Extreme Sex Pleasures With My Boss’s Desperate Wife

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Hi friends. I’m Ajay. I’m 25 years old and I’m here to share with you the unforgettable sex barrage I faced with my boss’s wife Maria who was so desperate for a long duration intercourse. She is 28 years old and looks really hot with a beautiful face wheatish complexion, cylindrical arms and a pear shaped figure.
The incident happened when I was on a business trip to Nasik where my boss stays. I had a room booked in a hotel which was just about a 5 minute walk from my boss’s place. We got introduced to each other after the very first day of work at Nasik when I visited my boss’s place for dinner.
As my boss introduced me to Maria, she first shook hands with me and gave an extended smile at me which I did not think about much. But I was stunned when I saw her for the first time. She was very beautiful but I was in an awkward position that my boss was around and I could not take a real deep look at her. But she kept looking at me in a way that I felt she is interested in me. We finished the dinner and I left the place wishing good night to both my boss and Maria. As I wished her, she gave a big blushing smile wishing me good night. That increased my hopes that she is interested in me but neither could I get close to her nor could I confirm her feelings in any way.
I returned to my room and started watching tv. After sometime, I received a whatsapp message from her saying “Hi. This is Maria. Stay in touch.” I got confused for the third time. I replied her saying “Sure. We’ll be in regular touch.” She replied with a winking smiley. I started to feel very horny as I saw her profile picture. I could not control myself as my dick started to grow big and hard looking at face and arms in the profile picture. I immediately took my phone and rushed into the bathroom, placed my phone at the end of the bathtub, sat inside the bathtub, pulled my dick out and started to masturbate looking at her photo. I masturbated really hard thinking of her, kissing her, chewing her arms, sucking her boobs and fucking her really hard. After masturbating for about 10 minutes thinking of her, I ejaculated as my semen splashed out of my dick with one or two drops splashing out of the bathtub. I did not feel like cleaning the bathtub and as such pulled my pant up, came to my room and just dozed off.
Next morning, I was picked up by my boss to our Nasik office. Work was going on well and at about 3pm, Maria messaged me in Whatsapp asking “Are you also attending the dinner meeting today?” I had no idea about the dinner meeting and replied “No. I’ll leave to hotel directly from office.” She asked “By what time will you reach here?” I said “I’ll leave sharp by 5:30pm and should reach there by about 5:45pm” She told me “Let me know when you reach your hotel room.” I was excited and controlled myself with great difficulty sitting at the office.
My boss came to me at about 4pm and said “Hey this is your first day at Nasik office right?” I told him “This is my first day in Nasik sir.” He laughed loud and said “You can leave early today if you want. May be you can even leave now. Roam around the city and see. Its really pleasant in the evening time. I have a dinner meeting to attend and will be late. So you need to arrange your transport back yourself.” I thanked him and left the office immediately, took an auto rickshaw and reached my hotel at about 4:30pm. I messaged Maria saying “Hey I have reached my hotel room. Got an early exit today being the first day at this office.” She immediately replied asking “What is your room number?” I was thrilled seeing her message and replied “Its 302.” I was quite sure that she is interested in me and immediately went to the bathroom for a quick shower.
I came back from the shower and was anxiously waiting for her with just the towel wrapped around me. I wanted to see her reaction when she sees me in towel. I kept roaming for about 10 minutes waiting for her and suddenly my room bell rang. I ran to the door and saw through the door lens. It was her with a blue sleeveless tops. I was ecstatic. I patiently opened the door and welcomed her in with a broad smile. As she stepped in I closed the door and turned towards her. She was so hot in her blue sleeveless tops and light blue jeans. She was smelling great with a very strong body spray on her.
She saw me from top to bottom and gasped “Wow.” I tried to pretend as if I’m not interested in her and told her “You sit. I’ll put on my dress and come.” She immediately asked me “Is it necessary. You want to get dressed?” and slowly started to walk towards me. The heat in my body started to increase. I again pretended as if I did not understand her and as I stuttered and slowly uttered a word or two saying “Without dressing uhh..” she came really close to me and rolled her tongue over my lips. I could not control myself anymore and immediately rolled my arms around her waist, sucked her tongue into my mouth and kissed her tight. She kissed me very sensually sucking my lips deep into her mouth. I just loved the way she kissed me.
