Erik Nolan Ch. 05

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As Erik Nolan danced his cigarette between his fingers, he surveyed his surroundings. Across from his balcony, a fit couple of joggers made their way down the curved street in their running gear. His eyes were drawn to the swinging ponytail and tight shorts of the female. She was tiny, but a looker. Bringing his cigarette to his mouth, he took a long, controlled drag and held it as the chemicals flooded his system. Then, titling his head up, he released the toxic stream up into the air.

Below him, Amie’s head was rushing as she was engaged in a full sensory experience. Her lips and tongue attacked Erik’s cock with such vigour and hunger. Eyes closed and flaring her nostrils as she worshiped him, she could smell the burnt tobacco. She could taste his salty member. Most of all, she felt the wetness between her legs.

Internally, her mind was whirl. Kurt was gone. Erik was here. Amie was bent on giving him the satisfaction he deserved. She wanted all of him. More of him. By doing that, she was tapping into satisfying her own primal urges.

Erik tapped his finger on the cigarette, depositing the discard ashes in the tray. He lifted the nearly finished stick up again, but paused briefly to smile down at the browned haired mom at his feet. Amie had going for several extended moments now. She was so into what she doing. Her neck craned around to access the underside of his balls again. His cock tingled and hardened at the gesture. She was thorough. In a short time, she had learned pretty well. He finally inhaled and diverted his attention back to the street. A trio of moms – stroller mafias as he called them – were making their way down the sidewalk.

Noticing a disruption between his legs, he looked down. “You stopped,” he said.

“I know, I…” Amie started, hesitantly.

“What? Tell me.”

“It’s just…I want to give you more…” she admitted.

Erik smoked for moment before coolly answering, “Tell me how.”

“I want to fuck you, Erik. Let me ride you, please.” Her legs tingled at the sound of her words.

Calmly exhaling, he said, “Then fuck me. You can have anything you want.” Erik stubbed the last of his cigarette into the crystal tray and then helped her up.

Amie stared at his extended hand for a moment before taking it. Turning around, she prepared herself. She should have been nervous here, but any anxiety she might have had was usurped by the endorphins flooding her being. Carefully, she lowered herself onto his stiff, erect member. Her eyes closed as it roughly pressed into her. Her hands searched for her thighs to steady herself. He responded with his own hands against her thighs.

Gingerly as she could, Amie continued to lower and raise herself on him. It was an uncomfortable ride. She couldn’t get a good ‘hold’ of him. After a few moments, she realized her problem.

“Uhhhh,” she moaned. “You’re so big…I just can’t…”

Erik tapped her body and tactfully moved her petite frame off him. “That’s OK…” he said.

Amie instantly felt dejected. Her eagerness had failed her. She had failed as a sex partner.

“…Luckily your problem isn’t a new one,” he said. Then, Erik sidestepped her and moved into the room. Amie was dumbfounded, wondering what was happening. A moment later, Erik returned, dropping a tube into her hand. As he took a seat, Amie examined the container, needing only a moment to determine her next move.

“All over me and you,” Erik instructed. Amie pushed the gel into her hands and began coating his cock.

“I don’t know why I didn’t think of this myself,” she laughed to herself and him. After shining his mighty member, she moved to covering her own pussy lips.

He smiled back. “You’re just inexperienced. But lucky for you inexperience is solved with experience…and a razor,” he winked.

“Huh?” Amie looked down at herself and realized the scope of his words. But before she could say anything, his hands were on her again. With her modest breasts in his grip, he brought her towards him. “This time from the front so I can take you all in,” he said. Amie lifted her thighs onto him before positioning herself over him and settling down.

“Oooh, that’s much smoother,” Amie moaned. Erik squeezed her chest while she began rocking on top of him.

His manly hands slid down to her hips. Amie was invigorated. To have his studly touch, his manly cock…it was like nothing else she had experienced. And it was all hers.

Then, through the noise, a ringing phone sounded, threatening to interrupt her euphoria. Amie Ankara travesti put no mind to it, but Erik reached her it. With a grin, he slid the screen toward the green receiver.

