My daughter Faith had a brooding look on her usually sunny face. When she returned home from college for winter break, her mood alternated from surly to morose. My efforts to engage her in conversation failed and I tried every approach I knew as a professional therapist but she refused to open up.

Earlier that day, I heard Faith talking to someone on her cell phone. When she ended the call, her attitude took a sudden and chilly dip. She was lying on her stomach with a pillow under her arms for support when I walked past her room.

Faith’s sad gaze was fixed on the wall in front of her and I clearly saw tears rimming her eyes.

“Mom, can I ask you something?” She inquired in a sad voice.

“Sure baby.” I said calmly.

I sat on the side of the bed next to Faith and waited for her to continue. My mind went thru a shopping list of possibilities but except for boyfriend woes, I failed to imagine anything that would upset her this deeply and for this amount of time.

“Are you having problems with your teammates?” I asked in a quiet tone.

Faith was member of the swim team and the program was highly competitive for spots on the roster. Unexpectedly, she turned to look at me with a quizzical expression on her face. Obviously, I had struck a nerve.

“Well, kind of.” She said almost in a whisper and sighed.

Lightly, I rubbed Faith’s back, hoping to alleviate some tension.

“What is it baby? Is it a boy?” I inquired hoping to hit the mark.

“No!” She stated emphatically and sighed deeply.

I waited patiently for Faith to continue speaking and as I rubbed her back, it started jerking. She was crying and turned to embrace me.

“My poor baby.” I said tenderly and tears ran down my cheeks.

I hugged Faith tightly against my body hoping to shoulder some of the pain that enveloped her. She cried softly for a few minutes and slowly regained control of her emotions. She sat up and looked at me with shame in her normally sparkling green eyes.

“It’s embarrassing.” She said with a downcast face and wiped her eyes.

Faith was my only child and we shared a close mother/daughter bond.

“I’m in a relationship with someone but it’s, oh… so frustrating sometimes!” She said with exasperation and a sorrowful look.

“Is it anyone I know?” I inquired with heightened curiosity.

“I think so.” She said with a timid air.

“Who is it baby?” I inquired with uneasiness.

“It’s one of my teammates.” She stated with a miserable expression.

“A girl!?” I asked in a disbelieving tone.

“Yes, Christa Bernardo.” She uttered softly as though the walls had ears.

I met Christa at one of the swim meets, she was a dark haired beauty with an imposing physique.

Faith slumped against me and held on with all her might.

“Please don’t hate me.” she begged in a panicky voice.

“I could never hate you.” I cried.

My heart ached for the child that I bore and loved more than my own life. When Faith looked up, tears streamed down my face.

“Don’t cry Mom.” She said in a heartfelt manner and wiped a few tears away with her fingers.

“Baby, when you’re a parent and your child hurts, then you hurt too.” I replied in a weepy voice.

Faith took my hands in hers and looked into my dewy eyes.

“I’ll be ok.” she said with confidence.

From her earliest years, Faith possessed impressive resiliency and strength of character.

“When did you start having these, ah…feelings.” I asked politely.

“I’m not sure but we’ve been friends since freshman year. One day I looked at Christa and something about her appealed to me.” She replied honestly.

“All I know is that I wanted to be with her, you know, in that way.” She intimated in a low and reserved voice.

“I understand baby.” I stated soothingly.

“I guess nothing like this ever happened to you.” She said with a sigh.

Her comment froze me and I searched my mind for an answer. Faith picked up on my hesitation immediately.

“Mom, did you have the hots for a girl!?” she asked with wide eyed astonishment.

‘Well, ah…oh…ok, yes I did.” I answered and it was my turn to be sheepish.

“Was she a hottie?” Faith asked as her curiosity took over. It was the first time I saw her smile in over two weeks.

“Yes, she was.” I answered in a whisper as memories flashed thru my head.

What I left out was the fact that while I desired and pursued many girls only one captured my heart.

“I guess it runs in the family.” Faith said pensively and lay against my body.


As I held Faith and gently rocked her, I remembered my college years as the time of my sexual awakening. I was a member of the gymnastics team and had a steady stream of boyfriends. A virgin until my sophomore year, my boyfriend Chuck plucked my cherry after a frat mixer.

Although I was aware of same sex encounters among my teammates, I had little or no interest in the goings on around me. That was about to change Casibom when I arrived home for summer break at the end of sophomore year.

