Emma Ch. 02

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I bit back a moan of disappointment as the explosive climax that had been building fizzled out like a damp squib. Above me Tom thrust against me, his cock pumping my pussy as he moaned my name over and over again. I felt him jerk against me, his hot cum filling my pussy before he collapsed on me, body trembling from the intensity of his climax.

“Thank you, babe. Love you,” he muttered against my head, pressing a kiss to my temple before he rolled over to the side. Within moments soft snores filled the room and I knew that he would sleep soundly until his alarm went off in the morning.

I glanced over to the bedside table and read the numbers on the illuminated digital display of the alarm clock. One a.m. Five hours until Tom had to get up and leave for the oil rig where he would be working for the next three months. I felt sad at the thought of him leaving, after all we had only been married for two weeks but his departure was not the only cause of my depression.

Sighing, I grabbed my phone and headphones and left the bedroom and headed to the bathroom. I turned on the light and closed the door, sliding the lock into place before sitting on the toilet lid. The noise from the extractor fan would cover any noise from the phone. Not that I really needed to worry about Tom waking and hearing me. Once he was asleep he slept like the dead and required the largest alarm clock in the world to wake him in the mornings.

I plugged the earphones in and opened up my videos, scrolling down to the one that would have been worn away if it had been on tape. My thirty hours with Mike and Bailey. Already my pussy was tingling in anticipation of watching the recordings. I scrolled down the list and selected one where Mike was fucking my ass whilst Bailey fucked my pussy with a strap on. I’d never been fucked in the ass before but the feeling of those two cocks inside me had sent me screaming over the edge.

I slid my fingers down my body and started to stroke and tease my clit. My pussy was wet from Tom’s cum and my pussy juices making my fingers slide over that tight little knot of nerve endings. I studied my face on the screen, seeing the fear and pain from Mike’s first thrust into my ass melt away as pleasure started to build and I started to thrust back onto him.

After our first night together, Mike had persuaded me to go to the mall to buy more cameras for around the bed. We had had so much fun testing them to see which were the best positions Sakarya Escort for them. I quickened my rubbing at the memory, allowing my fingers to enter my pussy, feeling the slick walls glide against my fingers.

My ears were filled with the sound of my moans as Bailey teased my lips with her long black strap on cock. I watched as I latched on to it, licking and sucking on it as though it was a real cock. My tits swung back and forth as Mike continued to thrust his cock into my ass. Occasionally, he would slap my buttock with his hand, the sound loud in my ears. I remembered the burn from the slap, the heat and the pleasure that had flooded my body making me crave more.

“Like that, bitch, do you?” His rough voice scraped over my sensitive nerves making me shiver with pleasure. Another slap echoed through the headphones as he treated my ass to another smack. “Like it rough, do you? Like being treated like the whore you are? A slut for the taking?”

My breathing quickened and I positioned the phone so that I could still watch the film but both my hands were free. With my free hand I reached up and started to tug and squeeze on my erect nipples. In the film I saw Mike pull me upright so that my back was against his firm chest, one hand gripped my hip whilst the other started to squeeze and pull on my tits.

I bit my lip, remembering that sweet pain from his fingers. I pinched my tits to try to recreate it whilst my fingers pumped my pussy. I forgot that I was seated on the toilet lit in my small bathroom and instead I was kneeling on the bed, my ass being filled with Mike’s mighty cock whilst Bailey lined up the strap on with my dripping pussy.

“Slide that cock in her, Bailey. Own this slut’s pussy, use it how you want,” Mike urged Bailey. The sound of his voice drew me closer to the edge, my fingers going faster in my pussy, juices squelching around them. I reached down with my other hand to finger my clit, stroking and rubbing as the pleasure built within me.

“That’s it, Bailey, pump it hard in there.”

I watched as Mike placed both hands on my hips as he thrust faster, his balls slapping against my ass, his face flushed with effort. Bailey knelt before me, the cock sliding in and out of my pussy, her tits rubbing against mine. I grabbed her ass to pull her closer whilst my mouth sought hers in a hot, wet kiss that left us both gasping.

I could feel my climax building, threatening to rip through Sakarya Escort Bayan my body. I slowed my fingers, wanting to wait until my video self was ready. I chewed my lip, brow furrowed in concentration as I watched, reliving every second of that mind blowing fuck.