“Hello…? Oh hey man, what’s up? Dude, talk slower. What happened now? What? He left? No, I seriously have no idea what’s going on…I just got up man.”

Amie could hear the conversation even as she thumped on his lap. On the other side of the phone, Victor sounded frantic. He was stumbling over his words. She couldn’t and didn’t allow herself to be sympathetic, though.

“Your mom? I don’t know. She might be around here somewhere I think.”

Erik panned her eyes up to Amie who pushed up on his broad and bulging shoulders, propelling herself up before sitting back down. She repeated the act, continuing the assault on her hungry pussy.

“I haven’t left my room yet to see. Kind of been that kind of day where you don’t wanna move from where you are, you know, ha. But do you want me to check? She might be doing something, so she’s not picking up. Oh…what luck! She just came to my room, so sweet of her, she brought breakfast for me. Hold on a minute!”

With the phone still in his ear, Erik started suckling her left nipple with suckling noises. He also bit it lightly. “I told your mom brought me milk,” he laughed. “I’m sipping it with a straw…” Erik moved his mouth to start sucking Amie’s right nipple. “Yeah, yeah…I am giving her it now. What’s the rush dude?”

Erik hit the hold button and tilted the phone in her direction. “Idiot Junior wants to talk to you.”

Amie moaned. “I don’t.” Erik licked up her chest and was now biting her neck.

“He can wait, huh?” Erik sneered.

“Uhhh, yes…you can’t, though,” she groaned. Her hands slid around his broad shoulders, steadying herself as she bounced more furiously. She couldn’t help but be amazed with him. He was a specimen. While he is with her, he can talk to her son simultaneously like nothing happened! He was fit, healthy, young, confident, durable – all traits she could see he prided himself on. Erik had put in a lot of work into his body and success. She previously resigned herself to not think about her husband, but the prospect of riding Kurt or even thinking of him as successful or sexy was inconceivable at this point. He didn’t deserve her, and she didn’t deserve a lazy, ugly janitor with no sex drive or sexual ability whatsoever!

“You’re talking to him,” Erik suddenly thrusted the phone to her ear.

“What? Why – oh hi, Victor…” she said into the iPhone. “No no, I’m here, just a little out of breath…”

Erik squeezed her ass cheeks.

“Oooh! Yeah, I thought I’d be a little active today…Yeah, I think Erik loved his breakfast and milk.” She was panting. She wanted to tell Erik to ease up while she talked. She suspected he was being purposely difficult. But she felt a wild sensation inside her when he told Victor about the milk.

“What about your father? I’m not sure what’s happening…”

Erik thrusted hard up into her, catching her off guard yet again. He had such piercing power.

“Ugh, he just told me he had to go into work and left…that’s all I know…ugh, shhh…”

Her eyes closed as she felt the tension building again. She wouldn’t last for much longer.

“No no, I’m fine, Vic…Victor…just cramped up a bit…”

At this point, Amie lost all attention. Victor was babbling about something about wanting them all to get along and ‘needing to be better’. She couldn’t really concentrate with her cunt all stuffed with a very large, nice, stud cock.

“Uh huh…yeah, I’m listening…making each other happy…yeah, that’s important…”

“Do I make you happy?” Erik asked while thrusting deep in her again.

A side of her loved the irony of the situation. The other side – the more dominant impatient side that was currently wrapped up in Erik’s manhood – wondered why Victor was still talking! Her cunt was ready to explode!

“Listen Vic,” she cut him off. “I really have to go…we’ll talk…” And then she hung up.

Instantly, Amie’s muscles tightened up and she unapologetically called into the air. “OH GODDD!!” Erik maintained his hold on her.

When her climax subsided, she collapsed into him. Erik lifted her chin. “That’s it…you took what’s yours…” Then, he pushed his face toward hers, offering the exhausted woman a gentle kiss.

