Evacuee 10 – David is seduced by his Aunt

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After her session with Helen, Rose wandered around the house with a warm glow of satisfaction. However towards the evening she felt that old, familiar ache. Although her sister had given her a lot, what she hadn’t given her was the 7 inches of meaty cock she craved! She missed her husband in that direction and could see no immediate way of fulfilling these desires.
That evening as the four of them sat down to dinner Caroline and David chatted about their day and for the first time since she had been living there she looked at David in a new light… not as a nephew but as someone who might be able to fulfil the ache between her legs! As soon as these thoughts crossed her mind she felt herself go bright red and she suddenly realized what she was thinking. Don’t be ridiculous Rose! He’s your nephew and he’s only fifteen. However she had seen him by the swimming pool a couple of times and he was turning into a very well built and attractive young man.
Once again she dismissed the thoughts from her mind although lying in bed that night she played with herself and it was David she was imagining lying between her legs.
The next morning Helen announced she was off into the village to do some shopping and although Rose offered to go with her, she insisted she stay at the house to relax. However Caroline also seemed quite keen to go so the two of them cycled off leaving her and David at the house. David looked quite disappointed as Caroline disappeared up the path and Rose jokingly took hold his hand and said,
“Never mind David. Perhaps your old Auntie Rose can keep you company?” she was rather hoping he would take up her offer and perhaps they could go to the pool and she was delighted when he agreed.
“You’re not old Auntie Rose. At least I don’t think of you as old anyway.” He blushed as he said this and she quickly thanked him for his kind words.
“Do you fancy a swim then?” Rose said lightly and to her relief he nodded eagerly and they agreed they would each get changed and meet by the pool in a few minutes. She hurried upstairs and put on her white swim suit, in which she thought she looked rather good, and quickly putting on a towelling robe she scampered back downstairs. A few minutes later David joined her. He was just in his swimming shorts and looked as good as she remembered. His body was well toned, beautifully tanned and his shock of blond hair made him look like an American film star – just her type!
He grinned at her as she took his hand and he seemed quite happy for them to walk hand in hand down to the pool. She supposed none of his friends would see him here.
Once they reached the terrace he quickly let go of her hand and ran and jumped into the pool with a smooth dive. Rose gazed at his body as it zipped through the water and he hauled himself up on the other side of the pool and sat dripping on the side, gazing at her with a grin on his face.
“Come on Aunty Rose – the water’s lovely!” She quickly untied the robe, letting it drop to the ground and was gratified to see David’s eyes widen as he saw her in a swimsuit for the first time. It suddenly occurred to her she had not worn it to the pool whilst he was there and she must have been quite a sight for him. She was not prepared to dive into the pool like he had done so she carefully sat on the edge and gently lowered herself in.
He was right. The water was lovely and she did a gentle breaststroke across the pool. David lowered himself in once again and swam towards her until they met in the middle and he gazed at her with a nervous look on his face. His eyes kept darting to her cleavage and looking down she noticed her breasts were bobbing about on the surface of the water. She looked up and caught his expression.
“Sorry Auntie Rose. I didn’t mean to stare!” He made as if to swim away but she quickly grabbed his hand under water and said,
“That’s all right David. I don’t mind. It’s nice to get any attention at the moment.” She casually stroked her fingers over his chest. Looking back she could not believe how blatantly she was trying to seduce her young nephew.
She kissed him lightly on the cheek and then allowed herself to drop back in the water, floating on her back. She was now gazing at the sky and conscious of her breasts thrusting upwards from the water. Glancing down she saw David still standing where she had left him, his expression one of confusion. She grinned at him mischievously and then swam to the side of the pool and lifted herself out.
They alternated between swimming and sunbathing for the next half hour but she took every opportunity to brush against David when they were in the pool and she was gratified to see, more than once, a tell tale bulge in his swim shorts!
After an hour they were joined by Caroline and Helen, back from their shopping trip and she was secretly pleased to see that David this time looked a little disappointed at their return. She felt sure he was hers for the taking!
However she had to wait till that evening before she could do anything as the four of them swam and chatted together for the rest of the day, and it wasn’t until after dinner, when they all decided to get an early night, that she formulated her plan.
Her bedroom was next to Helen’s and across the corridor from the two bedrooms that David and Caroline occupied. She thought she could slip into David’s room and pretend she had taken the wrong door for the bathroom although this didn’t sound very convincing, even to her. However she decided to take the bull by the horns and just slip into his bedroom to see what would happen. If he protested she would just leave him and Rose felt sure she could gorukle escort trust him to keep their secret whatever happened.
