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Copyright Neonurotic

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.



[Thursday, 11:18pm]

The elevator door slid open with a whoosh onto the sixth-level parking garage, a soulless cavern due to the lack of working lights. It was past 11 pm and few vehicles remained in their assigned stalls. Slight trepidation coursed through Jaina Grayson’s veins, as the garage could be a dangerous place late at night. She flicked the remote on her key chain, which made a little red light flash, as did a black BMW Z4 Roadster chirp twice in response, disabling the alarm. She walked across the parking area to her car, heels clicking on the concrete. The sharp sound echoed throughout the garage, amplifying the fact that there wasn’t another person around.

Calming herself, she thought about her posh little sports car, a 6-speed she gifted herself with when she made chief resident at Health Valley Medical Center. The sleek machine empowered her, though it also drained her, almost poor because of it. Once she reached her car, she set her briefcase down to stroke the side of it.

“Mmm, so beautiful.” She slipped the key into the lock.

Out of shadows, someone grabbed her from behind and dragged her towards the rear of her car, out of view of passerby’s. She screamed, but he cut it off short with a hand clamped on her mouth and she kicked her briefcase over with a loud clatter in her struggle to get away from her attacker. Her heart pounded in her chest as notes of bergamot, fern, and patchouli invaded her nose, along with an aroused male scent.

Crude, strong hands moved over her expensive suit, tearing off her jacket, and tossing it aside on the ground into a pool of oil. The black soaked through the caramel colored garment in an instant. Anger flashed through her brain, but the feeling cut short when she felt him jab his vulgar intent between her thighs. She stiffened, uncooperative as he lifted her off the ground, groaning his desire into her ear. He pressed his hard body against her, melding them together, along with his harder erection wedged into her vee.

“Please,” she begged, “let me go.”

“I will, eventually,” he growled at the nape of her neck. “But not before I fuck that sweet slit of yours,” Setting her on the ground, he jammed his hand down the front of her skirt and untucked her blouse.

One hand went under to the front clasp of her brassiere where he unlatched it with ease and let her heavy bosom spring free. He grasped one, squeezed, and massaged it, before he surprised her with a sharp nipple pinch. “Don’t you scream or I’ll hurt you. Don’t fight me or I’ll hurt you. Don’t try to get away or I’ll hurt you.” He warned her, setting a knife on the trunk of her car-the glint of light off the blade served as a warning that she should obey. “Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she whimpered and trembled. “I won’t scream,” she craned to the side, wanting to get a glimpse of him.

Catching her before she did, he grabbed her chin, nipped her neck, and shoved her forward again. “Now sweet thing, that’s a mistake, you really don’t want to see,” he whispered, trying to seduce her as his other hand slipped under her blouse and caught the top button. He ripped open her top and mashed her breasts together, and pinched both nipples at the same time. “Faceless is safer for the both of us.”

“Ohh-ow,” she gave weak protest. “You are hurting me.”

Ignoring her plea, he pushed her down onto the car, and jerked up her skirt, exposing her ass to the air. God! Why did she wear thong panties? He picked up the knife and she felt the cold metal blade where the thin strip of material of her panties joined the waist band. Fear slammed into her brain as he slit her thong, but he did not cut anything else because he set the knife aside again. He slapped her ass as he unzipped and kicked her legs apart.


The rapist slammed her against the trunk of the car with one hand on the back of her head. “Is this what you want?” He asked hard and cold. “My cock is going to turn you inside out, bitch, and you’ll love it.”

“Please,” she shook her head side-to-side, “Uhhh.” Moaning, she knew there wasn’t anything she could do.

Adrenaline coursed through her bloodstream and she shivered, anticipating his next moves. He slid the head of his cock along her vulnerable slit, spat and lubed himself up with his spittle. Forgetting his instruction, she jerked her hips away, but he pulled her back into position. Breathing hard, she waited. Waiting, waiting, and then he did. He thrust in and filled her as he looped an arm around her midriff to get a good hold.

“My god!” She cried in surprise as he drew out enough that tip of his penis rested at her entrance and slammed in, lifting her off her feet. She grunted, felt dirty, and defenseless. He stroked hard, fast, and brutal. “Oh! That hurts,” she moaned because of Kütahya Escort how big he was-too big. My god, he’ll split me in two.

# # # #

“Two drinks… buzz,” Jaina licked the sweet anise flavored liqueur off her bottom lip and half-grinned. “I’m buzzing hard.”

