Family Evolution


Will Brady was hard at work in his wood shop when the phone rang. It was a warm Thursday afternoon, he had the radio cranked and his belt sander on, so it was a minor miracle he heard his phone ring at all.

Will looked over at his cellphone, it was his mother. He put down his sander, turned off the radio and picked up the call, “hey mom” he greeted his mother.

“Thank god you picked up, this is the third time I’ve called you!” his mother exclaimed.

“I’m working in the shop, what do you expect? Anyway, what’s up?” he asked.

“I need you to prepare dinner for your sisters again, something has gone haywire with the Star Media account and I need to stay late at work,” Will’s mother said.

This wasn’t an unusual request. Ever since his father had passed away 10 years ago, Will had often helped his mother at home. Mary, his mother, had gotten a job in marketing and advertising and had proven to be quite good at her job. It required a lot of travel and uneven hours so Will did his part to help his mother whenever he could.

“Sure thing mom, no problem, should I save something for you?” he asked.

“Don’t bother, I’ll grab something here, don’t wait up,” Mary said.

“Ok, don’t work too hard,” Will added as he and his mother said their goodbyes.

Will was always telling his mother to take it easy, but she didn’t progress quickly at the company because she took it easy.

Will looked at his watch, it was almost five o’clock. He set aside his tools and walked outside; making the short trek into the house he shared with his mother and two sisters.

At 24, Will was a little old to be living at home, but he did have his privacy. He didn’t want to move out and leave his mother and sisters alone when he graduated high school so instead, he moved into the basement apartment the family had previously renovated and rented out. It wasn’t anything great, but it provided privacy, was connected to the house and better yet, free.

Will had opted against going to college after he graduated high school, normally his mother would have been upset, but Mary wasn’t in Will’s case. He was mature beyond his years and the whole family knew he was talented with his hands.

Will worked construction after graduating, then worked for a short time as a mechanic before finding his calling as a carpenter. He had his own wood shop at the house where he made furniture he sold to stores or private clients. It didn’t make him rich but it made him happy and the family wasn’t in dire straits financially due to his fathers life insurance and his mothers job.

Will was the oldest of three kids, at 24 he was four years older than Alexandra, otherwise known as Lexi and six years older than Margaret, otherwise known as Maggie or Daisy.

Will was 6’3 with short brown hair, blue eyes, a slightly hairy chest, a deep voice and big hands. He’d always been a protective big brother to his sisters, who didn’t chafe at the way he’d try to intimidate their male suitors.

Lexi and Daisy liked the attention they got from their brother; they appreciated how he helped raise them and enjoyed how their friends were jealous they had a brother who didn’t annoy them, which was the case for their friends.

Lexi was 5’5 with blonde hair, green eyes, a tight round ass and breasts that made other girls in the neighborhood jealous. She was going to school at a local junior college and working at a nearby restaurant to help cover costs. Her mother was paying for her classes, but she wanted to do her part.

Lexi was the kind of girl who was outgoing and opinionated, who got along better with guys than girls. This often led to men thinking she was into them when she wasn’t. While she had rebelled slightly as a teen, it progressed through her system quickly.

Daisy was named after her grandmother on her mother’s side, who was French and the two shared a nickname. At 5’8 she was taller than her sister but shared her brother’s brown hair and blue eyes. Her breasts weren’t as large as her sister’s but her ass was enough to make traffic stop as she walked down the street.

Daisy was smart but a tad shy and very much a girlie girl. Despite that she enjoyed spending time with her big brother while he worked in his wood shop, watching him make something out of nothing. Not everyone called her Daisy, to earn the right without getting on her shit list you had to be family or a close friend.

Lastly, Mary was a combination of Lexi and Daisy. She had dark brown, almost black hair. She had hazel eyes with plump breasts and a figure she worked hard to keep. Mary was always on the go, working, working out or spending time with her kids.

Will was busy making dinner when his sister’s arrived home, first Daisy then moments later Lexi.

“Mmmmm what smells good?” asked Lexi as she walked into the kitchen. Will smiled as he looked up, “just making mom’s famous lasagna,” he replied.