Thus it was that at about an hour after going to bed, in the hope that everyone else would be asleep, Rose slipped on her night gown and quietly opened the bedroom door. Checking that the coast was clear she closed her own door and scampered across to David’s. She quietly opened it, stepped inside and closed it behind her. David had left the curtains open and the moon gave a pale light to the room. She could see the bed quite clearly in the middle of the room and David lying on his side, with his back towards her, the sheets pulled down revealing almost all of his wonderful body.
She gazed for a few seconds at his pert backside as it pointed towards her and carefully tiptoed towards the bed. It was then that she noticed the twitching movement from the bed. He was obviously awake and to her horror she suddenly realized he was playing with himself!
Her first thought was to creep out of the bedroom again, to avoid embarrassing him. However she wondered, somewhat less than modestly, if he was thinking of her as he masturbated, in which case surely if she was there in person he would be delighted? However the decision was made for her as he suddenly turned onto his back.
Of course he saw her immediately and gave a stifled cry.
“Oh bloody hell…Auntie Rose!” she quickly put her finger to her lips and knelt down beside the bed.
“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” she whispered hoarsely. “I thought I heard a noise in here so I thought I’d better come in and investigate.” It sounded lame even to her and she was sure David was not taken in. He was looking at her like a rabbit caught in the headlights and she quickly glanced down to his groin where his hand was still wrapped around his cock, which by now was starting to wilt. However what a cock! Even in its present state it looked quite large and heaven knows how big it was when it became stiff!
She couldn’t take her eyes off it and she suddenly realised how embarrassing this must have been for David and so she quickly turned to look at him. He seemed a bit calmer now.
“Do you want me to go?” David looked puzzled. “I’ll stay if you want to…you know…help you with that…” She nodded towards his groin.
There! She had said it! She could not believe what she had done but it was now or never.
“Help me?” David croaked with a panicky expression on his face. She smiled at him reassuringly.
“Yes David. Perhaps I can finish you off?” she grinned at him. “You can think of me in my swimsuit if you like!” David went bright red.
“I was…” he whispered hoarsely. Rose smiled at him broadly and this seemed to relax him. “I’m sorry Auntie Rose but I was thinking of you in your swimsuit…in the pool this morning…especially your…you know…” His eyes went to her chest.
“My breasts, David? Is that what you like?” Kneeling up slightly she casually undid the belt of her nightgown allowing the two sides to full apart and she then slipped it off her shoulders. The gown fell silently to the floor and David gazed in wonderment at her large breasts which were now glowing in the moonlight.
“Do you like them David?” she whispered.
“They’re fantastic Auntie Rose!” he replied, now gazing at them and licking his lips.
“Is there room for me in there?” she said, standing up, David’s gaze following her as she did so. He looked startled for a minute and then quickly shuffled to one side of the bed. This allowed her to slide in beside him and soon they were lying side by side facing each other, David still looking as if he could not quite believe his luck. He gazed down at her breasts again.
“You can’t touch them if you like.” David’s eyes darted up to hers and then back down to her breasts again. He tentatively reached out his hand and cupped her right breast, stroking the soft flesh and carefully feeling the weight in his hand. His eyes seemed glazed as he continued to massage her breast his thumb flicking across the nipple which was already erect. She closed her eyes in pure joy, wallowing in the warm attention from this young boy.
She opened her eyes again and then took his hand in hers. He looked disappointed but then she eased herself over on to her back and pulled him with her until he was on top of her. David was still gazing at her in wonderment as she spread her legs and allowed him to rest between her thighs. She could feel his erection digging into her leg and almost thought about having him there and then. However this could wait!
“Kiss me David…”
They kissed passionately, their lips parting and their tongues searching for each other’s. Rose was quietly surprised at how good David was at kissing, and as they kissed he seemed to relax and his hands started to roam up and down her body. To her further surprise he took the lead and started to kiss her neck and then, like a child in a sweet shop, he nuzzled his head between her breasts.
“Oohhh Auntie Rose…” he murmured as she pulled his head closer to her, feeling his mouth rasp across the flesh of her breasts. He started to suck and nibble at her nipples and this sent her soaring. She pulled his head closer, feeling herself starting to tremble and whimper. Then to her shock she felt his hand delving between their bodies and suddenly his fingers were between her legs!
Rose opened her eyes to see David staring at her nervously. She smiled reassuringly.
“That’s nice David!”
“Is that alright Auntie Rose? If you’d rather I didn’t…” she looked at him in mock severity.
“Don’t you dare stop!” David smiled uncertainly and continued eskort bursa working between her legs with his fingers. He was very good! Suddenly she felt her orgasm approaching and she started to thrust her hips up at him. She felt his finger slip into her pussy and that sent her over the edge. Rose jerked several times as she came, trying to stifle the noise as David fastened his mouth on to one of her breasts and thrust his fingers in and out of her pussy.
