Erotic Mud Battle Ch. 02


Andy had beaten me fair and square. But I now faced 3 very horny clay covered guys sliding towards me as I lay in the mud totally spent. Before I could ask what was going on Andy had gripped my ankles and pulled me a short distance on my back.

My legs were raised up and Andy’s hard cock was thrust between my feet. The other two guys slid either side of me and took my wrists forcing my hands on to their cocks.

“Hang on!” I thought.

“What the hell is going on here?” I tried to reason with myself. This hadn’t been discussed. I hadn’t considered it would even be an option.

I was a little shocked at this turn of events but then a familiar wave came over me.

“Oh my god!” I thought, coming to terms with what I was doing.

“This is so fucking hot!” I concluded.

Andy had control of my legs which was good as I was concentrating on the two handfuls I had.

The shaft between my feet was sliding through easily, the balls bouncing against my heels. The cocks in my hands were large and really hard and I made sure my hand slid the whole length, lubricated by the smooth clay.

I still couldn’t quite believe what I was doing. I’d never imagined this happening to me.

I also couldn’t believe that my aching cock was getting hard again. From then on I didn’t think of what I was doing I just did it. I was sinking back into inhibition and willing depravity.

Each hand scooped clay and smeared it over the balls and cock that now sat at my mercy, my hands clamping around each muscle and continuing the massage.

The groans and sighs confirmed I was doing things right.

I looked up at Andy who was clearly enjoying fucking my feet. His gaze fixed on what I was doing to his buddies. He winked his approval and thrust harder.

After a few minutes my legs dropped into the clay. I startled me slightly and looked up to see Andy straddling my thighs and sliding up them. His balls reached mine and my body tensed as he grabbed my still sensitive cock in the same hand as his own.

Both our cocks were in his hand and being rubbed together. I watched as long as my neck muscles would allow before my head sank back into the clay, the rhythm of my hands subconsciously matching that of Andy’s.

My wrists were starting to ache and my gerçek porno arm muscles were starting to wane.

How long could they go for? Surely they would be finishing pretty soon after the display they had just witnessed.

I looked up again. The sight of my cock being wanked in the same handful as Andy’s was blowing my mind. It felt amazing and looked stunning. All around me were sounds of groans, gasps and the sound of squelching clay.

I was losing it badly. I began to masturbate the two cocks faster. Sometimes one would slip from my grasp but both were spattering my already clay smothered face with globs of mud.

Andy slid off my legs and I missed the pleasure I was just getting used to.

My hands slid of the cocks as I was hauled on to my knees and quickly surrounded. Without thinking I grasped two of the three cocks that were vying for my attention. All three were inches from my face but Andy stood in front of me stroking his own shaft.

I moved my head forward and wrapped my lips around his cock for the second time that day. His hand fell away and he inched forward. The other two suddenly moved in, their cocks touching my face.

I left Andy’s and turned my head to the left, taking the next one in my mouth. Spitting the clay and returning to pleasure its owner. I felt like a slut. I loved the attention and didn’t give a damn about anything else at that moment.

Then to I turned to the right and repeating my previous actions. I took each one in turn, in my mouth and my hands. Eventually losing who was who. One of them suddenly moved away but I continued to pleasure the other two.

My hands were suddenly grabbed and forced behind me. They were then bound at the wrist with what I later learned to be a discarded pair of speedos.

Then my face was suddenly overrun with cock. My face was being slapped and probed by hard cock muscle.

I almost felt I was being drowned in clay covered cock. I bent my knees slightly as they tried to straddle my shoulders. I was sure they couldn’t get any closer if they tried. My eyes stayed closed and my forehead, my cheeks, lips, nose and even my hair were subjected to cock slaps, rubbing and wanking.

“Yeah!” I managed to gasp before one of those probing cocks gay porno slid into my mouth.

I took to it immediately, sucking its length. Then it withdrew and another was roughly pushed in. It continued as I fought for breath. It probably felt less violent than it would’ve looked. At times I could open my eyes but I was going on what my mind was imagining.

My own cock was raging and begging for something but I had had my turn and would have to wait until the other three unleashed their loads.

I was allowed to concentrate on sucking one cock as I started to feel hands all over my body. Clay was being smoothed and splattered on me. My mind was partially tracking the quick sliding movements of what felt like so many hands.

They slid over my chest, abdomen and then my balls and my cock. It was grasped as I’d hoped and wanked quickly as more hands made their way down my back. My ass was slapped with what felt like a handful of clay before it moved and slipped between my legs.

I parted my knees slightly allowing access and giving permission. The hand probed between my ass cheeks, grabbing at my balls before moving back and teasing my hole. My mind whirred away, not being able to think or concentrate on any one thing.

Did I want something to happen or didn’t I? Without thinking I moved my ass back against the hand inviting it. My body suddenly tensed up as a finger penetrated my ass. This was my first time and certainly a difficult mix of sensations to describe.

My sucking slowed to a stop to accommodate this new sensation. Anal sex was a big no from me but this began to feel good. This was a huge moment and one that I would later explore more in this arena. It opened a lot of doors for future matches and was a turning point I would never regret taking giving me more stories to tell.

I relaxed as I realized the finger wasn’t going too deep. I quickly took up sucking the cock I’d rejected and for a while enjoyed all three sensations, my cock, my ass and my mouth.

Having been molested and happily violated by so many hands, their attention returned to my face.

Again, they stood around me abusing my face with their cocks. I sucked at their request, my mouth being moved from one to the other in no particular evli porno order. I occasionally opened my eyes to take in the sights so that I could replay it in my mind at any time in the future.

My head was suddenly pulled back by my hair. The cock I was sucking fell free from my mouth.

“Oh fuck!” was all I heard as something liquid splattered across my face twice, the second time across my open mouth. My taste buds could only just make out the slightly salty taste thanks to the clay that obviously coated my tongue.

One of my hands had almost totally slipped from its binding but I insisted on keeping it behind my back. I wanted to feel helpless and bound against the two remaining cocks.

My mouth quickly found one of the still loaded cocks. It was throbbing hard in my mouth and being pushed harder as I sucked. It was pulled from my lips just before another splattering of cum hit my face, then another.

Before I could take the last cock in my mouth, a familiar groan was heard and my face took another load, this time a heavy one.

I drew breath as my face felt heavy with clay and cum. I stayed motionless unsure of what was next. Then they came together again. My face a meeting ground for three cocks that this time, gently rubbed and probed my skin. Entering my mouth slowly as the sucking and rubbing came to a halt.

I fell back into the soft clay. Exhausted but with one thing left to do.

I wrapped my hand around my own cock and lay there in the mud until I had shot another load to a round of applause from the three onlookers.

I was totally exhausted and declined to go first and clean up. I must have laid there a good fifthteen to twenty minutes as the others started cleaning up and eventually showering.

After the immense clean-up operation we gathered in the living room and all expressed how much we had enjoyed the afternoon and recapping on certain events, Andy and myself being praised for such great entertainment which I took great pleasure in receiving.

We said our goodbyes at various points and on my way home my mind started to process the events of the afternoon. The possibilities came flooding in. Wrestling didn’t have to stop at mud. Oil and food were keenly talked about. Anal sex in matches was now a possibility for me and would allow for some very interesting and specific matches.

Some of those possibilities I have now experienced, others are awaiting fulfillment. Others are a wild fantasy that will never happen, but that’s what story telling is all about.

Isn’t it?