Exchange Student

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My name is Anna, and I am from Switzerland. I spend a couple of years in America as an exchange student at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. I stayed with a host family who lived outside Philadelphia. They had a nice mansion, with a tennis court and a swimming pool, and a nice, secluded back yard with a hammock, and many shade trees. It was a beautiful place.

The name of my host was Roger, and his wife’s name was Dorothy. They had a 18-year old son, whose name was Kevin. I was 25 years old at that time. Roger was an advertising executive, and Dorothy ran a bookstore in the city. Roger was about 42 and Dorothy was about 37. Roger was quite handsome and in good shape although not like an athlete or a body builder. Dorothy was gorgeous, with a medium build, about my size, with firm, full breasts, and long legs. It was obvious from looking at her that she exercised regularly. This story is about my experience with this wonderful family.

They gave me a nice bedroom on the second floor of the house overlooking the back yard. Kevin and I shared a bathroom, which was in the passageway, which led to our bedrooms. His bedroom was towards the front of the house overlooking the pool. His parents lived on the other side of the second floor, and there was a large hallway in between.

I should say something about myself. I already mentioned I was 22 at the time. I am 5′ 5″, 125 pounds, and have dark hair. I have always kept myself in good shape, and have a nice figure. At the time this story happened, I measured 37-23-35. I had my first sexual experience in high school, when I went out with the son of our neighbours whom I had known since childhood. Before I came to America, I had a boyfriend for a while, but when I got a fellowship to study in America, he became jealous and broke off.

As I settled down in that house and in my work at the University, I began enjoying the friendliness of the whole family. Dorothy especially was very nice, and always greeted me with a warm smile. I like to cook, and so we spent a lot of time in the kitchen where she taught me many American dishes. I had noticed that Roger was also very friendly, and when Dorothy was not around, may be too friendly. He didn’t do anything inappropriate, but would often try to brush against me, or get very close, especially when we were swimming. I ignored it because I did not want to cause trouble between him and Dorothy.

I knew Roger and Dorothy were very close, because they often hugged and kissed in front of Kevin and me. Sometimes when he thought no one was looking, Roger would try to fondle Dorothy, or sneak a hand up under her skirt when we lounged around in the living room watching TV. They were pretty casual about clothing around the house, too. It took me a while to get used to that, because often I would find Roger wearing nothing but boxer shorts, and Dorothy with a Turkish robe over nothing more than a panty. Even Kevin often walked around in his boxer shorts. I could tell he didn’t wear anything inside because the shape of his cock was always visible when he walked, causing it to jiggle. The cock would slip out a little whenever he sat down on the floor with his legs crossed. His parents didn’t seem to mind, and there was always a heightened feeling of sexuality in that household. After a while, I got used to it, and actually started getting aroused on seeing glimpses of naked flesh. So I also dropped my reticence, and started walking around in shorts or see-through dresses. But I always wore the undergarments.

After a while, I began to notice that Kevin was really attracted to me. He always stared at my breasts, or legs. I knew he was attracted to me by the way he would steal glances at me when his parents were not around, or trying to get physically close to me on some pretext or another. He had just turned 18 the previous month, and I had overheard some of his friends comment about what a “hot chick” I was, and asking him if he had scored with me yet or not. I saw Kevin blush and pulled his friends out of range of my hearing, and whisper something to them.

A couple of weeknds after his birthday, I was sitting in my bedroom, reading a book. After a while, I got up to stretch and stood by the window. I looked out into the backyard, and saw Kevin behind the fountain. I could only see him from waist up, and he was bare. I watched with curiosity, trying to figure out what he was doing. His back was towards me, and it looked like he was watering something with a hose. Then he stepped away from the fountain and turned around. I was surprised to see that he was naked, and was holding the hose with its powerful stream of water pointed at his cock, which was hard like a rod. It looked like he was washing himself. Then I realized that he was directing the water right on the cock and playing with himself. Then he stiffened and started jerking himself rapidly. He dropped the hose, and grabbed his cock, pumping it furiously. I saw him shudder and ejaculate, and at the same time, look up in the Kütahya Escort direction of the house. I quickly stepped back, not wanting him to find me watching him.

