The British summer air was cool and crisp. Charlie inhaled deeply and sighed as he breathed out; opening his eyes he drank in the piercing blue sky. A smile carved its way across his face, only Charlie knew about this place buried in the woods. He had stumbled across this haven when he lost his way jogging as a teenager. The first time he found this place he had lay down and stared at the sky until the stars came out to shine. He didn’t want to leave but he had to if he was going to make it to work on time. With a heavy heart Charlie left, already thinking about the next time he would return.

*Sometimes, the best of what we have is hidden right before our eyes*


The first steaming droplets of water hit me, I gasped as a shiver ran down my spine. I lathered my hair and washed myself in the shower. For the past few months my life was actually good. I had a job I loved, a home I adored and my luck with guys seemed to be incredible. But those one night stands weren’t satisfying my hunger; the more guys I fucked the stronger that hunger became. My thoughts drifted to Charlie, as soon as I thought of him I grew hard and began dribbling precum. I increased the force of the water hoping to wash away his face. It didn’t work.

Charlie and I met at work, we both secured internships and we automatically paired up with each other. The first time I saw him my heart twisted and my stomach churned. He wore a deep blue suit and his arms bulged a little against the fabric. He was tall and I could tell he looked after himself. I wondered if he had abs like me. There really was no other word for it. He was hot and I wanted to have him. But what really got to me the most, what made my stomach lurch were his eyes. I stared in to them; I felt myself drowning in his light brown irises. His hair was the same colour and I had to stop myself from running my fingers through them.

I moaned as I came, thick ropes of cum splattering against the wall. I hadn’t released I had begun to pleasure myself; only when the orgasm rocked my world did I take notice of what I was doing. My hand continued to stroke my sensitive cock and I closed my eyes, enjoying the shudders that ran through me with every stroke. I kept doing it until I softened. I dried myself off and got ready for work.

Going in to my bedroom I selected a deep black suit. I sighed as I stared out of my window across London. It was amazing weather and I wanted to be sunbathing in a park somewhere, not stuck in an office. Sunlight streaked across my wardrobe and made my mirror shimmer. I looked at myself ensuring I was presentable and started my journey to work. I stopped before going in to the train station at a café. Charlie liked his tea strong with a dash of milk. I grinned at my old friend behind the table and ordered

“One tea, strong with a bit of milk and a latté to go”

Lucy laughed at me and shook her head. I would’ve been married to that girl by now if I hadn’t swung the other way.

“You know Danny; you could’ve just said the regular and I would’ve made it for you. It’s what you always order without a doubt”

She winked at me and made my drinks. Chatting to whilst she was working she asked if I had met anyone nice yet. Then she paused, looked at me sternly and informed me that fucking them and leaving the next morning didn’t count. I laughed and shook my head. We made plans to meet up the next weekend and I left the shop jogging a little to catch my train.


I sat at my desk and booted up my laptop. I looked at the picture beside me; there I was with my beautiful girlfriend. We hadn’t seen each other for weeks and I couldn’t wait to see her tonight. Apparently she had big news to share with me. My mouth watered suddenly as the aroma of fresh tea wafted by. I spun round to see Danny holding two cups of the wonderful stuff in his hand. Well cup. He drank lattés. A cheeky grin was on his face, it warmer than it usually was.

“I thought you could do with some of this” My eyes were transfixed on his smile but they jolted up to meet his own at the sound of his voice. His stormy grey eyes had always fascinated me. I took the cup and drank. I didn’t break my gaze as I sipped at my tea “Perfect as always” I thought to myself. He shuffled around and threw me a question

“Is there a reason why you’re staring at me?”

To be truthful I found myself doing this sometimes; Danny was the only guy I stared at and I didn’t know why. He asked me a second time and I thought of something fast

“Oh no reason, I’m just re-enacting the first time you met me”

His laugh found its way to my stomach and I exhaled as butterflies rushed round. This was happening more and more around Danny. I didn’t know why so I shook it off like normal. He winked at me

“I wasn’t staring I just happened to be looking your way… for a long time”

A chuckle escaped me and I broke the stare

“There’s no point denying it Danny, you were checking Casibom me out”

Danny was my best friend; I met him 2 years ago after we both applied for an internship. We found that we clicked and got on well. I also found out that he was gay soon after we met; he freely told me stories of his conquests. I didn’t mind, I was raised to be a decent person by my parents. Everyone deserved to be who they wanted to be and I had no place to tell them otherwise. Danny raised his hands in a mock surrender

“Fine you got me” He sighed as he said “I’ve got to go and finish this report or Sarah will kill me” He flashed me his stunning smile and he went off.