We slowly rolled over and moved inside the room kissing each other and I made her rest on a pillar in the middle of the room. After a long and deep kiss she slowly removed her tongue from my mouth and we started to breath a bit heavily. I slowly looked down her boobs and saw her tops buttoned from top to bottom. I immediately removed the top three buttons, turned her back to me and slowly put my hands into her tops from over her shoulders and slowly caught her boobs over her bra.
She immediately raised her arms, holding my neck started to rub her ass over my dick. I started to press her boobs tight and she turned her head towards me and again started licking my lips sensually. I gently sucked her tongue into my mouth and by pressing her boobs hard with one hand slowly opened the other buttons in her tops leaving it fully open. I slowly went down further opening her jeans button and pulling her zip down. As I dragged the zip down, she opened her eyes and gave a starring horny smile at me, pulled my head closer to her and again started to kiss me tight. I slowly dipped my fingers inside her panty and as I slowly rubbed over her genitals, she pulled back a bit and turned around completely towards me, wrapped her arms around my neck and sucked my lips sensually.
I started getting impatient and wanted to fuck her straightaway. I put my hands inside her tops, hugged her tight, slowly moved my hands up to her bra strap and unhooked her bra. She was unmindful of what I was doing and she kept sucking my lips sensually one after the other. I brought my hand down to her waist and rubbed her belly, slowly went up to her boobs, held her shoulders and slowly tried to remove her tops. She realized that and removed her arms from around my neck as I removed her tops and threw it on the floor. Immediately I slided her bra strap down her arms, removed it and threw it over her tops. She had a cup shaped boobs and a bit bulgy nipples. It was too tempting that I grabbed her boobs, kissed and licked both the boobs and sucked her left nipple. It was so spongy that I kept pressing her boobs hard and sucked her nipples for sometime as she kept moaning gently Mmmmmm mmmmm hhhmmmm, grabbing the back of my head.
After kocaeli escort bayan a while she pulled my head up and as came to kiss me once again, I slowly pushed her towards the bed, made her sit down on the bed, grabbed the top of her jeans and tried to remove it. She stopped me at once, put her hands inside her jeans pocket and took out a condom packet. As she opened the condom packet, I slowly grabbed her jeans and pulled it down. She raised her buttocks and allowed me to remove her jeans. I removed her jeans quickly and threw it on the floor just over her bra and tops. She took the condom off the packet, rubbed it once and blew air into it. My dick was already hard and big peeping out of my towel. She casually removed the knot in my towel allowing it to fall down as such and placed the condom over the mouth of my dick, rolled it down and immediately pulled me towards her on the bed. I stepped on the bed on my knees and before we fell on the bed, I grabbed the sides of her black panty and pulled it down. She raised her legs over my head allowing me to take off her panty. I removed her panty in a flash and threw it in the same place right over her jeans.
As both of us got completely nude, she became very emotional and I was also very anxious to fuck a woman for the first time. She pulled me close to her and we fell on the bed hugging each other tight, crawled ourselves to the pillow at the top of the bed. I was right on top of her, hugging her tight and started to kiss all over her face and started to pump my dick randomly all over her genitals. She rolled her arms over me with one hand on the back of my head with her eyes closed allowing me to ride over her. As I kept hitting my dick around her genitals, it suddenly got stuck right on the mouth of her pussy hole. She immediately gasped Mmmhhh. I got so excited that I was on the verge on losing my virginity. I immediately started to push my dick slowly inside her pussy. As my dick slowly pierced into her pussy, I started sweating severely as it was so hot, wet and also a bit sticky inside her. The inner walls of her pussy was so gripping that she kept moaning hhhaaaannn aaaaannnnn hhhmmmmmm hhhhooooooo ssssssssss hhhhhhhaaaaaannn as I kept penetrating my dick inside her.
In some time, she also started to sweat as both of us were tightly glued with each other. I started feeling her body a bit slippery as both of us were getting drenched in sweat. I just loved the feeling of having my dick inside her hot, wet and sticky pussy. As my dick was about half inside her, I got really horny and wanted to crush her pussy hard and wild. With such thoughts I without thinking of what I’m doing, chucked my dick hard into her pussy penetrating my dick almost fully inside her pussy. She shouted loud aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh haaaaannnn hhhaaaaaa and told me with a heavy breath “Slowly slowly. Your dick is very thick. It pains if you try to go hard from the very first dip.” I was in my own world fucking a woman for the first time in my life and her words just fell on my ears but did not pay much attention to it.
