Enslaving Ev 02 Pt. 02


Ev is my slave in real life. She is a beautiful Asian slut. This is the story, written by both of us, telling of what happened following our first explosive weekend together (described in Enslaving Ev on Literotica) …



Slut (6) …

My mind was all over the place. In the past 48 hours I had lost my virginity, being taken as a slave and fucked by my roomie who was now my Mistress and my lover.

Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii what was going on?

What’s more she was telling me that in a couple of hours I would be going to school, supposedly as normal, and that as every day went by this coming week I would be made to look progressively more sluttish. The thought horrified and yet thrilled me.

Rika left me to my thoughts and disappeared back to her room. It was 7am, and a long time since I had slept and so I too decided to go to my room and grab a couple of hours sleep.


“Don’t you have a class?”

“Huh, I … er …,” my alarm must have failed (did I remember to even set it?) and now here was Rika waking me up. As my mind came back to focus on real life I remembered what was in store for me today. College for the first time as a slave with my braces, nipple rings and ‘SLUT’ ear rings. Fuck I was not looking forward to this — I felt nauseous.

“I don’t want to go,” I blabbered nonsensically, “I have something to do here. I need to finish my assignment.”

“Class is more important. Get up, get dressed and go.”

“No. You aren’t my Mistress, Rika.” Did I really just say this? Rika would be furious.

Oops. Shit. She towered over my bed and fixed me with a stare.

“What did you say?”

“Nothing … Rika.”

“I think I heard something about a Mistress, Slut Ev?”

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I could not deny what I had just muttered, she had heard me.

“I said that you aren’t my Mistress, Rika.”

“I see. So that’s what you think is it Ev?”

“Just that I am old enough to take care of myself and I don’t need you telling me what to do and where to go. There is something for my essay that I need to work out and until then I won’t be able to concentrate on anything.”

“Something for your essay? Which is?”

“Nothing that would interest you. It’s Sociology stuff.”

“I think I will be the judge of that, thank you. What is it?”

“Look I just don’t…”

“Enough, Ev. Remember what Master Si said. He sets the rules, right? I don’t want to hear another word. Is that perfectly clear to you?”

It started to sink in but my mouth was faster than my brain once again.

“I don’t…”

She was on me in an instant, grabbed my hair and pulled me out of bed. I squealed as she dragged me to the door of my room.

“No, Rika, my class, no…”

The door opened and she dragged me into the hallway and towards the front door. I was struggling with her, trying to get her hand out of my hair. I was naked; I hadn’t had the strength to dress before hitting the sack, and I was still very tired now. I was staring frantically down the hall to the outside, where I was certain Rika was about to dump me.

“Rika, I ‘m sorry, I really am, I’m sorry, I’ll be good, I promise…”

She stopped, went into the living room and turned me away from her. She pulled my arms back and held my wrists in one hand while the other smacked my ass, hard. I squealed.

“Shut up, take it in silence slut.”

She lifted my wrists up so I had to bend over and then proceeded to smack my cheeks hard and over and over until they were hot and red. I could hear the smacks and wanted to scream, but didn’t dare. The slapping noises as her hand hit my ass were loud enough anyway.

I bit my lip and squirmed but kept silent. She really gave me a sound spanking, and it was amazing to me how much it heated my ass. Then she grabbed my hair again and dragged me out of the living room and back to mine.

“Now, will you argue with me again, Ev?”

“No, Rika. I promise.”

I tried to sneak a rub to my cheeks. Of course she noticed.

“No rubbing. Get dressed, no bra but today you can wear panties. And the tightest vest you have slut. I want those rings showing. After class come back here immediately, understand?”

“Yes, Rika.”

Fuck, I didn’t mind going braless, but my nipples, they always stuck out, and today I would have hard metal rings protruding through the tight vest top. Thank goodness Master had unclipped the statues from the rings before sending me home. I’d get looks and blush and I hated it. As I pulled up a pair of jeans, I winced. Shit, she could hit hard! I pulled on a vest top, the tightest I could find, slipped on a short jacket and grabbed my books, hurrying so I wouldn’t be late for class.

“Slut, come here.”

“Please Rika, let me go or I will be late.”

She looked me up and down. Slut Ev, as I now was, dressed in tight jeans, a small vest top and with braces, tongue stud, nipples rings and my new ‘SLUT’ earrings showing clearly.

She smiled. “Good, you look fine. Now go.”

