Facade: The Student / Prey Lewd


Facade: The Student

Prey Lewd

Linda was sitting at her computer feverishly typing away and giggling to herself in her second floor sitting room. This scene was common for every Thursday at dusk for the past year. She would get three cokes that had been in the freezer all day, put them on her cherry wood desk by the open window, turn on the computer, and take a quick shower. When she returned she would sit in the leather swivel chair wrapped in her fluffy pink towel and open the window. The view wasn’t much, mostly the neighboring houses and street, but she enjoyed the feel the breeze and leather against her skin. It was relaxing.

Moments later she would pull up the chat client, open a coke, and be greeted by her friends. In this case that consisted of boys and girls that she had known from a church she was involved with little more than a year ago.

Linda had assisted in teaching the youth group on Wednesday nights, her primary role being coordinator for the events. If there was a game to be attended or play to be put on, she arranged it. She enjoyed doing it because it helped to occupy the fertile minds of the teenagers with positive activities, not to mention her own. After all, the ten year (or so) gap between their age and hers hardly felt substantial to Linda.

A year ago an unfortunate misunderstanding occurred during a play, and due to popular demand, mostly of from the women of her church, she was forced to remove herself from that role. Shortly thereafter she left the church entirely due to the stigma thrust upon her unfairly, but that is another story.

Her kids, as she liked to think of them, loved her dearly. They hadn’t bothered to acknowledge the rumors, and would voice their objections to them readily. In fact, one of the boys had suggested that Linda stay in touch with all of them. Peter informed her that every Thursday the youth would meet online in private chat, discussing the previous night and coming weekend mostly. So, that is what she is doing now. Tonight like many others was a lot of nonsense and carrying on over the internet, but she enjoyed it and it was innocent fun.

By 9:00 the chat room would always look the same. The only chatters who would remain would be Linda, Peter, and two other random boys depending on a number of variables. After half an hour of frivolity the conversation would become awkward, and Linda would start to wonder if the boys were starting to flirt with her. So, she would excuse herself claiming she needed to shower and go to bed as to not entertain any advances they might be conjuring up in their mind. That was not how she perceived her boys, and while it might flatter her if they were to perceive her that way she knew without doubt that was not something she was honestly interested in.

As soon as she logged off she would log back on under a different account. Mostly because all of the fun she had chatting with her friends left her wanting more as it was short lived. Originally she didn’t use a different account, but after she ran into Peter in a different chat room she quickly realized she needed the anonymity if she was going to keep excusing herself in the same manner.

Linda also quickly realized that this anonymity gave her an unexpected freedom to explore areas she would not have dared with a name people she knew recognized. She was new to the chat world, so she was learning as she went. To enter the sexual content rooms you had to be 18 or older, so she learned she needed to have a profile filled out. Then she learned that every man who contacted her was shocked she would fill out her profile so completely but not have her photo up, so she added her sexiest looking picture. Nothing racy, she was fully dressed in loose clothes, but her ex-boyfriend had been the one pointing the camera at her after a day of teasing and she was giving him a look that knew she men liked more than if she was wearing sheer lingerie. Of course, one is never enough for horny men and the single photo turned into a small album, but the uncharacteristic nature of her screen name ensured, in her mind, that her anonymity would still be intact since she would see the people she knew well before they saw her. Eventually, she even began enabling the web cam. Again, that is a different story.

This story starts after her brief escapades exploring different sexual rooms. It was not long before she added one of these new chat rooms to her routine. She would always go to the same room, ADULT27; and by 10:15, five men would have asked her to engage in cyber sex and been turned down or outright ignored. Not because she was not looking for sex, everyone in the adult rooms were including her, but she was looking for certain type of man to enjoy it with. Her standards were and she saw no reason to compromise them online when she would not in real life, especially when she would be propositioned at least twice a minute until she found what she wanted.

