Exploiting an Opportunity Ch. 05

Close Up

Friday morning we skinny dipped again after Mom left for work. Indy actually came out again and we had a nice threesome in the water. It was fun to float on my back as Indy stood between my legs and fucked me. Cathy had a turn and again we let him cum on our faces and made out as we cleaned each other off. After breakfast Indy practiced his oral skills as she and I lay side by side on his bed and talked. I didn’t want it to end but she had an appointment at one o’clock and so left about noon. Once again she dropped Indy off at the University. I tidied up and watched TV.

Cathy called me after a while to tell me that her mom wanted some “special time” and promised to see me tomorrow, Saturday. Then around two o’clock Indy called to ask me to pick him up from campus. I changed into a nice summer dress of off-white linen. I wore no underwear at all. The look was sexy without being too revealing.

When he hopped in I smiled and kissed him. “Ready for your next lesson?” I asked. He grinned and nodded. “Good, now as I drive I want you to touch me. Don’t grope. The point is to gently arouse your lover without being rough or crude. The secret is in the subtlety.”

Indy started by touching my hair and cheek. After a few minutes he moved on to my shoulder and my arm. I wondered if he would go for my breasts next but no, he turned sideways in his seat and used his other hand to caress my knee and leg. Throughout the drive he never touched my breasts or my inner thighs and pussy. I put the car in park and told him how well he had done.

“You really surprised me,” I said. “I didn’t think you could hold back, but you did!”

He smiled and only then noticed that we were at the mall, not home.

“Come on,” I smiled broadly. “We’re going shopping!”

“Now listen. You are going to learn several lessons today: One, how to shop with your lady. Two, how to act when out with your lady. And three, how to dress nice enough to get ladies.” I stopped and pulled a bank envelope from my purse. “It would be best if you were seen to pay for everything, so here is some cash. Next walk with your arm around me. Not lewdly on my ass but casually on my waist. Yeah, that’s good. Oh and don’t worry about being recognized as brother and sister. It’s unlikely we’ll bump into anyone who would know, and if we did we’ll just pretend it’s normal. No one will suspect. “

Indy suddenly switched sides, I looked puzzled and he explained “Oh yeah, the gentleman has to be on the outside, or danger side when walking his lady.”

It made me smile.

We went in and spent a nice couple of hours shopping. (I had called Mom to let her know that we were out for the evening and might catch a movie.) I tried on a lot of clothes and modeled them for Indy much to his delight. I only bought a few things for myself. We went into a nice place and I made Indy buy himself several pairs of chinos and slacks with a few nice shirts and a new pair of decent looking loafers.

“It’s time to start dressing like an adult from time to time…”

We then went into the lingerie store where I sighed as I looked at the nice bras. I did pick up a pair of garter belts (one black, one white) with matching panties (I passed on the uncomfortable g-strings) and several pairs of stockings. To this I added one sheer black lace top and one white lace teddy.

Indy was noticeably uncomfortable during all of this. The fact that the saleslady kept grinning at him as he paid made him blush.

Finally we went to the candy shop and we bought some dark chocolate truffles for Mom.

Next I drove to the Chicken Shack.

“What are we doing here?” Indy asked

“Well Mom won’t touch fried chicken so when I want some it has to be when I’m eating out. It would be cruel to bring it into the house.”

I used the drive through and we took our chicken and drinks to the park and had a little picnic.

“Indy I want to, no, we need to talk.”

“Okay, is it about Cathy? Because I understand if it makes it awkward…”

“No bro, it’s about you and me. See, I started this because I felt sorry for you. Then I did it because I lusted for you. But I want you to know that from now on, I’m doing it because I love you. I don’t know why I forgot that, but I have always loved you and all of this time together has reminded me just how important you are to me. Yes, I will do as I said and tutor you in anything and everything I can. And yes, I will be your lover for as long as you will have me, regardless of who else comes into our lives. It’s important to me that you know that. This is a secret we must carry to our graves. No future spouses will tolerate our relationship so it must be private.”

“Yeah, I get it.” Indy said. “The same thing occurred to me. I know what Cathy said but I also know that even those in society who might participate or secretly approve, can’t openly support incest. And I know it will never change. But yes, I do want to keep on being your lover. God it sounds so… erotic to say it out loud. Incest. One of the big social taboos, and here bursa escort we are, doing it. I watched you growing up and always thought you were pretty. It wasn’t until you forced me into this that I realized how badly I wanted you.”

