Exchange Ch. 05

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The two women kept the quivering Michael on their laps. His arms were still trapped by Maria. “Darling Michael, isn’t this a lovely beginning”, Elaine said. “It is such a sexual outburst to force you to come to us without you having any possibility to stop it. You see, we will empty you totally in every aspect, sexually as well as mentally… step by step until all power of yours is ours.”

Michael felt embarrassed and exposed. They played with him. He despised himself for not being able to resist when they played this abusing game. It seemed like his cock rather joined the opponents than him. And he felt ashamed not being able to resist their physical supremacy, totally overpowered, flat on his back on their laps. His legs were hopelessly stuck between Elaine’s and in spite he really fought to free himself from Maria’s arms he got nowhere… she smiled and tightened her hold… seemingly effortless. He didn’t dare to complain but looked up at her, fettered and outnumbered… as if would help. But it didn’t.

“You maybe think this is a game but it is not”, Maria spoke… “We will teach you, let you understand, that there is absolutely no way out for you… there is no way of return. Try to get that into your mind… In our hands you will get to learn what real and total helplessness is about. It is not a question of you to surrender, because you already have. While, since the second you kissed Elaine on the dance floor you have been caught… and this trap you will never escape. It is for you really to understand… really… and until you really do, we will preserve you helpless like a newborn little child, to get you to understand that we possess you… that the whole of you belong to us. Try to realize the fact that you will never get out of this, you are right now involved in a never ending process of total power exchange.”

“And furthermore”, she continued, “Haven’t we told you always to do as we say? Despite that, you have already objected and complained at least twice… and for that reason you will of course be punished.”

Unexpectedly and swiftly he was turned over on his stomach. Maria twisted his arms behind his back and locked his head between the back of her huge upper arm and her big thigh. And his legs were already secured between Elaine’s. She stretched her fuzzy hand for a paddle behind her.

He recognized at a sudden that he couldn’t move his head… it was kind of squeezed between Maria’s arm and thigh and his nose and mouth was tightly pressed against her waist under her big breast which totally covered his head… He felt disappeared… and scent of soft wool filled both nose and mouth. He tried to get away but it was impossible. Soon he became aware that also arms and legs were immobilized… Yet he made another attempt… but the whole of him was totally stuck… and he understood what was to come but still yelled in surprise and pain when the first blow hit his extremely exposed butt. But his scream drowned in the softness he was tightly squeezed against. He tried to wriggle, tried to free himself, but he just couldn’t.

Elaine hit Michael’s bare buttocks rapidly. He flinched and moaned but he was entirely unable in their female vice. There was nothing for him but take his punishment. Elaine got her first orgasm always immediately… and during the arousing session she got several more… When finished, Michael was allowed to weep out in Maria’s cuddly arms. She rocked him comforting whilst Elaine, with her eyes closed, leaned back to catch her breathe.

A couple of minutes later Elaine had improved from her spanking orgasms. She got up and left the room, but was soon was back carrying a voluminous pink pack in her arms: “It is time to start your education Michael”, she declared. “I told you before that you will be our man, our boy and our little child. You must learn to behave properly and we will start from the beginning. This wonderful overall bursa eskort is for our baby, for you that means.”, she explained.

Maria still kept Michael in her comforting embrace when Elaine started with sliding his feet into the pink fuzziness… continued with his legs… which smoothly disappeared into the incredibly thick knitted item.

Still not recovered from the spanking… his butt hurt and his mood was out of balance… and what was going on right now? It was difficult to grasp… his feet were strangely enough already down in something looking like a knitted overall… including knitted feet cover…!? Yes… extremely thick knitting covered and enclosed his feet… and now also his legs… and Maria pushed him up and soon also his hips were inside the fuzziness.

It was like standing up to the waist… in a soft basin. Was it good or bad? Were they cheating on him once again? He sensed danger… while standing there inside the fuzziness there was still more to com… a connected part of the item was hanging in front of him… like a kind of thick soft apron, with something looking like sleeves, although no openings in the ends… more like tubes… what was it for?

There was an opening, and… Michael was directed by Maria to bend forward… to stretch his arms straight out and dive into the dark hole… Elaine helped him to find his way, to orientate into the deep… to have his arms slide into the tube like sleeves and head into… into what? For a moment only darkness… then obediently bow and wriggle at her command… and finally the whole of him was inside the knitted fuzzy piece.