After an age she calmed down and David seemed to sense this, as he climbed off her and lay next to her gazing down at her. She looked at him gratefully.
“It’s been a while since a man did that to me!”
David smiled happily. He now seemed far more relaxed, and she suddenly remembered that she was supposed to be looking after him! She glanced down at his groin and her eyes widened as she saw his cock, which was now ready for action once again. It must have been 8 inches long and a beautiful smooth object it looked too! She grinned up at David who had noticed her gaze and she gently eased him onto his back.
Rose kissed him lightly on the lips and then started to work her way down his neck and chest. His body was beautifully toned and she ran her tongue around his nipples, which made him quiver, and then snaked it down his chest towards his belly. His stomach was muscled and flat and she ran her tongue and lips around the firm flesh before feeling the soft curls at his groin.
Glancing up she saw David had his eyes closed and mouth open, breathing heavily as she trailed her nose through his pubic hair. Then she poked out her tongue and in one swift movement ran it up the side of his gorgeous cock. She heard him whimper and she smiled to herself. She hadn’t lost her touch! The taste of his young cock was rather nice, almost sweet as well as the usual salty taste, and she lapped her tongue along its length, and then twirled it around the helmet. This was the first circumcised cock she had dealt with and the purple head looked incredible against the pale skin.
Lifting herself up unto her elbows she opened her mouth and gently placed her lips around the head of David’s cock. She felt him twitch as she did this and she poked out her tongue, running the tip along the slit at the top of his cock. David moaned quietly as she continued to do this and then opening her mouth wide she slid further down, engulfing half of his cock in her mouth.
He was certainly bigger than Alan and it was all she could do to accommodate two thirds of his shaft in her mouth. She began to slide her head up and down, grasping his cock firmly in her lips and twirling her tongue around the head and shaft. Reaching down with her left hand she cupped his balls gently and started to jiggle them with her fingers, knowing that soon David’s sweet, young sperm would be gushing into her mouth.
She felt sure that this was the first time anyone had sucked David’s cock and certainly the first time he would have come into a woman’s mouth. His hands were now resting on her head, stroking her hair as she bobbed up and down on his cock. His legs parted slightly further and this encouraged her to slide her fingers under his balls and along the firm reach of flesh that led to the opening of his backside.
Like all men, David was obviously very sensitive here and lifted his backside slightly to allow her fingers to stroke his anus. He gave out a small cry as her finger rubbed back and forth across the opening, her mouth still keeping up a rhythm on his cock. Suddenly she felt him grip her head more tightly and she knew he was close to coming. She moved her hand up and cupped his balls, squeezing gently and this finished him off. He gave a small cry and jerked his cock up into her mouth. Rose pulled away slightly to avoid it hitting the back of her throat and suddenly she felt a spurt of warm juice splashing into her mouth.
She sucked on his cock greedily as David continued to jerk into her mouth sending several more spurts of semen down her throat. She swallowed as much as she could, enjoying the almost sweet taste of this young boy’s spunk. His rhythmic thrusts slowed down and she gave one final suck as she allowed his cock to plop out of her mouth. Rose looked up at David who still had his eyes closed and kissed him gently on the tip of his cock as it bobbed about in front of her face.
He opened his eyes and gazed at her and she grinned, her lips firmly sealed. She then crawled up his body until her face was over his and widened her eyes. He looked puzzled, and then startled as she opened her mouth and allowed a small trickle of his own sperm to trail out of her mouth and on to his lips. As she had hoped, rather than jump away in disgust he opened his mouth and accepted this gift, and soon they were kissing passionately, each enjoying the taste of his young sperm.
She started giggling quietly to herself.
“Sorry I shouldn’t really have done that. It was a bit odd wasn’t it?” David grinned at her.
“I don’t mind really Auntie Rose. I don’t mind anything you do!” He looked at her with a look of pure love on his face and she felt a twinge of regret that he was so young and also, as she kept reminding herself, her nephew.
They kissed again and then she turned over on to her back. They lay silently for a few minutes, each with their own thoughts. Just as Rose decided she really ought to be getting back to her own room, David knelt up next to her and to her astonishment started playing with himself again. She had forgotten quite how quickly young boys could recover!
He was gazing uncertainly at her as she gazed at his slowly karacabey escort moving hand, almost hypnotised by his cock growing again.
“Can I fuck you Auntie Rose?” He whispered. For one who had been so nervous early on, he certainly seemed to grow in confidence! She looked up at him and his expression faltered for a second. She smiled broadly.
