Exhibitionism Leads To Mature Fun

Big Tits

One of the sexiest things I have ever seen in my life was to see a young guy’s hand go up my mature wife’s short skirt and between her ripe thighs.

I heard her sharp intake of breath and realised that his hand had closed over her uncovered shaven pussy mound. In spite of her rather relaxed state, due to the rather large quantities of G &T she had consumed, I rather expected her to stop our fantasy turning to reality by pulling away. I was surprised and even more turned on to hear this gasp followed by what I took to be a moan of pleasure. Although I had some disquiet about where this might lead in terms of how she might feel afterwards I was more than happy to ‘go with the flow’.

We are both in our early fifties ( me 53 and her 51) and having retired early lead fairly busy lives round our hobbies including for me golf and fishing. Over the last six months we had tried to get away as much as possible for short breaks to pursue a more recently developed interest in exhibitionism or more particularly me showing her off in public wearing clothes that leave little or nothing to the imagination.

This started just about six months ago when she purchased an extremely low cut and very tight black slinky dress to go to a Sarturday night golf club awards dinner and dance. The material was shiny, slightly transparent and quite stretchy and was almost totally sculpted to her body. You could clearly see she wasn’t wearing a bra and that she was wearing stockings and suspenders.

It showed her voluptuous 40c -32- 44 figure, blonde hair and youthful looks off to perfection and created quite a stir going in to dinner amongst the male members including some of the unaccompanied younger award winners in their 20s and 30s. I don’t think she realised that they could see as much of the clear outline of her large heavy breasts and thick nipples, her rip jutting buttocks and her stocking encased thighs through the thin material of the dress.

After dinner I was initially a bit jealous when she got up to dance with some of the younger guys but she seemed to be having fun and I found that I grew surprisingly a little turned on to see her flirting with them. I realised that most of them would have loved to ‘get into her knickers’ if she had been wearing any!

She seemed to be enjoying herself being in great demand in both faster and slower numbers with half a dozen guys in their 20s and 30s and I retired to the bar with my golfing buddies to let her get on with it.

It was after midnight before she joined us claiming to be quite exhausted but it was obvious that she had had a few G&Ts in between her dances. After a few more drinks with us she was quite tipsy when we got our taxi at about 12.30. She snuggled up against me in the taxi and said she had had a wonderful time.

When we got home and was I making her a nightcap I could see she was still ‘on a high’ and asked her had she enjoyed all of the attention. She said she had been really surprised and flattered that so many young guys, some younger than our kids, had very obviously found her attractive and it had done her ego no harm to have had so many attractive dance partners.

When I asked had they behaved themselves she smiled and said that apart from a few rather risqué comments about her assets it had all been a bit of fun. When I asked had they kept their hands to themselves she said ” You know what young guys and their hormones are like. But I made them behave themselves.”

She said that a few had run their hands over her rear in the slower dances and a few bolder ones had tried to touch her breasts but overall they had behaved like gentlemen in spite of some of them being very obviously excited by her. She went on to say that she had felt some large erections pressed against her, been complimented in quite graphic terms on her figure and had been asked by three different guys for a date ( including by one guy in his early 20s).

When I asked had she been tempted she smiled and said ” By the offer of a date or the erections?”

I must say I got an erection when I asked her which and she said “Both.”

She went on to explain that while she loved me dearly and wouldn’t think of straying she had been flattered by the guys very obvious desire for her and couldn’t help thinking what it would be like to go on a date with a guy of 20 or 30 and to have a young guy between her thighs again.

I think this rather risqué conversation turned both of us on and I rather roughly pulled her breasts out of the low top of her dress and her skirt up, and going between her plump creamy thighs, fed her the largest and firmest erection I had had for some time. We were soon coupling like teenagers on the settee. As I fucked her and I mean fucked her not made love to her I lost all my inhibitions and asked her would she like to be fucked by a younger guy. She too seemed to have lost her inhibitions and murmured that if I didn’t mind’ it could be fun’.

