Explorations: Happy Birthday


Author Note: This story is purely a work of fiction, and any resemblances to actual persons or situations are purely unintentional.

Normally, I write 3rd person stories that are very much novel(la)-length by the end of them. I also strive to be more realistic about BDSM, mostly B/D and D/s, since most of the stories I’ve read here involving the premises, while often enjoyable, are only slightly more accurate than the 50 Shades abomination was.

I’m currently working on another story that I’m uploading here, called Of Love and Iron, that’s like that. But this idea popped into my head, and I thought I’d give a go at practicing my writing skills in other areas. I’m very unused to writing short stories, and I’d appreciate feedback from anyone who takes the time to read this work, so I can get opinions on how it comes across to readers.


I stare at Emily, unable to wipe the smirk from my face.

She stares right back, her eyes narrowed slightly.

Her eyes briefly slip down to my hand, a small piece of glossy paper held loosely between my fingers.

Seeing the photo, she gains a slight red glow to her face.

I can tell this clearly isn’t what she expected when waking up on her birthday.

Though not quite as spectacular as her crimson-dyed hair, the color quickly gives an attractive flushed look to her appearance.

“What do you want?”

Her words are like a gunshot going off in the silence.

They’re the first sounds made in the minutes since I’d come to her house.

Since I’d lifted the photo to her eyes without a word, and walked inside without any resistance from her.

Since I’d taken a position casually leaning against the wall, watching her mind frantically trying to work out what I’m up to.

I shrug, bringing the photo up for my own inspection.

Not that I needed to, considering how much I’d been staring at it since I’d gotten it.

“What do you want!?” she repeats in a slight shrill.

The sound is very sexy, in her low, smoky voice.

Letting my eyes move back to her, I see her glaring at the smirk still curving my lips.

“I think I want you to beg.”

“W-what?” she asks, eyes going wide in surprise.

Again, I watch as her mind goes to work.

It’s pretty amusing, practically seeing the dirty thoughts rolling through her overactive imagination.

I wave the photo again, remaining relaxed against the wall.

“I want you to beg,” I repeat. “Beg for me to not show this around.”

She stares uncomprehendingly at me, as though I was speaking a dead language that’s only barely recognizable to her addled brain.

She again looks at the photo, and her blush becomes nearly neon in how bright it is on her pale skin.

She lowers her head, letting a slight curtain of red cover most of her expression.

“What was that?” I ask at her barely-audible mumble.

She trembles slightly, and looks up at me through the red.

“I said…”

She stops, clearing her throat as though the words lodged there.

“I said, please, don’t show that to anyone.”

She flushes even more, and I notice two distinct points through her thin T-shirt.

I hum, as if deep in thought.

“I dunno’, didn’t seem really sincere,” I muse.

Her eyes narrow even further, but I notice heat taking form in her gaze now.

“Please, Ray, don’t show that photo to anyone else?” she asks with a noticeably breathier voice.

“That does sound better… You know what I think would sell it? Make me really believe you don’t want me showing this photo of you being fucked senseless around town?”

She releases a very quiet, but nonetheless present, moan at that, and her body quivers slightly.


I push off the wall and make my way to her side, my eyes never separating from her own.

When I reach her, I reach out and grasp her shoulder, feeling the way her body is practically vibrating.

She lets free another of those incredibly sexy sounds at my touch.

“If you begged without this thin little shirt covering your magnificent breasts, I might believe you,” I whisper, my lips nearly lying on her ear.

She shudders again, and I can almost feel her staring blankly at me in response.

“C’mon, it’s not like I haven’t seen them already,” I reason whilst waving the photo again.

“Then what’s even the point?” she counters, though there’s no actual heat behind the words.

“Because who wouldn’t want to see more of them? And to see if you’ll embarrass yourself to get it,” I retort instantly, grinning.

She glares into my eyes for another silent moment, before closing her icy-blue eyes and releasing a resigned sigh.


Without any further hesitation, she grabs at the hem of her shirt and starts dragging upwards.

The fabric falls noiselessly to the floor as her 34C breasts bounce slightly.

I feel my groin stirring at the sight of them, and she turns even redder at whatever expression is on my face at that moment.

Without her shirt, the toned muscles porno of her torso, honed by years of athletics, are put on full, sexy display.