I then started to fuck her by slowly moving my dick back and forth inside her pussy. As I was fucking her, she gently moaned aaaaahhhh, haaaaannnn haaaaannnnnnn hhhhhhhhoooooo mmmmmmmmhhhhh hhhhhhhaaaaaa. Her sensual moaning made me feel so horny that I gradually increased my speed and started chucking my dick harder and faster inside her pussy. As I increased my speed, I raised my upper body a bit, pressed my thumbs over her wet and slippery underarms and literally crushed her pussy with my thighs hitting hard on her inner thighs pat pat pat. She closed her eyes tight, raised her arms and held the top of the bed rest-behind her and screamed a bit loud aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh hhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa ya ya aya hhhhhaaaaaaaa ohhhhhhhhhhh.
As I kept drilling her pussy, suddenly, I felt some severe electric sensations from within my dick as my dick erupted splashing my semen inside the condom and this time it was my turn to scream as I fell over her, holding the back of her shoulders and screamed out hhhhhhhaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhooooo ssss hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhaaaaaa as my semen kept pouring out soaking my dick in my cream. As I finished ejaculating, I slowly went down resting my head besides her and was breathing very heavily. She slowly rubbed my cheeks, lifted my face murmuring “Its ok its ok.” And sucked my lower lips sensually. I felt my dick shrinking and it slowly oozed out of her pussy.
I then slowly rolled over and slept besides her. I felt my dick half way out of my condom as it kept shrinking in size and I muttered to her “My dick is coming out of the condom.” She told me “Don’t worry. Nothing would happen” and got up and slowly removed the condom from my dick. As she lifted the condom after removing it from my dick, she held it up and turned at me smiling. I saw the condom about half filled with semen and she told me “Your cum is more thick than being liquid.” I did not know how to react and just smiled at her. I have never seen so much of my semen at one place as I have seen only drops of my semen all over the place where I masturbate. Boy, that was an unforgettable experience. Till that time I was of the opinion that both sex and masturbation gives the same level of pleasure. But after that intercourse, having your dick inside a woman gives a hundred times more pleasure than just shaking it with your own hands. I kept thinking of these things lying down on the bed with eyes closed trying to get my breath back.
In the meantime, I heard her flushing and washing something in the bathroom. In a few minutes, she came out of the bathroom with an emptied condom in her hand. I asked her “Why did you bring it back? You could have flushed it.” She said “I don’t have another. I brought only one.” I did not understand that she is not done for the day. I asked her “Why do we need another after this?” She gave a horny smile at me and said “Do you think I came here to just sleep with you for an hour, satisfy you and go out? I never expected you to ejaculate in the very first position. Are you having sex for the first time?” On one end I was excited that she wants more but I was feeling a bit exhausted for another round of sex. I slowly replied her saying “Yeah, I have never done this before. This is the first time.” She smiled and said “Hmmm. Well its evident. Try to control your emotions. Only then you can have sex for long durations.”
I did not know how to react. I was still hungry for sex because of the way I felt with my first sex. But I was a bit drained to have another intercourse immediately. I turned my head to see the time. It was about 6:10pm. She shook the condom a few times splashing the water droplets out, stepped on the bed, picked up my towel from the floor, wiped my dick with the towel and slowly grabbed my dick and started shaking it. I got excited and slowly turned and smiled at her. She gave me a horny look and slowly laid down on the bed by shaking my dick with her hands on side, slowly kissing my belly, my nipples, my chin and sensually sucked my lower lips into her mouth. I felt that she was trying to seduce me to make my dick hard and big again. I anyways enjoyed fucking her and kocaeli sınırsız escort sleeping with her and as such I also kissed her sensually sucking her lips into my mouth and sucking her tongue as she rolled her tongue over my lips by shaking my dick with her hand.