Three shots of Sambuca in a short amount of time had her drunk and mellow. She swept the room with slow-eyed regard, feeling more at ease then when she first entered the swinger’s club, but not intoxicated enough to fuck a stranger on a stage in front of an audience full of strangers. Her friends, Elise and Shelly might have given bad advice, telling her that getting back into the dating game was what she needed. They had said that nasty and nameless sex was the best for her to get over her cheating, low life, waste of sperm, ex-husband.

Oh, she agreed that she needed to do it too, but an upscale, secret hardcore sex club for the rich and connected wasn’t where she should begin because in reality, a wallflower best described her, always hiding in the background. The truth hurt, although she knew she needed. The introverts tended to get their heads stepped on by the extroverts who got on top and waved their arms for attention.

Leaving the main room, she wandered about and grabbed a glass of chardonnay off a silver tray a waitress offered to her. Her friends had already found partners for the night and engaging in a hundred and one hedonistic acts elsewhere. They were comfortable doing that because they had come to the club several times before without her.

“Be fearless,” Shelly had given words of encouragement, but naughty Elise with her slick city attitude had said, “get fucked like you never have and forget the bum already!” Both were right, she knew that, so perhaps if she loosened up a bit maybe the swinger’s club wasn’t such a wrong place to liberate.

With her little inner pep talk, and the liquid courage from both the Sambuca and the wine, she took note of the club for the first time. The club itself wasn’t really a club, but an impressive Italian mansion named Villa A Pacifico.

The outside grounds of the villa had strategic floodlights to show it off at night, but the inside revealed a complete opposite, with unlit rooms to set the mood of the evening. The mansion had immense archways that led to tremendous rooms, with glowing candles on tall wrought iron stands for enough light to walk without stumbling. Jaina likened to see the place during the day because if the size of the mansion indicated of how grand it was then the decor would steal her breath away.

Regular patrons of the club stayed on the first floor, but the VIP’s could play on the upper levels of the mansion. As she passed the barricaded staircase, the guard, an imposing man dressed in black, nodded at her, though, she felt his eyes burn holes into her ass as she walked by to an archway made of marble. The room contained group sex for women only and the same for the room next to it, but for men. All of the rooms had some flavor of sex taking place; however, nothing that she delighted to engage in so she went back to the main area. It was gloomy here, except for a round stage in the center of the room, with a spotlight on a couple engaging in nasty exhibitionism.

Jaina leaned against the doorway, half in and out of the room, sipping the last of her drink and watched the show on stage. The room reeked of cigar smoke, liquor, and come. She couldn’t see them, but she knew the shadows held voyeurs either masturbating or having sex with other voyeurs because the seductive techno-style music didn’t disguise the moans and groans-it only enhanced it as they voiced their passion in beat with the music.

It all turned her on-the sight on the stage, the smell of spent erotica, and listening to others having sex made her clit throb and ache as she watched. Maybe voyeurism had its hold on her too because the two blondes who looked like twins made her horny. This was even more so with the mood and their exquisite shapes engaging in erotic poses on black satin sheets while under a black light. Their bodies glowed in all that darkness, putting them on display for the hungry-eyed patrons. One lay on her back with her long legs spread wide and draped over the other’s shoulders. The girl between her partner’s thighs had her face planted deep in the other’s center.

Jaina was straight, but turned on by the sapphic love. She didn’t hear anyone complaining about the two women ravishing each other. Not her either, the scene had her pussy throbbing for sex.

Now bothered, she squeezed her thighs together. She repeated this secret masturbatory technique while drinking the rest of her wine. With vivid detail, she imagined that she lapped at the blonde’s pussy as she licked the edge of her glass; she tasted Chablis, but fancied a musky flavor instead.

“Come on over to my table, and I can take care of that for you,” croaked a hideous Neanderthal who breathed whiskey vapors into her face. “I have a couple of fat fingers that’ll frig your cunt until its spitting cream.”

In the lighter side of the archway, Kütahya Escort Bayan he wagged the fingers he suggested using on her. They were knobby, hairy and sported two chunky diamond rings. “Eh, baby, I’ll take you for a ride of your life.”

Repulsed and shocked, she stuttered, “Uh-huh, I don-“

To the left of her, a strong, nice looking, masculine hand shot out from the shadows, took her hand, and gave her a reassuring squeeze. “She’s with me,” said a smooth timbered voice, much to her relief. “So move along and harass someone else with your cretin-like pick up lines.”