Her body trembles, attractive waves rolling through her stomach as her muscles tighten and spasm in anticipation to whatever she thinks is going to happen.

The air in the house is warm, so I happily attribute the shivers to other sensations running through her body.

Exposed outside the shirt, her dim-sized nipples harden even further, jutting out proudly at me.

“Very nice,” I muse.

She squeaks as my hand moves out and takes a firm hold of one of the breasts, her nipple pressing roughly into my palm.

“H-hey! Y-you didn’t s-say anything ab-bout touching,” she protests.

I grin, listening to her words even as she arcs her back to press her breast further into my massaging appendage.

“Did I say anything about not touching?” I return.

“W-well… no,” she mumbles, her eyes lowering slightly in embarrassment.

“Exactly. C’mon, look at these things. How can I not indulge myself?”

To accent my point, I begin playing with its pair, earning another low moan from her.

The more I toy with her, the more I feel my own body stirring.

Her eyes become half-lidded at my continued groping, and I revel in the sweet sounds escaping her.

When I take her nipples between my fingers and start toying with them, though, she seems to come out of her trance.

Eyes widening, she lifts her gaze to again stare at me.

“You don’t seem to mind this. Maybe I should come up with something more embarrassing for you to do while begging me?” I suggest.

Her mouth opens to protest, but a very audible moan escapes her instead.

Evidently, Emily has sensitive breasts.

A very good bit of information to keep in mind going forward.

“I… do… I d-do, too, mind,” she argues.

I smirk at her, watching as she audibly gulps in preparation for whatever she thinks is coming next.

I love the surprise I see when I release her breasts immediately and step back.


“Far be it from me to do something you don’t like,” I reason. “I guess maybe I’ll just go home. There’s a print shop on the way. Maybe I’ll see if they can get a really good scan of this photo. I wonder how much I’d make selling it as a poster?” I ask in mock consideration.

She pounces, grabbing on to my arm with shaking fingers.


I raise a brow, staring at her in silence.

“Umm… I… I d-don’t mind… really,” she whispers.

“What don’t you mind? Do you want part of the profit, or something?”

Her eyes widen almost comically, and she bites her lip in an utterly adorable fashion in indecision.

“I… my breasts… I don’t mind if you keep touching them.”

I shrug, putting on a mask of indifference.

“That’s great, but you just said you minded. What if you change your mind while I’m enjoying myself?”

Her whole body quivers, and more of those sweet sounds leave her slightly parted mouth as she grasps what direction I’m pushing her in.

“Please, touch my breasts, Ray,” she murmurs.

“And what about the photo?”


I grin, letting my hands return to her breasts to throw her even further off-balance.

“What about the photo? Aren’t you getting a little greedy, Emily?”


I tweak a nipple, causing her entire body to tighten in response, and a low keening sound comes.

Her mouth falls open as she noisily gasps, and a very distinct scent hits my nose.

Apparently, Emily has very sensitive breasts.

“Wow, you’re really enjoying yourself,” I muse.

She remains hunched over, seeming to pay no attention to the world around her as I continue playing with her nipples.

“You should take your panties off, before they end up stained.”

Her head whips up, eyes wide in shock at my grin.

“Unless you want to walk around all day smelling like cum. Nothing wrong with that,” I muse.

“I… you… Are you serious?”

“I can make it an order, if you’d prefer. I do still have that photo you don’t want going around.”

Somehow, I have the feeling that the threat isn’t at all necessary.

She gasps, and her back arcs, pressing her breasts further out.

Her nipples seem to respond in my hand, becoming even more rigid to my touch.

Shaking all over, she slowly traces her hands down her hips and beneath her thin, grey skirt.

She tenses as her hands grab on to whatever fabric lay beneath, and then freezes.

I extend one of my hands, gesturing impatiently at her while I continue tweaking her nipple lightly with the other.

Grimacing, she bends in on herself, and soon, a flash of pink silk is sliding down her thighs.

A slightly shining trail remains in the wake of the movement, and I grin as she finishes removing the undergarment.

“Hand them over,” I command.

She seems numb and slightly out of it as she lifts her hand up and limply drops the panties into my waiting palm.

“Nice and soaked. You really japon porno are excited, huh?”

She wobbles slightly, her face now entirely resembling a tomato.

“I… I’m not. I’m not that excited,” she murmurs.