Before I lingered on his smile I finished my tea and got on with my own work. A while later I stretched, knocking the empty cup off my desk. It reminded me that I never thanked Danny for getting me it. Sure, he got me one every morning but it wouldn’t hurt to have manners. I got up and walked towards his desk. I saw him engulfed in his screen and I decided not to disturb him. I’d just have to say thanks another way.


Giving Charlie my best smile I walked away from his desk. My hands were still clammy from the stare he had given me. As I reached my own desk I thought back to the way he had looked at me. I focused on the way his light brown eyes met my mine; they seemed as if they were delving deep in to my soul. I remembered the way he had drunk his tea, the way his soft lips moulded themselves on to the cup. A bulge threatened to appear in my trousers and I took large gulps of tea. The scalding liquid dissolved all my thoughts and replaced them with a searing pain. I didn’t care, as long as I could concentrate on my work.

I was just over half way through my report when Charlie came in to my line of vision

“Hey it’s 5:30PM now, it’s time to go”

I shook my head and rubbed my eyes

“I can’t, I’ve got 2 days left to hand this in and I need get it done” I looked at him and continued talking “This deadline can’t be missed; I don’t fancy invoking the fury of the beast”

He laughed and he nodded as he understood how fucking deluded our boss Sarah could be. She was not a woman to mess with if you wanted to live

“Alright then, I’ll see you tomorrow”

As he left I shouted back to him

“Have fun with Kate!”

Charlie had been with Kate since Secondary School and they had been inseparable since. A pang of envy hit me as I thought about how lucky she was. I groaned as I looked back at my screen and resumed typing.


I left the office and the sunlight hit me. I stayed stationary for a moment, bathing in the heat of the glorious sun. I glanced at my watch and cursed under my breath. I ran to the restaurant I was meeting Kate at figuring it’d be faster than taking a bus. Rush hour in London means waiting in traffic. I stopped outside and gulped air. Sliding my fingers through my hair I stepped inside and saw here waiting at the table I had reserved. She saw me and smiled… but with that smile there was a hint of pain. I walked over and hugged her, taking her off her feet. Her giggle soothed my fears, I had just imagined it.

“Hello beautiful, how are you?”

We sat down and I noticed how pale she was. I swept my eyes over her and saw she was avoiding my gaze. She wrung her hands and bit her lip. Something was wrong; surely it couldn’t be that bad

“Hey, Kate what’s wrong? You look sick, do you wanna go home?”

I got up and sat next to her, she laid her head on my shoulder and I stroked her cheek with my thumb

“Remember when we first met? It was in Year 7 and we couldn’t stand each other?”

We smiled as we thought back to it. I couldn’t stand Kate at first; I guess that’s what 12 year old boys are like. I was more interested in football and video games than girls.

“You hated me for no good reason. I don’t know why”

She playfully slapped my shoulder

“Of course I didn’t. I mean I wasn’t angry at you for throwing green paint in my hair was I?”

I struggled to suppress and laugh and it came out when she slapped my shoulder once more. She laughed too

“I guess we got off on the wrong foot and…”

Suddenly she started crying. I threw my arms round her not understanding this sudden outburst

“Hey, hey stop crying shhhh. What’s wrong?”

I rocked her in my arms as she started to slowly stop crying. She dabbed her red puffy eyes and she took deep breaths trying to calm down

“You know I love you Charlie. I love you so much, please remember that. Don’t hate me”

She was starting to seriously freak me out. My heart writhed in my chest and I took her head in my hands. I looked straight at her

“Kate, I love you too. I could never hate you. But you’re starting to scare me a little”

She sucked in deep breaths. Her hands found their way to my hair and I shivered. I didn’t let anyone muss my hair. I don’t know why but I only let Casibom Giriş people I cared about play with it.

“Charlie. Remember how I told you about that job offer I got.”