As we kept kissing sensually, my dick grew long and hard again. She immediately went down, sat on my thighs, placed the condom on the mouth of my dick and pulled it down. But this time the condom did not fit firmly over my dick as there were some wrinkles over the condom. She saw it once, looked at me and asked “Do you mind having sex with me directly?” Somehow that day I was kept in a position where I was desperate to do something but had to think. Just the same way I was delighted to put my dick inside her pussy without any cover but was worried what if something serious happens after that. I asked her “I don’t mind but what if I cum inside you?” She said “Don’t worry about that. I have birth control pills back at home. I’ll have it.” I was excited to the core and said “Then I’m ready.”
She immediately removed the condom from my dick, threw it on the bed, slowly raised her buttocks from my thighs, placed her pussy over my dick and came down slowly penetrating my dick directly inside her pussy. We locked our palms tightly as she gradually came down sitting on my waist, moaning gently Mmmmmm, hhhhhhmmmmmm hhhhhhhaaaaaa ssssss. Her pussy was so hot and wet inside her pussy that I felt drops of her pussy water flowing down from her pussy on my dick as she slowly came down on my dick. However, her pussy was not so tight as it was when I fucked her for the first time. I felt the penetrating inside her a bit more easy and smooth this time. She gradually came down on my dick and sat over my waist with my dick completely immersed inside her wet and hot pussy.
She slowly rolled her buttocks over my waist with my dick inside her. It felt electric as my dick rubbed against the inner walls of her pussy. I closed my eyes in pleasure blowing hot air out of my mouth as she kept rolling her hips and buttocks over my waist. After sometime, she took her hands off mine, held my shoulders tight and slowly started to fuck me by moving her buttocks up and down. I grabbed her waist as she slowly started to fuck me so intensely by literally jumping on me hitting her buttocks hard on my waist pat pat pat. I felt seriously electric rubbing my dick over her flesh inside her pussy and I slowly got up, got very close to her hugged her tightly. She also rolled her arms around my neck and wrapped her legs around my buttocks with my dick fully immersed inside her seriously wet and hot pussy. With both of us so intimately close to each other, we rubbed our cheeks with each other and slowly turned our faces looking at each other and this time I got tempted and kissed her tight.
She responded well and sensually sucked my lips into her mouth. I slowly pushed her down kissing and tried to get on top of her. As I made her lie down on the bed, she stopped me and said “Spoon me from behind.” Saying that she turned and slowly went down and slept on her sides and I also lied down side faced right behind her with my dick rolling and squeezing inside her heated pussy. She then raised her right leg and put it over my legs loosening her pussy a bit as my dick was very tightly sandwiched inside her pussy with her two legs locked tight.
I slowly started to fuck her by moving my dick back and forth inside her pussy. She raised her right arm, held the back of my head and slowly started to moan Mmmmmmhhh hhhhhmmmmm hhhhmmmmhhh mmmmmhhhh. Everytime I pushed my dick inside her I saw her boobs jumping up and slowly rubbed my hands over her belly, slowly went up and grabbed her jumping boobs. I slowly started to fuck her hard by jamming my waist over her buttocks and pushed my dick harder and faster into her pussy, pressing her boobs tight. Both of us were sweating very heavily and she started to moan louder as I pumped my dick inside her pussy hhhaaaaannnnnn mmmmmaaaahhh aaaaaahhhhhh hhhhnnnnaaaaaa aaaaaaaahhhhhhnnnnnnn, slowly rolling her hand around my head, around my left shoulder. We were sweating so heavily and as her hands were around my left shoulder, her sweaty armpits kept hitting my cheeks everytime I chucked my dick inside her pussy hard and rough.
I initially felt it was her arms as something fleshy kept hitting my cheeks. But as I turned and saw that it was her armpit I got tempted for the third time. Her armpit was broad, with layers of sweat flowing down her armpit. It looked really fleshy with a grey oval rough patch of minute hair sprouting on it and the smell of her body spray was still fresh amidst the severe sweat pouring down her armpit. I got tempted to her juicy armpit so heavily that I immediately pressed my face over her armpit, inhaled deeply her sweet smelling body spray on her underarms and licked her fleshy and rough underarms, squeezed her boobs tight and started to fuck her really deep thumping my dick inside her by hitting my waist hard on her spongy buttocks chaap chaap chaap.
