It had been a shitty day. Erin Meyer stepped into the door of her cheap New York apartment and let it shut behind her so she could lean back against it. She closed her eyes and tried to shed the concerns of her day. Dealing with the worst of the worst of inner-city New York teenagers would have been a rough assignment for a veteran teacher. It was even worse for a fresh-out-of-college twenty-four-year-old.

Still, she was nearly four months into the school year and she usually felt like she was making strides, or at least baby steps, in educating those whom the system deemed unteachable.

Days like today got to her, though. Watching one of your students get led away in handcuffs was never easy. She’d quietly asked what he’d done, where none of the students could hear. Drive-by, they’d old her. Two brave eyewitnesses had fingered Hakim “Baby H” Jackson as the shooter. Worse yet, two people had died in the shooting. The D.A. had already said it: capital murder. That meant the death penalty. Erin sighed. Good-bye, Baby H.

Erin pulled herself away from the door and stripped off her coat, scarf, and gloves. She walked into her bedroom and took off her class ring, earrings, and necklace. Her sweater went over her head next, then the tank-top she’d worn under it. She took off her skirt and slipped down her hose. She stepped into the cramped bathroom and started the tap. She unhooked her bra and slid off her panties while the water heated. Her fingers worked busily at the bun on the back of her head. It came apart and she took the time to study herself in the mirror.

She was just over five feet tall and … hefty, she thought. Yeah, that was a good word for it. Rubenesque, that was another one. Fat, that’s the one the kids in school had used to devastating effect to her feelings. So, she’d been the fat chick who wore shapeless, comfy clothes and glasses and never took her eyes off the floor. She had never been given the opportunity to blossom there. She looked back on those years with a mixture of anger and regret. Her red hair she’d kept straight and tied back in those days. Her devastating green eyes had been denied by gold-rimmed glasses. Now, she took her contacts out and stepped into the bathroom. She tested the water with her hand and plugged the drain.

She sat down and emptied her bladder. She grinned at the humor that brought to her mind. Filling the tub always made her need to go. When it was full, she turned off the tap and settled herself into the hot water. She luxuriated as the hot Casibom water and steam loosened the muscles of her back and neck. She closed her eyes and thought about her last vacation, the beach of Cozumel, the fun in the hotel room. Chris would be home soon.

Erin slid her right hand between her legs, letting the heel of her hand rest on her pubic mound. She slid her fingertips through the silky red hair of her mons. She separated her labia and fondled her nub. Thinking about Chris’ tongue and fingers, she rubbed it as it stiffened under her index finger. She stifled a moan as it came erect. Her left hand came out of the water and cupped her huge left breast. The nipple already stood at attention and she traced her finger around the pink aureole. The little bumps around her nipple also stood. This time the moan came out at full voice.

Her left hand slipped down under her right and she slipped a finger into her opening. She began to work it in and out of herself, pistoning the finger before coupling it with a second. She increased the tempo as she caressed the hood of her clitoris with her left. She felt herself approaching orgasm and slid a finger under the hood, contacting her buzzing nub with a fingertip. She bucked her hips in the water as she slipped a third finger in along with the first two. She continued to thrust them into her open vagina and squeezed her clitoris with her fingertips. She stuffed her fingers in as deep as possible as her orgasm crashed over her.

Her moan was almost a scream. Her vaginal muscles clenched tight around her fingers. She squeezed her clit as long as she could stand it, then let go. The relief from her throbbing bud was almost as powerful as her orgasm. She kept the fingers stuffed in while her body came down. Finally, she pulled them out and picked up the soap. She smiled, tired from the long day and now relaxed from a powerful come. She dipped a washrag into the water and began to lather it up.

Now, she was dressed in sweats and still waiting for Chris’ arrival home. The network news was on when the door opened. Chris strode in and dropped an attaché case on the floor by the door as it closed.

Erin stood and stepped in front, giving her lover a long, deep kiss. Chris’ hand slipped up and grasped Erin’s right breast. The nipple poked Chris’ palm, as hard and ready as Erin’s vagina moistened against her panties. Erin reached up and took Chris’ hand, leading the way to the bedroom before the taller blonde had a chance to even take off her coat.