I pressed further Antep Bayan Escort and asked would she like to have more than one at a time and was stunned when she smiled sexily and said ‘the more the merrier’.

” Would you honestly want to take on two or more guys at once?”

” Mmmm could be fun – but only if you didn’t mind.”

Seeing my previously rather conservative wife lying back with her big tits exposed and her thighs spread and thinking about her with two or three of the young guys I had seen her with at the club was overwhelming sexy and I couldn’t hold back my climax and exploded into her. As I pumped the last drop of spunk into her I called her a really sexy dirty bitch and instead of losing my erection after I climaxed, as I usually do, it stiffened again when she said ” I could be if you want me to be.”

I was about to mount her again but she put her hand between my legs to hold my balls and said ‘Hey not so fast, I want to have fun with that and I don’t want my dress ruined. Go and get me a drink – we have all night to play.”

When I came back with a G&T she had lost the dress and was standing resplendent in just her suspender belt, stockings and heels. As I took the weight of one of her heavy pendulous breasts and kissed her once again I felt her hand at my crotch and she murmured ” Mmmm still hard, you must like me flirting with young guys, I must do it more often”.

When I told her it appeared that it was more than me who had been turned on.

She murmured ” I have to admit I really enjoyed realising that I am still attractive and desirable to so many young guys, who could have their choice of younger girls.”

When I asked would she be tempted to take it further and really consider having sex with one or more young guys. She smiled and said she might but it would depend on what I thought about it.

When I asked ” What if I said it was OK.”

” Well then I might find it fun to see what they had to offer.”

When I asked her how far she would go with them she very teasingly stood back and running her finger slowly from her moth, between her dangling breasts and down to her crotch said ” It might be fun to have young cock here, and here and of course here!”

The thought of my previously quite conservative wife even fantasising about taking a young guys cock in her mouth, letting a young guy tit ride her and taking it in her big box was too much for me and turning her round I bent her over the couch and shoved my very hard rod into her big cunt from behind.

I held the big ripe creamy hips and thrust between them thinking of her bent over for young guys to stallion her. She may well have been having similar thoughts as she wriggled her ass and thrust back to meet me. As I fucked her I parted her hips and worked my thumb down to her rosebud and as I thrust with my cock I pressed the tip of my thumb into her anal sphincter.

She doesn’t really like anal sex and the few times we have had it hurt her but I think I may have not taken no for an answer but for unintentionally coming off in her, when I asked her if she would let the young guys take her ass and she said ” I suspect they probably would want me to!”

When I dismounted after my unaccustomed exertions – I usually only manage one climax or a second after a rest, I poured us drinks while she went to clean up in the downstairs bathroom.

Although I was physically sated I was still in a high state of excitement provoked by the extremely unexpected behaviour and language exhibited by my wife.

When she came back with a robe covering her nakedness I said “Wow that was some session. Were we fantasising about you taking young guys or is it something you really would like to do.”

She admitted that she had fantasised on occasions about what it would be like to have a young guy take her all night with him capable of having up to a dozen climaxes – our record! But until tonight she had thought that was just a fantasy that was not on the cards because she hadn’t thought her mature body would be attractive to guys in their twenties/thirties. But tonight had shown her that dressed to show off her assets she could still attract and be desired by young guys. She had found that very exciting and also the fact that I had been turned on by the fact that young guys had asked her out on a date and that she might consider sleeping with one or more young guys. She finished by saying whether it was fantasy or reality was up to me as she really loved me and wanted to do nothing to threaten or marriage. If it spiced up our own lovemaking then she would probably get physical pleasure from ‘no string’s fun’ with other guys whether it was just flirting or going the whole way.

I said I before tonight I thought I would have been jealous but it had both turned me on to see guys coming on to her and the thought of young guys having sex with her had also turned me on greatly. But if we were going to turn fantasy into reality it should be done safely and discreetly.

