Evening Dipping

Amazing Ass

It all started one day when we texted each other. I told her I was going swimming at my father-in-law’s and sent her a picture of me relaxing in the pool. I always invited her, but she kept saying she wanted her own. She finally said it was so she could skinny dip. I mentioned that he sometimes went out of town for days…–() ()–A couple of weeks later, my father-in-law texted me and said he was going to the coast for the weekend. I knew this was the perfect time to set it up.I waited until a few days before, and I texted her if she wanted to go swimming on Friday night. She acted reluctantly, but I knew she really wanted to. She hemmed and hawed until I told her my father-in-law was going to be out of town.I knew she wouldn’t have any problem getting there, but I had to come up with an excuse to get away. I knew my wife and father-in-law didn’t talk much, so I told her he needed me to help him with something on Friday night at the house. I told her she could do our normal dinner with our friend to keep her and the kids entertained.I had everything set up. Now it was just the anticipation of the evening to indulge ourselves.–() ()–When Friday came, I saw Ankara escort the wife and kids off and headed to my father-in-law’s. I pulled in and parked, and went in the gate, leaving it open for her.When I got inside, I got some noodles and floats out to lounge around for a little bit. I was wearing slightly loose board shorts that had a tie in front. I took off my shirt when I was done.After a short time, I heard a whistle. I looked up and she took my breath away. She was wearing a sheer cover-up with a red bikini which contrasted with her pale skin. The top would have covered most women fully, but with her large breasts, it didn’t leave much to the imagination. The bottoms were a French cut, accentuating her hips I loved so. I made a motion of my hand for her to turn around. As she did so, my jaw dropped. The back of the bottoms ran just outside the crack of her ass, disappearing in between her thighs.She turned back around, and walked towards me, slowly dropping her cover-up. As she got to me, she took her right finger and touched my lips. As I kissed her finger, she slowly ran it down my chin, my neck, and back and Ankara escort bayan forth across my nipples, before continuing down my stomach to my waist. Shivers ran thru my body and I hardened. She noticed my hardness and slowly ran her finger along it.She looked me in the eyes and smiled that mischievous smile. She turned around, walked towards the pool and crooked her finger at me to follow her. Who was I to disobey?She walked to the steps and began entering the pool as she ran her finger along the rail that ran the center of the steps. It was like watching a dream enter fog.She was waist-deep when she turned around and looked at me. I walked down the steps towards her. She sunk down in the water to get her top wet. When she emerged, the wet material showed off her hardened nipples and the bumps of her areola. I stopped in my tracks taking her in. I was a few feet from her.I continued to her and reached for her neck. I drew her to me with my right hand and planted a long, deep kiss on her pouty lips. The hair around her neck was wet and cool against the back of my hand.I took my left hand and touched her neck with my Escort Ankara fingertips, and drug them down her collar bone along her bikini strap. I traced around the triangles of her bikini, and worked my way in towards her nipples. I stopped before touching her nipples to tease her. We ran our hands down each other’s bodies to our aroused places underwater. She could feel my hardness, and I could feel her swollen lips.We stopped playing, for now, to swim around some. We floated around on the floats getting some sun while we teased each other. We’d run our fingers over all the parts of each other’s bodies.After a while, I got off my float and walked over to her. I pulled her to the shallow end where I was standing over her head. I leaned down, kissed her upside down and began running my hands down her arms. I came back up to her shoulders and ran my hands over her breasts. I felt her nipples harden in my palms.I pulled her top to the sides to feel her flesh in my hands. I leaned over farther and sucked on her nipples. She kissed and licked my chest. I reached down, slipping a hand under her bottoms. I felt her smooth skin, as she shaves often. She had dried off from laying on the float, but her lips were extremely wet.I stopped my ministrations and grabbed her by the arms, pulling her off the float. She screamed when she hit the water since her body warmed up from the sun and our activities. She jumped into my arms and wrapped her legs around me.