Cradling her as he stood like a hero carrying a damsel, Erik transported the spent woman into the house, Antalya travesti her arms and hair limply dangling down. Nearing the bed, the young muscular man gently deposited the older woman onto the mattress, ensuring her head was nicely nestled in the middle of the fluffy pillow. Smirking, Erik then left her.

Amie woke again some time later. Taking a moment to retrieve her bearings, she identified the spacious master bedroom, but didn’t know how she got here. Her last memory was blanking out on the balcony.

Arching her back and kicking her legs, she looked around the room. Erik was nowhere to be seen. Gingerly as she could, the mom maneuvered her body off the bed. Her steps were staggered. She tried to avoid rubbing her thighs together. “Erik?” she called out.

She exited the room and went back to Victor’s. She first searched for her phone. Running through it, she saw she had five missed calls – all from her son. A wave of guilt moved over. He had left voicemails too. Studying the times of the calls, she slowly moved out of the area and returned to Erik’s room. She debated whether to call Victor back or listen to voicemails and then decide.

Seeing the bathroom door open, she went in that direction. Looking up from the phone, she had located Erik. He was situated in front of the mirror shaving. Still naked. Whatever course of action she might’ve taken was forgotten now. The man turned to her briefly and then went back to his reflection. “Have a good sleep?” he sincerely asked.

“I did. Thank you,” Amie said.

Erik smoothly pulled the razor down his cheek. “No problem.”

Then, feeling bold and aroused, Amie approached him and put her hand on his dick. “No really…thank you,” she rubbed him. His boner had not completely subsided yet!

“I feel terrible, though,” she confessed.

Erik half-laughed. “Why?”

“You didn’t come yet.”

Now, he released a full laugh. “I’m at your whim. Don’t worry about me for now.”

Amie silently pondered that as she continued to pump him in the mirror. It took some minutes to get him hard, but she did it. Still though, she was amazed Erik was any level of erect. “You stayed hard this whole time,” she laughed.

“That’s what happens when you’re a man with stamina. Not used to it, are you, Amie?”

She was not. But she was still skeptical. “You can’t still…go, can you? After we just did it in there?” she questioned.

He nodded. “You better believe it.”

“Really? C’mon…there’s nooo way,” she laughed. “I know I am!!”

“Are you asking for a demonstration? Because I can give you one.”

She shook her head as she casually stroked him. “You’re bluffing.”

“OK then, a bet,” Erik announced, washing his face. “The first one says ‘I want to come now’ loses.” Erik paused for a moment as Amie took in the proposition. Then, he continued. “If I win, I make you look as I want. No excuses, no arguing. If I lose, you can do with me as you want.”

Amie didn’t know how serious Erik was, but she accepted anyways. “OK, fine. Deal.” She was convince that he would come first, after being active all day. She also thought she didn’t have in her to release again. This was just one of Erik’s games – even he couldn’t think he was going to win. He just wanted another go at her!

Erik pressed a towel over his face and then took her hand, raising her up. With the phone in her clutches, Amie followed in behind him as they went back to the bedroom. The young stud positioned her as he wanted on the bed – face down – and parted her short legs. Then mounting the bed, he kneeled on top of them. He wasn’t in yet, but he was moving around quite a bit.

“What are you doing back there?” she giggled. She tried to turn her head but couldn’t see anything.

“Just getting ready,” he said. Amie then felt him finger some lube onto her pussy lips. She cooed at the sensation.

Then, she felt his cock poke her. It slowly and smoothly moved inside her. Then out of her. Emptiness and then fulfillment. And then back to emptiness. She didn’t know if it was part of some game, but it was working. It made her want more when she didn’t have it. While he was inside her, Erik seemed to hit her G-spot. Every thrust was a powerful step toward coming again.

“Oh yes…” she cooed into the pillow. “Like that, Erik…”

The young stud held her hips while steadily grinding into her. He wore a devious grin. “We’re gonna get there again, babe, I’m telling you. You’re not winning either. You just tell me İstanbul travesti when you are done and you want to come.”

Amie moaned. “Mmmm, we’ll see…”

“Not see. Know. And know that there’ll be a lot of this in the future too.”

