Encounters to Deny Ch. 01


Ch. 01: Natasha

Natasha waited for her ride outside of the theater, but it never came. She couldn’t remember if she had told her family that she needed to be picked up after going to the movies with her friends. It was not that late though, only 7 PM, and barely dusk out. She felt she could briskly walk the few miles to her house, since there were plenty of people on the sidewalks still, and she thought most likely there would also be many people in the park which she had to walk through.

Natasha made her way through several blocks of city streets. Summer evenings were always enjoyable on those familiar streets. Always something to see, someone playing a magic trick in the middle of a standing crowd, or a palm reader, or a clown juggler. She passed by the small pockets of crowds gathered, watching someone. She moved swiftly, as she knew the longest part of her journey home was still to be traversed – through the city park.

Her neighborhood was just on the other side of the park. As she walked further, everything felt uncomfortable on her, her skirt kept flying up in the breeze, her undergarments, her feet. She quickly realized her red stump-heel shoes were not meant to walk in for more than just a few minutes, certainly not long distances. Every inch of her slim, yet shapely figure was starting to feel exhausted. She hated wearing a bra, and it was taking its toll on this walk. As she continued walking, her senses became more acute to the small shifts of the bra material on the edges of her breasts, as they bounced, and the slight rubbing of her panties against her crotch crevices. She wanted to just stop and discard those two items and simply stroll in her blouse and skirt and let her body enjoy the evening breeze. She wished she could have done that, but knew it was impossible.

Near the entry of the park, Natasha saw a group of people gathered around something. This crowd was much larger than the groups she passed up earlier. She couldn’t resist. She figured she would stop, see what it was all about, get to rest her feet and adjust her clothing, and then be on her way.

She made her way through the middle of the crowd and to the edge of the inside circle. She saw a group of young men, six of them, putting on a juggling act with small batons and bowling pins.

The boys were walking around tossing those batons to each other, then suddenly one of them went to his knees and another boy walked straight onto the knee and then shoulders of the first boy who had knelt down. Then suddenly another boy ran toward the boy on top, jumped up, did a body flip over the boy on top, and exchanged batons with him. It was frustrating to watch, yet thrilling to see all those tricks being performed so gracefully. Natasha noted the clean, crisp figures of all the jugglers. They were toned, muscular, agile, and obviously strong.

As Natasha watched in amazement, she noticed that one of the other boys was looking at her as he was juggling. He smiled and winked. He walked toward her with several batons in-juggle, and another boy approached behind him, and just when the first boy was in front of her, he threw all his batons to the boy in back and with one hand took off his hat and put it in front of her, tipped upside down. She realized he wanted her to put some money into his hat.

As she reached into her skirt pocket, she felt a hand in there already, and it pushed up against her thigh, squeezing her crotch as the hand grabbed one of the dollar bills in her skirt pocket and was Antep Bayan Escort just as quickly removed! It was one of the other boy’s hands. He had sneaked up behind her. It all happened so quickly that no one else noticed, but they just kept applauding and cheering them on.

Natasha felt her thighs get warm and she felt a post-pinching sensation on her pubic hair. The hand had pushed her skirt pocket into her underwear and crotch, it had squeezed her vagina, and it had pinched her pubic hair when it was being removed. All within a split second.

Embarrassed, she left the circle and entered the park. As she walked away, she could hear the crowd applaud louder, and with a unanimous roar, and then all the noise quickly died down. She knew the act probably had ended.

She made her way through the park gates, and past the tourist center building. The path was very winding and shaded mostly. Just as she entered the most wooded part of the park, she heard someone groaning. She walked straight on the path as best she could, trying to ignore the sound, but it kept getting louder, as it appeared to be coming from the direction she was headed in. She soon saw someone laying on the grass a little off the main path.

Against her best judgment, she walked over to the writhing person, hoping to help. It was a man, or a boy, who seemed to be crawling toward a tree, disoriented, probably seeking help. She rushed toward him. As she followed, soon she was into the woods and the path was not visible from her location anymore. Natasha saw the boy laying under one of the larger, wider trees. apparently unconscious. She walked over, knelt and said, ‘What’s wrong? what happened to you? can you walk?”

Just then she felt herself being lifted by several hands. One hand was placed on her mouth, not hard, but firm enough that she could not scream. She struggled to be released but she was told “Don’t worry sweetie, we won’t hurt you, promise.”

Natasha was carried off deeper into the woods. Her eyes were covered with a cloth. A few moments of being jostled in the hands of several people, she felt being carried down a flight a stairs, and into a room.

Then someone told her “We just want to play with you.. and we won’t hurt you. Just don’t make any loud sounds, OK?”

Natasha nodded, with someone’s hand still covering her mouth.

“We can’t let you see us, so we are going to keep your blindfold on. But, we are not going to cover your mouth, as you have promised not to make any loud sounds. And we will not harm you. Let us know if you are hungry. Are you hungry?” the voice asked. Natasha nodded, again. She was starving.

A few short moments elapsed, and she was lifted off the floor and sat down upon a chair. Then she felt her hands being tied to the side of the chair.

A voice said, “If that hurts, let us know, and we can loosen the ropes. Does it hurt your hands?”

Natasha felt uncomfortable, but also worried what might happen if she complained. She finally spoke and said, “No, it does not hurt too much.”

One of the voices said, “Hey clown-face, loosen the ropes some more, we want to be kind to our guest.”

Natasha felt the pressure from her bindings being released, but the bindings were not removed. Her hands were still tied to the sides of the chair she was sat upon.

A different, somewhat distant voice said, “Alright my sweetheart, here’s comes some food, but you have to use your mouth to get it.”

