Erika’s Toy


Forty year old Daniel caught the eye of the nefarious Erika Reeves the minute he entered the Scottsdale Arizona saloon. Daniel who kept himself in shape with daily workouts on the health club treadmill was exactly what the younger Erica was prowling for.

Erika divorced for two years had hit the alimony jackpot, which allowed the 33 year old redhead plenty of time to keep her body in tip top shape. The reward for her hard work and sweat was an ass and set of legs that would be the pride of any college girl. However, it was her 36D chest that turned the male (And a few female) heads at the local gym. The combination of her physical characteristics with a mane of flaming red hair had afforded Erica the priviledge of getting most anything she desired. And on this particular Friday evening she had set her sights on the unsuspecting Daniel.

Despite the fact that the saloon was quite crowded, Erika was confident that she would soon capture the attention of her intended victim. She was dressed to kill in a very short black cocktail dress. The scoop neckline afforded a generous amount of cleavage, and with her perched on a barstool the hemline was hiked northward of mid-thigh. Her outfit was complimented with a pair of black stiletto pumps that pushed her 5′ 10″ frame to over six feet.

Daniel who had purchased a beer from the circling cocktail waitress was listening to the house band and taking in the sights of the Friday night crowd. His crowd scanning came to an abrupt halt the second his eyes locked on to the redhead at the bar. He imagined and then quickly dismissed the thought that she had made eye contact with him. Women that look like that don’t need to approach men in bars. However, his eyes nearly popped when the young lady crossed her legs and ever so briefly displayed what Daniel would swear wwere the tops of her thigh-high stockings. Not wanting to be caught staring, he redirected his eyes to a television and ESPN baseball highlights.

Erika displayed a sinister smile as she was more than confident that her intended conquest was now hers for the taking.

Daniel was finishing his beer while half-watching a recap of the Dodgers win over the Padres, when the cocktail waitress approached and handed him a beer.

“It’s your lucky day sir. The young lady at the bar bought you a drink.”

After thanking the waitress, Daniel made eye contact with the comely redhead. She smiled seductively and motioned for him to join her.

Daniel took a seat next to Erika and thanked her for the beer. The two exchanged the usual small talk shared by strangers who have just met. However, it was Erika who took the conversation to the next level.

“Let’s cut through the b.s. shall we? I find you very attractive and I would love getting to know you in a physical sense,” cooed the femme fatale as she placed her hand on the inside of Daniel’s thigh. She casually brushed her hand over his groin which was now becoming quite rigid.

After a few more minutes of playful flirting, Daniel excused himself to visit the men’s room. This gave Erika the opportunity she had been waiting for. She reached into her purse and retrieved a small vial of clear liquid. Making sure that no one was watching, she emptied the contents of the vial into Daniel’s beer.

After Daniel had returned from the bathroom his sexy companion leaned in close, gave him a brief kiss on the mouth, and looking into his eyes breathed, “Why don’t you finish that drink and we can go somewhere a little more intimate.”

The horny young man quickly downed the remainder of his beer and the two left the bar together.

Walking through the crowded parking lot Erika took Daniel by the arm, “I know a place that is very quiet and we won’t be disturbed!” She motioned Daniel towards her Mercedes and exclaimed, “I’ll drive.”

As Erika hopped into the driver seat her short dress was hiked-up rewarding her victim with a generous view of her legs. This time he definitely spyed a glance at the tops of her sexy thigh-highs.

Shortly after Erika’s car left the parking lot Daniel suddenly got light-headed and felt a warm sensation in his arms and legs. Looking concerned, Erika asked him if he felt o.k.

“I don’t know. I feel kind of dizzy.”

Confident that Daniel was sufficiently sedated, Erika pulled her Mercedes into the deserted parking lot of a supermarket that had closed for the evening. She turned off the car and pressed the button causing the passenger seat to recline. Daniel now realizing that something was not right, made an attempt to get up. Erika pushed the groggy man back onto the seat. She exited the car, walked around to the passenger side and then opened the passenger door. The athletic redhead climbed in and easily overpowered the struggling man. Daniel tried to move his weakened arms but they were effectively pinned by Erika’s powerful porno legs. The redheaded amazon reached into her purse and produced a bottle and sponge. While keeping Daniel pinned to the seat, she opened the bottle and soaked the sponge with an ample dose of chloroform.

