Escapades of Eva Ch. 22


He ran the tip of his tongue along his upper lip to indicate that he wanted to taste his Submissive. At the same time he fondled her naked cunt. When Mistress Fran’s slaves had uncuffed Eva Sir Dan thanked them and gave Fran a big hug. “Thanks pal,” he said, ” I owe you one.” Then he wrapped his blanket around Eva and said good night to several friends as he made his way back to the coatroom. When Eva had dressed Sir put her in the car and headed home.

Eva sat close to her Sir on the way home. She leaned her head on his shoulder and he lifted his arm and put it around her as he quickly kissed her forehead. They drove in silence for a while. And then Eva asked, “Sir would you like to come to my place tonight and let me show you what a good time I had?”

“Oh, don’t worry pet. I will use you well tonight. But you are not going home,” He chuckled and squeezed her a little tighter. She looked at him a little perplexed, but she stayed silent. She trusted that he knew what he was doing.

Ten minutes later they arrived at his apartment. Sir Dan walked her to the door and once they were inside he said, “Take those clothes off pet. And, remember you are to wear no clothing when we are together unless I tell you otherwise.”

“Yes Sir,” she said as she removed her clothing and left it folded neatly next to the door. She was glad to see that true to his efficient nature her Sir’s apartment was neat and clean. She was thrilled to finally see his apartment. She felt like he had at last really accepted her as his.

Eva asked him if she could fix him a drink. He told her to fix them both a soda and a couple of sandwiches each while he took his bath. “I am starving my pet, and I know you must be. Also look in the freezer and get us some ice cream. We are going to need our strength to finish this night,” he chuckled as he gave her a mischievous wink. He told her where the kitchen was porno indir and said that she should stay there until he returned. Once they had finished eating Sir Dan pulled out a long strip of cloth and ordered her to turn around. He blindfolded her and holding her hand he led her into another room.

Eva felt a little thrill of fear as she let him lead her into unknown territory. She felt Sir lead her around a corner and he sat her on what seemed to be a bed. He moved her farther up on the bed and tied her hands above her head with her arms spread out wide on either side. Then he said, “Pet I am going to fuck you every way possible tonight. You have been a good girl and I am proud of you. You have obeyed my every wish and you have done it gracefully and well. Tonight you gave me your naked cunt and you became known as Mine when that happened. Now I am going to claim my right to use you as I wish. And fucking you good and hard is what I wish. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir,” Eva said with a big grin on her face. “Thank you Sir.”

At that point Eva felt Sir’s fingers at her cunt. He had spread her legs open wide and she could feel his breath at her cunt. He stuck a finger into her cunt discovering that it was wet and slick already. He slid his finger in and out then he slid it up to her clit. He circled her clit with his fingertip for a moment. The next thing she felt was him spreading her bare pussy open wide with both of his hands. Then she felt his tongue slide right on to her clit. He worked his soft tongue around and around her clit, flicking it now and then. At the same time he slid a couple of fingers into her cunt. He licked her smooth pussy up and down and all around her clit as he played with her cunt. Occasionally he would suck her clit between his teeth and nibble a little on it. Eva was wild with passion at this point.

Then Sir licked rokettube all around her pussy mound and everywhere there had been hair. He seemed to love the new bare cunt. As she laid there, his helpless victim, he licked and nibbled as he shoved his fingers in and out. He pulled his fingers out and slid his tongue all around the edges of her labia and as far as he could up into her cunt. Eva moaned loudly and began to twist her head from side to side in ecstasy. He slid his tongue up and down the slit and all the way down to her ass.

“Oh Sir,” she gasped as she felt his warm tongue at her ass for the first time. She felt him pull the cheeks of her ass open at the same time that he licked her little rosebud asshole. He licked her from her ass hole all the way to her clit and back again over and over. He only stopped long enough to run his tongue around her clit or her hole.

Finally, he shoved his fingers back into her pussy and centered his tongue on her clit. He ran his soft hot tongue around and around her clit. He slammed his fingers in and out of her pussy until he felt her cunt muscles tighten. Lifting his head for just a second he ordered, “Cum Now slut.” He quickly returned to her clit and sucked it into his mouth. As he held her clit between his teeth he flicked it back and forth with his tongue fast and furiously. She was starting to buck and moan. As she whimpered and cried out he shoved his fingers all the way into her cunt hard and continued to flick her clit with his tongue. He had to hold onto her leg with his free hand as she started to buck against him. Just then he felt her spasms begin and she humped his face crying out as her hot cum began to flow down her cunt. He licked and licked and shoved his fingers into her harder as he rode her bucking body until she finally let out one last spasm and the last of her cum.

Sir Dan seks filmi did not wait for her to calm down. She felt him move his body up until he had straddled her stomach. Being blindfolded had her in a frenzy of lust and the sensations were the most intense she had ever felt. She felt him grab her large titties and he shoved his rock hard cock in between them. He fucked her titties for a while squeezing her soft flesh around his cock as tightly as he could. She loved how it felt to have him pinching and squeezing her tits. She also loved the contrast of feeling the warmth of her big soft titties against the hard hot flesh of his cock as he slid it back and forth while he squeezed her sides tight with his legs.

He fucked her titties for a long while and then she felt him jump up on the bed, straddling her head with his feet. The next thing she knew she felt the head of his cock at her lips. “Suck me whore,” he growled. Unable to see with the blindfold Eva could only open her mouth. When she did Sir slid his cock onto her soft hot tongue. He fucked her mouth in and out as he moaned with delight at how good it felt. She had her mouth full of his hard flesh as she laid there with her hands bound and unable to move them to help her Dom. She had to let him shove his cock in and out of her mouth however he liked. He pumped it in and out of her as she sucked him. He pounded her face as his cock slid in and out filling her mouth. Occasionally, he would shove it into the back of her throat making her gag a little. Over and over he fucked and Eva sucked and sucked until she felt his hard rod start to twitch. Then she felt it get hard and she felt his cum burst in her mouth. He came and came until she sucked up the last drop. Then she felt him move down on the bed and he collapsed on top of her.

“Thank you Sir,” she cooed, “That was wonderful.”

“Oh never fear my little cum slut,” he gasped as he caught his breath. “After all that I watched you do tonight, you don’t possibly think I am going to stop there do you?” With that Eva felt Sir Dan’s mouth cover her large nipple and he bit down just hard enough to make her cry out. “I told you I will use you well tonight my pet.”