I catch her looking tentatively at me, and grin at the heat in her gaze.

“Oh, no?”

I bring her panties up between us, the incredibly erotic scent of her pussy wafting between us.

Instead of the expected grimace, she lets out a new, wetter sound, from deep in her throat.

“Lick them.”

Her eyes shoot back up from the panties to meet my gaze, before returning to the visibly wet garment.

Her tongue briefly flicks out to play against her tongue, a flash of pink before it vanishes again.

There’s no mistaking her reactions anymore, and she seems to have resigned herself.

Tentatively, she bends her head down.

And then, she laps at the soaked cloth like a curious cat, letting her long tongue drag across a dark spot in the pink.

The fabric bunches somewhat around her wandering tongue, letting some of her panties slip into her mouth.

I move in an instant, pressing my hand upward.

She lets out a garbled squeal of a sound as her panties fill her mouth, muffling much of the noise she can produce.

Her eyes lock on me in shock, but she doesn’t even attempt to spit the gag out.

“Does it taste good?”

There’s an almost imperceptible nod of her head in response after a moment, and when she realizes it, she releases a strangled moan at the humiliation.

I suddenly trip her, making her squeal even as I significantly slow the speed of her fall.

She lands on the thick carpet with a soft hmph, and she glares much more heatedly at me from where she lays.

I grin anyway, staring openly at the area now revealed to me.

In her fall, her skirt has flipped over, baring her pussy to my stare.

Soft, feathery blonde hair shaved into a small heart lies just above a very engorged, pink button.

With her legs spread out from the sprawl, her light, pink labia are spread, giving a view of the tunnel hidden within.

All around her pussy, the skin glistens, clearly showcasing her arousal.

She finally notices what I’m staring at, and a soft squeak sounds.

Her pussy twitches, her lips becoming further engorged before my eyes.

I move until I’m kneeling between her spread legs, her scent rising to turn me on even further.

She watches in rapt attention as I slip my dick free from its confines, my head throbbing a twitch away from her eager pussy.

“Mind if I have a taste, then?”

My cock remains the center of her attention, a hunger shining through her eyes.

With her attention so distracted, I decide to take advantage.

She shrieks and twitches when I slip two fingers into her hole.

Her walls tighten in time with her heartbeat, squeezing on my digits as they delve deeper.

Finally, I’m in up to the last knuckle, and she squeezes mightily around them.

It’s a slight struggle, sliding them back out.

She moans, seemingly in dismay as I almost leave her.

I smile at the reaction, and promptly shove back in, earning a delighted moan.

“You’re so wet,” I muse as her cum starts soaking into my skin.

She turns her head to the side, averting her eyes in embarrassment.

“I mean, you’re really wet, Emily,” I continue while starting a rhythm with my fingers.

Soon, she’s bucking to meet each thrust of my fingers, and her body begins tightening in preparation for the next orgasm coming.

“What was it that got you going? Was it me playing with your luscious tits?”

Her breath audibly hitches behind her panties, but she doesn’t react otherwise.

“No? Hmm…”

I frown falsely in thought, pretending to rack my brain as I speed up the pace.

Her pussy is starting to clamp down tight, making my digits grow sore as they continue sawing against her walls.

“When I was messing with your rock-hard little nipples?”

She throws her head to the side, but still manages to bite down her moan.

“Not that, either, huh? Hmm…”

I lift my thumb, and her spine goes rigid as I toy with her aroused clit.

“Is it being made to do whatever I say?” I finally ask.

As I ask, I press into her clit and twist my fingers, pressing into the top lining of her dripping tunnel.

She shrieks, and waves of cum are loosed, spraying against my hand and covering me up to the wrist.

I keep fingering her through the orgasm, making her rapidly approach another orgasm.

“Yeah, that’s it,” I say with a nod to myself.

She remains oblivious, her hips shaking against my hand.

Just as she’s about to cum again, I pull free, and bring my hand roughly down on her clit.

The slap echoes through the room, and she goes still with a very different shrieking sound.

Her body goes limp on the floor, and her thighs rub together, desperate to bring back her interrupted pleasure.

I move forward, locking her legs lezbiyen porno wide open.

She watches as I lean forward, putting my face a bare movement away from her own.

My tongue flicks out and presses against her cheek, earning a surprised moan.

The appendage slides down, tracing the curve of her jaw and leaving a wet, burning trail to her ear.

