted through the peephole before opening the door. Good thing I did too, because I would have burst out laughing at the sight of Emily standing there shivering in the freezing cold dressed as she was. After I composed myself, I took a deep breath and opened the door.

“Hello Mr. Watts!” Emily said with unbridled enthusiasm. “Would you like to buy some goodies to help our club?”

“Oh, hello Emily” I said with about as much seriousness as I could muster. “My, it’s far too cold for you to be out there dressed like that! Why don’t you come in and get warm?”

Emily hopped into my apartment and before I closed the door behind us, I gave a quick look around the outside of the building. No one was in sight, which was a good thing, as this might be a tough one to explain.

“So Emily, what brings you out on this crisp winter evening?” I asked her. “You aren’t still in that club are you? I thought you had to quit once you turned eighteen.”

“Oh, I did, Mr. Watts” Emily said with her cheeks still glowing red from the cold. “My cousin is still in it though, and she’s sick, so I told her I would go out and try and sell cookies for her.”

Emily came into the kitchen, and in the light I got to enjoy her in all her glory. The uniform she was wearing still fit, although it strained in a few places. The light beige blouse with the green sash over it, and the short skirt with matching knee-hi socks all looked charming on her.

In addition, Emily had put her blonde hair into pigtails for the occassion. Now she didn’t look so much like Goldie Hawn but rather Gretel, of Hansel fame. The illusion was absolutely amazing, and if you didn’t know any better, it might have been disturbing. I knew better, and I was enjoying the game.

“I just got out of the shower, Emily” I said in explaining my condition of undress.

“Would you like me to come back later?” Emily offered shyly.

“NO!” Cebeci Escort Uh, I mean no, Emily” I said quickly. “So, what is it you’re selling this year, cookies again?”

“That’s right Mr. Watts!” Emily exclaimed joyfully. “You used to me one of my best customers, so I wanted to make sure I stopped here first.”

“I’m glad you did Emily” I told her. “I was just about to have a glass of wine. Would you like to join me? After all, you’re a woman now!”

“Okay Mr. Watts” Emily said. “But just a little bit, because wine makes me act silly.”

“Well, we wouldn’t want that, would we?” I assured Emily, and then, remembering something that was buried way back in the rear of my cupboard, I produced a couple of old jelly glasses with cartoon characters on them.

Emily almost cracked up when she saw what I was pouring the wine in, but managed to keep herself poised and in character, which was no doubt due to her acting background.

“Uh-oh, you filled it right to the top of Wilma’s head” Emily said as she took the glass from me. “I don’t want to get drunk, because I have to sell a lot of cookies tonight.”

“Oh, I think you will do quite well this evening, Emily” I assured her. “Come with me dear. Join me by the fire and get warm.”

3. Getting comfortable.

I brought Emily and the wine over to the roaring fire and watched Emily bounce like a schoolgirl in front of the flames. She was a good actress. A really good actress, and she was moving me in many ways.

“Oh, the fire feels so nice and warm” Emily said.

“Yes, and I could tell right away that you were cold” I noted, my eyes fixed on Emily’s right nipple, which was threatening to burst through the fabric of her blouse, making it quite clear that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Mr. Watts, are you staring at my chest?” Emily said in an accusing voice.

“Well Emily, you don’t seem to have anything on underneath your blouse” I commented. “It’s rather difficult to not look at such an attractive young woman.”

Emily blushed and put her head down while she pawed idly at the rug with her shiny black shoes.

“Oh, I’m sorry, that was kinda naughty of me” Emily said. “I just thought it might help my sales a little.”

“I’m certain it will my dear” I told Emily. “I think it would help you sell more if you took the sash off, so that customers could get an even better look at you.”

“Do you mean like this, Mr. Watts?” Emily said as she shrugged the sash off her shoulder.

“Yes… oh yes indeed Emily, that’s wonderful” I said encouragingly. “My, you are so lovely! I’ll bet all the boys are crazy about you.”

“I don’t know about that, but I do have a boyfriend” Emily said.

“I’ll bet he loves your breasts, doesn’t he?”

“Yes, he sure does!” Emily said looking up at me with those big eyes sparkling in the light of the flames beside her. “They’re really kind of little, though.”

The drama and buildup was making me start to squirm but I fought back the urge to just yank Emily into the bedroom, instead just allowing her to play this out.

“That may be the case Emily, but size doesn’t matter much to most experienced men. Besides, I’m quite sure you have beautiful breasts and you have a very lucky boyfriend if he gets to enjoy them” I told her. “What I wouldn’t give to get a look at them myself!”

“Really?” Emily cooed softly as she finished her glass of wine and held it up for more. “Just up to Barney Rubble’s nose this time please” Emily instructed me.

“Of course Emily” I told her as I poured a little wine into her glass. “Why, I would certainly buy an extra box of cookies if you were to just give me a peek at them.”

“You would?” Emily asked with delight.

“Absolutely!” I assured her. “Here, finish your drink and give me your glass.”