Lexi leaned up to kiss her brother hello on the cheek, “mom home?” she asked as she sat down at the kitchen table. Daisy walked downstairs ordu escort from changing out of her school uniform, kissing her brother hello just like her sister did as Will replied. “No, she’s working late again, it will just be the three of us.”

“I wish she didn’t have to work so hard all the time,” Daisy said as she reached into the fridge for a bottle of water.

“It’s almost summer maybe she’ll be able to take some time off,” Will said as he started to make a salad.

“Speaking of summer,” Lexi said as she turned to her sister, “why are you home so late? School is almost done for you!”

Daisy smiled, “I was just working on a couple things for grad is all,” she replied, ever the hard worker.

Both sisters stood up and started to set the table, grabbing veggies from their brother’s salad as they went along. He playfully smacked their hands away as they giggled, “well, this weekend you’re going to relax,” he said, “no sister of mine is starting her summer vacation after graduating high school with bags under her eyes.”

Daisy giggled, “yes sir Mr. Brady” she playfully mocked as she went over to give her big brother another kiss as the three siblings sat down for dinner.


The next day was fairly uneventful, Daisy went to school while Lexi and Mary went to work. Will finished up a dresser he had been working on and put a call into his client to say he’d deliver it Saturday morning.

He finished his work in the wood shop in mid-afternoon and decided to relax. He went down to his apartment, put on his swim trunks and decided to go for a swim in the backyard pool. Will was just finishing up his laps when Lexi walked out back.

“I thought I’d find out back here,” she said.

Will looked at his sister, “aren’t you home a little early?”

Lexi made a face, “yeah, the restaurant was slow so Terry (her manager) cut me early, how’s the sun?”

“Just great,” her brother replied.

“I’ll go get my suit on and join you!” she exclaimed, turning around before her brother could even respond.

A few moments later Lexi returned wearing a skimpy bikini. She laid a towel down on a deck chair and pulled up beside her brother.

It was impossible for Will not to notice his sister. Lexi was attractive, hell, she was a knockout and any guy would be lucky to be with her. Just because he was her brother didn’t mean he was blind.

Lexi enjoyed the reaction she got from her brother. She didn’t have any trouble turning heads, but always enjoyed the attention she got from Will. Truth be told she’d always had a (not so) little crush on him and always enjoyed stretching in his presence. She knew if it got a reaction from Will, her outfit was a keeper.

Will tried not to ogle his sister, while he was aware of her beauty, he didn’t lust after her, although it had become more difficult as she evolved from a girl to a woman.

“Could you rub me down?” asked Lexi.

Will snapped out of his mini day dream, “huh?” he asked.

Lexi giggled, handing her brother sun tan lotion, “I don’t want to burn,” she said.

Will grumbled as he stood up, “sometimes I think all I am to you girls is your cabana boy.”

Lexi snorted with laughter, “maybe, but better you rubbing that lotion on me than Brian, wouldn’t you say?” she asked, referencing an old boyfriend.

Will grunted, “that putz, I never knew what you saw in him.”

Lexi laid on her front, smiling to herself as her brother reached over to rub her then gave up and straddled her from above to rub her back.

His hands rubbed her soft skin as Lexi squirmed beneath her brother. Will felt his cock rising slightly and shifted to avoid an embarrassing moment with his sister.

“Brian had his strengths,” Lexi said, thinking about his cock. “Mmmm, but apparently he wasn’t as strong as you,” she said as she felt her brother’s hardening cock against her ass.

Immediately Will’s face flushed red, he stood up, “Lexi! Come on! I’m your brother!”

Lexi giggled again, “I’m just teasing BIG brother.”

Will was about to respond when Daisy walked outside, “I thought I’d find you out here,” she said, unknowingly parroting her sister from before.

Daisy was already in a bikini of her own, her ass swayed sexily back and forth, Will caught himself staring at his sister before looking away.

Daisy walked up to her brother and kissed him hello on the cheek like she always did, “could you oil me up too big brother?” she asked with puppy dog eyes.

Will sighed with exasperation, signaling his defeat, Lexi started to laugh in response as Daisy got in position.

Will didn’t get as close with Daisy as he did with Lexi, but just staring at her body made it difficult to keep his growing erection under control.

