Escapades of Eva Ch. 89

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As Master D’s men pulled Sir Randy’s three stunning slaves squealing and kicking from beyond the stage curtain Sir Dave brought the lights up a bit. The girls were trying their best to pull away from the strange men who had captured them, and they were literally being dragged along the stage floor on their bare feet.

But, then they saw Sir Randy, who had moved to the front of the stage area and was standing in that serious Dominant pose with his feet spread and his arms across his chest. When they saw the famous raised eyebrow, that all Doms seemed to be born with, they all dropped to their knees in perfect pleasure slave position. And, since they were all in the middle of the bare stage Master D’s men let them go and they faced their Master with lowered submissive eyes.

“So, Randy have you been holding out on us?” Master D asked as he circled the beautiful slaves with an appraising eye. “Were you going to keep them all for yourself?”

“Why not at all D, after all they are all mine already. I was just saving them as the piece de resistance. I was waiting until you were finished with your delightful captives. Why? Would you like to bid on them?”

“Whoa, wait a minute you two. I saw one of these lovelies earlier that I want a chance to bid on,” said Sir Dan as he walked from across the room. Excited, Eva was at full attention to see which one of Sir Randy’s lovely slaves her Sir wanted to buy.

“Yeah D, give some of us a chance.” Came comments from the other Doms in the audience.

Others were shouting, “Yeah D, all that’s left is a few of us and a couple of your men. Share the wealth buddy, share the wealth. After all, we have bucks to bid for this much needed benefit too.”

Eva’s wonderful Sir walked to the front of the stage and she was filled with pride to see so many Dom’s move aside with congratulatory nods for her own Sir Dan. Remembering that he had donned the leather chaps earlier she suspected that they were congratulating her Sir with their respectful nods.

The Angel Slaver’s had left Sir Randy’s slaves in the middle of the floor and moved back to the edge of the audience. But not before Master D had briefly diddled Dragonslave’s pussy and left her alone bound to the motorcycle with another growl and whimper of frustration.

Sir Dan stopped at the edge of the audience and asked, “Hey Dave, mind if we continue here?”

“Sure Dan,” Sir Dave said as he ushered Eva’s Sir to the middle of the stage with a wave of his hand. “You’re welcome to go next if D is finished.”

And then, as Master D gave a nod of agreement, Sir Dan walked directly to Sir Randy’s Dragonspark. Extending his hand to her he said, “Rise slave.”

Dragonspark quickly and gracefully pulled herself to her full height. And then, she stood proudly, with her shoulders back, and her tummy tucked in as she pressed her lovely titties as far forward as she could in the little black satin dress. She smiled shyly at Sir Dan before demurely lowering her eyes.

Still holding her hand he lifted her arm he twirled the breathtaking young woman around. As she moved the swaying of her long thick red hair barely brushed the bottom of the cute little naked ass peeking out from under her dress. She was standing on her tip toes as Sir Dan continued to twirl her like a ballerina under his arm, displaying her many charms to the audience. In that position Eva hardly noticed the slight limp she had seen in Sir Randy’s slave earlier.

Finally when he slowed her twirling Sir Dan stopped her facing the audience. As he let her arm drop he stepped behind her and reached around her to untie the cord underneath her titties. He then pulled on the sleeves of her slinky black dress and let the soft garment slide to the floor around her feet.

All the men in the dungeon accompanied their oohs and ahhs with a loud slapping of their shoulders in applause and appreciation for the beauty standing tall and gracefully before them with eyes lowered and a blush on her cute little freckled cheeks.

“Stand where you are precious,” Sir Dan said as Dragonspark started to kneel. When she froze he pulled her wrists behind her, accentuating her lovely pendulous titties, with aureoles as crimson as her long red hair. Eva wondered if her cute little bare pussy had red hair before it was shaved off.

“What do you think men?” he asked as he eyed the other Doms. His question was met with another round of shoulder slapping along with some hoots and sexy suggestions. Eva noticed that Dragonspark never looked up, but she could see her shy little smile at the sexy suggestions.

“Well Dave,” Sir Dan called out as he still held the young woman’s wrists in one hand, “I am just going to sidestep the niceties, and unless someone has a higher bid I will bid $50,000 for this sweet little one.