Emily finished her wine and I set the bottle and glasses over on the coffee table. Emily kept looking at me nervously while she fumbled with the top button of her blouse. She pretended that her hands were shaking so much that she couldn’t do it.

“Would you like me to help you, Emily?” I offered, although I confess that at this point I would have been of little assistance myself, as my hands were shaking too. The difference there being that mine were shaking for real.

“Ummmm… no I think I can get it” Emily said while biting her lip. “I’m kinda nervous. I’ve never ever done anything like this before in my whole life. I’m really shy, you know Mr. Watts?”

“I understand Emily” I said calmly. “Just take your time and relax, because there’s no rush.”

Emily nodded and slowly began undoing the buttons. Slowly… very slowly… exteremely slowly. Agonizingly slowly. Almost make me want to scream slowly! When Emily at last got to the final button, she tugged the bottom of the blouse out from under her skirt and stood there with her blouse undone but still covering her.

“Uh, could I have a little sip of wine please, Mr. Watts?”

I Kolej Escort ducked over to the table and splashed a little wine in one of the glasses and handed it to Emily, who sipped it methodically while looking impishly over the rim of the glass at me with those heartbreaking doe-like eyes of hers.

Emily handed me back the empty glass and pulled the blouse off of her shoulders, quickly cupping her hands over her breasts after shedding the garment. The blonde down on her slender forearms was standing up straight, either from the chill or excitement, and glistened magicially in the dancing glow of the fire.

“Oh, you are so beautiful Emily” I said as I tried unsuccessfully to get my heart to resume beating in a reasonable manner. “Now if you can just take your hands away, so I can get a better look… no need to be modest… ah, that’s it my dear.”

Emily’s hands inched their way down, finally exposing her breasts. My eyes devoured those tiny buds, with those immense, strawberry-sized nipples jutting out even farther than ever before, almost appearing to be throbbing with excitement.

Emily stood there blushing, still blushing and pawing at the carpet, and started to giggle a little bit so I asked her what she was laughing about.

“It’s your… your bathrobe, Mr. Watts” Emily tittered.

I looked down and saw that my raging hard-on had caused my robe to take on the appearance of a tent.

“Oh, I’m sorry if I offended you, Emily” I said.

“That’s okay Mr. Watts” Emily reassured me. “That happens to my boyfriend all the time too, when he… looks at me.”

“I”m sure it does Emily” I said. “When that happens, what do you do to him?”

“Ummm… stuff” Emily said coyly.

“Really? What kind of stuff?” I asked.

“Was that my mom calling me?” Emily said as she looked toward the door.

“No, I don’t think so Emily” I told her. “It was just a car backfiring. Besides, you’re an adult now, and you don’t have to run home like that anymore. Now, you were going to tell me the things you do to help your boyfriend out when he gets excited like this” I said while gesturing to my bulging bathrobe.

“I dunno about this” Emily said in a questioning tone. “I do have a lot of cookies to sell.”

“I would be most generous my dear” I said. “For example, if you were to take off your skirt, I would buy a couple more boxes of cookies.”

“You would?” Emily squealed. “Oh wow!”

Emily reached for the zipper on the side of her little shirt but then stopped abruptly.

“Oh-oh. I almost forgot” she said. “I’m not wearing any panties under my skirt.”

I smiled widely at that prospect.

“Oh, that’s alright” I said. “In that case, I’ll buy another box of cookies and we can pretend that you took them off too!”

Emily agreed and unzipped the skirt, tossing it over with the blouse, leaving her naked except for her green knee-hi socks and her shoes. Emily held her hand between her legs, only partially blocking the view of her tiny golden bush.

“I can see that you’re a natural blonde, Emily.”

“How do you…? Oh, you can tell by the hair down there, huh?” Emily asked while touching herself down there, her fingertips pulling gently on the fine down. “It’s really soft.”

“Is that so?” I asked. “Could I touch it myself?”

Emily thought for a moment before nodding, thus allowing me to run my fingers through the silky growth that grew along the gentle mound of her sex.

“Oh my… yes, it’s amazingly soft!” I said, enjoying Emily squirm in response to my touch.

“Now Emily, if you would care to, you can touch me” I offered. “I’m afraid I’m not nearly that soft, not soft at all I fear.”

“I dunno if I should” Emily said meekly.

“After all, Emily, it’s only fair that you help me out like you do your boyfriend, since you are the one responsible for this” I said as I untied my robe and opened it up, exposing myself.

Emily recoiled in shock as my erection sprang into view.

“What in the world is wrong Emily?” I asked innocently. “Certainly you’ve seen a man before!”

“No! Not…not… not anything like that!” Emily stuttered expertly. “Your thing! It’s so big!”

“Nonsense, my dear” I said soothingly. “Here, give me your hand and just hold onto it for a minute. There’s nothing to be afraid of, and it will make me feel good if you do.”