I nodded and it felt like someone had pulled the world from under me. Kate had been offered a job in the United States and it was an amazing opportunity. She’d been head hunted by a representative in London for a company in New York. It was too good to miss. I began to shake but I stopped myself before Kate picked up on it

“I’ve taken it Charlie. I’ve taken it. I’m going, I have to”

Her big brown hazel eyes looked downwards and I took my hands away from her face. Too many thoughts rushed through my head, too many unwelcome thoughts. I turned to her forcing myself to stay calm

“Why are you crying? That’s brilliant news Kate, I’m happy for you. We can ju…”

My voice cracked and I looked away from her. I cleared my throat and I looked back

“How long are you going for? I can take some time off work and I’ll come visit you. It’ll be awesome. I’ve always wanted to go to the Big Apple.”

She looked at me and she was crying again. She knew I rambled when I was terrified. That’s exactly how I felt. I was terrified of losing her.

“Charlie… I’m not coming back. It’s a permanent position”

I opened my mouth to speak but she ignored me

“Long distance never works and I can’t ask you to come with me. You have your family here, your friends and your job. You can’t come with me”

Numbness spread through me. I became aware of how loud the music was and how lovely the restaurant smelled

“When are you leaving?”

I didn’t dare look at her. My hands trembled and my mouth was dry. She struggled to look at me. I was scared of what she’d say


Her whisper was almost inaudible. My eyes flickered to beneath the table. She had a large suitcase and a rucksack on top. No, this was happening too fast. We had barely just seen each other and I had to come to terms with the fact that I’d never see her again. I had to do something, anything to stop her

“That’s it? You’re leaving, twelve years together doesn’t mean anything to you?”

She cradled my head in my arms.

“It does. More than you’ll ever know. My taxi’s here now Charlie” She choked back a sob as she continued “Goodbye Charlie. Remember me.” She let me go. Picking her luggage she stood up. She kissed me and I heard the roar in my head as blood rushed to it. Then she was gone.

It’s amazing that the heart makes no sound when it breaks.


I stifled a yawn as I finished my report. I had 3 days to complete it and I done it in the third of the time. I smirked as I imagined the shock on Sarah’s face tomorrow when I handed it in to her. Looking at the corner of my laptop it informed me it was now 11:35PM Just over 6 hours of overtime and I wouldn’t be paid a penny extra; how unfair life was. I gathered my things and nodded to the security guards as I left the office. The cold air refreshed me as it hit my face. My phone rang and it the wind carried it off in to the night. Looking at my phone I saw Charlie’s number lighting up my screen.

Time slowed and my heart started skipping beats. I forgot that Kate was going to tell him today. I forced myself to stay calm and I answered, not letting him on to anything

“Hello Charlie, what can I do for you?”

I noticed the loud chatter in the background and glasses being knocked together. He said two words, just two and I knew Kate had left

“Danny. Help.”

Immediately I asked where he was and I told him to stay put until I came to get him. I knew what happened. Kate had left for the job and it was too much for Charlie. I wondered if he knew if I knew. I pushed the thoughts from my mind as I arrived at the bar. I looked around and I saw Charlie sitting on a stool; in his hand was a glass of scotch. I walked over and sat next to him.

“So how much have you drunk?”

He looked at me and a chill ran through me “Even now he has that effect on me” Charlie was a heavy weight but tonight he was overdoing it. He moved towards me but toppled off the chair. I rushed forward to meet him and he fell in to me. I wrapped my arms around him in taking in a breath. He smelled of alcohol, cologne and sweat. It was intoxicating and I felt a little woozy. He mumbled

“Take me home Danny. Take me home.”

We got in a taxi and headed towards his place. With one arm around Charlie I got out and paid the fare to the driver. We headed up towards his flat, he nuzzled my neck and I forced myself not to get hard. Fumbling around in his suit I found his keys and helped him in. I put him on the sofa and headed towards the fridge bringing out a bottle of ice cold water. He drank the whole thing and when he finished he was much more alert. Then out of the blue, he broke down.


