Exploring a New Store

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“I don’t know how he did it, every day in those white tights.” I thought to myself, as I pulled a pair of tights up my legs. The semi opaque white spandex stretched around my hardening cock. How the actor who played Robin, in the ’66 Batman tv show, wore those tights without walking around hard all day, I’d never know. A wet spot forming on my tights as I slipped into my jogging pants and finished putting my street clothes on. I grabbed my keys and headed out the door.

I had joined a site that had lists of local cruising spots. I had only been to one ABS that had a gloryhole and had some fun with the owner, but that had been a long time ago and it had since shuttered it’s doors. There were quite a few listing, a few of them close by. A little too close for my liking though. One listing I kept looking at was about a half hour away from me, it had a lot of promise. It was far enough away that I wouldn’t be too at risk of running into anyone I knew and if the reviews written about it were to be believed, there would plenty of action. That was my destination for this evening.

I made good time getting there. I pulled into Variety Books, the parking lot had a few cars in it already. I sat for a couple minutes, getting the nerve up to go in, even though I was ready for cock, I was still nervous. I readied myself and went in.

The store was nice and clean, if a bit brighter than I expected, a couple of guys milling about between the rows of videos and toys. I spotted a guy at the counter give the clerk some money and head towards the back of the store and duck behind a curtained off wall. That’s where the booths were, from what the site had said. Booth is a bit of a stretch though, according to the reviews, the “booths” were more or less curtained cubicles, no doors.

I sheepishly asked the man behind the counter how much it was to go behind the curtain.

“Five dollars for twenty minutes, ten dollars for an hour. We have movies loaded or you can pick from one of the open movies over there,” he pointed to a shelf of movies against the wall to the right. “What would you like?”

I planned on spending some time here. “I’ll take an hour.” I said, handing him a twenty.

He gave me my change. “You’re in number six, feel free to pick something out or just head on back. Have fun, and be courteous, clean up if you make a mess please.” he said kindly.

I walked behind the curtain and looked down the hall. There were seven booths to my right and five on the left. I walked down the hall to my booth, three out of the seven booth on my side and two more on the other were in use. The faint glow of the video screen lighting shining out under the curtain clearance.

A guy looked out from behind his curtain as I approached mine, eyeing me up and down. He was an older guy, mid 50’s, salt and pepper hair, decent looking. As I got closer he opened his curtain more. I was a bit nervous when he motioned me over to him.

This was it, what I came here for. I walked over to him, he opened his curtain more, his cock was in his hand. I put my hand to my own cock, feeling it harden in my loose pants, as I eyed his dick. He reached out and put his hand over mine guiding my hand up and down over the smooth material. I couldn’t help let out a soft moan.

He took my hand away and pulled me into the booth. A guy on the screen was surrounded by six or seven cocks, one deep in his throat. The man in the booth began to feel my ass and cock. His hands moved to my sides and slowly pulled my pants down, exposing my white tights and hard cock. I let out a soft moan as he leaned in and licked the length of my 6″ cock. I shivered with excitement as I felt his wet tongue through the soft material.

He pulled my tights down and quickly took my dick into his mouth. The warmth of his mouth had me leaking even more pre-cum, he went to work on my throbbing member. He worked wonders with his mouth, expertly working between sucking and licking, it was more than I could handle. I weakly told him slow down, I was ready to cum. I don’t know if he heard me, or if he really wanted me to blow my load, but he went at it with more vigor. I was too far gone now, I grabbed his head as I bucked and shot rope after rope of my seed down his throat. He swallowed eagerly, and finished by milking me for every Bayrampaşa Escort drop.

With that, he got up and left the booth. I pulled my tights and pants up and went over to my booth. Flush with having cum so quickly I barely noticed the video already playing on the screen. The guy behind the counter must have known what I was here for, on the screen was a guy sucking a fat cock through a homemade gloryhole, grunts and loud slurping noises filled my booth. I quickly regained my erection watching the scene play out.

As I watched the movie, I slipped off my pants and pulled off my sweat-shirt. I stood in my tights and a tight tank top. I thought how hot I looked, the only downfall, I kept my sneakers on, who knew what these floors had been through. I sat in my chair and started massaging myself, working my thighs, sliding up my sides to my hard nipples, back down to my cock and smooth balls.

“Nice view sissy,” a voice from behind broke me out of my masturbatory haze, “You look like you need some of this.”

I turned to see a large black man, shaking his flaccid, but massive, cock in my direction. I licked my lips as I answered, “Yes please.”

“Good boy, nice and eager for dick, now open your mouth!”

His vice forceful and commanding my respect, I did as he said. He placed the tip of his soft cock on my tongue, wrapped my lips around the fat mushroom head. I held it between my lips as I licked and swirled my tongue all over it. I cupped my one hand around his beefy sack, his nuts over filling my hand. My other hand, tried to curl around the circumference of his thick, hardening shaft. His thick head ballooned in my mouth, stretching my lips. I took his first few inches in my mouth, opening wider to accommodate his girth. It felt incredible, his cock, now rock hard and easily ten inches, sliding further into my mouth.