We kissed and lay back on the grass and kissed some more. I felt his hand on my leg and he stroked my thigh. Gradually getting higher and higher. There was no one close around the spot we had selected so we felt comfortable with a little heavy petting. I relished the touch of his hand on my inner thigh and spread my legs little by little. When he finally reached my pussy and found no panties he was surprised.

“When did you…?”

“I never had any on. All day. Nothing under this dress. At all.”

Indy smiled, “Damn Leia! I had no idea! Why?”

“Well why not? I find it arousing. And it arouses you too, now that you know, right?”

“Yeah, of course!”

“Then in the future you will have to wonder when you look at me, if I have anything on under my outer clothes… and that is why.”

We kissed again, far more passionately. Indy kept his hand beneath my dress and finger fucked me until I couldn’t stand it.

“Stop!” I said and amazingly he did. Immediately.


I sat up and took his hand and sucked my juices off. “We can’t fuck here and if you keep on I will have a screaming orgasm.”

I stood up and smoothed my dress looking around. No one had seen us. I gathered the trash and we strolled to the nearest bin and tossed it, then went walking hand in hand.

“God I want you so bad!” I said.

“I want you too. What do we do? We can’t go home, Mom is there. And we can’t exactly grab a hotel room…”

“And it’s too light out for the backseat. Besides which, Hondas are not roomy enough.” I added.


Then I spotted a side trail, well really more of an opening in the bushes and making sure no one was watching, I pulled Indy in and we worked our way deeper into the bushes to a small open area about six or seven feet across. We were completely hidden. Dusk was upon us and the place was in shadow. Quickly I undid his jeans and tugged them and his underwear down. His erection was big and stiff and oh so beautiful. I bent to suck it for a minute before turning around and bending over.

“You can’t cum in me, I have no way to clean up, so pull out early and I’ll finish you in my mouth…”

Indy used his fingers to spread my juices around before giving me his cock. I bit my lip to keep from making any sound. Damn it felt huge! He worked it in and out slowly until we were both ready and then he started pounding me. It was difficult to keep my balance. I was bent over with my hands on my knees as there was nothing to hold onto. I didn’t know how long I could handle this before I either lost my balance and fell or climaxed and screamed. I got lucky and after only about five or six minutes Indy moaned that he was really, really close. A few strokes later he pulled out and I turned and dropped to my knees. I took ahold of his gorgeous glistening cock and thrust it into my mouth. My taste on his thick shaft was wild and I gave him the best fellitaio I could. I bobbed my head taking his whole shaft in and out. I sucked hard and stroked his cock and looked up and into his eyes…

And he came.

I choked and some of his cum leaked out and ran down my chin. I did my best to keep up but damn this boy produced a lot! I swallowed and sucked and swallowed and sucked until Indy was finally spent. I used my fingers to scoop up the cum on my chin and was grateful that none had gotten on my dress. We straightened our clothes and slipped from our secluded spot and strolled back to the car. On the way home we stopped for a couple of milkshakes.

“Okay I gotta say that this seems to be prone to get out of hand.” I ventured. “We have to be able to control our urges or it will get us in trouble.”

“Yeah, I was thinking pretty much the same thing.” Indy said. “It’s my fault for taking it too far.”

“Well, not entirely. I did encourage you. But you know I do need to give you an A+ for ethics. When I said stop, you stopped!”

“Hey, it’s no big deal. If it’s not okay for some other guy to ignore you, then it’s not okay for me to. Otherwise it becomes a sexual assault.”

“Wow, that’s so nice to hear. Most guys make excuses. I’m proud of you Indy. Now there may come a point in your relationship where she wants to do some role play. Before you do, lay out the ground rules and make sure you both understand what is and isn’t allowed. Couples should have a code word that means stop immediately. I did this only once and it was fun but the guy wasn’t.”

“What kind of role play was it? If you don’t mind saying that is…”

“I suppose it’s okay… Last year my boyfriend and I went to a Halloween Frat party as Vikings. Afterward we started fooling around and he was a little drunk and I let him chase me around, you know the whole rape and pillage thing? I let him catch me and since we were already involved, çanakkale escort the sex was going to be consensual, I just struggled for fun. But he got a little too rough and didn’t stop when I said to so I had to break his nose.”