How long it took to find mr. right was always different. Quite frankly, in her opinion, most of the men xslot were obnoxious and it was a chore to sift through the rude and often artless come-ons, but if she could find what she desired so much it was worth the effort. Linda wanted confidence above all else. Unfortunately, the internet is an exaggeration of life in that men seem to confuse confidence with arrogance, which is a huge turn-off. Once she crosses that hurdle she looks for experience, both real life and online experiences, because fumbling through a sexually charged fantasy really ruins the mood she discovered during a romantic role with what she can only guess was newly graduated gynecologist who had only ever slept with one woman his entire life. For those that can not grasp that concept, think technical jargon mixed with locational and procedural errors. Just bad.

So, once she finds the confidence and experience levels acceptable to her, Linda looks for similar tastes. She has varying sexual interests, and a variety of unexplored curiosities, so this is usually an easy hurdle for the men to overcome if they can get that far. Then her final test, appearance. She doesn’t have a specific type, and is not ever interested in a specific look, but she knows what she likes when she sees it and if they are going to see her she is damn well going to see them. This is where it is prudent she is very naive to all things online, and does not always recognize that what you see is not necessarily what is on the other end of the chat bubble.

Tonight she is pleasantly surprised after 20 minutes to have found a confident and experienced man. As she engaged in the dance of flirting she found numerous similar interests, and he sent her a small package of photos in a zip file. Apparently they were of him and his family, except for the ones that were definitely of him alone. Very, very alone. Seeing what she liked and a few inches more, she agreed to focus her attention solely on him for the night.

It began mildly, flirting and brain-storming about what kinky thing they could tease each other with. When he mentioned tying her up she felt her nipples tingles and bit her lip. Her response was much slower than normal and he picked up on it, then changed the subject. As they continued to chat he eventually brought up spanking her and she gasped from the excitement that she may not have missed her que entirely. Once again, though, he changed the subject despite her clever and quick reply. Then, her third opportunity presented itself. He suggested he would pull her hair and run his hands down her throat, but when she reacted positively he changed the subject yet again.

He was teasing her. She was awestruck that a strange man had picked up on her desire so quickly and was using it to taunt her. Letting her have just a taste only to deny her. The thought of it filled her with mixed emotions. To some degree she was angered at the tormenting, but more so it had lit a fire inside her that created a moistness she could not and would not ignore. In sum, it was exactly what she was looking for and they had not even started yet.

His next comment confirmed it,

“I would love to just dominate you. Use you like my own little play toy.”

Before she could respond, he was gone. She stared at the screen in disbelief for several minutes with her mouth wide. He really just left after the comment she was waiting to see. Linda actually let out a small whimper as she became aware he was not coming back, and left her wet and wanting. She did not bother continuing to look, and was dismayed later when she could not bring herself to orgasm because her mind kept returning to his abrupt departure. He had ruined her night, but gave her exactly what she wanted too.

The week that followed was torturous. Linda’s mind kept recalling the mystery man she chatted with that abruptly left her, and each time she thought of it her nipples would harden and her pussy would moisten. During her ritualistic chat with he youths she was completely distracted by the hope she would have a chance to chastise him for what he did and then cyber his brains out. Peter even mentioned that she was acting like a space cadet.

When she finally got to log into her naughty account, there was a message that had been left for her offline dated that morning from the mystery man. She quickly read it.

“You are a stunning woman and very sweet. I think I know what dirty little secret you desire. If I am right, send me a message that only says Yes Master. Then log off your naughty account and I will meet you in private chat next week.”

Linda had to read it three times to be sure she actually was seeing it. Her heart sank a little with the disappointment her week long torment would not be satiated tonight. With a sigh she thought about the note for a few minutes. She wanted to write back to him and tell him that it was unacceptable to treat her this way. That there were a thousand men who would jump at the chance to have her affections for even a night. That it was ridiculous to expect her to xslot Giriş pine for him, and that he should be bending over backwards to please her like every other man she had ever met.

Determination engulfed her face as she opened the reply box and her fingers flew to the keys. As she hit send she bit her lip and considered the outcome of her decision. What would happen when he read that message.