He placed his hands on my head and pushed his cock deep down my throat. “Now it’s time to see how much your sissy throat can take! Take it all slut!”

He buried his ten inches in my throat, I gagged, trying to take it all. I coughed and sputtered, spit coming up and covering his tool. I whimpered, trying to breathe, but he held my head in place. I tried to swallow air around his cockhead, he let me go. I backed off and gasped loudly, As I tried to catch my breathe, he rubbed his spit slick cock over my face, my tongue lashing out frantically to taste him again. I grabbed his shaft and licked up and down it and put it back in my mouth. I was hungry for his cum. I bobbed up and down on his shaft furiously, stroking it in rhythm with my bobbing head.

“That’s it boy, suck that dick. You know you want my seed faggot…”

That bit of degradation sent me over the edge, I loved it! I went to work on his cock and balls, stroking as I took his hairy nut sack in my mouth. His egg sized ball filled my mouth, my tongue lapping all over it. My nose buried in his crotch filled with his manly scent. I licked and sucked each of his nuts and returned to his throbbing dick. Licking the shaft, getting it all wet with more spit. His slick cock slid fluidly in my hand, my mouth and tongue working his head and perineum.

“That’s real good sissy, eat that black dick. Gonna fill your whore mouth with my cum real quick. Swallow it all bitch!” he said angrily.

With that I took his cock down my throat, my tongue rigid against the underside of his cock. I worked a couple pumps and his hands held my head in place. He fucked my mouth quickly, grunting and breathing heavier. He was close now. I braced myself for his load.

“Uuuuuunnnnghhhhh. Yeah baby, take it all. Here it comes…”

His seed flooded my mouth, thick and bitter. He pumped rope after rope down my throat, more than I could swallow. It spurted out, breaking the seal my lips held around his shaft, spilling down my chest. I swallowed what I could as he dumped more of his cum in and on me. He pulled his softening dick from my lips, wiping it over my face, depositing thick trails of saliva and cum over my eyes and nose. He put the head of his cock back to my lips, and stroking his cock, milked the rest of his load onto my waiting tongue. A breathless and lusty moan escaped my lips as I swallowed the rest.

“You guys picked a great night to come in, Bayrampaşa Escort got a real hungry one here. He ain’t the best but, he’s real eager to please, ha ha,” he laughed as he pulled his pants up. “Sure hope you got some life left in you, got a few guys here looking for what you just gave me.”

With leftover cum trailing down my face and chest, I looked from behind the curtain. Sure enough, there were four other guys, plus the clerk, all giving me the same look. The clerk and another guy already had their cocks outs, stroking them. My black friend stepped out of the way, I got up to make room as two guys, a short, stocky, middle aged guy and a younger looking thin guy, stepped into the booth. A voice from the hall stopped them.

“Hey, hold up. Bring him over the other booth, it’s bigger.” The clerked waved them over to the booth across the hall, opposite mine. “Plus, it’s got a nice bench.”

The two guys ushered me out and across to the booth. It was much bigger, plenty of room for the three of us, maybe another guy too. I made my way to the bench, crawling up on it on all fours. The middle aged guy had his pants around his ankles, his dick looked small, just a mushroom head sticking out from his balls, his belly dangerously close to covering it entirely. The thin guy pulled his sweats down, his long thin cock dangled between his legs. Neither cock was particularly inviting, but cock was cock tonight, and I was going to suck everyone that wanted it.

The thin guy stepped up, wagging his thin cock in my face, smearing the slowly drying remnants of the black guy’s cum into my skin. I tongued his shave balls as he dragged his cock over my face. On the plus side, he smelled fresh, like he’d just got out of the shower. I worked each of his balls, my tongue rolling back and forth between them. I licked and kissed his bullet shaped cock head and slowly took his soft member in my warm waiting mouth. His seven inch hardening as I took his length.

The stocky guy went to work on my ass and legs. Rubbing and massaging my legs, his hands felt good working hard into my lean muscles. He kissed and licked my ass cheeks circling closer to my asshole. His hands left my legs and parted my butt cheeks, fingers working closer to my hole, his tongue pushing the nylon of my tights against my rosebud. the sensation was amazing.

Between the thin guys cock in my mouth and stocky’s tongue buried in my hole, my cock was hard and actively dripping pre-cum again. The feeling was amazing. I was panting and huffing like the whore I was playing at being tonight. Moaning around the cock in my mouth. Thin guy started pumping his cock deep into my mouth, I formed a tight “O” with my lips and let him have at it. He held my head and pumped away, his loose sack banging against my chin, as his cock pistoned in and out of my mouth.