“Huh?” Neanderthal stupidly asked, “what’s that supposed to mean?”

At last, she regained composure, “It means to piss off, dumb ass.” She gave a wry smile as she slid into the booth with her rescuer. “Thank you.”

“My pleasure,” he said, striking a match, which illuminated his face for a moment before he lit what he was smoking. Clove and vanilla sweetened the fetid air of the club. “Some try too hard. They act aggressive like he did,” he explained, with the cherry ember growing bright with a draw on his exotic cigarette, “while others, such as you, are timid.”

“Timid? I’m far from that,” she scoffed, feigning bravado. “I’m here aren’t I?”

“Oh, by your own choosing, eh?” He chuckled. “I rather doubt it.”

Who is he to question my self-confidence? She thought in annoyance, wishing she had gotten a clearer view of him instead of the quick look in low light when he lit a match. Although what she had appeared attractive-his firm jaw line, and ample lips that teased with a certain rakishness.

“No, it wasn’t my idea to come here, but I can ‘own it’ if I so choose.”

The stranger took her hand again. “Are you choosing?”

With her heart flitting around inside her chest like a caged bird, she slid closer to him. “I am,” she said, wanting his seduction, as he appealed more to her then any other and she wasn’t leaving Villa A Pacifico without getting fucked, as she’d never had before.

Already knowing she had chosen to have sex with him, she asked, “What have I chosen?” The question still titillated her upon asking.

“To be free,” he replied.

“Confident words from a stranger to a stranger.”

“Colin.” He pulled her to him so that they both sat in the middle of the overstuffed U-shaped bench with her back to him and between his thighs. “Now, I’m not a stranger.”

“Jaina,” she relaxed and leaned back. “Now I’m not a stranger either,” she said, knowing that they really were, but not caring.

It seemed as if his hands were everywhere, though they weren’t, he stroked her cheek with such a slow sensuousness that it made her nerve endings flood her body with a swell of feel-good dopamine. It was the same with his caress over her breasts, belly and finally, at her mound. He pressed a hand there on the silky, knit-covered pubic bone, she pushed up, wanting him to touch her deeper, but he did not. His other hand squeezed a breast and flicked a nipple to a point.

“Tell me your fantasies. The one scene you play over and over in your head when you masturbate or are with a lover,” Colin asked, slipping the hand at her breast under her clingy midi-top. “The one that gets you off faster with then without.”

Share her fantasies with him? Could she? Jaina wondered.

With a little luck, he unfastened the front closure of her bra and resumed his petting on her bare skin. His hand felt worn, as if he worked outdoors with them or washed them often throughout the day. She liked the feel of them on her sensitive flesh.

Kissing her neck, he breathed a hot wave as he whispered, “Tell me.”

Jaina moaned; the pressure at her clit was unbearable. “I imagine that I’m alone at night… sleeping and I’m wakened by the sound of a broken window. I don’t investigate because I’m afraid.” She felt him grow hard against her back and knew her fantasy turned him on. “A man climbs through the window into my bedroom.” Her talk caused his nipple flicking to become rough and she wondered if revealing more would send his other hand beneath her skirt. She was ready for him, wearing a skinny g-string bikini-easy access for whatever he had in mind. “The man isn’t there to rob, but there to rape me, he’d been watching me for months and he is lust crazy.”

“I can see why.” He groaned as he wedged his erection against her while his other hand slipped up her mini-skirt. “You’re making me insane.” He stroked her freshly waxed pussy lips. “So he’s in your bedroom,” he prompted her to go on.

“He jumps on me and puts his hand over my mouth tells me not to scream.”

“Don’t scream, bitch.” His fingers found her wet clit where he strummed it as he did her nipple at the same time. “You’re going to like this.”

“Yes,” she sighed. “Exactly.” The slow throbbing between her legs turned hot and spread to the pit of her stomach. “I sleep in the buff so he jerks my legs apart, unzips, rubs his erect penis until he’s slick and pushes into me.” As she said the last part, Colin’s fingers entered her then slipped out and back. He fingered Escort Kütahya her slow and deliberate while he twisted her aching nipple. Orgasm was close to ‘no return’ and she moved with him to get to the edge. “Oh, that feels good.”

Sensing she was close, he backed off. “Continue.”

“He-he finds out I-I’m already wet.”