“Yes Master.”

She turned off the computer and went to bed without even trying to pleasure herself. She knew it would end the same as it had all week long. In frustration without orgasm. Linda would just have to wait another week for release. What a release that is going to be she thought as she drifted to sleep.

Thursday of the next week finally arrived. Linda was again distracted during her ritual youth chat, her entire body a live wire of sexual electricity. Her last boyfriend had been discarded by her well over a year ago. A messy relationship all around that left her needing a break from dating all together. Sexual release had not been an issue until now, because she knew how to please herself and had a fertile imagination plus she was introduced to online sex which gave her a new outlet. Now, of course, a stranger in that outlet had gotten into her head. After two weeks of denying her pleasure she was accustomed to, that she needed desperately, Linda could not think of anything but cumming and she had been in a state of constant lasciviousness for the last three days. At 9:00 she was even entertaining the idea of allowing her boys the chance to proposition her just to break the spell.

She was shocked when for the first time ever Peter excused himself before she could, and the other boys followed his lead. Without any hesitation she logged right into her naughty account. It was a half hour to the minute when the private invitation popped up on her screen. With a gasp of anticipation and fear she accepted.

“You are on early tonight. Pussy dripping?”

How dare he, she thought. She was patient for two weeks for that? If he thought that was going to cut it he was sadly mistaken. He was going to have to do much better than that.

“I acquired some unexpected time, so came on.”

“Nothing bad to cause that I hope.”


“Good. And I am glad to see you did not lie to me.”

“About what?”

“Your pussy being wet. I already know it is. I just wanted to see if you would lie to me about it.”

Linda didn’t bother responding. She wanted to see if he had any direction or if he was going to be just another internet disappointment that she foolishly let get into her head.

“I am also glad to see I was right about your desires. And I think we need to address those tonight.”

“Do you?”

“Yes. If we are going to explore each other this way we need to set some rules. Don’t you think?”




“Don’t do it a third time. That will be the first rule: YES IS TO BE FOLLOWED BY MASTER ALWAYS.”

Linda blushed and smirked wantonly at the message as he stirred her desire yet again with such a simple message.

“Sorry. Yes Master.”

“I will be lenient to start with. Do NOT mistake that as weakness or you WILL regret it.”

“Yes Master.”

Linda giggled a little at the thought that she responded in her mind as if he could actually follow through with his threat. But that was what role-play was for after all.

“If you can think of any rules after the ones that follow you can suggest them.

You will follow my instructions not to the letter but to their intent, without deviation or deception. Deception or deviation will be punished as I see fit in both manner and time. You will respect me at all times. I will respect you when you deserve it. Orders given to you will be followed until I say otherwise.


“I suggest a safe word.”

“We will discuss that later. Anything else?”


“If you agree I want to see it in writing.”


“Now, I am not like you are used to I’m sure of it. These so called masters online are nothing more than steroid junky sadists with shriveled balls and tiny penises they are trying to compensate for by humiliating women. That sickens me. I do things the proper way, naturally. I will not abuse you for no reason, and will not humiliate you for the sheer pleasure of it. Understand?”

“Yes Master.”

“This is to be an exploration of ourselves and each other. I want to discover your limitations as you discover them. We should discover new eroticism with each other without the stigmatic labels such as perverse. Sometimes that means being uncomfortable, and sometimes that doesn’t. In the end this will form a bond between us that can not be broken because it was made with actions and not fictitious fantasies. Do you want that? Can you live with that?”

It was minutes while she sat re-reading the words. Linda was transfixed by the poignant words he chose. She began to reconsider her choice. But this xslot Güncel Giriş is what she was looking for, what she wanted since she could remember, even if it was unconventional. The fact that it was not conventional was a good thing with the divorce rate as it is, she giggled.

“Yes Master. I want that very much.”

“Be sure. There is no going back on what is already done.”

