Encounters with Meg: Second

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We walk into the motel room glowing with the warmth of seeing each other again and tingling with expectation of having an opportunity to be together. We kiss, a brief kiss of greeting, before I ask you to stand in the middle of the room.

“Close your eyes,” I say, “and focus on us, on this moment; block out all other thoughts.”

“I will try,” you say.

I kneel at your feet and remove your shoes, one by one, gently caressing each foot as I do so. I raise my hands to the top of one of your stockings, aware of the sensation of my fingers gliding across your thighs as I roll the stocking down your leg. The other stocking follows, though this time I allow myself to stroke the crotch of your panties tenderly before I roll the second stocking down and off of you.

I reach up and unbutton your skirt, and it glides down your legs and crumples to the floor. Grasping your panties by their elastic, I gently tug them down over your subtly rounded hips and down your legs. I lean forward and plant a soft, lingering kiss on your pussy before returning to the task at hand. I stand up and unbutton your blouse, tossing it on the bed. I step behind you and unfasten your bra; I gently pull it free from your breasts and drop it on the floor. Now you stand naked before me–such a beautiful sight.

I run my hand up your neck beneath your hair, raising it out of the way. I plant a series of slow, lingering kisses on your neck, following the hairline around to your ear. I suck the lobe into my mouth, nibbling with my teeth and caressing with my tongue. I run my tongue around the interior of your ear, exploring every crack and crevice, recording each in my memory for future reference. I leave your ear and kiss down your neck to your shoulder, caressing your skin with the tip of my tongue between kisses. I kiss my way down your arm, turning it gently as I go so that every part receives its due share of my attention. When I reach your hand, I kiss the palm, toy with each finger with the tip of my tongue, nibble the tender skin between your fingers.

I raise your arm and work my way back up along its lower side, alternately kissing and caressing and tonguing as I go. I reach your armpit, and I plant a gentle kiss there. I smell a hint of nervous sweat; I taste the saltiness, savoring your essence in one of its many forms.

I move my hands up to grasp your full breasts. I am pleased by their fullness, and I squeeze them gently. I move my face between them and plant a gentle kiss there. I squeeze your breasts against the side of my head, feeling their warmth through my ears. I have visions of my dick buried between them with you licking its head on every forward stroke–but we will save that for another time. I gently kiss and tongue-caress each breast; these caresses cause a notable change in your breathing and your hips begin to slowly move in small, sensuous circles. I follow the curve of each marvelous breast, avoiding the nipples and aureoles until I have fully explored each globe with my tongue. Finally, I turn to your nipples, now swollen and thrusting out, long and firm–gorgeous. I kiss one on its tip, then suck it gently between my teeth and into the warmth of my mouth. I nip on it gently, then suck it farther into my mouth, laving its tip with my tongue. I suck into my mouth as much of your breast as I can, mouthing it like a nursing baby. Once I have finished with one, I give the other a similar treatment.

Leaving your breasts, I slide downward, kissing the taut smoothness of your stomach as I move toward your bellybutton. Once there, I run my tongue around it slowly several times before kissing you directly on it, then licking its interior slowly and delicately. I withdraw my tongue and teasingly lick down toward your pussy, and you thrust your hips forward in anticipation. But it is not to be, at least not yet.

I use my hands to twirl you slowly so that your ass is now toward me. I rise and kiss you again on the nape of your neck, several slow, lingering kisses that elict a low moan from you. I kiss downward to your shoulders and back. Again I alternate kisses and tongue caresses as I gradually make my way down your back. I feel an occasional tremor course through you as I caress nerves along the way.

I reach your waist with my kisses, and I pause there. I lift my hands and clasp the cheeks of your ass, giving each a firm squeeze. I feel the muscular tautness and the silkiness of your skin. I remove my hands and slowly, very slowly, I cover each cheek with delicate kisses. I run my tongue down your ass crack slowly, and as I do so I notice that you lean forward slightly. I move us so that your hands rest on the bed with your ass now thrusts back toward me. I return to kiss your ass cheeks before stroking your puckered asshole with the tip of my tongue. You twitch when my tongue flits across the delicate membrane and I see your tiny asshole tighten in response. I lick across it again, then slowly thrust the tip of my tongue against this delicate portal before moving on. I wonder if you enjoy being fucked in your ass, but I know that is a question Sakarya Escort for another time.