Eva saw the look of surprise cross Dragonspark’s face in disbelief and then excitement. She was also surprised that her Sir was able to make such a bid. She didn’t realize that he could sex izle make so much money at the department store where they worked. Eva knew that the girl didn’t expect to bring such a high price either, and she was more proud than ever that her Dom had made the bid.

“We have a bid of $50,000 going once. Are there any other bids?” Sir Dave asked. No one answered. But, after some grumbling one man raised his hand only to get the famous raised eyebrow from Sir Dan, causing him to lower his hand and cross his arms across his chest with a silly grin for Eva’s Dom.

“Okay,” continued Sir Dave, “$50,000 going twice.” And when there were still no more bids he added $50,000 three times and Dan you have just purchased this delicious little tart for the night.

As the men pounded shoulders again, Sir Dan quickly tied Dragonspark’s wrists and as he lifted her over his shoulder he slapped the squealing girl’s bare ass promising, “Just you wait until I get you into a private dungeon you adorable slut puppy.”

When he put her down in a kneeling position next to him at the side of the stage floor Dragonspark immediately assumed passion slave pose with her knees spread wide, bottom on her heels, her shoulders back and her eyes demurely lowered. Eva thought no man could possibly turn away from such a delightful captive.

But, the slave looked up quickly enough when everyone heard, “Hey Randy, mind if I truss this little chicky up like a roasting hen and then fuck the daylights out of her?”

Roaring with laughter Sir Randy quipped, “Sure Dan that’s her favorite position you know? So do with her what you will, she’s yours for the night. Oh, and by the way, you can really light her up with a little fire on that cute fanny. It’ll make her squirm nicely.”

“Thanks Randy, that’s good to know,” Sir Dan said as Dragonspark lowered her head blushing once again.

Sir Randy walked over to where Sir Dan was. And smoothing his slave’s hair gently he took her chin in his hand and tilting her face to meet his loving eyes, he said, “And Dan, I expect you will show my hot pet here just how well a good Master can put out the fire in that tight smoking twat of hers when it gets well stuffed with your hard cock.”

“I think I can handle that Randy.”

“I have no doubt that you can handle her nicely, and remember, she’s a special one,” he said. As he held her face a moment longer he added, “Enjoy yourself my cherished one. This man will show you a new side of the lifestyle and you can trust him just as you would trust me. He is my friend.”

As his sweet slave closed her eyes and pressed her cheek into his hand, she murmured, “Yes Master, thank you Master.”

Sir Randy moved away from Sir Dan and Dragonspark quickly, and Eva could have sworn that she saw moisture in the man’s eyes. But, he recovered swiftly as he went to stand in between his other two slaves and speaking to Sir Dan he quipped, “Now Dan, I know she is an exquisite beauty, but let us not forget that she, like these other two also disobeyed their Master by not staying in the back like they were told to. So, I will leave the consequences of little Sparky’s disobedience to you to handle at your discretion.”

When he heard that Sir Dan grabbed Dragonspark’s hair and pulled her head back to face him. “Did you hear that little girl?” he asked with that raised eyebrow that Eva loved so.

“Yes Sir,” the slave gulped as she looked up at Sir Dan with questions in her wide eyes.

“I’ll have to think about that for a while,” he said as he let go of the frightened girl’s hair.

“Yes Sir,” she gulped again, “Thank you Sir.”

“So Gentlemen,” Sir Randy’s voice boomed, “What are we to do with these other two naughty sluts?”

Uncensored suggestions came quickly from the audience. And then, someone in the room yelled, “Let’s have another look at them Randy,”

“Very well,” Sir Randy said, and he held out a hand in front of each of his other slaves and made a beckoning motion. Each of the slaves handed him the end of her leash and after he made a little jerking motion they stood up gracefully. “Strip,” he ordered.

While he held the end of their leashes the girls began to strip. With lowered eyes Dragonspet shyly untied the ribbon under her titties and put it in Sir Randy’s hand along with her leash. And then she coyly turned her left shoulder to the audience and slipped the little gathered sleeve down and pulled her arm out.

Tucking the sleeve under her arm she then turned her right shoulder to the audience and pulled her arm out of that sleeve. She still had the garment around her titties and as she looked seductively at the Doms’ from under her eyelashes. And then, she slowly stripped the black satin from her breasts inch by inch until the top of her titties began to show. With each movement she gave the men a sultry look. Gulps and coughs were heard in the audience.