Relishing her power over the young man, Erika cooed: “Just relax sweetie. Time for my little baby boy to go beddy bye!”

She leaned over the helpless man providing him a courtesy view of her boobs and gave him a more than brief kiss on the lips. She next placed the sponge over his nose and mouth. He put up a brief struggle but the cunning puma held the sponge firmly in place.

“That’s it baby. Go to sleep.”

Erika smirked as Daniel’s eyes fluttered and then closed. Underneath her bottom she could tell that Daniel was still sporting an erection. She reached between his legs and gave him a playful squeeze.

“Not right now honey! But we have plenty of time to put that to good use!” laughed the redhead to her slumbering captive.

Erika slid back into the driver seat and sped off into the night.

Daniel’s eyes slowly opened. He quickly realized that he was in bed, however it was not his bed. Attempting to sit up he became instantly aware that his arms were tethered to the bed with leather cuffs. The cords attached to the cuffs were just long enough to provide the man some movement, but not enough for him to have any chance at escape. Daniel was also aware that whomever had tied him to this strange bed had also stripped him completely naked.

The angry and frustrated man struggled with his restraints and hollered, “What in the hell is going on here!”

Daniel let out a gasp when his eyes caught site of the tall sexy woman as she strutted into the bedroom. She had exchanged the short cocktail dress and stockings for a see-through lavender night gown. Her large round boobs jiggled rythmically under the sheer material. The hemline of the nighty was so short that Daniel could almost see the treasure hidden between her thighs.

The hardbodied sexpot smiled seductively: “Well isn’t that cute. My baby boy has awakened from his nap!”

Observing Daniel as he tested his bonds, the amused Erika giggled: “Struggle all you want baby doll! But I can assure you that those knots are quite secure.”

The taunting beauty looked over the trussed Daniel with satisfaction. Her revealing attire had provided its intended effect on her helpless prisoner. Contrary to his apparent displeasure with having a woman tie him up, he was sporting a raging hard-on.

Erika sat down on the bed and reached between his thighs. She cupped his balls in the palm of her hand. She cooed: “Well looky here, my baby is getting himself all excited!”

Erika was relishing her position of dominance over her bedroom companion. She placed her knees on either side of the prone Daniel and lowered herself onto his midsection. Daniel could feel the dampness from her warm hairless vagina as it pressed against his stomach. Erika pushed herself backwards until she had trapped Daniel’s erect penis between the globes of her firm ass. She gripped each of his wrists, leaned forward and pressed her lips firmly onto Daniel’s mouth. Erika’s probing tongue met little resistance from her bound lover. Despite the embarassment of being tied to a bed, Daniel found himself giving in to the sexually agressive woman.

As Erika forcefully kissed Daniel’s mouth and neck she tightened her ass cheeks and massaged the topside of his rigid cock. She could feel the sticky presence of pre-cum slowly leaking from his excited penis.

She broke their kiss long enough to chortle: “Is all the excitement getting to be too much for my little baby? Be careful, baby boys get punished when they cum without permission!”

Erika’s taunts had struck a nerve deep inside her prisoner. His face flushed red with embarrassment as he struggled with the young woman and loudly demanded to be untied. His sudden outburst earned him a hard slap across the face.

Erika’s demeaner changed from playful to stern. She raised herself onto her knees and gripped Daniel’s face with her thumb and index finger: “It looks like the baby boy needs to be taught how to behave!”

The tall redhead climbed off the bed and retrieved a set of leather ankle restraints, an old scarf, and a pair of black panties from the nightstand.

Erika gripped the panties and strattled her bound slave: “Open wide baby boy!”

Daniel kept his mouth shut and shook his head. Erika slapped him again across his left cheek followed by a backhand across his right: “Don’t make me tell you again! Open your mouth!”

Daniel meekly complied and Erika stuffed the panties into his mouth and secured them with the scarf. She patted his cheek and smiled triumphantly down at him: “Now that’s a good little puppy dog.”