With your pussy exposed so prominently before me I cannot resist moving down and planting a gentle kiss between your flaring lips. I smell the sweet aroma of your heated pussy, and it is all I can do to prevent myself from thrusting inside and fucking you with my tongue. I restrain myself and pull you upright as I turn my attention to your legs.

I kiss slowly down the back of each leg, first one and then the other. I note the trim muscularity in your thighs and the firm roundness of your calves. I feel you tremble as I linger behind your knees, stroking the delicate skin there with the warm, wet tip of my tongue.

Once I have given each leg its due attention, I lift one foot carefully. I kiss the arch, then run my tongue toward the toes, exploring between them and sucking each into my mouth, laving each in turn. Your other foot receives the same attention.

Once both feet are back on the ground, I again turn you so you are facing me as I kneel before you. I lean forward and kiss your smooth upper thighs, gradually moving upward toward your trimmed pussy. As my kisses move toward your inner thighs, you spread your legs slightly providing me with easier access to that delicate area. I slowly kiss my way toward your pussy that I can see now glistens with your seeping juices.

I move forward and plant a kiss directly on your aroused cunt, causing you to quiver and lean toward me. I feel your hands on my shoulders as I begin to explore between your swollen pussy lips with my tongue. I extend my tongue between the protecting outer lips, and push slowly inside so that I can feel your inner warmth and taste your sweet juices. Your pussy is wet with anticipation as I gather its hot sauces with my tongue. I feel your muscles contracting around my tongue, and I know you are enjoying my attentions.

I slowly push my tongue in and out of your pussy in imitation of the fucking that we both know will soon follow, and you thrust your hips forward to meet each thrust. We go on like that for several minutes, lost in the sensations that it arouses in us. Eventually, I pull my tongue out of you and move up to explore your clit, now aroused and peeking from beneath its covering hood. I kiss it on its exposed tip, then use my tongue to pry aside the hood so I can stroke it more fully. More tremors sweep through you, and the movements of your hips are more vigorous. With a final kiss on your tender nub, I rise and stand before you.

You open your eyes as I move forward, and we kiss a long, lingering kiss as we look into each other’s eyes. The kiss is filled with anticipation, with passion, with trust, with affection. We close our eyes as the kiss grows more heated and we fully enjoy the heated tonguing going on within.

Soon I can not stand it any longer. Reaching down I grasp you by the ass and lift you upwards. You wrap your legs around my hips as we continue our kiss. I reach beneath us and guide my hard cock to the entrance to your pussy. You push your ass downward, forcing my cock up inside your slippery cunt. I am surrounded by your warmth, clutched inside by your convulsing muscles, surrounded by your inner softness. We continue our kiss, a long, passionate kiss, joined cock to cunt and mouth to mouth for a long time. I feel your breasts pressed against my chest, the tickle of your cunt hairs against the base of my cock, the strength of your legs wrapped around my waist. I turn and move toward the bed, gently lowering you onto your back. I pull back and slowly thrust into your pliant pussy.

I focus on the sensation of my hard cock sliding between your supple pussy lips. The heat of your enflamed tissues engulfs me, surrounding me, igniting the pent-up desire within me. Your savory juices lubricate our coupling, allowing me to slide fully within you. The tightness of your pussy walls clenched around my cock brings me to the brink of cumming, but I resist, staying still, refocusing, unwilling for it to end so soon. Your tongue dances in my mouth, pirouetting around my tongue, teasing and twisting in a tantalizing game of chase.

You raise your ass off of the bed seeking to bury my cock more fully inside your earger cunt. I press into you, filling you with my cock, and you thrust back in return. We soon develop a rhythm that satisfies both of our needs. We move against one another, our passion mounting with each and every thrust. We are no longer kissing, our breathing irregular. Our eyes are locked together as my cock probes deep within you.


We are startled by a knock at the door. You give me a questioning look as you feel me withdraw and begin to rise.

“Ignore it,” you say. “It’s probably just the maid.”

“Close your eyes. Close them tight,” I say. “I have a surprise for you.” I wait until your eyes are tightly closed before I rise and move toward the door.

Behind me I hear the rustle of covers as you pull the rumpled sheet over you. I peer out through the peephole before Sakarya Escort Bayan opening the door and admitting the person who had knocked.