She turned the front of her body toward her Master then and let the sikiş izle garment slide down until her bare back came into view. Still holding the front of the garment, and looking over one shoulder, she let the back slip down below her bare ass, which she wiggled quickly at the men. She looked back over her other shoulder at them then and licked her lips seductively. More coughing and adjusting of crotches happened then.

She looked up at her Master who was grinning from ear to ear. Encouraged by his expression she turned again ever so slowly to face the audience, still holding the dress in front of her with only the tops of her titties bared. She backed up against the front of her Master then and wiggled her back against him as he bent his head and bit her ear. She moaned salaciously. Then she slowly slid the dress down until her huge titties were naked. More stiffening cocks were held tight.

Still moving inch by inch she slowly, maddeningly, lowered the soft black satin down, down, exposing her soft rounded belly until she held it motionless again just above her abdomen. Eva heard several Doms sucking in their breath at the sensual sight. Meanwhile she continued to undulate her backside against her Master ever so slowly while she pushed the cloth down to expose the v-shape of her naked pussy against the top of her tightly closed thighs.

Sir Randy put the end of both leashes in one hand. And then he used his free hand to grasp one of his sexy slave’s titties, pulling it up and pressing her back against him as he bent and whispered before nibbling her ear again. And then with a seductive smile Dragonspet let the rest of the garment fall around her ankles and while she was still looking at the men from under her eyelashes, she gracefully knelt on top of it in perfect passion slave stance. She blew them a kiss just as she lowered her eyes.

“That gentlemen, is my Dragonspet. She is every bit as passionate as she seems. And don’t forget that she especially loves knife play and floggers. And now, here once again, is my Dragonslut”

The superb voluptuous blond had been standing quietly, but when her Master introduced her she took the end of her leash in her hand and looked questioningly at Sir Randy. Reading her mind he let her leash drop between her boobs and nodded his understanding of what she wanted.

As she was released the sexy slave began to walk seductively from one edge of the stage to the other as she slowly untied her ribbon and draped it around her neck. She pulled both of the little puffed sleeves down low around her soft creamy plump shoulders. Then she began to slink closer and closer to the men holding her arms under her titties making the deep cleavage more pronounced and displaying herself to them wantonly.

She walked up close to several of them and wiggled her cleavage at them. Slowly she slithered near to the middle of the audience and in her deep mesmerizing southern drawl, still holding her dress around her titties she asked, “Would y’all like to see more of lil ole me?”

And then, as the men were telling her just how, as well as how much, they wanted to see more she suddenly began to twirl around while she dropped the dress below her huge soft titties displaying them as she still held the sleeves around her elbows. She continued to twirl closer to the men and in a moment she let he dress drop below her belly button.

Finally she stopped with her back to them and she lowered the dress below her big beautiful bottom and quickly pulled it back up to her waist when everyone heard a loud groan. Dragonslut twirled back around holding the dress back up over her titties, and they heard the groan a second time.

She looked around and saw one of the men standing there at the front of the stage watching her with his mouth open and a firm grip on the hard dick inside his jeans. When he saw her looking at him he groaned again in obvious need.

Boldly, she walked to within a foot or two of one of Master D’s men who had been quietly watching at the edge of the stage the whole evening with his arms across his chest. He had been so quiet that Eva had forgotten he was there.

Suddenly Sir Dan surprised Eva when he slipped into the room with her. She hadn’t even noticed he had left the stage area. Dragonspark was standing quietly just inside the door where he had left her. He took Eva’s hand and helped her to her feet.

And as he took her into his arms he kissed her tenderly and said, “You are up next Pet. Are you nervous?”

“I wasn’t until now Sir,” she gulped. “What do I need to do?”

“Just freshen up a little Pet. You look absolutely exquisite. And just be yourself, you’re going to knock them out.”

“Thank you Sir, I will try to make you proud.”

“My sweet girl, I am already proud of you. That is why I asked that you be held until the last. You really are the spitting image of the great Bettie Page tonight. And, all evening you have made me proud over and over again,” türk porno he added as he gave her another long lingering kiss.

“Now don’t worry or be afraid. I know and trust all the men here tonight and I will be nearby to keep an eye on you.” He kissed her again and added, “I am going now. And don’t forget a little clothing adds to the mystery Pet. You are going to knock em dead my little treasure.”