Rika watched me, standing in her night shirt. I grabbed my denim jacket and dashed out the door without porno izle saying goodbye.


I had dashed out of the house to be away from Rika, but in reality I still had plenty of time. It was 8:20am and my class did not start for another 40 minutes. I had time to walk and it was a fine, crisp November day so off I set.

Being alone allowed me to think about my situation. Tomorrow and the rest of the days would get progressively worse but I had to get through today first. Although I found having braces perversely sexy, I was embarrassed to be seen in them. I was 21 years old, and to have new braces just wasn’t really normal. I decided there and then that my best course of action was to try and speak as little as possible.

But then there was the earrings … they said SLUT, fuck how would I hide them. My hair was long and would cover my ears, but not all the time. And the nipple rings were showing clearly from my braless tits through my tight vest top. I was sure that the next class, a double lesson of 2 hours duration, would not be easy.

As I got nearer to school the more people came into view. Those that didn’t know me, and that was most of them, just passed me by, but then before I knew it;

“Hi Ev,”

“Huh,” I turned quickly to see my class mate Julia running up behind me hugging her books to her chest. I did the same, hiding my nipples at least for the time being.

“You had a good weekend gyrl?”

I smiled and nodded. Had I had a good weekend? Fuck, if only she really knew.

“Soooooo, did I. You will never guess what. On Saturday I met …” She stopped speaking, paused and looked at me.

“Are those braces on your teeth?”

Shit, were they that easy to spot?

Again I smiled and nodded.

“It’s okay Ev, you can speak you know.”

Just then my books slipped and fell on the ground before me. There was no breeze and so they didn’t blow around they just lay there by my feet.

I wanted to cry.

“Here Ev, let me help you.” Julia was being kind, and then she noticed.

“Shit Ev, have you had your nipples pierced?” She could see the rings outlined clearing, along with my hard nipples, against the material of the tight fitting vest.

I looked at her, still not speaking, as tears welled in my eyes.

“And, look what are these?” She reached up and fingered my new earrings.

“SLUT … what the fuck! Why did you get these Ev? What happened to you this weekend? Braces, nipple rings, SLUT earrings …”

That was it. It was all too much. How I would get through this day I had no idea … as for the rest of the week, well I couldn’t bear to think about it.

“I … I … I gotta go.”

I bent down, scooped up the books and ran away as fast as I could, leaving a dumbfounded Julia in my wake.

I was almost at the college entrance before I stopped. I ducked into the side walkway and stopped, resting my back against the cold brick wall. I was panting and out of breath. I could not believe my predicament. The weekend just gone had been one hell of an experience. Losing my virginity, being taken as Master Si’s slave and then all the horrible things that happened to me afterwards. But yet …

Simply thinking about my ordeal was making me juice. The experience had horrified yet excited me at the same time. What was I? What had I become? Fuck, I missed Master already. I was emotionally confused and now I had a class.

With those thoughts clouding my mind I forced myself to leave the sanctuary of the side-street and make my way into school.

I followed the corridor round towards my Sociology lecture theatre. I was nervous as I had no essay and would have to explain to my professor. I was just passing the locker area by the Science Labs when I heard a voice call out.


I turned my head to see who had spoken.

Master (6) …

I was hot and horny. I wanted Slut Ev to be here with me. Sitting on my cock, twisting her nipples and writhing in ecstasy as I told her what a useless cunt she really was. That is what Ev liked, it is what I liked and I so wanted to fuck her.

It was only 9:30. I had just finished reading the email from Rika, slut’s roomie, and I knew now that my slave had gone to college. Poor Ev, she must have been shattered. She had not slept for pretty much all of Saturday night as she had been sold to Zhen Hua for his pleasure, which he painstakingly extracted all night from my slut! I knew also that my instructions had kept her awake for most of Sunday night and so now she must have been tired beyond all comprehension.

How would she get through the day especially as she had her new braces, nipple rings and SLUT earrings to contend with? This thought made me harder and I reached inside my shorts to lazily circle my cock and, slowly, I started to move the foreskin back and forth.

Then I stopped. Come on Si, I thought to myself, jerking to your mind’s eye will be a waste when you can have the real thing in a short while. Time to contact Rika again.

“Hey Si … sorry, Master Si,” Rika’s tuneful American/Asian voice came clearly through my cell phone, “how you amatör porno doing?”

“I’m good Rika, how’re you?”

“Good, thanks.”

“Wonder how slut’s doing?”