Amie hazily pondered the thought as he did a number to her. This day was probably the best in her entire life. Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, she felt free. Physically and sexually, she had completely new experiences. They caused her to want more. She was having a stud cock. Hereafter, she would always need a stud cock. She wanted to own him by making him come inside her. Erik told her about owning studs not so long ago. Her thoughts were punctuated by the periodic thrusts she was having from Erik. He was penetrating into her deep, unknown territory. Amie was in a state of euphoria.

Then, the phone rang.

Amie turned her head and saw “Hubby” on the screen.

“Want me to stop?” Erik asked.

Amie forcefully grabbed the device. “NO!!” she slid her finger on the screen and lifted it to her ear. “Hello…? Oh hi, my love!” Amie genuinely smiled into the receiver. With the great feelings between her legs, she could not help but be happy! “Yeah, I’m really sorry about everything today…I didn’t sleep and you know how I get…how is everything at the theatre?”

Her husband went on about the problems at work. She didn’t believe the ‘problems’ before when he told her, but right now though, she didn’t care.

“Oh no, why would they do that?”

For what it was worth, he did sound believable. Amie’s problem before was that he consistently abandoned and overlooked her in favour of his work. At least now he could work as long as he wanted and she didn’t have to seek anything emotional or physical from him.

“Well I’m glad you got it taken care of. You are so good at your job. They need you. You rock, baby, simply rock…”

Amie had never told anyone they ‘rocked’ before. That was new ground for the mid-aged mom. She totally meant it, however, albeit not to the recipient.

“Award? Wow. That must feel so good. You deserve it…”

Kurt had received some award. Amie hadn’t heard the details. Probably years of service or something. Erik leaned into her ear and bit the lobe. “And your award is a stud cock,” he whispered. Amie’s arm reached up and around to his head. She ran her fingers through his hair while also trying to shoo him away. Erik grabbed both of her boobs and started kneading them. The bed was rocking. It smacked the wall. The bedframe rattled too. Erik put his mouth onto her lips and stole a deep kiss. “And this is my award,” he cooed again while rocking inside her

“Noise? I don’t know…it might be the reception…I’m just in the bedroom trying to relax…it’s a creaky bed too…”

Meanwhile Erik retreated back to his position. He firmly pushed her ass cheeks together. He pushed deeper.

“Ouch! Huh? No, I shifted wrong and felt a sharp pain. I’m fine though. You were saying about Victor? Oh yeah, yeah…yeah, he did call. I wasn’t around…did you talk…to him?”

Amie closed her eyes and bit her lip. She did her best to suppress an inevitable moan.

“Yeah, please don’t worry…I’m fine here…right where I am…”

Erik chimed behind her. “So am I.”

“Listen baby…would you mind if I stay here a few weeks? It’s so good here…I need to be here…”

Amie felt her body succumbing. She needed to escape the situation now. And she wanted and needed a release now.

“Mmm…so you don’t mind? Mmm…I love you like you won’t know…thank you…congratulations on the award…gotta go…bye!”

Amie ended the call and threw the phone away. “Finish me, please…” she demanded.

Erik picked up the pace. “He had no idea?”

“Ughh, no, now please…” she moaned. Erik rammed her hard and fast. “I need it…”

“You have to say it…” he taunted.

“Come inside me…please come…” she said finally. Her body tightened in a familiar manner. “I need it…now…”

His spunk filled her before she could out of all her words. Amie pushed her abs off the bed as they shook together in orgasm – Amie with her second time today and Erik with his first. The amount of sperm in her pussy was overwhelming. She didn’t think it was possible. He exactly had more to give! She could feel the cum is oozing out from her pussy into the bed.

Erik pulled out and collapsed onto the bed beside her. He scooped her near and pulled her on top of, keeping the older woman in his arm. Amie nestled her cheek against his sexy and firm pec. She was worn out again. He was caressing her hair. She felt so safe. So safe yet so tired. Her eyes drooped.

“I won the bet by the way,” she then heard.

Amie formed a sleepy smile before passing out. “I know, babe…”

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