Chris’ Casibom Giriş coat and jacket found themselves stripped away by the aggressive Erin. Her blouse and bra followed, along with Erin’s sweat top. The two women kissed each other deeply before Erin closed her lips around her partner’s more diminutive breast. The blonde woman’s moan was deep and intense. Erin’s fingers found the closure and zipper at the waist of Chris’ skirt. She released them and let the garment fall to the floor before sliding her hands into Chris’ panties. She squeezed Chris’ skinny behind with both hands before pushing panties and hose down. Chris assisted her by lifting each leg in turn to let her lover remove them. Erin stopped suckling Chris’ small breast and took a step back, admiring the thin frame of her love.

Chris, however, wanted her now. She reached out and pushed down Erin’s sweatpants and panties in one fell swoop. Now, both women were naked and aroused. Erin pushed Chris down onto the bed and straddled her. Their lips et and their tongues tangled between their mouths. Erin felt Chris’ hard nipples against her own breasts. She pushed herself up and smiled down at the thin blonde. Erin’s swollen clit pressed against Chris’ pubic bone. She humped her hips at her smaller lover before lifting up and sliding down between Chris’ athletic legs. Her tongue fondled her lover’s labia, pressing between the swollen lips to the moisture beneath. Chris’ moan enticed her higher and she found her girlfriend’s clitoris, stiff against her lips.

Erin closed her lips around Chris’ clitoris and let the tip of her tongue play around it. Chris’ hand slid through Erin’s red hair and Erin increased the pressure and the tempo. Erin’s hand found the dildo she’d laid on the bed after her bath. She slipped it into Chris’ dripping opening. She pushed it all the way in, hard. Chris bucked her narrow hips against the thin intruder. The breath rushed out of her as the first waves of orgasm hit. Erin quickly moved atop her again and pushed her tongue into Chris’ mouth. Chris sucked the tongue in, tasting herself on Erin’s lips. Chris’ cry of pleasure as the orgasm built was muffled by Erin’s mouth. Erin twisted the dildo as she pulled it out and felt Chris’ body try and hold onto it. Instead, she pulled it all the way out before slamming it back in. Their tongues continued to twist together as she continued with the thrusting of their toy. Chris was lost in the world of pleasure when her orgasm hit. She gripped Erin’s hand, Casibom Güncel Giriş holding the dildo as far into herself as she could get it. Her vaginal muscles squeezed it as she came. Erin held herself up, watching the changes on Chris’ pretty face as she came down from the high.

Chris opened her eyes, still breathing heavily, and pulled Erin’s face back down to hers. Chris slid her finger into her lover’s opening and grinned when she found Erin as wet as she was. “Mount me,” she said softly.

Erin smiled as she pushed herself up and shifted her hips up the bed, straddling Chris’ face. Chris’ tongue pushed into her as she gripped Erin’s butt and held her there. She pressed her lips against Erin’s labia, continuing to screw Erin with her tongue. Erin bucked her hips up and down on Chris’ face. Erin bent forward, allowing Chris to focus her mouth on her clit. Chris, meanwhile, found the second dildo. This one was much bigger than the other, and Chris worked it into Erin’s slit. It took a couple of strokes before Erin’s vagina could accommodate the large toy. Chris pushed a finger against her anus as she slowly stroked the big plastic penis in and out of her. Her tongue continued to flick over her lover’s bud.

Erin rested her head on her folded arms as she pushed back against the intrusion in her dripping snatch and the pressure on her butthole. She took Chris’ thumb as deep as she could tolerate, just enough to spread her open. The real joy came from the big fake prick that violated her. She felt its rough sides tugging at the sides of her slit. The orgasm started as a tightness in the back of her throat.

She felt it coming like a tidal wave. She started to push back harder against the dildo and felt Chris’ thumb sliding deeper up her butt. She squeezed her sphincter to let Chris know that was enough and continued to ride the dildo as Chris focused her attention on her lover’s clit. Erin’s head came up and she moaned deeply. That brought up a scream of pure joy as the orgasm hit. With timing that proved their long relationship, Chris yanked the dildo out in time to get splashed with a generous burst from Erin’s vagina. The fluid splashed over her throat and breasts. More gushed into her mouth as the orgasm subsided.

Erin finally gathered enough energy to lift herself up and slide back down next to Chris. She flicked her tongue over the wet spots she left on her lover. They settled down and kissed deeply. A few minutes of lovely kissing later, Chris slipped away from Erin and got up to clean herself before putting on her own sweats. “I love you,” she said before exiting the bedroom to start dinner.

Erin listened to her bustling in the bathroom, then the kitchen, and smiled. Yeah, she thought, it turned out to be a good day after all.