“Iono Master, I guess she is tired and embarrassed … just like we planned — hehehe!”

“So, what you doing now?”

“Chillin’ Master, I have 2 days midterm study leave, so I’m sitting here talking to you in my nightshirt playing with my nipple rings.”

“You upset I let you go to Zhen Hua’s after you had such a hard time with me?”

“Erm… well no Master. I mean I was at first but I actually had a good time with Zhen and he sort of gave some ideas about how Ev and me can exploit our new relationship together.”

“Good. You wearing panties?”

“No Master.”

“Ok. Listen go to your email in 5 minutes. I will send over an instruction for you.”

“Oh, yesssss Master,” I could sense the excitement in her voice.

I ended my call and moved to my PC. I opened my email account, selected Rika and started to type.

To: Rika

From: Master Si

Hey Rika, here’s what I want you to do. Strip naked. Prepare two ties for your legs and then select a thong from your panties drawer. You should then fetch 3 or 4 ice cubes fresh from you cooler. You should lie on your bed and finger yourself to the edge of an orgasm whereupon you should immediately stop. Insert the ice into your pussy and then put on your thong pulling it tight into your slit. This stops the ice slipping out and your slutty fingers going in.

You should then tie your legs at the ankles and thighs.

Lay back for 30 minutes, place your hands high above your head and see what happens.

Then email me back with your report.

Master Si.


I pressed send and then moved away from my PC to make some coffee.

It was an hour or so later when I returned to my email and there was a reply from Rika. I opened it.

To: Master Si

From: Rika

Fuccccccccccckkkkkkkkk Masterrrrrrrrr! Have you any idea what ice does to a girl’s pussy? …

I read this first line and smiled to myself.

… I did all you instructed Master but the ice — aiiiiii, it was so fucking cold I was in tears and could hardly tie the rope around my legs. Anyhow, I somehow managed to so I lay back and could feel the ice melting and biting and then, fuckkkkkkkkkk — I came so hard that I cried out, but still the ice carried on melting and biting me until I came again. Master, the first time I ever had 2 orgasms so close together … thank you!

Now my bed sheets are fucking soaked, but I am satisfied and happy.




Shit, that was hot. I was hard again and sorely tempted to jerk off. But I didn’t instead I sent another email.

To: Rika

From: Master Si

Good slut Rika. Enjoyed your report. Do you know Slut Ev’s email password?

In a minute or two a reply had appeared.

To: Master Si

From: Rika

Yes, I watched her type it in earlier, why?


Good. She knew Ev’s password. We would have some fun with her when she returned from her day at school.

Slut (7) …

I turned my head so quickly that I almost hurt my neck. There facing me was a group of students. The figure in the centre of the small group was the one who had spoken. She smiled and looked directly at me. I scanned her perfectly formed frame from head to toe. She was lovely and despite being dressed conservatively in jeans and a loose, white top there was no mistaking the voice and figure of Mai Ling.

My mind was a whirl. I had never seen her here before, but then there were thousands of students at CAL. Had she followed me or had she now stumbled across me by accident? I wasn’t sure how important that question was anyway because here she was walking towards me, in the corridor of my college, with a group of half a dozen others … and she had called me slut!

I was frozen to the spot with my back to the metal of the lockers. Shit, even through the denim of my jacket, they were cold.

“Hey slut, didn’t know you were a CAL student. What you studyin’?”

I was dumbstruck. Here was the girl who, the last time I saw her only 2 days earlier, had been dressed as a dominatrix and had stripped me, fingered me, made me shave my pussy and then chained me to an auction stage! Now here she was chatting as if we were old friends. But she had called me slut.

She turned to another girl in her group.

“This is the bitch I was telling you about.”

My heart sank.

“No, oh Kelly, she’s gorgeous, just like you said.”

I looked quizzically at Mai Ling.

“Yes slut, my name’s Kelly. Mai ling is just my weekend name.”

She reached forward and knocked my books to the ground. Her gang giggled. I started to bend to retrieve them.

“Don’t move.” She might have been Kelly the student but she had the same command in her voice as Mai Ling that was for sure.

“Oh slut, I love the nipple rings,” she reached out, brushed the denim to one side and touched my ringed teat. I held my breath.

“Stick out your tongue.”

Fuck!! anal porno I shook my head. She twisted my nipple. Again her crew laughed.

“Do it!”