“Wow!” said Indy. “Was he mad?”

“A little but he got over it when I explained that his tunic was getting shoved into my pussy by his cock. He had no idea. See I was his first and he just thought that’s how pussys felt!”

“You’re kidding!”

“Nope. I laid him down and we did it right. Then he left me a week later for another girl. Or to be honest, he left me for a pair of D cup titties… I don’t think it mattered who they were attached to.”

It was quiet for a minute or so.

“So now that you aren’t competing, why don’t you get a boob job?”

“What? Me with silicone implants? No way!”

“No! Not implants, lipoplasty I think it is called. They harvest your own fat and transfer it to your breasts by injection.”

I laughed, “Well I strike out there! I have no fat to harvest!”

“Well not right now, but what if you planned for the future and started trying to gain a little? It shouldn’t take much to give you a cup size increase. At least look into it. You know Mom would pay for it.”

“Hey how do you know about this?” I quizzed.

“I’m a guy, I like tits, and I happen to be a genius who reads a lot…”

(And dear reader, I have over the years done just that.Gaining a little weight to have the Doctor take it and add it to my breasts a little at a time. I am now happily filling a C cup. And I owe it to my brother!)

When we got home Mom was actually asleep on the sofa. We had come in through the kitchen and were quiet enough that we didn’t wake her. We paused for a moment to enjoy the scene. Mom was wearing a leopard print teddy under her robe. The robe was open and her teddy was pulled up over her hips. The light from the lamp across the room shown on her thick dark bush but left her pussy in shadow. As she was lying slightly on her left side, her right breast hung down out of the teddy and her big, tempting nipple was wholly exposed. Indy was practically quivering.

I knew that I should tell him to go to her. To wake her with a kiss, but I didn’t. Somehow I couldn’t. I knew that I could make a noise to wake her and tell them everything but again I couldn’t. Instead I whispered softly into Indy’s ear. “She’s so beautiful. Drink it in and remember this sight but let’s not embarrass her. Come with me.”

Indy followed me back into the kitchen where I opened and closed the door just a little too loudly and we made enough noise to wake her and give her time to get covered before we came in; but she came into the kitchen first. Her robe was still open but she had straightened her teddy.

“Hi kids, how was the movie?”

“Oh it sucked so we left and went shopping.” I said as we held up the bags from the mall.

Mom refilled her glass with wine. Where’s Cathy?”

“She had some family stuff to do. But she will come over for a morning swim tomorrow. I don’t suppose you two would like to join us?” I ventured.

Mom and Indy both froze and stared at me. They glanced only briefly at each other before turning away and making excuses. As she passed me on her way out Mom whispered,

“This time wear bathing suits!”

After getting ready for bed I slipped across the hall and softly tapped on Indy’s door before slipping in. He was playing some game on his computer.

“I’m surprised you’re gaming and not jacking off.” I said.

“Nah, the sex is great and all but honestly, I’m a little sore tonight. Plus, seeing Mom like that kinda weirded me out. I mean, I still want her, but… I love her too much to force her to do something like that.”

“I know, it’s weird wanting her but also afraid of rejection and all.” I mused. Indy looked at me funny.

“Wait, you mean you’d…”

“Yeah little bro, I’d do her in a heartbeat if I could. But hey, we agreed to love each other no matter what and since I doubt we can just go into her bedroom and announce that we want to be a closer, loving family, well… I’m going to get you ready for whatever woman life sends your way.”

We kissed. Not passionate kisses but loving kisses.

“Listen, I agree, don’t abuse that wonderful cock of your’s tonight. I don’t know if we’ll have a chance for sex tomorrow. I have no idea if Mom will be around or what. But try to be patient and one of us will give you a quick blow job at least.”

I went to bed and lay there thinking. There had to be a way to do this. If I moved too quickly then it might come out that I had read Mom’s diary and seen the pictures. That wouldn’t work, I would lose her trust. I needed to get her to give me a sign that I could act on at that moment to let her believe it was spontaneous. Well for me or for Indy. Okay let’s be fair, it had to be Indy first. He deserved to have her first and alone. I would have to come to her bed later. But how was I going to pull this off?