“Thank you Sir,” Eva whispered as he kissed her one more time and slipped out the door with Dragonspark.

Eva freshened her makeup and Lil helped her with her hair as they both watched what was happening on the stage.

They saw that Dragonslut was swaying to and fro demurely with her dress still clasped to her huge titties. She was also tantalizing the man on stage by running the tip of her tongue around her lips. She was only inches from touching him. Then he regained his composure and gave her the famous Dom’s raised eyebrow as he looked her over.

Holding the handle of her leash in her teeth Dragonslut looked him up and down too. And then, with her sultry flirty way she suddenly dropped the dress to the floor leaving her arms at her sides and looking at him from under her eyelashes. Startled by her brazenness, the man shook his head in delighted surprise as he stared at her lovely nude body. Everyone could hear him gasp and moan again.

She put her hands on her hips and looked him over once more. And then, taking the leash from her teeth she licked it seductively. “Why I do declare Sur,” she said breathlessly in her deep southern drawl, “Are y’all admirin’ mah Masta’s proputee?” The man could not speak. In fact, all he could do was stare at her beautiful voluptuous body as he held his dick a little tighter.

The rough looking biker had on a black t-shirt with a pack of cigarettes in one of his rolled up sleeves. He wore faded jeans under his leather chaps and had a wide studded leather belt and chains wrapped around his chest. He also had leather thongs around his biceps and his long black pony tail. Yet his maturity also showed in his salt and pepper mustache and goatee, and his one gold stud earring.

He was very tall and well tanned. He looked very strong with his huge muscles and yet he also looked very sensual and romantic with his striking deep blue bedroom eyes and long black eyelashes. Eva thought he looked like an American Indian. He was very handsome and she was surprised that she hadn’t noticed him earlier.

In fact except for his tan she thought he looked like a poorer version of Master Blaze. She couldn’t help wondering if he could afford the lovely Dragonslut. He seemed to want her enough, but he also looked penniless.

The sultry passionate slut looked briefly at Sir Randy who seemed to read her mind and once again nodded his approval. And then, since the man had not yet answered her question she moved up close enough to rub her belly and her titties against him.

Parting her lips seductively she licked them slowly and again asked, “Well kind Sur, do y’all like mah Masta’s lil ole slave? Please won’t y’all tell me what y’all think?” And she rubbed her titties against him, taunting him shamelessly.

Suddenly the handsome biker grabbed a handful of her long thick blond hair and forced her to her knees. Actually, Eva didn’t think it was really force since Dragonslut seemed to kneel all too easily and anxiously.

“I think a little vixen like you is just slut enough to be fucked with this all night.” And with that he used the handful of hair still in his grip to rub Dragonslut’s face against the monster hard on that still throbbed beneath his jeans. Eva could see how the sexy slave tried to keep rubbing her face against his crotch when he pulled her face away from him.

“Oh, is that a natural fact Sir?” she challenged breathlessly.

“I’ll show you what a natural fact really is you little strumpet,” he growled. And then he grabbed Sir Randy’s slave and before anyone knew what had happened he had dropped to one knee, grabbed her braided ribbon, and after throwing her face first over his knee he tied her wrists behind her back.

Eva thought he did that just as quickly and efficiently as a cop. She felt a little shudder go down her arms at the thought of a cop as handsome as this man taking her down and binding or cuffing her. She must ask Sir about that as a role play scene someday.

“Oh Masta, Ah wont this one please,” Dragonslut squealed, making everyone laugh.

But before anyone else made a move the biker asked Sir Randy, “Randy, mind if I sample this?”

“Sure you can have a sample, but I warn you, you can’t stop with just one. She will just make you want more. She’s sweet as honey Andrew and twice as addictive.”

“Oh really?” Sir Andrew quipped. “Let’s see.”

Since Dragonslut was still bent over Sir Andrew’s knee he swiftly slid two long thick fingers between her legs, parting them, and into her plump open pussy. He pumped her hard and fast with no foreplay. But, Eva was quite sure that the enticing slave’s pussy was already slick.

He pumped her puffy pussy in and out, in and out, hard and fast. Everyone could hear the sloshing sound of a juicy cunt being pummeled again and again, over and over, faster and faster.