There were other students passing us and looking at me. They clearly wondered what was going on but none of them stopped. Mai Ling, or Kelly, or whatever, closed in on me and she and her entourage had formed a semi circle blocking me in. I had a class 5 minutes ago and I would have to attend no matter what. Master Si had commanded it. But I was trapped.

“Ouch!!” the bitch Kelly twisted harder. I stuck out my tongue.

She reached up and pulled it until she could catch the stud ring on the braces hook.


Here I was at my school, being humiliated with my tongue hanging out like a panting dog’s. Other students were still walking by and now they smiled enjoying the sight of me, Ev Wang, stupid, useless, embarrassed slut.

“Fuck Kell, she’s lovely.” The voice was male. The only boy with her.

“Touch her then.”

Once more I shook my head and tried to warn him away with my eyes. But he reached out under my jacket and cupped my left breast.

“oooooooo, leasssssseeeee.” Tears welled in my eyes as he fondled me. Eyes of passing students still watched, but no one came to my rescue.

“Take it out if you want.”


I felt my vest top pulled down and my breast spilled out, naked into the bright daylight of the corridor. The metal nipple ring reflected onto the facing cover of Kelly’s file. This was too much and I started to cry. Mai Ling (fuck, I was confused … what should I call her?) seemed to get even more excited by this and she reached in, moved her face to mine and licked my hanging tongue with hers. I saw her move away panting, her nipples erect under her loose fitting top.

“Turn round!” She issued the order but spun me at the same time. I faced the lockers as my wrists were taken and I felt something being placed around them. Shit, she was tying me up. I struggled but to no avail as some sort of rope knot secured me. Then she spun me back round and reached down to cup my pussy. Despite my wearing jeans and panties this horrible scenario was making me – stupid, worthless, slave-cunt Ev, juice so much that I had to suppress a moan escaping from my mouth. Kelly pulled her hand away.

“See yaz … Later slut, enjoy your class!” With that I watched her and her cronies skip merrily away leaving me in the corridor of CAL University with my tongue hanging out, my left breast ringed and exposed and my wrists tied behind my back. I panicked and turned once more to face the lockers. My body was shaking uncontrollably.

“Ev, Ev come on turn round.” I felt my wrists being freed as I turned to face Julia. She covered my breast again and having my hands back allowed me to unhook my tongue.

“What the fuck …? What was she doing? Did you know her?”

“Oh, Julia,” I cried, “I gotta go. Thanks.” I reached down scooped up my books and fled once again leaving an even more bemused Julia behind.

Shit, I didn’t want to go to class! Not now, feeling like I did, but if I didn’t and Master found out! I sighed and headed to the stairs, embarrassed now and thinking that everyone would see my nipple rings, braces and earrings. I hurried down the steps, meeting a few people but I don’t think anyone noticed … shit I probably didn’t even look that strange, but I felt so exposed. Walking across campus to the building for my class wasn’t too bad, but when I got in the classroom I looked for a place at the back but there wasn’t one. I had to sit in the third row from the front and I as I sat down I heard a whisper.

“Fuck, do her earrings say SLUT?”

I blushed. I heard sniggers and giggles behind me and I think everyone in the class heard too, because it had been a whisper that was meant to be heard. It was one of those that everyone was supposed to hear and they did. I sat unable to control my feeling of utter humiliation.

“Good day Miss Wang.” Shit, my professor had spotted me come in. “Good of you to join us. I am not sure what sort of a rush you have had to start the day but you will be pleased to hear that I have extended the submission date for your essays to tomorrow.”

That was a relief. I would have to find time later today to do it. But, fuck, I was tired out almost to the point of exhaustion. The guy sitting next to me smiled, but it was a smile aimed at my nipples, not my face. His look never rose above my neck at first but when it did his grin grew even wider.

“SLUT!” he mouthed at me, quietly but yet still in an audible whisper. A guy and girl in front of me turned and looked round. The girl glanced at my ears and snorted, as if I was whore or something. The guy stared at my face as if he wanted to fuck the juice out of me. I was never so happy in all my life as when that class was over.

I walked back to my apartment; I took my time enjoying the warm November Indian summer weather. When I walked in I saw Rika, looking at her watch and frowning at me. I understood what my roomie was thinking immediately. She was pissed off that I dawdled on the way back from class and my stomach did a flip. My ass wasn’t sore, but it still felt warm from my spanking earlier today. A nice warm feeling, but I didn’t want another. I watched as Rika looked me up and down. I was nervous because of her obvious annoyance with me.