As I kept fucking her hard, chewing and sucking her juicy underarm and crushing her boobs, she suddenly turned towards me, removed my dick from her pussy and said “Enough of fucking. Can you suck my pussy?” I was shocked and felt very jittery as to how to put my mouth on something inside which I had put my dick. I hesitated a bit and she immediately grabbed my arms and said “Don’t worry. You will enjoy it. Initially it may stink but just keep licking and chewing the flesh. You will automatically start to enjoy sucking my pussy.” Saying that she got up, took my towel, wiped her genitals and pushed the towel inside her cunt a bit by pressing it with her middle finger and wiped the inner sides of her pussy.
She then threw the towel on the floor, lied down on the bed, took a pillow and placed it under her buttocks, spread her legs wide across the bed and said “Now, go ahead. Dig your tongue deep inside my cunt and suck my pussy.” I was still a bit reluctant but still slowly got between her legs, slowly crept down lying on the bed with my face right over her cunt. I had a closest look at her pussy with some thin hair around her pussy. Her pussy lips were out and were really dark. But as I opened her pussy lips, her pink flesh inside and her button like pussy hole turned on my mood. Her flesh inside looked seriously delicious and I went down with my face almost over her pussy.
It was stinking like hell but I slowly managed to roll my tongue over her flesh and stuck my tongue on her pussy hole. I tried to push my tongue into her pussy and just as I dipped my tongue inside her pussy hole, I felt a strong electric sensation at the tip of my tongue, as if someone pricked my tongue with a pin. I loved that sensation over my tongue and started to enjoy her soft and spongy flesh more than the heavy stinking odour of her pussy. As I slowly dipped my tongue inside her, she started moaning sensually Mmmmmmhhh Mmmmmhhhhhh hmmmmmhhhh with her eyes closed, holding my head with one hand and inserting another hand inside her hair.
I slowly pushed my tongue deeper inside and as about half my tongue was inside her cunt, izmit anal yapan escort I engulfed her pussy with my mouth and literally ate her pussy, licking the her inner flesh, blowing air into her pussy and sucking it really wild. Her pussy was very sour and salty as I licked the flesh inside her cunt. I got really horny and crazy and as I kept sucking her pussy hard, she started to moan really loud Haaaannnnnn haaaaannnnnn Hmmmmmaaaaaa hhhhoooooooo hhhhhhaaaaaannn, lifting her buttocks up from the pillow, rolling her waist with my mouth tightly engulfed over her cunt. I felt as if she was feeding me her pussy with the way she raised her buttocks stuffing her pussy into my mouth. I held her hanging buttocks and kept blowing air and sucking her pussy hard.
After sometime, I felt some seriously salty fluids slowly flowing down my tongue. I just loved the taste of that salt water and drunk it drop by drop as it came down my tongue and felt so horny and as I started sucking her pussy loud and hard sllrrrp sllllrrrrppp, she raised her arms, held the top of the headboard and started to moan really loud with a heavy breath hhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaahhhhhh hhhhhhaaaannnnnn mmmmmmhhhhhaaaaaand suddenly I felt some fluid gushing out of her pussy. I removed my tongue from her pussy hole and as I took my mouth off her cunt, an ocean of water splashed right on my face. She continued to splash her pussy juice a few more times all over my body screaming loud aaaaaahhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaa hhhhhhaaaaaaaaa hhhhaaaaaaaa. It smelt musky and was really salty but looked just like water.
After squirting hard on me, she started to relax trying to get her breath back with her eyes closed by slowly bringing her arms down and placing them over her head. My body was drenched with her pussy juice. I felt so horny looking at her with legs spread wide across the bed and arms raised over her head. My dick was already big and hard looking at her exposing every part of her body to the maximum level. I was seriously tempted to ejaculate inside her and slowly crept over her body, placed my dick on her pussy mouth, slept right over her locking her palms with mine over her head and literally chucked my dick hard inside her. She was still getting her breath back with her eyes closed and gasped sensually Mmmmm with a narrow smile on her face as I penetrated almost half my dick inside her pussy in one push.