Unlike the anime porno cuffs securing Daniel’s arms, the ankle restraints were tethered together with a very short chain. Erika quickly buckled the leg cuffs around each of Daniel’s ankles. With his legs now securely tied together Erika settled herself onto Daniel’s chest and went to work on his arms.

She unbuckled his left wrist and warned: “Don’t even think of giving me any trouble or your punishment will be double!”

She firmly grasped his left arm and rolled him onto his stomach. Now perched on his back Erika unbuckled his right wrist and quickly reattached the cuff to his left wrist. Daniel offered no resistance as she rebuckled his right arm to the opposite side of the bed.

Erika padded over to the dresser and removed a thin leather belt from the top drawer. She returned to the bed holding the looped belt and snapped it menacingly at her male slave.

Erika positioned herself on top of Daniel’s back facing his vulnerable backside. She gently caressed his ass cheeks until she felt that he was sufficiently relaxed. Tightly gripping both ends of the belt in her right hand Erika cocked her arm and delivered a painful stroke across Daniel’s butt. The blow caught Daniel by surprise but his yelp was muffled by the panties Erika had gagged him with.

The leggy redhead continued her assault on Daniel’s ass emphasizing the whipping with a list of her commands.


“You will do any and everything demanded of you from a woman!”


“You will only address me as Mistress Erika!


“Your penis is only for my sexual pleasure!”


“You are my pussy prisoner!”


“You will never cum without my permission!”

The spanking went on and on until Daniel’s butt had been completely decorated with welts and bruises.

Daniel winced into the panty-gag as Erika rubbed some lotion onto his blistered backside.

The redhead cooed: “It’s a shame the baby boy had to be disiplined. Has he learned his proper place in the bedroom?”

Not wanting to incur a second spanking, Daniel enthusiastically shook his head in the affirmative.

Erika smiled with satisfaction and gently patted Daniel’s bottom: “That’s a good slave boy.”

Daniel offered his dominant lover no resistance as she unbuckled his wrist cuffs and then secured his arms back to the original position with him lying on his back. She next released his ankle cuffs and removed his gag.

Once again Erika settled herself on top of her helpless lover: “Shall we continue where we left off?”

The man submissivly replied, “Yes.”

Erika delivered another hard slap across his face. Daniel suddenly recalled Erika’s command as she had applied one of the welts to his butt.

He immediatly corrected himself: “Yes Mistress Erika!”

Erika smiled: “That’s better baby boy!”

Having tied-up and whipped a grown man had sexually super-charged the dominant lass. She positioned herself with her knees on either side of Daniel’s face. He found himself looking upward at her Brazilian waxed crotch, unaware of how wet she had gotten from beating his ass with a belt. However, he became very much aware when she grabbed him by the hair and pressed her pussy onto his mouth.

With a defeated male trapped between her powerful thighs, the aroused Erika rubbed her crotch against Daniel’s mouth forcing his tongue deeper into the folds of her pussy. Daniel fully aware of what awaited him if he failed to please the fiery redhead dutifully massaged every crevice of her crotch. He knew he had found her magic pleasure button when her breathing shortened and the muscles in her thighs began to tighten.

Erika’s athletic legs squeezed Daniel’s head like a vise as she reached her first of several orgasms sending waves of pleasure spasming throughout her body.

Being used as a human sex toy by the insatiable Erika left Daniel with an aching jaw and a face reeking of her feminine scent.

After regaining her composure the sexy Erika repeated her earlier procedure for tying Daniel in a facedown position. Only this time she removed the short chain that tethered the two ankle cuffs and instead used some cord to tie his legs to opposite corners of the bed effectively putting him into a spread eagle position. Erika shoved three pillows underneath her prone sex partner forcing his bruised and vulverable ass into the air. Erika briefly left the room leaving Daniel to ponder as to what she was planning to do to him next.

His curiosity was satisfied when she returned with a harness and dildo buckled to her shapely hips.

Erika flashed a nefarious smile: “I know you left that nightclub with the anticipation of me fucking you!”

A terrified Daniel started to buck and protest what Erika was planning. arap porno She quickly quieted him by pinching his nose and once again gagging him with her panties.

