Ethan’s Sister

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Ethan lay in bed naked, stroking his hard cock. He couldn’t keep the image of Ella out of his head. He stroked harder and faster, breathing hard as he imagined kissing her cute lips. She was 3 years younger then him and they had known each other their whole lives. Ethan massaged his balls with his other hand. He wished that it were her pussy lips wrapped tight around his cock, not his large rough hands. Ethan arched his back and without warning started to cum. He tried to grab the facecloth on his nightstand but it was too late, his white hot cum was flying all over his chest and the dark green sheets. Trying to cover his cock with his hand he swore under his breath.

“Fuck” Ethan hissed.

Once he stopped cumming he sat up, grabbing the facecloth to clean himself up. He hated when he made a mess, especially since he rarely did laundry. He and his sister were roommates and she always did the laundry. He knew she would never say anything but he figured that she knew what the stains were and it embarrassed him.

Ethan cleaned up and walked into the kitchen. There was his sister, leaning against the counter chatting on the phone. Her dark brown hair was in a ponytail and she was wearing those sexy jean shorts with a halter-top. Ella smiled and went back to chatting with her best friend. Ethan could tell she was on the phone with Larissa. Larissa always talked your ear off and would go on and on about her boyfriend’s sex drive, lack of driving brazzers skills, and how much money he was going to make once he finished law school.

Ethan waved and mouthed the words “What she whining about now?”

Ella just smiled and continued chatting. Once she hung up the phone she rolled her eyes.

“Larissa has set me up on a double date with her boyfriend’s new roommate. He’s a lawyer, blonde hair, tall and muscular. What do you think bro?”

Ella bit her lip and looked at her older brother adoringly. She always had a way of flirting without realizing it. Ethan went over and hugged his sister.

“Have fun sis, with everything that has been going you deserve a nice night out.”

A few hours later Ella was waiting at the door to be picked dup. She chose to wear a light pink dress and white sandals. She looked older then her 19 years and Ethan figured they’d be going to a bar and she had that fake I.D. that she never admitted to owning. Her hair was loose around her shoulders and he could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra since her perky breasts were pushing against the top. He wondered what panties she was wearing and whether she was wearing the pink lace thong or the cute white bikini brief. Ethan waved goodbye and watched as she left the apartment. He sat on the couch doing homework, watching TV in the background. He lost all track of time and didn’t even hear his sister slip into the apartment.

“Hey Ella, how was cuckold porno the date?”

As she turned he saw that she was crying. Opening his arms she ran and cuddled against his chest. Rocking her slowly she sobbed as she tried to explain what had happened.

“He was so nice at first but after Larissa and Logan went home he was all over me.”

She hiccupped and wiped her nose on his t-shirt. Ethan rubbed her back and tried desperate to calm her down. She was staring right at him, hysterical.

“… and then he was grabbing my butt and grinding himself against me… and he wouldn’t take no for an answer…”

Ethan was getting more and more frustrated and finally did the only thing he could think of. He kissed her.

Ella stopped for a split second and stared at Ethan. Suddenly she kissed him back. It was a passionate kiss and Ethan responded by fumbling with his jeans. He knew what he was doing was wrong but he didn’t care. His sexy little sister was grinding against him on his lap and her hot little tongue was tracing circles against his earlobe. She lifted her hips so he could undo his jeans and slide them down with his boxers. His cock was wet with precum and throbbing hard. He felt her hand on his cock and he cried out loudly. If she kept up this delicate caressing he was going to blow his load yet he couldn’t tell her to stop it felt so good.

He reached out to grab at her panties; czech porno his eyes were wide when he realized she wasn’t wearing any. Her inner thighs were wet from her juices and she moaned as his finger rubbed hard against her clit.

“Inside me” she hissed.

Ethan obeyed as he thrust his hard cock deep into her pussy. Ella moaned and grabbed his shoulders as she started bouncing hard and fast.

“Fuck me” she hissed.

Ethan stared wide-eyed as his little sister rode his cock. Not wanting to disappoint her he bucked up his hips, practically throwing her off his cock, she held on tight and slammed down, the tip of his cock slamming against her sensitive cervix.

Ethan’s hands were all over her breasts, clawing at the pink dress. He needed to feel her all over and she needed him to fuck her hard and fast. They continued for only a few minutes and then he came inside her. It was sudden and unexpected. He normally lasted longer but her pussy was so hot and tight he couldn’t last. He held her down hard, his rough hands digging into her thighs to make sure he was as deep as possible.

“Make me cum” she whimpered.

Her eyes were glazed over and she desperately needed to cum. He licked his thumb and then pressed it hard against her clit, rubbing back and forth in short hard strokes. She screamed out and came against his cock and thumb. Ethan held her sister tight, trying to calm down from his orgasm as she squirmed on his cock, trying to relax. After a few minutes their breathing was back to normal. Ethan blushed, looking into his sister’s hazel eyes. He wanted to say so much yet was unsure of what to say first.

Ella solved that problem by whispering softly “Thank you bro.”

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