Emily’s Public Adventures Ch. 06 – Emily and Friends…

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Emily woke up warm with a body pressed up behind her and a hand on her breast. Images of last night’s orgasmic fun raced through her mind. She slid out from under Ryan’s embrace. She walked by a robe but left it on its hook. She made a quick stop in the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror. She could see contentment on her face. She loved her platonic friends but Anna and Ryan having entered into her life made her feel more alive than she had in years.

Making her way into the kitchen Emily started a pot of coffee brewing. Emily looked up and saw Ryan watching her. Ryan smiled, turned around and went into the bathroom. Emily and Ryan were sitting on the couch having just finished a cup of coffee when Anna sauntered out hair sticking out everywhere, last night’s fun evident on her. After her trip to the bathroom she joined the other two on the couch.

“Do you guys have to be anywhere today?” asked Emily.

Smiling, “I am free and clear all day.” Ryan responded.

“Let me check my email.” Anna said, picking up her phone. She looked through her emails, “I am free today as well.”

“Awesome!” declared Emily, adding, “Do you guys want to have breakfast and then shower or do you want to shower first?”

Anna said, “As much as I like last night’s sex on me, I would love to have a shower.”

Emily smiled, “My shower is big enough for four!”

“Fun!” exclaimed Ryan.

They all finished their coffees and headed to the bathroom. Emily started the shower, waited for the water to come to temperature and stepped in followed by Anna and Ryan. They each took turns below the shower head. They washed each other spending more time on breasts, asses and pubic mounds than really necessary. They could all tell that they were getting wet beyond what the shower was providing.

“I have a toy I would like to try out.” Emily said as she toweled off.

“Do tell!” responded Anna.

“I have a double ended dildo. I got it as a gag gift but I kept it. I think we could have some fun with it.” Emily said with a grin leading them back to the bedroom. Emily stopped at her toy chest and found the 14″ double ended dildo. Emily had Anna lie down on her back. She ran her hand over Anna’s pussy, her hand coming away wet. She parted Anna’s pussy lips and slowly inserted the dildo. Emily motioned for Ryan to lie down on the bed opposite Anna. Emily reached down and kissed Ryan’s pussy, smelling her musk mixed with the floral soap they had all used. Emily guided the dildo into Ryan’s pussy as Ryan slid her ass towards Anna. Anna and Ryan moved themselves closer to each other until their pussy lips were touching.

Emily looked down at the amazing site and said, “Now if you move your hips properly your clits should rub together. I am guessing that should feel pretty good.”

Emily was on her knees watching Anna and Ryan grinding their pussies together. Emily slid her hand down to her own pussy and started playing with her clit.

Anna looked at Emily and asking, “Why don’t you bring that lovely pussy over her and sit on my face?”

Emily crawled over, turning around to face the dildo show, lowered her pussy down to Anna’s mouth. She watched the two pussy press together when they separated Emily could see their wetness stretch between them. Emily lowered herself down, licking one pussy before moving over to the other. Emily could feel the warmth building up inside of her.

“Let’s switch!” Ryan declared.

Despite being close Emily lifted herself off of Anna’s face, “Okay.” As she and Ryan switched places. Emily slid herself onto the double ended dildo and could feel Anna’s pussy pressed up against her own. She watched as Ryan lowered herself onto Anna’s face. She then moved down and started licking one pussy and then the other. Having her pussy licked while being filled up with a dildo was incredible.

“Bring me your pussy.” Emily said to Ryan.

Ryan moved her pussy from Anna’s amazing tongue to Emily’s eager tongue. They spent a few minutes like this when Anna asked for her turn to be on top. Anna moved between Ryan and Emily’s faces taking turns licking their pussies. Anna suggested that they move back into their 3-way 69. They all agreed and shifted into positions. Emily found that eating pussy while getting eaten out was fast becoming one of her favourite things to do. She felt a quiver run through her as she started to cum on Ryan’s face. Ryan’s orgasm hit when she felt Emily start to cum. Anna felt Emily’s breath hit her pussy harder and she knew that Emily was cumming. This caused Anna to cum as well. The muffled cries of ecstasy could be heard as they all came together. They rode the wave of orgasm together slowly crashing down in a blissful state. They all laid there for a while their faces inches from the pussy they had just made cum. They would each give tender kisses making each other giggle.