With that I reached over and took Emily’s hand and pulled it toward me. She resisted with just enough strength so that when her hand finally found my cock, I was half out of my mind from the suspense. Emily’s hand slid gently up and down the shaft like she had never seen it before, exploring it like a new toy.

“That’s it Emily,” I said, “that feels very nice, very nice indeed. Can’t you feel it throbbing in your hand as you stroke it? Do you do this to your boyfriend?”

Emily nodded eagerly and as she did I reached up and began rubbing her breasts. I felt her shudder as my palms Yenimahalle Escort found those bulbous nipples.

“I want you to do the things to me that you do to your boyfriend” I said. “I can assure you that I will be very appreciative.”

“Would you Mr. Watts?” Emily asked. “I still have fifteen boxes of cookies left.”

“Consider them all sold, if you cooperate that is” I said as Emily’s eyes fairly danced with excitement. “Now, what was it that you do to your boyfriend?”

Emily took my hand and brought me over to my couch, where she took my robe off me and kicked off her shoes. She left her green knee-hi’s on, which was a nice touch. Emily directed me to sit down on the edge of the couch, and she then proceeded to put my feet up on the coffee table. It almost looked like I was to be the subject of a gynecological exam.

Emily crawled in so that she was kneeling on the rug between my legs. She smiled up at me from behind my throbbing member before reaching down between my legs and grabbing my balls. Emily kneaded and rolled the sac in her tiny hand as I moaned quietly.

“Gee, your balls are really big too, Mr. Watts!” Emily exclaimed before leaning forward and taking my left nut into her mouth.

I groaned loudly at that moment, arching myself off the couch as Emily sucked passionately away on my balls, going back and forth with equal enthusiasm before at last stopping.

“I was going to ask you if you liked that, but I guess that would be a dumb question, right Mr. Watts?” asked Emily, who got a brisk nod in response. “I thought so, because there’s some of that sticky stuff leaking out of the tip of your thing. Want me to clean that off for you?”

Without waiting for an answer, Emily’s tongue began flicking around the opening. That may have cleaned the original mess, but only succeeded in making more ooze out of me. This did not bother Emily in the least, as she continued to tongue right along as I squirmed beneath her affection.

“You like it when I lick your thing, don’t you Mr. Watts?” Emily guessed correctly. “I would like to do something else too, but I dunno if I can. Let me try.”

Emily’s hands came up to my cock and after she grabbed it, she leaned forward and took the head into her mouth. I watched as Emily held my cock in both hands and let her lips repeatedly run up and down over the sensitive ridge.

Emily’s head came up off my dick, and she looked up at me while rubbing her jaw and smiling.

“Your thing is so fat that it’s tough for me to get my mouth around it, see what I mean Mr. Watts?” Emily announced, and with that she opened wide and inhaled it right to her clenched fists halfway down the shaft. After a few more head bobs on my swollen organ, Emily changed her tactics.

Emily held me tight and began licking up and down the length of my cock, from the base right up to the tip, where she would flick the resulting emission with her darting tongue. Up and down she went, while my balls got churned in her little paw.

Without warning, Emily’s hand came off my nuts and slid way down between my legs. I felt her fingers probing around my anus; first rubbing on the outer edge, and then gently slipping the tip of her finger in. Emily’s tongue glided down from my cock, and as she took my right nut into her mouth, I felt her slide her finger all the way into my ass.

This was not something I had a lot of experience in, but in matter of seconds I found out that Emily knew exactly what she was doing, as that little digit probed away with expert precision. What she did, I don’t know, but rising up from my toes came the rush of an orgasm that gave no warning until it was upon me.

I arched my spine as high as I could, with Emily’s mouth still sucking my balls and her finger wiggling madly inside my butt. I looked down in shock and watched my untouched cock lurching wildly around, spurting jets of seed all over my stomach and chest as a result of that onslaught of affection. It was only until my back eased back down to the sofa did Emily finally realize what had happened, so intensely had she been manipulating me down there.

“Mr. Watts!” Emily exclaimed with surprise, grabbing my drooling dick and pulling on it to coax out any seminal stragglers. “You weren’t supposed to do that! What can I do with you now?” Emily asked, although I was certain she had an answer to that already.

4. Turnabout, fair play.

Emily came and sat on my lap and pouted most magnificently as she idly pulled at the hair on my chest.

“I’m sorry Emily dear” I offered. “I wasn’t used to such exciting things happening to me.”

“Gee Mr. Watts, I didn’t get a chance to show you the other things I know how to do” Emily said in a sad voice.

“You aren’t in a hurry to leave just yet then, are you my dear?” I asked. “Although I’m not as young as I used to be, I would be willing to wager that you could get my interest back in no time at all.”

“Do you think so, Mr. Watts” Emily said hopefully as she raised her hands up to her diminutive breasts and started pinching the swollen nipples, plucking at the puffy auroela with a mischeivious gleam in her eye.

“My boyfriend likes to watch me when I play with my titties” Emily said as she squirmed in my lap, and I felt some vague stirrings in my spent member. “Do you like to watch me do this, Mr. Watts?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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