When Michael was well in place inside the fluffy cat suit… Maria sealed it with a durable nylon zipper on the backside… from lower back up to the edge of his shoulder blades. The zipper was concealed under a knitted flap, part of the suit… and when properly closed one could not even see the hidden zipper. The massive mohair suit was composed of layer and layer of knitted mohair, very thick and very tight… it seemed to have been knitted directly on Michael’s body.

He took a good look at himself… it was amazing. He was surrounded… enclosed… from head to toe in this extremely thick knitted garment… except for a tiny narrow slit for his eyes and a small hole in front of his mouth. He touched his head… and yes, it was inside some kind of hood which seemed to be part of… yes, it was part of the outfit… It struck him that he was trapped inside this prison garment! When looking at his hands he realized they were taken away from him… The sleeves had no openings… they were actually not sleeves but knitted tubes, meaning his hands and arms were more or less… eliminated. He got even more confused… and at a sudden scared… how would he be able to get out of this? He got dizzy… lost his orientation… “How am I getting out???”, he asked straight out, but got no answer.

Instead, Maria from behind wrapped her muscular arms around his upper body, locked his along his sides and held him tightly while Elaine arranged a solid leather harness around his head… with a peculiar gag attached, in shape of an big rubber teat, which she firmly and swiftly pushed deep down Michael’s mouth… forcing it wide open, completely occupied his cavity… for him to bite over and suck. She tightened the straps thoroughly and the harness sank down into the soft mohair… inescapable.

Michael seemed disordered… made actually no attempt to object or fight against… as if he yet not really had understood the extent of what was happening.

When done… Elaine and Maria took a step back and inspected the result. They touched him and commented the stunningly softness and the perfect fit. Teasingly they dragged him down… on the floor, on his back. Maria kneeled above his head, caught it between her huge thighs… and Elaine kneeled down astride his legs. Having him in this helpless and bursa escort defenseless position they efficiently provided his wrists and ankles with strong, shining black, leather cuffs.

Lying outmaneuvered on his back… surprised and not really aware of what had happened Michael looked up at the women, now standing beside him… They seemed content… a bad sign. What was going on… “Ghhhhhhhh!!???”, he tried to ask them… Shit… he couldn’t… and again he experienced a freezing cold emotion inside. The gag… they had cut him off… why this big silly teat? Why this situation… he had already been punished… how would he now be able to communicate… to DISCUSS? What about getting the opportunity… when enclosed and gagged? He got angry, once more he shouted out LOUD… but there was no reaction to his guttural protest.

In anger he tried to get up from the floor. But the bulky suit made him clumsy and he had difficulties getting on his feet. Elaine and Maria helped him where after they took the squirming Michael in their arms. They carried him, in spite of his protests, away through dusky unrevealed parts of the mysterious mansion.

Finally they entered a large empty room, where they placed him on his back on a thick wowed carpet.

With a very short metallic chain Maria attached his left wrist to his right ankle and Elaine did the same with his right arm and left leg. His arms became stretched out along his sides and his legs fully folded. The short chains running under his buttocks connected effectively and troublesome wrist and ankle cuffs and gave him very little space for movements.

The sisters opened the windows and let the chilly September breeze into the room. They returned to their trapped Michael and kneeled beside him:

“Michael, it’s time for reflection”, Elaine clarified. “You arrived here this morning and gave yourself to me… to us. And we will not let you out of our hands. Reflect over the fact that since I took you in my arms on the dance floor, you haven’t had the slightest little opportunity to escape. And that’s how it will be, you will go nowhere. You are our little baby now… and if you behave well you might advance to our little boy and maybe in the future even to our man… maybe. But we will always keep you in restraints; remember that… you will always stay completely helpless and you might find that annoying but it is part of your education. Try to visualize the thought… that you will ever never get out of our restraints… never. And it’s such a wonderful thought, isn’t it dear?”

“We can do whatever we like with you…”, Maria said, “And… we will. So, take your time and think it over. Reflect over the fact that you are helplessly trapped and never will get out of it… that we will suck you out totally, turn you and your mind inside out… and when we are finished, you will, strangely enough, beg for more.”