“This was a great breakfast but I could use a second breakfast.” Emily said while feeling Ryan move in and kiss zenci gaziantep escort her pussy again. Emily shifted to a seated position and kissed Ryan tasting herself on Ryan’s lips. Emily broke away from their embrace and headed to the kitchen putting on an apron to get started on breakfast. She brewed a fresh pot of coffee while making bacon and eggs. Ryan and Anna watched Emily making breakfast wearing just an apron. Once breakfast was ready they all sat down at the kitchen table completely naked. They made small talk while enjoying what had now become brunch.

“I have an idea for a new challenge, but Emily it would require each of us driving your car in turn, would that be okay?” asked Anna.

“I have no problem with that. What do you have in mind?” asked Emily.

“I think it would be a fun challenge to drive around while wearing your forced orgasm harness.” Anna Responded.

“Is that what you were wearing the first time I met you? Ryan asked Anna.

“Yup and it is amazing.”

“What else will we be wearing?” asked Emily.

“I was thinking that if you had something really sheer or maybe that loose tank top you wore when you met Ryan for the first time.” Anna said adding, “We all need to pick a drive through and pick up some food.”

“Fun!” Ryan smiled in excitement.

Emily got up to look for a top that she remembered having. The other two followed Emily back to her bedroom watching her cute ass bounce with excitement. After a bit of digging in her closet she found a sheer blouse. It was pretty much completely see-through only being a bit darker where the buttons were attached.

“I would wear this with a black bra when I would go out prowling for dick.” Emily said laughing handing the blouse to Ryan. Ryan put it on her small breasts and perky nipples very visible. “If we leave it unbuttoned it would add to the excitement.” Emily added.

They played a game of rock paper scissors which Emily won. She got to choose the order that they would go in. Emily asked, “Is the goal to cum while out or try to hold off until we get back?”

“We both know how hard it is to try to hold off an orgasm with this thing.” Anna was holding up the harness. It looked like a reverse strap-on. Adding, “I think we should try not to cum but we need to increase the intensity the longer we are away. Every 10 minutes we will need to turn it up.”

After hearing the rules, Emily decided that Ryan would go first followed by herself and then Anna. They decided that to make it fair they would all take the same route to the same drive through. Emily and Anna got Ryan into the harness. They watched as the vibrator pushed against Ryan’s delicate lips they carefully inserted it as Ryan moaned. Once they got the harness seated properly they looked at Ryan. Her nipples seemed to have gotten even harder against the almost non-existent fabric. Ryan could feel the excitement building inside her.

The walked out of the bedroom towards Emily’s attached garage. Ryan was glad she didn’t have to walk outside to get into the car. The route that they decided on should take about 12 minutes to get to the coffee shop and 12 minutes to get back depending on traffic and however long the order would take. In the spirit of fairness they decided a large icecap would be what each one of them would order. They would start the vibrator when the car would start and set a timer for 10 minutes on Ryan’s phone. When the timer went off she was to move it up a notch.

Emily watched her new friend get into her car. She couldn’t remember if she had ever set foot in her garage bare ass naked before. She didn’t think so but she certainly hadn’t done it with a friend before.

Ryan held the remote for the vibrator up and pushed the on button the vibrator sending a jolt through her and started her phone’s timer. She pushed the garage door opener and started the car. Ryan thought that the other two would have run away when the door opened but they stayed put. Ryan pulled out of the garage stopping on the driveway to close the garage door watching her two naked friends disappear. Ryan shifted in her seat as the vibrator danced inside of her. She pulled out onto the road and started off towards the coffee shop. While she was driving she reached up and touched her right breast. Her nipple was so hard it hurt. She put her palm over her nipple so that it would calm down but it seemed to have the opposite effect.

Ryan was stopped at a traffic light waiting for it to change back to green when she noticed motion beside her. There was a guy on a bike that pulled up beside her! She tried not to move too much but he turned and looked into the car. She could see the realization of what he was seeing dawn on his face. She looked up and saw the light change. She started driving again leaving the stunned cyclist in her wake. She smiled; she knew he would remember that for a while to come.