“I know. I know what I want and could not have written it more beautifully.”

“Thank you. Before we start I must warn you. I can be very passionate but if I am crossed I can shut off my emotions in an instant.”

“Yes Master. Please, go on.”

“Now, you mentioned a safe word. You can say arrêter when something is beyond you. That doesn’t mean that if you don’t like it you can say that. It means if I am about to do you severe physical harm that could cause your demise. Use it incorrectly and the punishment will be severe. Understand?”

“Yes Master.”

“Would you like time to prepare yourself for our adventure or should we start right away?”

“Right away”

She winced as her fingers answered him before her brain had a chance to fully consider his question. More importantly, the possible outcome of her answer to the loaded question. She just hoped her fingers had not denied her the orgasm she had already waited so long for.

“I am tempted to make you wait another week, but you have been such a lovely patient little toy. We will begin with some easy things that will provide for us both. Then gradually work things up.”

“Thank you.”

“Take off your towel then turn on your cam.”

She bit her lip as shivers ran down her spine and in between her legs. Hesitantly she lowered her towel and let it hang on the chair. Then she turned on her web cam and invited him to watch. She invited him to watch, and he accepted. Her mind raced and her eyes darted around the room in a panic. How did he know she was in a towel if her web cam was off?

“You look terrified.”

“How did you know?”

“Know what?”

“That I was in a towel.”

There was no reply for several minutes and her heart was beating faster and faster. Linda began to feel feint as she tried squint harder at the corners of the room. Looking everywhere for signs of a camera.

“I traced your isp for your address. Then I snuck into your house and installed hidden cameras in every room. And I have been broadcasting you over the internet for 50 cents a voyeur for the last two weeks. When you were fingering yourself you were getting around 2 million hits.”

Her face went flush as she read it and her mouth dropped open in horror. Then another message popped up.

“Gullible. I was kidding. Calm down. You have many habits and two weeks ago you told me you were wearing nothing but a towel, so I knew you would do the same tonight.”

Linda felt the blood fill her cheeks again and her hand unconsciously touched her face as she breathed deeply. Slowly she began to calm down considering if what he said was true. Did she tell him that? She must have, how else would he know. Another message popped her back to reality.

“If this is going to be fruitful for either of us you will need to learn to trust me. Is that going to be a problem for you?”

“No. Sorry, it just seemed so weird.”

“Are you calm?”

“Yes Master.”

“Show me your room, it doesn’t look like a bedroom.”

“It isn’t, it is my makeshift office.”

Linda panned the cam around so he could see her decor. She was quite proud of it, having designed the look herself. When she started it was nothing more than an empty room that opened into her bedroom, with lifeless white walls and beige carpet. Yuck. It took her forever to transform it. She had the beige replaced by burgundy and changed the walls from white to a pastel seashell color. Then she had dark wood trim and baseboards added. The fun part was the furniture. She spent months making sure that all of the wood in the room was the same. Each piece was cherry wood stained nice and dark with a shiny gloss to it. At the moment the light was dim so she wondered if he was getting to fully appreciate her handy work.

“Very nice. I like the room too.”

He watched as she blushed from reading the comment. Linda couldn’t help but giggle at the corny comment, and her tits jiggled slightly. Her hard nipples danced at him, beckoning him, coaxing the fullness of his groin to forward.

“Do you like that I can see you naked?”

“Yes Master.”

“Exhibitionist or only slightly?”

“Only slightly, a little public sex here and there but always well hidden.”

“Well we will explore that another time. I have some things to take care of before then. You will be on tomorrow.”

“I hadn’t planned to be why?”

“I wasn’t asking. You will be on tomorrow. I will leave you instructions early so you can see them when you get on. Not if.”

“Yes Master.”

“Tonight, leave you windows open. Finger yourself above the covers. Think that I am very pleased by your body and imagine what you would like me to use it for.”

Then he was gone before she could type the phrase she was getting used to. Yes Master. It had a familiarity to it even though it was against her nature.