After Kate left I sat there in the restaurant by myself trying to Casibom Yeni Giriş process what had just happened. I shut my feelings off; I didn’t want to deal with it right now. I didn’t want to feel anything. I got up and walked around London trying to clear my head. Inside I felt empty. I didn’t know how else to describe it. I didn’t know how to describe the feeling of losing someone who you’ve spent the last decade of your life with. Regardless of how much I tried to ignore the pain little bits of it bled through the barrier I had erected. At times like this a drink is all I had my mind on.

Choosing a bar at random I went in and sat on a stool. I ordered a scotch and slowly drank it, savouring the flavour. I ordered another after I finished, though it took me an eternity to get one down me. I was oblivious to others in the bar and to how busy it was getting. The bartender didn’t mind my pace though, maybe he thought better than to interfere. Eventually I started getting light headed. I wanted to go home but my legs wouldn’t move; I wasn’t sure I could get there by myself. I dialled Danny’s number and waited

“Hello Charlie, what can I do for you?”

His voice comforted me and I knew I needed my best friend right now

“Danny. Help.”

A few minutes later Danny came and sat beside me. I got up to greet him but instead fell over and in to his chest. I stayed there for a minute; letting the warmth of his body wake me up a little. As I looked up I realised “He’s still in his suit, shit did I make him come just for me?” Danny supported me and called a cab. It was just a blur on the way home. Cold water invigorated me and I found myself on my sofa. Danny was sitting opposite me with his beautiful grey eyes loaded with concern. I finished the bottle. I opened my mouth to explain but found sobs wracking my body.


My arms were round Charlie as soon as the tears rolled down his face. He buried his face deep in to my neck, desperately trying to muffle his cries. I ran my hands down his back then through his hair. At that point he stiffened and his sobs stopped. He had turned in to a block of marble right in my arms. He seemed to be hesitating. Charlie moved his hands towards mine as if to remove them. I ran my fingers through one last time; he dropped them at the last second. Life flowed back in to him and he breathed in and out. I carried on running my hands through his hair and I began to muss it. His own hands wrapped around my torso once more and I had to stifle the gasp his touch gave me.

“Kate’s gone. She left me Danny. She didn’t give me a chance to stop her.”

Charlie had told me about her getting the job offer just last month. He knew she’d been considering going but he hadn’t anticipated this. He let go off me to my disappointment and got up. I rose with him in case he was unsteady. Looking at him I knew I had a shot, I needed to feel his lips on mine. I was going to hate myself for using his vulnerability but I had no other choice. I moved in to him and kissed him. My hands ran through his hair and he moaned as our tongues tasted each other. His hands shot up and he brushed my cheek with his thumb. At his touch I gasped and kissed him harder, not giving him any time to think. My cock was so hard it throbbed; it begged to be touched. Charlie responded to my kiss, “God he was a good kisser” I thought as my hands moved downwards gliding past his toned stomach. They landed on his trousers. At that point he backed away.


I sunk my face in to Danny’s neck. I inhaled deeply, he smelt good. It comforted me as I tried to stop crying. I felt his strong, warm hands run down my back trying his best to comfort me. Then he found his way to my hair. I froze, my eyes drying up as I tried to make sense of what just happened. Running his fingers gently through, he separated my hair in to strands. I went to pull Danny’s hair away but he made a forceful push and I melted enjoying the sensation. I clamped my hands back around his waist where it was safe. My mind wandered to Kate and I hugged Danny tighter “Why did she leave?” That selfish question was the only thing I could think about right now

“Kate’s gone. She left me Danny. She didn’t give me a chance to stop her”

Looking past him I saw the clock on the wall showing it was past midnight. I shouldn’t keep Danny here any longer, he’s already done enough. I got up from the sofa to go to my bedroom; I needed show him that I’d be fine on my own. He got up with me and without any warning I found his mouth on mine. The room spun and my world blurred. The alcohol hazed my thoughts so that all I could concentrate on were those soft lips on mine. He slipped his tongue in and I used mine to meet him. I moaned in to his mouth as he played with my hair. My body arched as pulses of pleasure radiated through my body. Involuntarily my hands moved to his face and I stroked his cheek with my thumb. Before I could stop myself a thought drifted from my sub-consciousness “Fuck he’s hot” and then it faded away as quickly as it had come. He gasped which made my cock stir beneath my pants. Danny increased the force of his kiss. This ferocious assault had overloaded my senses but I was starting to regain them.