The timer went off and she gaziantep zenci escort bayan could see the coffee shop up ahead. She moved the remote to the second position and thought it was a good thing she was already sitting. Damn, this thing is amazing. Ryan focused on driving rather than the pleasure that was coming from the vibrator. She pulled into the drive through and realized other cars in the drive through were not something they thought about. She was third in line. When it was her time to order her voice cracked from pleasure as she gave her order. As she moved forward towards someone actually seeing her she got nervous. She focused on the nervousness to try to stop from cumming.

Ryan moved forward to pay and get her icecap. The girl working the till barely looked at Ryan while accepting Ryan’s payment. When Ryan reached out to grab the icecap she noticed the barista looking down at Ryan’s visible breasts. The barista had a big grin on her face, “Enjoy your icecap!”

Ryan thanked her leaving the parking lot. She got caught at the next set of lights and the timer went off. She reached over and turned it to the third position as the light turned green. She felt the vibrator really come to life now. This was intense. It made her feel like her vaginal area was on fire in the best kind of way. She knew she was going to cum and hoped she wouldn’t make a mess on Emily’s car seat. Ryan drove on and figured she was about 5 minutes from Emily’s house when her orgasm overtook her. She was trying to keep the car straight as one of the most intense orgasms she had ever had ran through her. Then it happened she could feel the rush of her cum gush from her. It sprayed around the vibrator and shot up towards her belly and out to her thighs. The vibrator kept going prolonging the orgasm. Ryan pulled over and shut the vibrator down. They didn’t talk about what to do if someone came while driving but she knew she couldn’t keep driving while the vibrator was going.

She pulled back out into traffic trying to calm down. She drove over a rough section of pavement the added jostling triggered another orgasm. She continued driving as the orgasm coursed through her. She was panting hard as she reached for the garage door opener. She saw her naked friends waiting for her in the garage as she pulled into the driveway. She quickly pulled the car into the garage and pushed the button to lower the garage door. She shut off the car while opening the door.

“I am so sorry, I came all over your car!” Ryan said almost in tears.

Emily reassured Ryan, “Don’t even worry about it. I am only sad we didn’t get to see you cum!”

Feeling better, “This is the most intense toy I have ever used!” exclaimed Ryan.

“Let’s get you cleaned up.” Said Anna getting on her knees to start licking the cum off of Ryan’s belly and thighs.

Ryan watched in amazement as Emily and Anna took turns licking up her cum. It was so fucking hot. Anna put her hand on the vibrator and Ryan started to cum again. Emily grabbed Ryan’s face and started kissing her. Ryan moaned sounds of pleasure into Emily’s mouth. Emily and Anna could feel Ryan’s orgasm subsiding took Ryan inside removing the harness. The vibrator was coated in Ryan’s cum so Emily and Anna took turns licking it clean.

Emily stepped into the harness while Ryan and Anna helped get it into place. Emily smiled that it was still warm from Ryan’s pussy. Emily pulled the sheer top off of Ryan and put it on. Noticing that there were several wet stops on it. Emily walked to her linen closet and grabbed a big fluffy towel. She went out to the garage and put that down on her car seat. It didn’t look like the car seat got too wet but she would have to rinse off her floor mat at some point.

Emily got in the car and turned on the vibrator. She opened the garage door starting the car. Once the garage door was open and Ryan and Anna would be visible to anyone looking in she started backing the car out of the garage. In one movement she closed the garage door while pulling out onto the road. She hoped someone would see her. The thrill of being caught was such a turn on. She could feel her pussy getting wet. She tried to put erotic thoughts out of her mind so that she wouldn’t cum on the drive there but the aroma of Ryan’s cum wasn’t helping.

Emily made better time and was second in line at the coffee shop drive through when her timer went off. She adjusted the remoted and felt her pussy come alive with the extra vibrations. She rolled up to place her order finding it difficult to talk. The line moved quickly as she rolled up to the window to pay for her order the barista almost stuck his whole body out of the window. He was smiling broadly looking at Emily’s breasts. Emily smiled at him feeling a jolt in her pussy. She willed herself not to cum and was able to resist. The barista was back in a flash with her icecap making Emily reach a little bit further gaziantep zenci escort to grab the cup. Emily felt the sheer fabric shift and she knew her breast was fully exposed. The barista said thank you as he handed Emily the cup. She blew him a kiss and drove off. She made it a bit further than Ryan had when her timer indicated it was time for another level.