The didim escort next morning I called Cathy to advise her to bring a suit and then went downstairs to sip some juice while I waited for her. Neither Mom nor Indy made an appearance. Pretty routine for a Saturday morning. I met Cathy at the door and she greeted me with a wonderful kiss. I saw her grinning and knew she had news. I warned her that we would have to be discrete and we went out to the pool. I was already in my bikini and Cathy pulled off the T-shirt and shorts she wore to reveal a nice electric blue bikini. We dove in and swam our required laps before stopping to rest. We kissed and caressed each other for a bit, then got out and sat on the edge to talk. I told her about yesterday but of course left out the part about Mom’s diary and her pictures.

“Listen Leia that was risky! Sexy but risky! If you guys had been caught they would have discovered the incest!”

“Well actually I figured that with the same last name and address on our licences, I could tell them we were newlyweds and maybe they’d buy it.”

“I don’t know, what if Indy didn’t know to play along? You have to be careful Do you realize that if you are caught, it could impact his standing at school?”

“Oh shit, no I didn’t think of that!”

“Well, I’m not saying stop, just be…”

“I know, careful!”

Cathy and I swam a bit more and made out some. Finally I remembered the grin she had on her face when she arrived.

“So are you going to tell me what put that smile on your face this morning?

Cathy smiled and said “Well I told my Mom that you and I were an item and she was very happy for me but wondered if I would now have time for her and Aunt Betty. I told her that there would be less time, sure, but that there would always be time for them. Anyway she had a surprise for me. We were in her bed making sweet love when the bedroom door opened and Daddy walked in! He came back for a few days and they wanted to surprise me!” She positively giggled. “It was wonderful!”

“Well, tell me more!”

“Well Daddy and Mom had already fucked earlier and now they just spent the hours focused on pleasing me! My favorite was to be 69 on top of my Mom while Daddy pumps me from behind. Then when he cums, Mom eats me out. Then we switch.”

“Wow! So that’s where you learned to eat cum from pussy?”

“Yeah, and I gotta be honest, Indy tastes a whole lot better and cums a ton more! Of course Daddy hasn’t been making viable sperm for years, so there is no risk of pregnancy with him. But I just know that Indy would knock a girl up with one try so I am going to be careful about my birth control pills from here on out. God I can’t wait to feel his load inside of me!”

“Oh my god Cathy, I should be jealous, I love him so, but I can’t wait either! It still seems weird, but I can’t wait to eat your cum filled pussy.”

We kissed and giggled like schoolgirls.

I decided that maybe we were close enough now she might trust me with some intimate details. I was really curious how she came to be incestuously involved with her family. Maybe I would learn something…

“So just how did you start, well, having sex with your family?”

“Well it was years ago, I was actually I was supposed to be going out on a Friday night but my date was an asshole who tried groping me early in the date. When I discovered that he expected sex, I left him and took a taxi home. They weren’t expecting me for many hours and I walked in on my parents and Aunt Betty screwing! Well, they had left their bedroom door open and I could see it all from the hallway and went in and stood there a moment in shock. When they noticed me all of them started to cover up, but Mom knew that it was pointless. She just held out her hand to me and sat me next to her and explained. She said that, yes incest was taboo, but that Dad and Betty, his sister, not hers you see, had been in love their entire lives, and making love all of their adult lives. Then he met Mom and fell in love and they got married and then Mom fell in love with Betty and it just felt right so they basically had a three-way marriage.”

“Wow…” was all I could manage to say. But in my mind the thought of a secret three way marriage between Indy, Cathy and I arose.

Cathy continued, “So then Mom asked me why I was home so early and I told her about my bad date. Aunt Betty told me that no sex act of any kind was due on a date, and hugged me. I said it wasn’t that I was afraid of losing my virginity, I wasn’t planning on keeping my virginity for marriage, you know. I just wanted it to be a good man, and blurted out a man like Daddy. I said that I couldn’t find a guy like that. Now I worshipped my Daddy and the fact that he was doing his best for everyone, including having this two wives kinda thing, well it just made me see him as even more special, and I started crying. I said I would never find a man like Daddy and it was hopeless. Then Daddy knelt in front of me and took my hands. He said that he was deeply touched by what I’d said and that he loved me too. He said that I was under no obligation or pressure to give myself to any man, ever. But that if I decided that I wanted to loose my virginity with him, he would be honored and it would be our special bond of love. I couldn’t believe it!