We agreed to sleep on it and when I woke up the next morning with an erection after some very vivid dreams I realised that I certainly wanted to take this further. I think she was a little embarrassed when she woke but she soon relaxed and we spent the morning in bed like newlyweds making love and confirming that we wanted to embark on some limited sexual adventures. She wasn’t quite sure whether she wanted to actually take these to the stage of actually ‘taking cock’ or simply just flirting and kiss and a fondle stage.

I went off at lunch time to meet my friends for lunch and around while she went off to shop for some new sexy gear!

I’m afraid my mind was more on what had gone on the night before and more on Kate and the future than my game. This was exacerbated by my playing partners saying how hot Kate had looked the night before.

I didn’t stop for my normal post game drink as I was keen to see what Kate had bought and discuss our plans for the night. When I rushed home she was still unpacking some of the gear but before she modelled some of it she told me Gareth , the 21 yo guy who had asked her for a date had called, and had really pressurised her for dinner on Monday.

When I asked her how she felt about it she said she had said she would consider it but she felt she was far too old to be going out with him. She said she had been very flattered when this ‘drop dead gorgeous’ young guy had said she was the sexiest woman of any age he had ever seen. Although they had agreed he wouldn’t be expecting it to be more than dinner only.

I was ambivalent about this because although it would be exciting to think of my mature wife going out with this very handsome young stud, it could be less than discreet because both his parents are members of the golf club.

I said I had been thinking more of us having our sexual adventures with strangers and away from our own locality. She thought it might be fun to go out with him to see if he really fancied her and proposed getting her into bed and felt it would be exciting and quite a safe thing to do. She felt that, as on the dance floor, she could flirt with him without going too far. When I asked how far she would intend to go on their date she said ‘ possibly a kiss and a fondle but no further.’

On this basis I agreed to her calling him to agree to going out with him on the Monday night so long as I agreed her outfit. I was impressed at his style when she called him and arranged to meet him at quite a well known and quite sophisticated restaurant in the old town ‘ just for a meal.’

Her adventure agreed, she unveiled the treasures of her shopping trip. Out of the numerous bags she produced a range of sexy garments that demonstrated to me that in future she was really quite determined to ‘put her assets’ on show. She had purchased several suspender belts and sets of stockings, tiny g strings; several short tight skirts and other longer tight skirts with thigh splits, skin tight shiny leggings, several low cut and both semi and totally transparent tops, corset tops and a couple of shelf bras.

To test her confidence I suggested for her date with Gareth she wear a short tight mini skirt with stockings and suspenders and a sheer black top with a lacey bra teamed up with a short black jacket. I was surprised when she suggested he might find it sexier if she went braless. I said if she felt it necessary to keep his attention she could lose the bra when she went to the loo!

That night’s fashion parade with the promise of some very sexy dressing plus the thought of my wife ‘going on a date’ with a very handsome young man fuelled some more intensive lovemaking. Although it fairly exhausted me – with my normal being a couple of times a week- I was delighted to think that properly stimulated I was capable of much more!

Throughout Monday , in the ‘cold light of day’ I know that both of us had second thoughts about her adventure that night right but we decided to let her try it even as a one off . But I have say when I saw her dressed to go I almost decided to keep her in for myself. I have never seen her look better or sexier. Her makeup was much heavier than usual and with her blonde hair shining made her look quite spectacular and several years younger. She was wearing a skirt about 5 inches above the knee with black lace top stockings and 5″ heels. The skirt was absolutely sculpted to her rear and it and her shortish jacket showed of her rip jutting buttocks to perfection. The sheer black top and lacey bra showed off her heavy breasts and cleavage to perfection and overall she simply looked like ‘sex on legs’.

That night I couldn’t settle with wondering what she and Gareth would get up to so eventually after trying to watch TV for an hour I went to the pub. When I got back at 11.30 she still wasn’t home and no messages so I suspected it had gone well and was rather more than ‘just dinner’. A number of times I was tempted to call her mobile but I decided to just sit it out. She arrived home in a taxi just after one.