Her spine bends when I take her earlobe in my mouth and suck, hard, drawing a whimper from her.

“No more freebies,” I growl. “You want something for the rest of this, and you’re going to beg for it like a bitch in heat.”

She shivers, my breath burning her sensitive shell of skin.

I notice her hand moving, and in a swift blur of motion, I have her wrists pressed to the carpet above her head.


She grunts in dismay, earning a low chuckle from me.

“Two ways this plays out. One, you don’t want me to keep going. I’ll tie you up spread eagle on your bed, and make sure it’ll take you at least half an hour to get yourself free. Because I’m a nice guy, I’ll go grab one of your vibrators for you. Don’t worry, though, I’ll keep it low so it won’t distract you from getting free by making you cum like a rocket.”

Her eyes snap shut, and her whole body arcs into me.

A low, incredibly sexy growl rises from the back of her throat.

“On the other hand, you can do what I want, and really enjoy yourself. I’ll take your drenched panties out of your mouth, and you can use those sexy little lips to beg for what you so clearly want.”

She moans in response, her body straining against me.

Her labia rub briefly against the head of my dick, sending a blast of heat through my entire body.

I bite back a groan, making sure my expression is neutral again by the time she opens her eyes again.

“Snap your fingers. Once for option one, twice for option two,” I command.

At that moment, I’d find either incredibly arousing, even if the first one wouldn’t give either of us satisfaction for a long time.

She seems to think so, as well, her expression one of indecision.

The debate doesn’t last long, though.

Two clicks sound in rapid succession, joined by her mound curling up to press against my groin again.

I release her wrists and gently pat her head, her disheveled hair feeling incredibly soft in my hand.

“Good girl.”

She groans, the sound becoming louder as I slip her panties out from her clenched teeth.

Whimpers sound as I drape the pink silk over her face, the soaked fabric flooding her nose with new smells.

Her face shines wetly as her saliva drips outward, and her body jerks lightly.

“Please,” she moans.

“Please what?”

A low whine sounds, and she bucks up into me.

“Please, I want to cum.”

I grab her breasts, making her jerk in response.

“That’s great. How?”

“What!? Please, just… do what you want,” she mumbles with her whole body flushing red. “As… as long as I can cum.”

She grits her teeth, seeming to be trying to resist the jolts rolling through her whole body.

I shake my head, enjoying the lust boiling in her gaze.

“What do you want?”

I accentuate the question by moving.

As I tweak both her nipples, I bring my knee forward, and gently brush along her slit.

Her legs snap nearly closed, trapping my knee against her as she desperately grinds.

“Fu-uck! ” she screeches.

I slap her thigh, the hit light but enough to get the point across.

She accepts, slowly prying their fantastic heat apart.

“So close. Almost there. Now use your words,” I order.

She stares at me for a moment, seeming indecisive once again.

Then, I tweak her nipples again, and she throws her head back.

“I want your dick, Ray! Fuck!”

“That’s not how you ask a favor,” I chastise, even while my dick is straining to get into her.

She whines loudly, her hands clamping onto the carpet.

“Ray, please, stick your cock in me! I’m so goddamn hot!”

She squeals as I pound inside, my dick slipping to the base into her in one thrust.

Her pussy immediately clamps down, trying to pull me even further into her.

The friction as I pull back out sends a ripple of pleasure through us both.

“Holy fuck!”

Her eyes snap closed at the sensation.

I had apparently gotten her more keyed up than I thought, because it only took two strokes before she comes.

Her pussy convulses around me, the muscles rippling incredibly along my shaft.

I ride through the waves she’s drawing from me, though I can’t say the whole scenario had left me anything resembling calm, either.

Her hips buck and roll into me, her movements drawing me ever closer.

“If you keep shaking your ass, I’m gonna’ cum,” I warn.

She grimaces, but we both know as she moves into another orgasm that she isn’t stopping her hips.

“Please, Ray, don’t cum in me,” she moans, the last ‘e’ dragging for several syllables as convulsions overtake her again.

I grit my teeth and pull back.

Her pussy grips tightly the entire time, making it a struggle to resist my own orgasm.

Finally, though, after a very uncomfortable eternity, I slip free from her with a pop.

I feel my cum rising quickly as soon as I do, and realize there’s no more holding back.