My family resided in an upper middle class neighborhood in Southern California. We were the only family on the block without a swimming pool because my Dad had an irrational fear of water. My best friend, Robyn and her sister Tracy lived next door and I was a frequent visitor to their pool.

The day after I arrived home, I walked into their back yard and saw Tracy swimming laps. When she noticed me, she waved and walked up the pool steps where I was standing.

I gawked at the young Venus with the strikingly athletic body. In the past year, Tracy’s body had undergone a transformation. Her skinny frame had filled out with fuller breasts and hips. Attired in a form fitting bikini, her physique had a muscular and marvelously proportioned look.

“Wow! She’s not Robyn’s little sister anymore.” I mused to myself.

Much to my surprise, I got a tingly and warm feeling looking at Tracy’s body. She was about my height, 5′ 6′ and model pretty without an ounce of extraneous fat on her frame.

“Hi Jane!” She yelled enthusiastically.

“Your coming to my birthday party tonight, aren’t you?” She pleaded.

“I wouldn’t miss it.” I croaked with a dry mouth.

Tracy was celebrating her eighteenth birthday and her parents had pulled out all the stops hiring a live band and caterer.

“Robyn’s in her bedroom. See ya tonight.” She exclaimed and dove back into the water.

At the party, I couldn’t take my eyes off Tracy. She looked very sexy in a pair of short/shorts and halter top. Her blonde hair was cropped close in a sort of page boy style that really accented her natural looking face. Occasionally, she caught me looking and gave me a wicked smile.

I was baffled by my behavior. That night in bed, the images of Tracy in her bikini kept popping up in my mind. Without realizing, my hand had moved between my legs and a finger was lazily tracing a line along my panty covered slit. For the first time in my life, I masturbated with images of another girl racing thru my mind.

The next morning I kept a sharp lookout for Tracy from my bed room window. I knew Robyn worked at the Community Center pool until 2pm. While I was performing stretching exercises, I saw Tracy on the pool deck in a bikini that looked molded to her body.

As though I had no will of my own, I found myself in Tracy’s backyard eying her magnificent teenage body. I became obsessed with her and dropped by on a daily basis to ogle the young goddess.

One afternoon Robyn called to ask a favor. She was going up to the lake with her boyfriend and another couple for a few days and would I mind staying with Tracy until she got back. Her folks were back east on a business trip and would be pissed if they knew she went away without her sister.

“Sure!” I said with an evil smile on my face.

It was like asking the fox to watch the henhouse while the farmer was away.

Friday morning Robyn left early for the lake. When I saw Tracy, I hot footed it until I was standing next to the pool.

Slowly and deliberately Tracy climbed up the ladder to the pool deck in front of me sans bikini top and bottom.

“The brazen brat, she knows!” I muttered to myself.

Tracy’s breasts were round swells that hugged her body and were topped with the cutest pink nipples. A flat tummy outlined by a six pack and the hottest ass I had ever seen on a girl. I felt my pussy dampening and was unable to look away. Tracy looked spectacular and I got weak in the knees.

But, best of all, Tracy was delightfully hairy at a time when grooming ones cooch was becoming popular. Her pussy was perfectly framed by a downy blanket of dark blonde pubic hair. Like one of Pavlov’s dogs, my mouth was watering.

Tracy had a shit eating grin on her face as my pussy creamed from the overwhelming sight.

“Do you think my breasts are too small?” she asked with fake sincerity.

I was barely able to speak and croaked out some inaudible reply. I felt like I was in a surreal dream that I had no control over and couldn’t wake up from. The kid had a killer body.

“For Gods sake, it’s Robyn’s kid sister.” I kept thinking as an internal debate raged in mind.

The entire situation was too overpowering and my will to resist evaporated. In its place was a lust the likes of which I had never known. I had dreamt about this the first time I saw Tracy in the pool. Lord knows I masturbated myself silly picturing her in the nude.

Tracy reached for her towel on the lounger and winced.

“Ouch! That smarts!” she said with pain in her voice and grabbed her shoulder.

“I think I strained it swimming laps.” She stated and looked at me with a soulful expression.

“You need a good massage.” I stated in a husky voice.

I doubted that Tracy’s shoulder hurt at all and she was using it as an excuse to get my hands on her body.

In the family room I instructed Casibom Giriş Tracy to lay face down on a beach towel and placed a smaller towel over her sexy ass. I started at her shoulders and gently kneaded the velvety flesh. Gradually, I worked my way down her muscled back stopping at the edge of the towel.