Erika retrieved a jar of vaseline from the nightstand and applied a liberal amount of lubrication to the rubber cock protruding from her crotch.

Erika proudly modeled her attire for her bound captive: “Just relax baby boy and let Erika take your virginity!”

She smiled and added: “Either willingly or forcefully, I’m going to take your cherry!”

The dominant redhead positioned herself behind Daniel’s elevated backside and gently pushed the dildo into his virgin anus. Erika took her time making repeated entries with the dildo, going a little deeper with each thrust. Daniel could only moan helplessly into the panties as he succumbed to Erika and her rubber penis.

Erika sensing his surrender instictively increased the rythm pumping the dildo in and out of his now sexually experienced ass. She forced her right hand underneath her sexual conquest and was delighted to learn that he was fully erect.

Erika made use of the remaining vaseline on the palm of her hand and began to massage Daniel’s cock with her slippery fingers. The combination of the dildo tickling his prostate and Erika’s handjob proved to be too much for Daniel as he exploded with a mind blowing climax spurting waves of cum onto the pillow.

Erika removed the strap-on from Daniel’s butt. Allowing him no time to recover from his orgasm she was quick to point out that he had violated her rule of cumming without her permission. She took the panties from his mouth and used them to wipe the semen from the pillow case and her fingers. She once again pinched his nose and returned the now soiled panties back where she had found them.

While Daniel was forced to taste his own seed Erika rewarded her disobediant lover with another painful spanking with her leather belt.

Erika stood up and left the defeated man to contemplate everything that she had done to him.

Erika returned still wearing the lavender nighty. She was carrying a glass of orange juice for her exausted sex slave.

She removed the soiled panties from his mouth and said: “Drink this sweetie.”

She held the glass to his mouth and he quickly downed the refreshing drink.

Erika again left the room and within a few minutes Daniel began to feel light-headed, much like he did earlier in Erika’s car.

When Erika returned she had exchanged her night gown for a pair of white shorts and a matching tank top. The nipples protruding from the top left no doubt that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Seeing that Daniel was under the influence of the sedative she unbuckled the leg restraints freeing his lower extremities.

She looked down at the sleepy man and produced a purple satin thong: “Did my baby boy get too excited and cum all over himself! Don’t worry, I wouldn’t think of sending you home without a clean diaper!”

The drugged Daniel could offer no resistance as Erika threaded his feet through the leg holes of the soft female undergarment. She guided the panties up his legs and made sure the thong fit snuggly between his ass cheeks.

An amused Erika snickered: “Now you know how women feel wearing these things!”

Erika unbuckled Daniel’s wrist cuffs. She helped her groggy slave wearing nothing but the purple thong to stand up. She walked him though the house out to the garage. She opened the passenger door of her Mercedes and helped him on to the still reclining passenger seat.

Settling into the driver’s seat Erika retrieved the sponge she had earlier used to knockout her captive. She once again opened the bottle of chloroform and soaked the sponge.

Erika leaned accross the console and gave Daniel a passionate kiss on the mouth.

Finishing the kiss Erika looked down and smirked at the weakened but still conscious man: “My little sex toy has had a big night! But it is way past baby’s bedtime and he needs to go to sleep!”

Erika forced the sponge onto his nose and mouth. The anticeptic odor triggered a brief struggle from Daniel, but he quickly succumed to the fumes and closed his eyes.

Erika removed the sponge and kissed her sleeping lover: “Dream of me baby boy!”

Erika started her car, double-checked the address she had copied from Daniel’s driver license, and backed from her garage into the still dark early morning.

Daniel opened his eyes and found himself in the familiar confines of his own bed. Not sure if the events from the previous evening had somehow been a vivid dream, he rolled onto his back only to experience a seering pain across his ass cheeks. He lept from his bed to inspect the damage that crazy bitch had done to his backside. Looking back from the bathroom mirror was a man wearing a purple thong and sporting thighs and ass cheeks that were various shades of black and blue. While checking his wounds Daniel noticed a silver tag clipped to the rear waste band of his frilly panties.

He removed the panties and read the engraving on the tag: “Property of Mistress Erika”