Evolving Sex Life Pt. 01

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This story is part true but if chapters progress, it will evolve to include pure fantasy. It is about a husband and wife married for several years. The sex at the beginning is rare and boring for both. It will include many kinks but is starting out as wife humiliating a husband, denying him intercourse, and long nails. It can go a lot of places from here because my fetishes roam from BDSM to crossdressing to wearing casts, orthopedic braces, braces in the mouth etc. I don’t have a real plan where

Our sex life had transitioned to almost non-existent. I had stopped initiating it because she always declined kinky scenes and any time I tried to initiate normal sex, she was not in the mood. To be honest I was not that interested in vanilla sex. I never had been. My wife and I had met at a munch several years before and when we went to dinner afterwards, we shared almost every kinky desire we had at the time. We were kinky and involved in the scene for several years. Unfortunately, life took over.

Julia rarely initiated sex anymore and when she did it was brief intercourse and then she asked me to perform oral. After she came, she would jerk me off or insert a dildo in me and jerk me off. It was a wham-bam-thank you ma’am and I think we were both bored with it.

I had initiated several discussions about it. In my mind, most were very logical. She probably did not perceive them that way. I also know that the several times that I had brought it up after a few drinks, the conversation devolved into a fight that left resentment between us. Therefore, I was surprised one day when she initiated a conversation about our sex life.

She asked me to talk to her about our sex life because she felt that we were getting more and more distant and not connecting on a sexual or emotional level anymore. After about an hour of frank and intimate xhamster porno discussion, she told me that she wanted to try something. Would I undress and let her play with me while we talked about what I needed?

I quickly agreed and got undressed. She took my limp penis and started stroking it with her long nails. My wife has sometimes kept very long nails because she knows it is a huge fetish of mine. They were about 2 inches long at this point and I quickly became aroused. As she stroked me, she told me to grab my computer from the bedside and open the Submissive Checklist that I had shown her years before. For those that do not know what this is, it is a long list of every type of fetish or BDSM activity. You fill it out based upon what you have tried (or not) and how much of a fetish or interest you have for the activity and how often you want to do said activity. I had updated this over the years and while I was interested in many things, and loved others already, you could see a trend and priorities.

She slowly started down the list asking me different topics like long nails, bondage, strap-on, watersports, etc. I was getting very turned on. She got to humiliation and asked about it and kept probing what I liked or what I wanted to try. At first, I gave a few examples like kneeling in front of her or foot worship. She knows that I do not really have a foot fetish but the submissive act of kissing someone’s feet and sucking on their toes is humiliating and arousing.

I was getting close to cumming and I asked her permission to cum and she stopped stroking and said, “No, orgasm control is very high on your fetish list, so I think we will practice that.” When I regained control, she started stroking me again and said, “tell me the most humiliating and erotic thing you can think yaşlı porno of? Be honest.”

I thought for a moment as she kept stroking me. I hesitated, but I was so aroused. I unhid a column in the spreadsheet that I was terrified to show her and cautiously said, “there are several here.”

She slapped the head of my cock and said “I want you to tell me. I don’t want to read them.” We had BDSM scenes over the years so this was not a complete shock. It did hurt though.

Properly chastised, I said, “Yes Ma’am,” and proceeded to tell her about being denied intercourse, forced to masturbate, and being humiliated by her because I could not bring her to orgasm via intercourse.

The latter fantasy is actually true. I have never brought my wife to orgasm with simple intercourse. She needs clitoral stimulation. Oral is the easiest, but vibrators can also do it. My penis alone cannot. I had accepted this long ago but it had worked its way into my fantasies and almost nonstop masturbation.

It took us almost two hours to work our way through the list, with her asking questions and me having shorter and shorter intervals between the edge of orgasm, and her stopping while I regained control. When she reached the end of her questions she leaned over and told me that she wanted me to lick her. She stood up and got undressed and laid back down. I crawled up between her legs and started licking around her pussy and working up to focusing on her clitoris. She was soaking wet and it did not take long. Right after I started circling her clitoris and pushing the first finger in, she came for the first time that night. This was very quick for her, but she was not done yet. She pulled me back in and had two more before she was finished.

When she recovered, she sat back up started stroking me again and aldatma porno asked me if I wanted to be inside her. I answered, “Of course.”

“Even though it is not that pleasurable to me” she replied looking straight into my eyes. “You cannot please me. I never cum with you inside me. Why should I let you put your penis inside me again?”

I was desperate, “Please Mistress, I need to be inside you!” I replied.

“No. I do not think you do. I think you need to submit to me, and I think you need this humiliation. I think you would be very aroused and happy if I denied you sex with me and controlled your orgasms!… Would you like that? Would you like me to deny you sex and only allow you to have orgasms by masturbating in front of me and never entering me.” She paused for a few seconds, staring at me and then continued. “Now tell me that you want to please me, and you can live without having intercourse with me.”

I paused, and she stopped stroking me and she said, “Apologize that you cannot make me cum during sex and tell me you want me to not have sex with you or I will not continue tonight. And you better make it sincere!”

I replied, “Mistress, please deny me sex. I am so sorry I cannot make you cum. Please let me pleasure you and only allow me to have an orgasm by masturbating for you.”

I was getting very close to orgasm and she smiled as I asked her to please let me cum. I expected her to stop but she did not she kept stroking me with her nails only and I erupted in a huge orgasm. Several hours of edging and teasing and I was ready to explode. After I came, she did not stop but only sped up until I was too sensitive and begging her to stop.

After she stopped, and I had a few minutes to recover, we were kissing. She was thanking me for the evening, and I was thanking her for the orgasm and the kinky sex. She asked me if I enjoyed it and if I wanted to continue. I was in that post orgasmic glow, so not as interested in being humiliated, but I learned not to feel guilty about that a long time ago. I confirmed that I did want to continue. She replied, “Good! Let’s see where this goes.”