Emily moved the remote to the third position and came immediately. She screamed out in passion as she flooded the towel she laid down while still driving. She reached over and turned the remote back down to the second level as her orgasm started to wane. With the vibrator still humming along Emily reached a second orgasm not long after the first. She couldn’t remember ever cumming back to back orgasms like this. She wasn’t entirely sure she had finished cumming from her first orgasm before the second one hit. She reached for the remoted and turned the vibrator off. She didn’t think she could continue driving safely while cumming. When she turned into the driveway and opened the garage Ryan and Anna were standing there naked waiting for her as well.

Having closed the garage door and exiting the car Emily said, “I came twice and had to turn it off! It is a good thing that I put a towel down because I squirted as well.”

Anna was disappointed to see that Emily’s legs weren’t wet like Ryan’s had been. “You didn’t make much of a mess.” Anna commented.

Emily said, “I started to cum and arched my back forward. I guess I was directly over the towel when I gushed.” Looking at Anna Emily went on, “The first barista must have told the rest of them about Ryan because the barista that served me almost got in the car with me but I did enjoy making him smile.”

Emily continued, “Anna if you aren’t comfortable we can just play here.”

Anna responded with a smile, “Give me that harness, you two can’t have all the fun!”

Emily undid the harness right there in the garage. She felt the extremely wet vibrator slid out of her as the harness came loose. Anna looked lustfully at the cum on the vibrator.

Anna feeling extremely turned on said, “I want that wet vibrator in my cunt!”

Ryan and Emily helped Anna step into the harness and watched as the wet vibrator slid into her pussy with ease. Anna purred knowing she was going to have an intense orgasm soon. Ryan helped Anna get the harness secured while Emily shrugged out of the flimsy top. Emily handed the top to Anna. Anna looked cute with the harness in place somehow looking more naked wearing the see through top than when she was topless.

Anna got into the car sitting down on the wet towel. A shiver ran through her. She turned on the car and vibrator and opened the garage door. As Anna backed out of the garage she noticed that there was an elderly couple walking on the sidewalk on the other side of the street. Anna waited a bit to close the garage door watching her two naked friends standing there smiling. They weren’t going to lose this game of chicken. The elderly couple were too engrossed in their conversation to look around. Anna closed the garage door and drove off.

Traffic had gotten heavier since the other two had gone out. She was still 5 minutes from the coffee shop when her timer went off. Anna moved the vibrator up a notice the vibrator increased its dance inside of her. She felt her pleasure rising when she heard a honk from behind her. The light had turned green. Anna drove on, when she got to the coffee shop she got lucky and there was only one person in front of her. She watched the car move forward as Anna rolled forward to place her order.

The car in front of her must have ordered a bunch of stuff because it was taking a long time to fill the order. Anna watched as the barista finally started handing them several bags and two trays of coffee. Anna moved forward to pay she could tell that her orgasm was close and hoped she could make it through the drive through without cumming.

Anna got to the pay window to see a smiling barista waiting for her. The smile on his face seemed to have some knowledge behind it. It dawned on her that there must be a camera that shows them the cars as they approach. The barista had probably seen her sheer top. She started to get excited by this idea. Anna handed her money to the happy barista.

The barista said, “How are you doing today?”

Anna squirming said, “I am having a wonderful day, you?”

“This has been the best day I have had working here! I will go see if your icecap is done.”

“Thank you. ” Anna responded as she felt her orgasm crest. She gripped the steering wheel tight feeling her orgasm rush through her. Wave after wave of euphoria swept over her. She reached over and turned the vibrator off.

“Oh! My! God!” exclaimed the barista holding out an icecap to Anna.

“Thank you.” Anna said.

“No, thank you for cumming!” responded the gleeful barista.

Anna retrieved the icecap placing it in the cup holder. She smiled at the barista and drove off leaving the guy with a raging hard on. She wondered if he would go to the bathroom and rub one out. She would have. Anna didn’t trust herself to turn the vibrator back on for the drive back to Emily’s. Anna pulled into the driveway opening the garage door. She saw her two naked friends waiting for her. She parked, turned off the car and closed the garage door.

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