Eyes – Too Many Choices… Pt. 01

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This story involves all willing participants over the age of 18. Everyone in this story is fictional and is intended to have no connection to any live person.


She had this thing about her. She didn’t understand why or how it worked but if she zeroed in on someone, well… things happened. Even if they really shouldn’t.

There were numerous teachers, work colleagues, and friends, hell, bosses. Male and female. Married and single. And her tastes ran the gamut. Beautiful lipstick lesbian to rough-handed cowboy. I mean the stories she could tell.

Sometimes, she knew it immediately but could tell the dance was going to take a long time and she’d have to engineer the chance that brought them together finally. But usually, it was more of the how quickly can we start touching situation. As in parking lots, dressing rooms, closets, classrooms…

I’ll give you a few little tales of her adventures and you tell me what you think.

For instance.

There had been this whole whirlwind day of activities, and then primping for the gala tonight. She was winning an award and had a killer dress. She was going to the whole thing solo but she really didn’t even think of it. The whole office was magarsus izle going to be there so it was almost just like going to a regular work function. Except for the tuxes and sequins.

One of her mates offered to drive her to the rented house where several of them were all headed. After the awards and the rooftop bar and the cigars, she was feeling fantastic. Eyes had been on her all night and the pretentious bartender had licked the inside of her wrist before she left. The buzz was on.

They got in the car and lit up a little joint, he turned on music and opened the sunroof. She inhaled deeply and laid back a bit, looking up at the stars. It had become clear at the bar the options had opened up. She was definitely matching drinks with the guy she always tussled with, metaphorically of course. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her and had made several suggestions that they just uber away without anyone knowing.

There was also her project buddy, a lesbian in a committed relationship, who had backed her up against the bathroom door with explicit descriptions of what she wanted to do when they could get alone.

And then, her mate sitting next to her in the car. He manifest izle had never been an option before and hadn’t been most of the night but something happened accidentally. They met eyes over the crowd in the bar and he saw it. That thing about her that makes them all want to make her cum. He walked straight to them and suggested they all leave for her place to drink and smoke and chill.

In the car, she could almost feel the heat off of him. They took a turn and she giggled and he put his hand on her thigh just under her sequined hem. She took a deep inhale again and as they stopped at a light, she leaned over to blow the smoke into his waiting mouth. As she finished blowing her lips grazed his and he pulled her against him. The kissing started and immediately stopped. They were sitting at a changing light.

He looked at her and started to drive. By the next stop light his hand was back on her thigh and when he slammed on the breaks to avoid a car turning in front of them, he moved his hand right up under her dress to her crotch. She held her breath and he slipped his fingers under her panties and, feeling how dripping wet she was, just slipped his index finger deep inside manifesto of a serial killer izle her. She knew this was coming and leaned back more in the seat and let him finger her while they drove the short distance back to her rental. He kept trying to watch her and the road as she moved against his hand, grinding against his palm. He was rock hard but the drive was all about her and he could hear how successful he was every time his finger thrust inside and against her pussy. His hand was soaked in her moisture.

They stopped in front of the garage and she hopped out and used the code to go in. As soon as they came through the access door to the townhome, he pushed her up against the wall in the hallway. He pulled up her short dress and pulling his pants open, slid his hard cock right along her pussy lips, rubbing her clit. He pulled his shaft back against her and then just pushed right into her, sliding in, deep into her. He held her there for a moment, his cock buried deep inside her wet pussy and then pulled back slowly. When he was almost out of her dripping hole, he slammed back inside. He couldn’t take it any more and needed to just fuck her. And he really pounded her, her nipples on fire, rubbing against the wall with each thrust. They hadn’t spoken to each other directly since they first got into the car. There were lots of “fuck”, and “oh, fuck” and “holy fuck” but that was rhetorical.

Just when he really started to get going, the doorbell and knocking started at the front door, four feet away. The others had arrived.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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