“I’m not leaving this room until you do!” David smiled and his cock seemed to twitch and harden in anticipation. Rose spread her legs and reached out to him as he carefully climbed on top of her. He placed his hands either side of her head as it rested on the pillow and gazed at her face with a look of anticipation. Rose grinned and then reaching down felt for his cock which was once more hot and stiff. She carefully positioned the head against the opening to her pussy, and after rubbing it up and down the moist slit a few times, the first inch or so eased into her.
She closed her eyes and sighed. A cock inside her at last! She opened her eyes again and David looked a bit puzzled.
“Just enjoying the moment!” she whispered and David grinned at her. He was still taking his full weight on his hands and the only other contact between their bodies was his cock resting at the entrance to her pussy.
“You can start now.” she reassured him and David then slid the full length into her pussy. It felt enormous! Of course it had been a long time since she had had anything in there but he was even bigger than Alan and she had not felt so full for a long time. David carefully lowered his body on to hers, his chest crushing against her breasts, and they kissed again. Rose carefully shuffled about to get more comfortable and spread her legs further apart, which resulted in David’s sliding in even further.
She wrapped her arms around him and whispered in his ear,
“Fuck me David. Fuck me long and fuck me hard!” David understood and quickly withdrew his cock before slamming it in again in one swift, hard movement. The slap of his body against hers echoed around the room and feelings of pure lust coursed through her body. She hadn’t felt this hot in ages! She didn’t want to be loved or caressed or kissed…she wanted to be fucked! She wanted be fucked really hard by this young boy.
Rose lifted her knees up and was able to wrap her legs around David’s young hips to pull him even further. He began to ride her strongly and aggressively, his breath coming in short grunts as he pounded his cock into her sopping pussy. His body slammed up and down on top of hers, cushioned by her breasts which rolled and bounced on her chest. David’s head was buried in the pillow next to hers and she scratched her nails up and down his back, causing him to whimper and moan.
“That’s it David. That’s it baby. Fuck your Auntie!”
“Oh Auntie Rose… Auntie Rose…”
“That’s it baby…fuck me…come on darling… I bet you’ve got some more spunk for me haven’t you?” David moaned at this and increased the rhythm of his pounding. Suddenly she felt her own orgasm approaching and she started to cry out.
“I’m coming David. I’m coming! Come with me David! Come with your Auntie Rose! Fill me up!” Suddenly her orgasm hit her and she jerked her hips off the bed clasping David’s firm buttocks and pulling him to her in the same rhythm as her orgasmic thrusting. The feeling was fantastic, even better than when David had made her come before and she almost passed out with sheer ecstasy. As she came down David slowed up, having yet to come, and she thought for a minute he was going to stop.
“Auntie Rose…” He muttered.
“I know David you haven’t come yet. Keep going baby…keep going!” David swiftly regained his rhythm and suddenly she took his head in her hands and lifted him up so she could look at his face.
“Fuck me from behind! I love being fucked from behind!” David seemed delighted at this suggestion and quickly pulled out of her. His cock swayed about as he knelt up and she quickly turned on to her front and lifted herself up on to all fours, thrusting her backside out at him.
“Fuck me David! Fuck me like a dog!” she felt David’s hands grasp her backside and his cock nudged at her pussy. Reaching between her legs she quickly grabbed the hot shaft and guided it to the opening. Then he leaned forward and once again the entire length slid into her. He took a firm grip of her hips and began to fuck her again. This time his stomach slapped against her backside and his balls banged against her pussy as he fucked her. He began to grunt again at and she knew he was close to coming.
“Grab my breasts! Squeeze them!” David obediently leaned forward and reaching under his Aunt grabbed a breast in each hand and began to massage the flesh, tweaking at the nipples.
“Oh Auntie Rose…oh hell…!” Suddenly he stiffened and squeezed her boobs tightly before she felt a final deep thrust and the familiar feeling of juice spurting into her pussy.
“Yes David! That’s it! Pump me with your sperm! All of it! Deep in my cunt!” she squeezed the muscles of her pussy almost milking his cock for sperm. David grunted and whimpered in her ear, his hands still clasping her breasts as he came, the orgasm lasting even longer than last time. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, he slowed down and knelt up, releasing her breasts from his clasp.
His hands gently stroked her backside and then he carefully eased himself out of her with a wet squelch. She fell on to her side and gazed up at him as he knelt there, his cock still glowing in the moonlight, but now starting to wilt. He smiled down at her gratefully.
“That was fantastic Auntie Rose, absolutely fantastic!” she took his hand and pulled him down so he was lying next to her. She kissed him gently on the lips.
“I think we’d better keep this our little secret don’t you?” David nodded nervously.
His mind was a whirl…what was it about daughters and their mothers?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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