“Keep your eyes closed,” I remind you, “And pull down that sheet.” You hesitate, but comply with my request, becasue you trust me completely.

The woman now in the room with us is tall, perhaps 5″ 11″, with long slender legs exposed beneath a short dark skirt. Her hair, shoulder length and well styled, surrounds a thin face with a warm smile.

“You are right on time,” I say, and I hear you emit a murmur of surprise. “Eyes closed,” I say, and you clinch your eyes still tighter, now unsure of what is to come.

Without any instruction, our guest begins to undress. I sit on the bed by your side and watch her as I caress your wet pussy with my fingertips. I can tell by your response that you are excited, your nerve endings still tingling from our abruptly terminated fuck. Once she is undressed, the intruder moves to the bedside, leaning down to give me a soft warm kiss filled with promise.

“Meg,” I say, “this is Fran. She is going to join us for the rest of the evening. Is that okay with you?”

You open your eyes, smile at me, and murmur a low, barely audible “Yes.”

I move to a chair near the bed as Fran sits beside you. She leans down and plants a soft kiss on your left nipple. As you re-close your eyes, Fran begins a gentle, inquisitive exploration of your body. Using her left hand, she caresses your breasts, stroking your soft skin, teasing the nipples. She leans down and sucks a nipple between her lips, teasing its tip with her tongue. Your nipples grow hard as she sucks on first one and then the other. As she manipulates your breasts, you begin stroking her back, running your hands slowly from her neck down to the globes of her ass.

Fran shifts, positioning one of her breasts directly above your mouth. You sense what is going on and open your eyes. Her nipple is nearly touching your lips. You part them, and your tongue snakes out in a quest for Fran’s nipple. The tip of your tongue lightly brushes it, flits quickly side to side, then moves on to explore the rest of her breast. It is not a large as yours, but it is full, ripe, ready for the attention it is about to receive. You lick each breast, exploring each curve, with your eyes glued to her face, watching for response as you lick, and suck, and caress.

After several minutes of this, Fran slides over on top of you, pressing you beneath her body. I watch as your breasts flatten against hers, as you spread your legs so hers fit between them, as you raise your face toward hers to invite the kiss you so crave. I watch as your parted lips meet hers and her tongue glides inside, pleased with the welcome it has received. I watch as your tongues entertwine, separate, then clash again, over and over again. Your hands roam over her body seeking its hidden places, its sensitive spots, its seldom-touched crannies. She responds, moving her body against yours, pressing her shaved pussy against yours. I imagine, but cannot see, your clit squished against hers and caressed by her movements, and I imagine the intense feelings this must be generating within you.

Fran pulls away, and for a moment, you look disappointed until she slides her body down along yours until her face is positioned between your legs in front of your pussy. Fran and I can both see the dribbles of moisture already ozzing from within and cascading down between your asscheeks. She leans forward and plants a kiss directly on your exposed clit. I see you tremble, and you close your eyes in anticipation of what is to come.

Fran’s tongue glides out between her lips and snakes its way into your pussy where she laps up some of your seeping nectar. She pulls back, sucking her tongue inside, relishing the taste of your wetness. The taste seems to excite her, and she moves forward, her tongue fully extended, licking your slit from end to end, over and over again, like a dog lapping spilled milk. Occasionally her tongue dips inside your flaring pussy, but more often it glides across the opening as it seeks first your clit adn then the delicate skin just above the pucker of your asshole. You begin to move your ass from side to side as the intensity of the sensations build, and your fists are clenched at your sides.

I rise and move toward the bed. I kiss you gently; your eyes remain closed. I take your breasts, one in each hand, and caress them, knead them, stroke them with my finger tips. I lean down and kiss your large, hard nipples, sucking each into my mouth in turn, stroking with my tongue, nibbling, gently nibbling, sucking, caressing. Fran’s tongue is now buried to the hilt in your pussy as she slurps up the warm juices seeping from within you. Your hips now repeatedly thrust your pussy against her face as she begins a slow, deliberate fuck with her extended tongue.

It is not time for you to cum, but I can tell you are rapidly moving in that direction. It is time to rearrange, to give you a turn. I motion to Fran and she pulls her tongue Escort Sakarya from you, reluctantly I can tell, but she pulls away nevertheless. I have her lie beside you on the bed with her head toward the foot. Her hand moves to her own pussy where she strokes her clit with a practiced, deliberate motion. You open your eyes when you realize she has moved, and I motion for you to position yourself on top of her. You realize what is coming, and I see a twinkle in your eyes as you lower your cunt onto her chest while placing your head directly over her pussy between her widely spread legs.