“Ooh, that feels great.” She purred.

Emboldened by her words, I ran my hands along her sides and palmed the fleshy part of her flattened breasts. Tracy was fidgeting her butt and the towel slipped off. Instantly, my hands massaged her sculpted derriere’ and she moaned out loud. This was proceeding faster than I anticipated.

My hands kneaded and squeezed the firm cheeks of Tracy’s butt and slipped farther into the crack. My fingers toyed with the sensitive rose cluster and a trickle of creamy fluid oozed from the bottom of her slit.

“Oh, that feels soo good.” Tracy panted breathlessly.

Unexpectedly Tracy rolled onto her back and put her arms behind her head. My body pulsated with new and rapturous sensations. I stared at her hot and luscious titties, especially the nipples which were a combination of puffy and long.

I ran my hands all over Tracy’s muscled body. With trembling hands, I gently caressed and squeezed Tracy’s round mounds, awed by the firmness. I spent a long time massaging her nipples which I lovingly tweaked with my fingertips.

Tracy was breathing rapidly as I slowly lowered my head to a turgid right nipple and gently licked the long protuberance. She watched me intently as I worked feverishly on her delicious tits. When my hunger was finally sated, her eyes were glazed over and filled with lust. Seductively, I trailed wet kisses over her flat belly and stopped at the bushy mound.

Tracy opened her legs and brought her knees up giving me a clear view of her crotch. I leaned forward and gazed longingly at her pretty pussy. It was like a delicate pink flower glistening with dew.

The aroma from Tracy’s slit was intoxicating to my senses. I lightly kissed up and down her slice and as if on cue, it opened up to show the delicate and wet inner parts. With long graceful licks, my tongue caressed the soaked creases and gathered her tart secretions.

“Oh God!” She moaned.

The heady flavor was beyond description and inflamed my libido. My tongue burrowed into her soggy slit and I watched with utter fascination when her head lolled to and fro as I gave her pussy a licking she would never forget.

As my mouth engulfed Tracy’s snatch, my tongue executed rapid butterfly licks on her clit. Tenderly, I sucked and licked the stiff nub which was out of its hood, sending her into another dimension of pleasure.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she roared with passion. My hunger for Tracy’s pussy was reaching new heights as I wildly sucked the swollen, randy and juicy flesh. Her young gash burbled and frothed with juice which I vigorously lapped like a horny slut. When I renewed my assault on her clit, creamy girl cum dripped into my maw and not a drop escaped my thirsty gullet.

Tracy pushed her slit hard against my mouth and her body suddenly stiffened. I shoved my rigid tongue into her delicate and oozing hole when the first spasms hit.

“OH! OH! I’m cuminggg!” She wailed.

I kept sucking her pussy with a vengeance as her body shook and stiffened. In the aftermath, Tracy regarded me with affection.

“That was wonderful!” She trilled in a dreamy voice.

I spent the next week at Tracy’s house with my head buried between her thighs servicing her scrumptious young pussy.

“You’re a natural.” She cooed breathlessly as I feasted on her boggy slice one morning.

After Tracy’s first orgasm, I descended for an encore but she offered me her butt instead. The girl easily had one of the sexiest asses I ever saw and I devoured it with equal passion.

Tracy confided in me that she’d been having girl on girl sex most of her senior year in high school and usually with fellow swim team members.

However, when Robyn returned from the lake there were limited opportunities for sex. Then her parents returned from their business trip and they left for vacation with Tracy in tow, leaving Robyn behind.

Robyn was sunning by the pool when I stopped to visit.

“Hey, what’s happening?” she said cheerfully mimicking a popular sitcom line of that era.

“Not much.” I stated in an even tone.

“I hope Tracy wasn’t a pain in the ass last week.” she said sympathetically.

Just the mention of Tracy’s name made my pussy twitch.

“Naw, no sweat.” I replied.

Robyn leaned on the edge of lounger with serious a look on her face. I had known her since 1st grade and something was bothering her.

“What’s up? You look like your puppy dog just died.” I asked with concern.

“Did anything happen at the lake?” I inquired curiously.

“No, everything was fine.” She said in an absent minded way.

“Did Benny do something wrong?” I demanded angrily.

“No, he was a perfect gentlemen.” Casibom Güncel Giriş She answered with assurance.

Robyn changed the subject and her mood lightened considerably.