I felt she might stop me from fucking her in sometime when she gets her breath back. I wasted no time and started to crush her wet pussy hard and wild as I was hungry to ejaculate inside her. As I kept fucking her hard and wild, suddenly, I felt my dick erupting creating a heavy tickling sensation from inside. I could not control myself as my semen gushed out of my dick splashing inside her pussy and this time I screamed with a heavy breath hhhhaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhaaaaaa aaahhhhhhh hhhhhhhoooooo as my semen kept splashing out of my dick inside her pussy. I felt the extreme pleasures of sex as I ejaculated inside her and rolled my lips over her cheeks, her jaws and sucked her lower lips sensually.
After ejaculating, my dick again became softer and smaller and slowly oozed out of her pussy. As I lifted my head breathing heavily and saw her, she gave me a narrow smile, rubbed my cheeks and said “You will be fine. Relax.”
I rolled myself and slept besides her. After a few seconds, she turned, looked at me asked “How do you feel now?” I said “I never thought that I would fuck a woman in my life till marriage, but u made me taste your entire body. This is an unforgettable night for me.” She smiled and said “Hmmm. I came here for my pleasures. Actually, I’m hungry for sex as my husband keeps traveling. Also, three guys from your office came to Nasik last month and I was desperate to have sex with each of them but they stayed here for only one day and shifted to a far off hotel and that added to my desperation which you saw getting off me today.”
I asked her “Oh, so you are ready to sleep with anyone?” She said “May be not now. As I said, I was starving for sex and was very desperate to fuck and get fucked. In short, I wanted an orgasm from a guy and not by masturbation. I have not even seen those three guys as they did not come to my place as you did yesterday. But, yesterday when you came home I was pretty sure that you were interested in me. I noticed you were trying to take a look at me from top to bottom. But you hesitated a bit as your boss was around.” I was stunned that she noticed me so keenly and with some hesitation accepted “Aah. Yes you are really hot and beautiful.
In fact I masturbated last night thinking of you. That’s how much I got attracted to you.” She raised her eyebrows and said “Really? I thought so. My first impression on you was that you are very hesitant and thought I need to make you agree to have sex with me, but today you were very passionate in making love with me. I mean, the way you kissed me, the way you sucked my nipples and sucking my cunt so wildly where you hesitated in the beginning. I just loved the feeling you gave me when I squirted right on your face and your body.”
I was thrilled listening to her and did not know how to react and just smiled at her. Saying that, she got up from the bed, again took my towel, wiped her pussy and said “Oops, I think all your semen has gone inside. Normally, one or two drops fall on the mouth of the pussy. Need to go home and take a pill.” She then got down from the bed and started wearing her dress one by one from her panties, to bra, to jeans and her tops.
I enjoyed looking at her dressing. I also got up tired and slowly wore my dress. Looking at me getting dressed she immediately asked me “You are not having bath? You are actually stinking with my pussy juice all over your body and also the sweat.” I told her “I’m loving your smell on me. Will take bath only tomorrow that too only because I need to go to office.” She blushed, turned towards the clock to see the time and said “Ohh. Its touching 9pm.” Your boss will be back anytime around 9:30pm. I’ll take a leave then.”
Saying that she came close for a final hug and gently sucked each of my lips once. And said “Bye. Thank You.” I asked “For what?” She said “You don’t know the level of desperation I was in to have an orgasm. I feel really relieved because of the last 4 hours I spent with you.” I wanted to give it back to her and said “Actually, I need to thank you. I literally felt like I was in seventh heaven when I kissed you, fucked you and especially eating your cunt, it was sour and salty but I strongly felt if you could overcome the smell of the pussy, then licking and sucking a woman’s flesh is unimaginably delicious. I’m very excited that I lost my virginity to a woman as heavenly and pleasurable as you.”
She smiled broadly and asked “So as I said you loved it.” I said “Absolutely, in fact I want to keep sucking it even now. From now, whenever you want an orgasm just take off your pant and panty for me. I’ll make your pussy blast getting every drop of your pussy juice splashing out of your cunt.” She laughed loud and said “Alright then. I’ll meet you soon. Bye.” I also bid her bye and as she left, ordered food, had my dinner and slept off dead tired.
Well friends, this is my unforgettable sex experience with my boss’s desperate wife, Maria. Hope you enjoyed my story “Extreme Sex Pleasures With My Boss’s Desperate Wife”. Your comments are most welcome at ajay2singh69@gmail.com

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