“Yes, fuck, yes. Take that bitch!” Mike roared against my back as his hips jerked against me. I remembered feeling his hot cum flooding my ass, triggering my own climax. I released Bailey’s mouth and arched my body.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, oh God, fuck me! Yes, yes, don’t stop. Don’t. Stop.” I gripped Bailey harder and pumped her hips against mine as my body jerked against hers. My eyes rolled backwards as I hovered on the brink of consciousness. Cum trickled down my ass cheeks whilst my juices flowed out of my cunt down my legs.

I didn’t care as I let myself go, sat there on the toilet lid. My body went rigid, hips jerking against my hands as I came so hard. My jaw clenched to keep the scream behind my lips from escaping as I reached up with a sticky fingers to tug on my aching nipples, the pleasure pain adding to the explosion rippling through my body. This was what my body had been craving, what Tom could not provide for me.

Weak, I sank back against the cistern, my bones liquefied, heart pounding as I tried to regain my breath. My hands trembled as I lifted one after the other to my lips to lick clean, savouring the taste of my juices whilst my nostrils filled with my scent. How I had missed this.

I watched as my video self sank back against Mike, too weak to kneel anymore. Bailey removed the cock from my pussy and slid it into her own dripping cunt and swiftly pumped herself to a screaming climax.

“You are two hot sluts, especially you, Emma. I can’t wait for you to meet the boys. Their cocks will love your cunts and mouths.”

“Can’t wait,” I mumbled on screen, exhaustion across my face.

“Hell, yeah,” Bailey echoed from where she lay on the bed, the strap on still buried in her pussy. “Definitely cannot wait.”

“Nor can I,” I whispered as I turned the video off. I looked at the bathroom door, a sadness in my heart. I loved Tom, in a strange way. He was a good friend, caring, made me laugh but he was more of a friend than a lover. I needed someone like Mike in my life, someone who could drive me wild with lust, use me in whatever way he wanted to, make me cum so hard that I would almost pass out. I couldn’t leave Escort Sakarya Tom but neither could I give Mike up.

I was torn between which choice to make. I scrolled down my contacts, wanting to talk to someone. My eyes lit up when I saw that Bailey was online. I pressed the call button and waited for her to answer.

“Yo,” Bailey’s voice was breathless as she answered, making me wonder if I had interrupted something.

“I’m not disturbing you, am I?”

“No, just doing my workout before hitting the sack. Long day at work. What’s up?”

“I’m sitting in my bathroom, watching videos of the hottest weekend I ever had and wanting to do it all over again,” I said, closing my eyes.

“Well, why don’t you?”

My eyes flew open wide as Bailey’s answer threw me. “I’m married,” I reminded her.

“I know, but you weren’t promising fidelity before you got hitched. I know Tom’s nice but I bet he isn’t hot stuff in bed, is he?”

“He’s …. tepid,” I replied, remembering how I had intended to still get my thrills after getting married. Tom’s kind heart and gentle soul had stopped me from being so callous but it had left me aching for more than he could give me.

“One fuck a night, huh?”

“Yeah, and then fast asleep until morning. Was I wrong to marry him?”

“No, you wanted the security and companionship he could bring but there’s no reason why you can’t have the excitement as well as the stability. He goes away for three months at a time, Em. A lot can happen in those three months as long as you’re discreet. He won’t know. In fact, knowing Tom like I do, I bet secretly he would be pleased knowing that your more passionate needs are being fulfilled. He’s not hot stud material.”

“I know, but I don’t want to hurt him.” That was true. He was too nice to hurt but I could not carry on like this. I needed Mike and it was driving me crazy.

“I know you don’t but you’ll hurt him carrying on the way you are. You’ll resent his one fuck a night and start to hate him. You link up with Mike and you can have all the wild, slutty sex you want and when Tom’s home, you might find you like his tepid once a night fucks.” Bailey laughed down the line. “Just don’t forget to invite me along sometimes. That man has got a cock to die for.”

I laughed, feeling a weight lifting from me. Bailey was right, I could already feel myself resenting Tom for what he couldn’t’ give me. If fucking Mike satisfied the craving within me then Tom’s fucks wouldn’t feel so lacking.

“I’ll remember. Thanks, Bailey, you’re a gem.” I hung up the call and smiled to myself, excitement bubbling within me. I looked down at my phone, Mike wasn’t online but that didn’t stop me tapping out a short, simple message to him.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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