That evening at dinner, he kept avoiding my eyes, and so I knew he had seen me standing at the window. Later, when I headed for my bedroom after taking a shower, he followed me. I was getting ready for bed, but he came in and closed the door, and just stood there, looking at me. I had the towel draped around me, and was only wearing a panty underneath. I told him to leave, but he said he wanted to talk to me about the situation earlier. I pretended not to know what he was talking about, but he insisted.

“Please. I saw you watching me from your window this afternoon. I was horny, and went out in the back yard to cool off. It was hot, so I took off my clothes, and sat under the tree for a while. But I kept getting hornier thinking about you. You don’t realize how beautiful and sexy you are, Anna. I lay in bed every night, thinking about you. Anyway, I turned on the hose and tried to cool off. The force of the water felt so good against the skin that I pointed it to my… you know. It felt so good. Then I saw you in the window, and couldn’t hold out. Please don’t tell Mom or Dad.”

I saw the pleading look ion his face and the hard-on in his shorts. He was just reacting to his hormones. So I motioned him to come closer, and dropped my towel. He took one step, and froze, his eyes as big as golf balls as he took in my naked breasts and the rest of it. I walked up to him, and took his hands in mine. I pressed them against my breasts, and said, “Is this what you wanted to do?”

He nodded, and licked his lips. I kissed him on the mouth, and pulled him towards the bed. I pushed him down on it, and stood before him. “What would you like to do with me?” I asked.

He just stared at my breasts, breathing heavily. So I pushed him down on his back and straddled him, feeling his stiff cock against my panty. I kissed him on the mouth, and pushed my tongue in. He moaned and started fumbling with my breasts as we kissed. I reached between our bodies and fondled his cock through the shorts. Then I worked my way inside, and pulled it out. It was hot.

I slipped off him, and knelt on the carpet as he lay on the bed, resting in his elbows. I pulled the cock all the way out, and began stroking it. I pumped him slowly, rubbing the tip, and the sensitive ring around the crown, as I watched his face. He was panting, and jerking his hips. I saw him grimace a little, and knew he was close to orgasm. I put the tip in my mouth, and sucked on it. He moaned loudly as I took all of it in my mouth. It wasn’t very long, may be about five inches. He began to jerk his hips, so I pulled it out, just as he erupted. The white cum splashed on my face and breasts as he grunted, and grabbed his cock. He jerked off, squirting more cum on his fingers. I got up and grabbed my towel and wiped him clean. Then I cleaned the cum off my breasts and face. He stood up, and mumbled ‘thank you’, and headed for the door.


He stopped, and turned to look at me. He was embarrassed.

“Don’t be embarrassed. It’s okay. I know how you feel. Did you enjoy it?”

He nodded wordlessly.

“I did, too. You have a nice cock. Don’t worry about anything. I won’t tell anyone.”

He smiled, and said, “Thanks, Anna. I can’t think of anything else when I am around you. I think I am falling in love with you.”

“It’s just a phase, Kevin. You are growing up, and noticing beautiful girls with new emotions and feelings. You’ll get over this phase and fall in love with a really nice girl some day.”

“Maybe. But right now, I can only think of you, and how beautiful you are.”

“Thank you, Kevin. Have you made love to a girl yet?”

He shook his head. “No, I haven’t done it with anyone, although I have fondled some girls on dates. I have to feel something for a girl first before I go all the way with her.”

“That is very nice of you, and the right way to think. Would you like me to show you some day how to make love to a girl?”

“Oh, yes,” Kevin’s face lit up in a big smile, “Would you, really? Oh, Anna. I love you.” He came back and hugged me tightly.

A few days later, I came home early from the university. No one was home. I changed into silk shorts and a halter top, with no bra, and lay down in bed, reading some magazines. Kevin came home from school at 3:30 and came straight to my room.

“I saw your car outside. You are early,” he said as he entered. I sat up, and smiled at him.

“A couple of lectures were canceled. Sit down here. How was school?”

Kevin sat down on the bed, and looked at me. He noticed that I was not wearing my bra because the nipples were hard. I was getting horny reading the romantic novel. Kevin’s parents wouldn’t be home until 6 p.m. I looked at him, and held out my hand.

He came closer. I pulled him down on me, and kissed him. Kevin pushed Kütahya Escort Bayan his hands under the halter top, and touched my breasts. He gasped, as the sensitive flesh quivered under his touch. He squeezed them and pushed the top off. With an eagerness that made him clumsy, he began to suck and kiss my breasts, squeezing them hard. I told him to go easy, and reached for his belt.