The same week Tracy left for vacation, I started working part time at a popular clothing store in the mall. The parade of sexy young women into and out of the fitting rooms had my imagination working overtime. On more than one occasion, I daydreamed about Tracy’s tasty young pussy and dampened my panties.

On a busy Saturday morning, Carly, one of my gymnastics teammates from high school walked in the store. After an exchange of pleasantries, she explained that she was searching for a new and more provocative bikini. I gathered up several suits in her size and waited outside the fitting room. We reminisced about school thru the door as Tracy tried on the swimwear. I was rehashing a funny story about a fellow teammate, when I heard her ask for assistance.

“Can you help me decide which one looks the best.” She asked in a needy voice.

I entered the fitting room and gaped at Carly. Her body had matured since high school. She had nice muscle tone, an attractive face and sexy curves.

“She’s not an “A” cup anymore.” I mused to myself

I sat on the far bench and appraised each suit with honesty. She made no attempt to cover up between changes and the sight of her naked body was turning my insides to jello. The contrast of her alabaster skin with the dark brunette hair was a huge turn on.

It was a well known fact that she explored her bi side with other team members in high school. I was hoping that she still had the itch because I wanted to scratch it.

Finally, a muted green string bikini looked the best.

“Thanks.” She said with gratitude and blushed ever so slightly.

As Carly paid for the new bikini at the register, I grabbed my purse to go on break. I was headed for the women’s rest room and a rendezvous with my fingers. Watching Carly in the changing room had turned my loins fiery and moist.

When I passed her at the register, I heard her voice behind me.

“Do you have time for a coffee or soda at the food court?” She asked with some urgency.

“Sure do.” I replied eagerly.

We reminisced about our time on the team and laughed at some of the shenanigans that we perpetrated on our coach, Mrs. Ericsson. All too soon my break ended and Carly invited me to her home for a swim.

“I get off work at 5pm. Is six ok?” I asked politely.

At six, I rang the doorbell and Carly answered wearing the new bikini. Unless my instincts were dead wrong, she was my next conquest or vice versa. It was the perfect opportunity as her parents were away for the evening.

We sat on the pool deck sipping wine coolers and continued our conversation about school. Carly had undoubtedly changed since high school. She was confident and outgoing with a more feminine appearance.

We were both tipsy as we splashed and cavorted in the pool. In a mocking voice, Carly stood in the shallow end and sang the school alma mater. When it concluded, she executed the standard jumping cheers. In her exuberance, her top loosened and dropped off her chest. I gazed with lust as her nipples hardened into bullets from the cool air.

Carly leaned against the side with her chest thrust proudly forward. The erotic sight inflamed my libido and her eyes had a beckoning look. I palmed her nipples and delicately squeezed the surrounding flesh.

Carly groaned in appreciation when my tongue plopped out, dripping saliva and lathed the straining buds.

“OOH! That feels good!” Carly moaned lustily.

Carly held my head and gasped as I toiled on her cute titties. I lustily slathered and sucked the hardened protrusions until she humped her mound against my thigh. She was ready.

I told Carly to hop up on the pool deck and spread a towel for her butt. She was biting her lower lip in anticipation with an anxious look on her face. Slowly, I pulled her bottoms off and nuzzled her trimmed brown bush. Her womanly fragrance drifted into my nostrils as I nibbled her moist sensitive folds.

Carly made little growling noises in her throat as I slurped her soggy slit. I lifted her butt for better leverage and dove into her gasping gash.

My tongue lashed every centimeter of her succulent snatch and she howled her approval.

“OH God! Eat my pussy!” She hollered.

Carly threw her legs over my shoulders and bucked her juice bloated slice until tiny drops of girl goo spattered my face. With zealous need, I swallowed her tart/creamy fluids down my appreciative throat.

“Suck my pussy Jane.” She roared and mashed her engorged box on my mouth.

Carly’s head whipped from side to side as I sucked her foaming hole with demonic intensity. Her body shook like a tree in a gale force wind as my mouth engulfed her boiling box.

“Oh God! OH! It’s incredible” She shouted at the top of her lungs and rode my lashing tongue with wild abandon.

Carly’s sexy bod stiffened and quaked for a minute or longer.

“Goddamn! You eat pussy like it’s your last meal.” Carly panted with admiration.

I’m sure I had a satisfied look on my sticky cum coated face. My bi curious lust was sated; for the moment.