I noticed she had lost the bra and there was a worrying wet mark on the front of her skirt but I made her a drink rather than bombarding her with questions. When I asked her how it had gone she smiled and said it had gone fine but she thought if we were going to experiment it might be better in places where we weren’t known.

She had been delighted by Gareth’s reaction when she met him in the pub across the street from the restaurant. He said she looked absolutely gorgeous and when she asked him was he not embarrassed to be seen out with a woman old enough to be his mother he had assured her that he felt really proud to have her as his date.

The restaurant was lovely as was the food and he was an attentive date. Conversation was good and they found they had a lot of common interests in music, theatre and of course golf. When it came round to the club he had said that he and his mates had been stunned at how well she looked at the dance and he couldn’t get her out of his mind. When she asked why. He said because he had found her the most sexually desirable woman he had ever seen and in some ways she looked even better tonight. When she asked how, he said he loved her short skirt but the dress had shown her breasts and nipples off more. To tease him she said would you prefer I hadn’t worn a bra – he quickly nodded his assent.

He looked rather stunned when she went out to the loo and returned without her bra. When she said ‘ Is this better?’ He had said “It is fantastic I have never seen a better pair of tits on any woman – in fact I have never ever wanted anyone as much.” When she asked him did he not think it too much for her to be showing her breasts and nipples off. He said “certainly not- you’ve really got it so you should flaunt it.”

When she asked him whether it wasn’t just having ‘forbidden fruit’ that had attracted him, he said that that could be part of the attraction but he had really fallen for her because of how hot she had looked at the dance and tonight, but also because he had found her smart and funny. He thought she was the complete package.

She said she was flattered by his attention but if he had invited her out tonight hoping for a ‘quick shag’ he was going to be disappointed because she had never cheated on her husband. When he asked had she ever been tempted she answered truthfully not really until Saturday night, mainly as she had thought she was no longer attractive to younger guys.

She admitted she had been flattered by the attention and by the fact that she realised that quite a few of the guys wanted her sexually. He had smiled and said ” I assume you felt my erection against you.” She said she had replied yours and a few others.

When he pressed her she said she had been turned on by the fact that he and other guys had got aroused by her. He then has asked her how often she had sex and seemed surprised that it was only two or three times a week and said it was a real waste!

He suggested they go for a nightcap to his apartment but when she said that might be too dangerous he settled for a nightcap back in the bar across the street. She had realised when he steered her to a high stool at the side of the bar that he was hoping to see a bit more thigh when her skirt rode up and also he would have the light shining on her breasts.

She was happy to play along and murmured to him ” If you wanted to see a bit of thigh and stocking top you had only to ask.” And crossing her legs she allowed her skirt to ride up a little to flash her lace topped stockings. He obviously liked what he could see and said” I really want to make love to you and I think you would like it too so why not?”

She admitted she was tempted but she said she loved me and after Saturday we had discussed a more open relationship but she wasn’t prepared to do anything just yet. He seemed to accept this and after a couple more drinks she thanked him for a lovely evening but said she had to get back home.

He said he was disappointed but would be happy if he agreed to another date. She said she would call him.

As they walked towards the taxi rank he suddenly pulled her into a wynd and pulling her closed to him started to snog her against one of the alley walls. She hadn’t minded because it was largely out of sight of the street and she really did quite fancy him. As he kissed her she didn’t even really mind him groping her breasts but felt they were entering into dangerous territory when he placed her hand on his crotch and what felt through his trousers like a huge erection. He grated ” Do you see how much I fancy you.” When she murmured assent she felt his hand go up her skirt and claim her g string covered mound.

He muttered ” What a superb box you have – would you not like it filled with a hard young cock?” and she felt him trying to manoeuvre her skirt up over her thighs to get better access to her pussy with one hand as his other unzipped his cock.