“You want it?” Colin asked, continuing his tease. “Don’t come. If you do I’ll quit.” He stroked harder. “So he rapes you, but you like it?”

“G-god yes!” She hissed through clenched teeth, putting the breaks on her climax. “No, I love it.”

Flexing against her, he asked, “do you come with him?”

“Yesss…like I want to now.” My, oh my, she thought, feeling his hard-on press into her back again, he’s really big. “Let’s forget my fantasy, I want you instead.”

Jaina turned to face him and they kissed with fervor, tongues moving in sync. As turned on and mindless as she was, she still took note that he kissed well, which indicated that he he’d give good head. Her ex-husband was a lousy kisser.

“I want to see your face.” She unbuckled and unzipped him.

“No,” Colin said. “You have your fantasy and I have mine.”

“Which is?”

“I like to fuck strangers.”

“We’ve already established we weren’t strangers,” she teased, stroking his long cock. He was what she thought-big and hard. “Real nice.”

“Thank you.” He laughed. “Now why don’t you slide on an-“

Interrupting his chatter with a kiss, she did what he suggested and drew him into her sopping sex. “Ah.” They groaned in unison.

Jaina felt Colin wiggle to force her to move down faster, but she backed off because she wanted to savor the slow erotic feel of him filling her up inch by inch. He was a tight squeeze once she had him to the hilt then she rose up suddenly and right back down, slamming her cheeks onto his thighs.

Damn, doesn’t he feel good? Elise was right; this was what she needed. She rode him with pleasure, bending back to sink his cock deeper, he supported her waist and he groaned as she bowed him. Very close to orgasm now; she ground her hips side to side. He joined in with movements that started slow with her grind.

Enjoying the result of their combined effort, she let him take the lead. He teased her by bucking with deliberate, shallow strokes that penetrated two inches inside, but with her on top and leaning as she was, meant that the head of his cock rubbed sensual bliss right on her G-spot.

The orgasm put off, rolled upon her.

“Oh-mi-god!” She called, surprised and shuddering as she came. “Mmm, yes.”

Pushing up her skirt higher, he leaned her all the way back, and laid between her thighs so he could thrust hard and fast. “We’re going to get together again.” He slammed his demand through ragged breaths.

“Yes!” Another orgasm or the same one, she wasn’t so sure, erupted as he continued to ravage her pussy with his thick cock. ” Ooh, yes, yes, yes.” She chanted.

Faster, his slim hips pumped then he stopped, went rigid, and grunted, “I’m going to come.”

# # # #

Come splattered on the curve of her pretty lily white ass. He grinned, and watched his load slip and drip in long strings onto the ground. His call of passion still echoed throughout the empty garage when he climaxed. Colin pulled up his trousers and swiped the remaining spunk off and stepped forward, reached around, and offered it to her. Not hesitating for even a second, she licked his finger clean.

“Mmm,” She laughed, low and sexy as she tried to look at him again. “Just what the doctor ordered.”

“Jaina.” He chuckled, biting the back of her neck. “Stop.” He leaned over to pick up her oil stained jacket and tossed it on the trunk of the car. Caressing her luscious ass one last time, he straightened her skirt and pulled her ripped blouse together. “Sorry about that, I’ll buy you a new suit.”

“If you do, make it black instead.” She poked her round backside into his groin, trying to tease him awake again.

Colin glanced at his watch and saw that he was very late for his shift. “I’ve got to go, and so do you. You’ll need your sleep,” he swiped the nape of her neck with long lick and blew, making her shiver. “Leave your bedroom window open before you go to bed.” He walked away, left her at her car, and stepped into the shadows.

For a moment, he watched her looking for him, but he knew she wouldn’t find him. She gave up, jumped into her car, and sped off. Once her car disappeared, he headed to the elevator she had left earlier for their tryst. The elevator door slid open and closed after he stepped in. He pushed the button for his floor where his medical lab was, which was on the same floor as the emergency room. Colin knew Jaina, but she didn’t know him.


[Thursday, 11:48pm]

The hospital elevator came to a stop on the first floor and opened up in the foyer across from the emergency room where all the patients sat, expecting to see a physician. It was a typical night when the moon was full because the waiting area was still a madhouse from last evening. Some were pacing the floor while others groaned in pain as they sat on the hard plastic seats. Health Valley was too cheap to spring for comfortable seats for their patients. They seemed to prefer money spent on the never-ending construction with yet another corridor, room, or office to build.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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