Soon we were naked. I locked the bedroom door, and pulled him down next to me as we lay in each other’s arms. Kevin just moaned with pleasure as his naked body touched mine. It was his first experience with a woman. I knew how important it was for him to make this a good experience. I was also thrilled that I would be making love to a virgin.

I kissed him, and caressed his face. Then I moved my hands slowly over his slender body, caressing his chest and arms. He just lay there, too excited to know what to do. I slowly reached down to his belly which fluttered under my fingers. His cock stirred as my hand approached. I ran my fingers through the soft bush between his legs, and wrapped my fingers around the cock. He moaned, and said, “Will you suck me, please?”

“With pleasure,” I moved down between his legs, and bent down. I swallowed the whole length of it, and began sucking it. I could feel it grow in my mouth as I pumped it with my lips. Kevin closed his eyes, enjoying the pleasure.

“Tell me if you are close. I don’t want you to cum soon.”

He nodded, and sat up. He turned me around, and dove under me, spreading my legs over his face. His lips soon found their mark, as his tongue hit the sensitive spot between my legs. He began to lick the juices from my cunt, and his clumsiness drove me wild. I hadn’t had sex in months, and I was extremely aroused. I wanted his cock where his tongue was. I got off him, and said, “I am going to fuck you, Kevin. Just watch and learn.”

I pushed him down and straddled him. He slipped in easily. I rode him until he couldn’t hold out any longer. He grabbed my waist and jerked upward as he shot his load in me. He was moaning and crying at the same time. I was still unsatisfied, but I felt a lot of compassion for the poor kid. He looked so sweet in his moment of orgasm. I held him close and let him cry for a few minutes.

“Anna”, he spoke after a while, “It felt so wonderful. I am sorry I am not good at this, and I don’t know if you enjoyed it or not, but I feel so happy and peaceful now. I love you very much.”

“I love you, too, Kevin. I am glad you liked it. Was it as good as you expected?”

“I didn’t know what to expect, but it felt very good. I felt comfortable being with you like this, because I know you wouldn’t do it unless you liked me and wanted to do it yourself. I wouldn’t feel comfortable if it was someone who was not willing.”

“Yes. I wanted to. It’s been a long time for me, Kevin. You are the first and only one here in America.”

Kevin suddenly smiled. “Gee. That makes me very happy. This is my first time, you know. I know I didn’t do anything, but I will learn if you teach me.”

“I will. You are very sweet. I like you very much. But remember, not a word to anyone. Also, don’t fall in love with me, because I will be gone in another year. Besides, I am much older than you. You will find a nice girl. You learn from me, and then make her happy.”

“Okay, Anna. But I will always love you, no matter what. You gave me my first experience with a woman. How can I forget that?”

We kissed and fondled each other for a while. When we heard the sound of the cars in the driveway, Kevin got out, and went to his room.After that day, Kevin would sometimes sneak into my room at night, and we’d make love. One night when he was lying in my bed, we heard footsteps in the hallway. Roger was calling him. Kevin panicked, and grabbed his clothes. Without thinking, he opened the bedroom door and ran to his room, letting the door slam shut with a loud noise. After a while, I heard faint voices coming from his room, and then there was silence. I stayed up for a long time, wondering what was going to happen.

Next morning, Roger caught me near the stairs as I started to go down for breakfast. Kevin had already left for school, and Dorothy was in the kitchen.

“Anna, I want to talk to you for a minute before you go down.” Roger stood in the doorway of the office which was next to his bedroom. I went over, my heart beating rapidly.

“I want to know why Kevin was in your bedroom last night. What was he doing there?”

“Nothing. We were just talking. He was lonely, and wanted to ask me some questions.”

“What kind of questions? Why so late at night?”

I knew there was no way to get around the situation. Roger had figured out, or may be Kevin had told him. So I decided to tell him the truth.

“He wanted to experience the love of a woman. He wanted to know how it feels to make love. So he asked me. And I was glad to show him.”

“I see. Thank you for being honest. Escort Kütahya His mother doesn’t know any of this. You could get into a lot of trouble.”

“Why? Sex is not illegal in this country, is it? I did not force him, neither did he force me. We both wanted to do it.”

“It is not illegal to have sex, but you are seducing someone who is much younger than you. His mother will not put up with you trying to seduce him with your charms.”