She immediately begins to stroke your cunt with her tongue, but your actions are more deliberate. This is the first pussy other than your own that you have seen close up, and you are going to examine it it detail. You use your fingertips to explore her, prodding her clit with your finger, sliding back its hood, rubbing its tip gently with your fingertip. Your tongue follows and you tease her clit, sliding it from side to side, watching carefully for any twitch or tremor of reaction from Fran.

I watch as you move downward, sliding your tongue slowly across her smooth, shaved pussy and between her engorged lips. The lips of her pussy are large, pendulous, and flared apart due to her excited state. You pull your head back as you visually examine every wrinkle of her engorged flesh. You lean forward and sniff to see how another woman smells. You lick, and I watch as you taste her juices with the same intense concentration that a connoisseur might use to sample a new wine. Apparently satisfied with the smell and taste of this new toy, you move your head forward so that your tongue can reach, and you lick along Fran’s pussy, slowly, deliberately, over and over again, tasting, sliding, probing, exploring. Fran’s hips writhe before you, but you adjust and maintain contact between your tongue and her sensitized skin.

I move to the foot of the bed, so that I can observe the attention Fran is bestowing on your pussy. What a glorious view. Her tongue is buried deep inside you as she laps up your flowing juices. The crimson red of your inner reaches is exposed around the perimeter of her intruding tongue. Her nose and cheeks are smeared with your essence, and your ass is bobbing up and down as you use her tongue like a miniture dildo. As I watch, I reach down and clasp my swollen cock, stoking it as I take in the delightful show occuring before me. I kneel and kiss you on first one ass cheek and then the other. I slide my tongue over your entire ass, delighting in its smoothness. I dip my tongue between the cheeks and tickle your puckered hole with its tip.

I rise and move behind you, pressing my cock against your ass. Fran knows what I want, and she grasps my cock with one of her hands. With her tongue she licks it slowly over its head and tip, nearly making me cum with her skilled manipulations. I pull away, and she positions the head of my cock at the opening to your pussy. It is wet with your juices and her saliva, so as I press forward, my dick glides effortlessly between your swollen lips. You tremble as I slowly impale you on my cock, but I am unsure whether it is because of the feel of my cock filling you up or Fran’s sucking on your clit. No matter. I push forward, my cock surrounded by your inner heat, caressed by the pulsations of your pussy, clasped tightly by your clenched muscles.

It is a slow deliberate fuck, and I make it last as long as I can. I move in and out in an irregular rythym, my attention focused on every tremor, every pulsation that each thrust generates within you. I plunge deeply, then back off, teasingly probing against the opening without entering, then thrusting hard until I am fully inside you. I begin to feel dizzy, overwhelmed by the intensity of the sensations your luscious pussy is generating within my engorged cock. Your ass begins to writhe more dramatically, and I know that you are moving rapidly toward your climax. Fran is licking my balls, and I can tell from her frequent moans that she too is on the verge of cumming.

We cum together, a writhing mass of sensitized flesh. Fran’s screams as she cums. “Yeeeesssss. Lick my pussy. Eat it. Make me cum haaaarrrrrddddd.” And apparently you comply, because her actions become even more animated in the following seconds. Your cunt clenches tighly around my cock as you too begin to cum, and the added tightness causes me to join you. We fuck frantically in those final moments, milking every intense sensation from our grappling, frenetic fuck. Fran laps at the juices seeping from you around my cock, and her tongue toys with your clit, raising the intensity of what was already a very strong climax.

And then it is over. I fall forward, my cock still buried in your pussy, my chest resting on the warm skin of your back. Beneath us Fran emits a long, moan indicative of the intensity of her cumming. We stay that way for a while. I listen to the rapid pounding of your heart and the irregularity of your breathing. I taste the salty beads of sweat on your back, and I sniff the sexual perfume that surrounds us. Slowly, very slowly, we drift down from our sexual high. Fran stirs beneath us, and I realize we must be crushing her. I roll off of you, and you roll over beside me, snuggling against my chest. Fran remains still, eyes closed, skin suffused with blood, trying to catch her breath.

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