They stood up and left him lying there. “As I said, Michael”, Elaine repeated, “take your time, think it over… see you in a while.” And gone they were.

Michael fought his shackles with intense but the short diagonal chains made it impossible… his four limbs were more or less hooked together… what could he do? He realized that locked up in this heavy mohair suit, gagged and with his limbs firmly tied up… escape was no alternative. He could hardly move at all, he saw no possibility to get out of the restraints… and if, what then should he do… wait for to be caught and once again punished by the two amazons?

He realized that Elaine was right. He was in their hands. The two big strong sisters with their physical superiority and their enormously breasts had him trapped. And if it was true… no plans letting him go… what then could he? The answer “nothing” made him shudder inside… but also… brought strange excitement. To touch and feel the sensual women in their incredibly sensual soft bursa escort bayan outfits had been absolutely sensational… and strangely enough there also was a dizzy hopeless excitement in being entirely helpless in their uncompromising hands… and also in being lost in this remarkable mohair prison.

He sensed the knitted fabric in his nostrils and he knew, as the prisoner he now had become… that, he could do nothing but try to rest and relax… wait and see.

Half an hour or may be one hour later… the door opened and Elaine and Maria returned. They were carrying a big child’s bed… a crib, with splint sides, which they placed in the middle of the room.

Sitting beside Michael, Elaine observed him closely, where after she asked: “Dear… have you realized that you are in a state where you are captured, helpless and ours?” Due to the gag Michael could not answer… but he confirmed by slowly nodding.

“Good”, Elaine answered… and teasingly showed him a calendar… very much looking like his own.

He jerked in surprise… It was his calendar! Meaning they had searched his private things, his backpack…! He got upset… fought his shackles… got of course nowhere… wanted to argue with her; to get it back… it was his personal stuff. But she just smiled… took no notice… just seemed satisfied. “Nnnnnnngg!!”, he objected.

Elaine opened the diary, browsed it with curious interest: “It seems like you have holiday the coming two weeks sweetheart… is it true?”

Michael could nothing but nod again while it was obvious and true… he had two weeks holiday right now, free to do whatever he wanted. Although it was not his intention that the two sisters would get to know about it.

“Isn’t that fine, little Mikki. No one will miss you for two whole weeks… it fits our educational program perfect. And next step when comes to education is to bring you one more layer of helplessness”, she informed and in the next moment got serious: “I will let you up now… but watch out… behave yourself.”

When Michael, who looked forward to be released, had calmed down, Elaine released him from the restraining chains. At the same time Maria joined the group bringing a big solid leather sack. “Look here Michael, it’s a baby’s sleeping bag”, she explained. “The finest pink leather and inside lined with thick soft pink acrylic fabric… for a little baby boy like you, to sleep in, Michael. Isn’t it wonderful!?”

Michael objected sharply while he understood what they had in mind… but his protest was overruled. And he could not stop them… starting with his legs, they gradually poured him inside. They continued with his arms, which were pulled into separate internal sleeves in spite his wriggling and squirming. When the whole of him was well inside they sealed the sack with a zipper running from down the hips up to his chin. His head came to rest in an open attached hood, which they laced tightly around his face, just leaving the eyes, the nose and the teat gag visible.

Michael tried to struggle but immediately realized it was meaningless and he gave it up. Right now there really was nothing for him to do… once again trapped… only even worse… he just couldn’t move… another breathtaking experience… just lie there and look upon the superior sisters. Why?? He wanted to ask… but no one listened to his objections…

Together Elaine and Maria with ease brought the sack containing Michael to the crib and placed him inside, surrounded by the wooden splints… in high position. With a snap link Elaine secured the head end of the sack to the bed bottom… and the same Maria did with the sack’s foot end. Michael, lying flat and fastened, surrounded by the solid splints… looking up at the two big women in their soft black knitted dresses with their gigantic bosoms swaying over him… was not able to do anything; he was more helpless than he ever had been that day.

Finally, Elaine released a hidden flap, part of the pink mohair suit, and blindfolded the restrained Michael thoroughly. And… encapsulated, blindfolded and gagged, chained to the oversized crib… he was once again left alone.

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