She heard some footsteps shuffle toward her, and she felt something against her lips. It felt like a strawberry or a banana, she could smell fruit. And then she realized, this was a penis, not quite hard, but somewhat firm, pushing up against her lips. She was terrified and did not know what to do, so she obeyed. She opened her mouth and a penis was slowly pushed into it, delivering a small grape which was on top. The penis was then slowly removed, leaving the grape in her mouth. But it was only a small bite. While eating the grape, she tasted something left behind from the penis, she didn’t know what that was, but guessed that it was either some urine or semen. It was slimy and salty.

Then something else was pushing up against her lip, this time it felt soft and fleshy. She opened her mouth, and another penis delivered a small amount of chocolate cake into her. As the penis was also slowly removed, Natasha gradually closed her lips around it, and felt more flesh than the penis before. Natasha guessed that this was a different person, with an uncircumcised penis.

Just as she was finishing that bite, she felt two different penises being pushed against each of her cheeks. one of them felt much more wet on one side of her face than the other.

A voice said, “This is a bigger bite sweetie, open wide please.”

Natasha shook her head in refusal!

Someone firmly grabbed the back of her hair, pulled, and said, “Look here little girl, we are being nice right now, but we can be mean also, if you don’t do what we say!”

Her hair was released, and Natasha felt a hand move up her legs, into her skirt, up her thighs, and to her crotch. A finger was pushed up into her vagina. It entered her. Natasha gasped! It felt good, but also bad. The palm of the hand rubbed her vagina, and she began to feel her body responding. Then the finger pulled out and moved further back, smearing the wetness from her vagina onto her anus. Natasha gasped again as the finger entered her anus, slowly, just a little bit, and it moved in and out slowly. Although she tried to deny herself, she couldn’t resist feeling pleasure. The finger pulled out. She then heard a lip-popping smacking sound, like someone licking their own finger.

A voice said, “So, will you open wide now?”

Natasha imagined what more could happen to her if she said no. She nodded and opened her mouth wide. She felt two penises pushing up into her mouth gradually, and she had to open wider and wider until both tips were in, pushing onto her tongue and the walls of her mouth. She was just glad that they weren’t fully hard, otherwise she would not have been able to take both of them at the same time! Although resisting an urge to gag, Natasha couldn’t help but lap and suck them both – it was a reflexive reaction which she began to enjoy.

A hand also shoved little bits of food into her mouth, but it was inconsequential, and it dissolved quickly in all the sucking and saliva. She tasted a bit of pineapple and banana. Each boy pulled out his penis one at a time, slowly, leaving the fruit bits behind. She quickly gulped and chewed, and gasped for air, then swallowed. She tried to assess the various tastes and feelings she had just been subjected to, and realized that these two penises tasted different than the first one and the second. One of the penises left a lot of semen. She was glad they didn’t ejaculate in her, she thought she would have choked for certain.

After all of that salty, fruity, fleshy taste, she was extremely thirsty and asked, “Water, please?”

She felt her hair being pulled back again and her head being tilted gently once more. Someone opened her mouth with his hand and said, “Keep this open please.”

A few seconds later, she heard several footsteps around her, as if gathering in a circle. She then felt warm water being sprayed onto her face and body, without any apparent intent of landing in a particular spot on her. It had a pungent smell, and tasted salty.

Suddenly, a voice said “Drink it up, bitch!”

As she endured all the several streams upon her clothes and face and hands, she knew what was happening. She closed her mouth and shook her head!

Then suddenly, her mouth was pried open with firm hands and a very hard penis was shoved into her mouth! It kept pushing deeper and deeper until she was gagging! Then it was removed suddenly.

One of the voices asked, “Will you drink us or not bitch!?!?”

Barely able to breathe, she nodded. A voice said, in a rather gentle tone, “Please keep that mouth open sweetheart.”

Sitting on that chair, with her hands tied to the sides, and mouth wide open, Natasha felt the spray of streams start up slowly again, soaking her entire head, face, and body. She could feel streams which were landing on her breasts. She felt streams landing on her crotch area. She felt streams landing inside her mouth. Each of these streams moved around all areas of her body. She knew she had to show that she was swallowing whatever entered her mouth. She swallowed as much of that as she could in quick gulps as she briefly closed her mouth and opened it again several times. Some streams were warmer than others, and it all kept dropping all over her for several seconds. Then the streams decreased in intensity, until she felt a few drops dripping on her feet, and then only small splashes from drips on the floor on and off, until it stopped altogether.

Natasha asked for water again. She was given a glass of cold water. She finished about half the glass, and then the remainder was poured onto her head, with someone guiding it gently away from her nose.

Natasha felt several towels being pushed up against her face and body, then she heard someone walk toward her. A voice said, “Don’t be startled, honey, we will clean you up.”

She felt some more water being poured onto her hair and face and another hand gently guiding some of the water over her arms, legs, and other exposed skin.

She heard one of the boys saying, “No, let’s take her to the bath tub and clean her properly, and we will have to throw those clothes in the dryer while she bathes.”

She felt her hands being untied. Then, one of the boys lifted her up in a cradle position and started walking with her. She was soon lowered onto what felt like a cool porcelain floor, the inside of a bathtub.

He whispered to her, “Don’t worry, we are going to clean you now. But, we will need to undress you to do so. While we are bathing you, we will also throw your clothes in the laundry. Are you OK?”

The boy gently caressed her head and face, and Natasha felt very comforted, but a little worried.

She asked, “Will you please be gentle with me?”

The boy assured her, “Yes honey. We will be gentle. Did you enjoy what just happened?”

She had to nod. She couldn’t reveal that it almost felt like it was unfinished, and she couldn’t admit out loud that she wanted more.

“Well, it will only get better,” the boy said.

Natasha felt a tingling in her body, and clenched her thighs and crotch, in anticipation for what she imagined would happen next.

End of Part 1.