“What about you, Roger? Do you also not approve of it?”

“That’s right. I don’t approve. Kevin is too young for you. He doesn’t know anything about sex.”

“Oh. Did he tell you that? From the way he was acting, I think he knows what to do.” I don’t know how I found the courage to talk back at my host, but I was annoyed.

“Now look here, Anna,” Roger raised his voice a little. “You are a guest in our house. I can understand that you were tempted because you have been alone since coming here. You have not mentioned any boy friends so far, so I assume that you don’t have any.”

I nodded.

“That would explain why you would try to have sex with Kevin. But that is not necessary. He is just a boy. If you really want a true experience, you can ask me.”

I suddenly realized that Roger was trying to blackmail me. I didn’t show him that I was on to his game, but played along.

“But Roger, you are married. What would happen if Dorothy found out? I don’t want to hurt your marriage.”

“Don’t worry about Dorothy. She doesn’t have to know. I know for sure that she would not like it if she found out about you and Kevin. You would have to leave and find another host family, or go back to your country.”

I pretended to let it sink in. Then I grabbed his arm, and said in a pleading voice, “Please, Roger. I don’t want to cause trouble. Give me some time to think about this. I’ll tell you in a couple of days. I don’t want Dorothy to find out that you and I are having an affair.”

“We are not having an affair, Anna. I am only talking about a one time deal. What do you say?”

“Can I give you my answer in a day or two?”

“All right. But stay away from Kevin. He’s too young for you. You need a man.” He was smiling.

I ran down to the kitchen, and ate my breakfast quickly. I wanted to get out of the house so I could think clearly. I did not want to encourage Roger, and I did not want to ignore Kevin. He was a sweet boy, trying to cope with his new feelings. But Roger was only looking for a quick thrill. He didn’t care for my feelings. I realized that I had to be honest with Dorothy, and tell her about me and Kevin. I decided to leave out the little conversation with Roger.

That evening, Dorothy got home early. Roger was working late. Kevin was out with his friends. This was the perfect opportunity.

I went to the kitchen where Dorothy was preparing supper. I told her about Kevin and me. I could see from her face that she was really upset. But she didn’t say anything. I pleaded with her to say something, and told her how sorry I was that it happened.

Dorothy put her hands on my shoulders, and smiled at me. “Sit down, Anna,” she said, looking into my eyes, “I am glad you told me. First I was upset, but I am not anymore. I know Kevin is growing up. I have caught him many times staring at my breasts, and rummaging through my underwear. I know he masturbates, because I have washed his soiled bed linen many times. He would have learned about sex some day, from some total stranger anyway. So in a way, I am glad it was you who taught him.”

I gave a sigh of relief. “Oh, thank you, Dorothy. I was so scared that I did something wrong.”

“No, no. These things happen. You are beautiful, and very attractive. Even Roger has remarked that you are very attractive. Did you enjoy your experience with Kevin?”

I smiled, and said, “Yes. He is not experienced at all, so it was exciting because he was fumbling a lot. But he was so eager to learn. He is a very nice boy. Oh, I am so glad you are not mad at me.”

“Of course not. I am glad he lost his virginity to you, rather than some teenager who might get pregnant. You are taking care of yourself, aren’t you?”

I nodded. “Don’t worry. I have no desire to become a mother just yet.”

We laughed heartily. Dorothy hugged me, and said, “You are a sweet, beautiful girl, Anna. I’m happy for Kevin. But don’t get him hooked on to sex yet.”

“I’ll stay away from him. I’ll tell him we can’t do it anymore.”

“No, no. I don’t mind if you two do it once in a while. He has to learn anyway, and I’d rather you taught him. Just make sure he doesn’t get so distracted by it that he neglects his studies.”

I hugged her again and said, “Oh Dorothy. I am so relieved. I wish my mother was so understanding.” I suddenly started to cry, as the feeling of homesickness overwhelmed me. Dorothy patted me on the back, and said, “What is it, darling?”

“I suddenly feel homesick,” I said between sobs.

“Now, now. You are like a family, dear. Don’t be sad.”

“Thank you, Dorothy. I love you.”

Dorothy smiled and said, “I love you, too. You are a beautiful girl, Anna. Anyone would be attracted to you. I think Kevin is lucky to have you teach him the art of love. Come now. Let’s fix dinner.”

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