Stocky guy got more aggressive, picking and finally tearing a hole in my tights. His warm tongue found it’s home in my rosebud, licking around it and plunging it inside me. His tongue worked wonders on me, I had never felt anything so amazing… then he put a finger inside. He made a tickle motion when he reached his third knuckle, my insides fluttered, I came… hard. Cum drooling from cock, pooling in my tights and covering my cock. He then added a second and third finger, plunging in and out, stretching my asshole.

I moaned again as the thin guy held fast and pumped his dick into my mouth one last time, he bucked as his cum spurted out. My head pushing back with each buck of his hips, four, five and a final sixth burst of seed. I swallowed every drop, not wanting to waste a drop of his cum. It was mildly salty and only a little bitter. It felt thick and creamy as it slid down my throat.

He took his cock away and before I cold regain any sense of composure, another guy replaced him, sliding a fat five inch dick in my mouth. It felt thick and veiny, tasted a little sour. I thought to myself he should have showered after work instead of coming straight to the bookstore. I sucked his cock anyway, eager to drink a third load. This was my cocksucking dream, multiple guys using my mouth, feeding their seeds.

That all changed when stocky guy mounted me. I tried to push him away, but I couldn’t move much with sour guy firmly planted Escort Bayrampaşa in my mouth. I tried to wiggle my ass to dissuade stocky guy. That had the wrong effect, he held my ass in place and pushed the head of his cock against my hole. The head cold and slick with what I hoped was a generous amount of lube. I had never been actually fucked before, sure I had fingered myself, even rode a slim dildo… with a LOT of lube, but never a real cock.

Stocky must have been a grower, or I was just so nervous about getting fucked for the first time, because that tiny mushroom head felt huge as it pushed it’s way past my loosened “o”-ring. I yelped around sour guy’s dick as he pushed in deeper. I remembered pushing out to take the dildo, so I did the same with stocky guy.

“Relax,” Sour guy said. “He don’t have much more than me to stuff your ass with, just take it sissy.”

And so, I did just that. I took it from both end, spit-roasted on two diminutive cocks. I LOVED it, sour guy’s cock felt great, despite the taste, slipping in and out of my mouth, while stocky guy’s meager cock, went to town on my eager asshole, pumping away with reckless abandon. It didn’t take long either, after a couple minutes thrusting into my tight hole stocky guy began to shake and buck. He collapsed on my back, winded as he barely dumped his cum inside me, his quickly softening cock popped from my hole letting a trail of cum leak from my used asshole.

When stocky started to buck, so did sour guy, pumping his thin watery cum in my mouth. I swallowed some and let the rest fall from my mouth, the taste just to bitter to take. His limp dick flopped out of my mouth with his the rest of his cum. I needed something to get the taste out of him out of my mouth. maybe one of these guys had some gum, I laughed to myself.

I stretched as the two guys left, arching my back a little to work out the kinks. My tights, cold with my cum, stretched against my surprisingly, still hard cock. I reached around to my ass to feel the hole ripped in my tights and stocky guys gooey deposit on my hole. I moaned as I fingered some of it back into my anus.

I looked at the remaining guys, finger in my ass and with a smile said, “I guess that means both holes are now open for business.”

The clerk and the other guy that had his cock out walked in and proceeded to have their way with me. Aggressively working my body over, both feeding me their cocks, trying to jam them both in my mouth at once. I hungrily tried to accommodate them, but their dicks were just too much. They looked to each be about six inches, but stretched my mouth too wide. So I obliged by swapping each, giving them equal attention.

I guess I looked like I needed more attention, I felt another guy slide his dick up my ass crack be fore he popped it inside me. I felt my asshole stretch wide, his cock had to be thick, much more so than stocky. And long, I felt him slowly feed what felt like nine inches into me. His cock hitting the right spot as it went deeper. I came for the third time, I moaned and shook with ecstasy. I never felt so good. I mowed on the clerks cock, lust filled and hungry for his load as the guy behind me picked up his pace. The clerk shot his load all over my face, the other not waiting for him to finish as he fed me his waiting cock. The clerks cum and my spit covered the other guys cock as it slipped into my mouth.

In a matter of minutes the guy in my mouth blew his wad in mouth, grunting and keeping his cock deep inside as he fed me his seed. The guy behind also shot his load up my ass, he bucked as he tried to ram his seed deep inside my bowels. I felt empty when they both withdrew from my holes at the same time. My jaw was sore and I knew my asshole was a loose mess as I felt cum pour out of it. I was too tired to continue. Luckily, there wasn’t anyone left to take care of.

The last two guys put there clothes back on, the guy who fucked my ass actually thanking me on his way out. My back was sore and my knees hurt, they could have at least padded the bench. Obviously they knew what went on back here. As I stood still more cum leaked from me, soaking into my ripped tights. I wondered when it would stop and if I had anything to put over my car seat. I pulled my running pants back on and put on my sweatshirt and left the hallway into the store.

As I left the store, the clerk piped up. “Stop back anytime. Not usually this busy, but I’d be glad to give you some more whenever you want.”

I nodded and thanked him. More cum staining my running pants, I left, knowing I would definitely be back…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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