Once he was finished he said “there, all done,” and playfully smacked Daisy’s ass, just he always had, out of habit. He immediately regretted it.

Lexi smiled, “how come I didn’t get a smack?” she teased.

Daisy looked up at her brother, “how about one more for rize escort the road?” she playfully added.

“You two are the worst,” he said as his sister’s laughed.

Will turned away from his sister’s and moved over to the pool, diving in, desperate to rid himself of his erection.

Lexi and Daisy watched their brother swim, and then enjoyed the view as he got out of the pool. Like her older sister Daisy harbored a crush for her big brother, in fact, it was more than a crush, it was a full on fantasy. Still a virgin, she knew who she wanted her first to be.

“Looking good Billy!” his sister’s catcalled, using the nickname only they and their mother used.

Will walked over to his sister’s drying himself off, “you two need a cold shower,” he said before going inside.

That night after the family had dinner they decided to watch a movie. Mary went to bed early, bushed from a long work week, leaving Will with his two voluptuous sister’s.

With a sister curled on either side of him, both in various states of undress, they watched a horror movie, Lexi’s pick.

Will had to admit there were worse ways to spend an evening, even if the women with him were his sister’s. After watching some late night TV the siblings said goodnight. Will watched his sister’s walk upstairs to their rooms, his eyes drawn to their asses once more.

He shook his head as he admonished himself, “what’s wrong with you?” he asked as he walked to his basement apartment, leaving the door that connected his apartment to the house open as he often did.

He sat down on the couch in his apartment, visions of Lexi and Daisy in his head. “What kind of brother thinks about his sister’s this way?” he asked himself.

Unable to go to sleep yet he decided to watch tv, flipping around the channels until he found some soft core porn. Given the state of his cock all afternoon, he put the remote down.

The plot wasn’t much but it would do, in fact, one of the actresses even looked like Lexi. Will thought about changing the channel but his cock was already out and hard.

Will started to stroke his cock slowly; he watched the action on the screen but soon closed his eyes, his mind once again putting images of his sister’s front and centre.

He was too horny to care. Will stroked his cock again and again, squeezing his shaft and playing with himself as he thought of his sister’s.

His head fell back as he stroked his cock and moaned, his sister’s names escaping his lips ever so softly. Lexi first followed by Daisy.

He stroked his cock faster and faster with visions of his sister’s, now nude, running through his head, finally his cock throbbed and exploded.

Will groaned in pleasure, unaware he had a silent witness to his masturbation.


The next day started with Will loading up the dresser in his pickup truck and an offer from Daisy to tag along. Mary was going out with friends and Lexi was working another day shift at the restaurant so Daisy didn’t want to be home alone.

Will helped his sister into the cab of his truck, his eyes washing over her body, her legs on full display thanks to her short shorts.

“Thanks for letting me come with you,” she said as they pulled out of the driveway.

Will smiled, “I’m the one who should say thank you, and it’s always more fun with company.”

Daisy smiled and then proceeded to tell her brother about the latest gossip amongst her friends, not caring how interested he was to hear it.

Finally when they were stopped at a red light Daisy looked over at Will, “do you ever get lonely?” she asked.

“Lonely?” Will questioned.

“Yeah… lonely… you know… ” she blushed. “You’re always working or looking after Lex and I.”

Will smirked, “let’s get something straight, I don’t ‘look after’ you and Lexi, neither of you have needed a babysitter for a long time. You two permit me to exist at home peacefully,” he joked.

Daisy smiled and then giggled, “I guess that’s true, but still… “

“I get out,” Will started, “but I also like being with my girls,” he said.

Daisy smiled again, shifting closer to her brother, “good, because I’m not ready to see some skank on your arm.”

Now it was Will’s then to tease, “who has time for skanks when I have you and Lexi.”

Daisy gasped, smiled and then smacked her brother, all in one motion, “you jerk!”

The two laughed then silence filled the truck as Will drove.

“I’m a virgin, you know… ” she said.

“There’s noth-…” Will started before Daisy cut him off. “I know,” she said, “but I want to lose it sometime… soon…” she continued.

“I was just kidding Mags,” Will said.

Daisy smiled, “I know.”

“And I don’t want you to do anything because you feel you have to, do it because you want to.” There was a pause, “I trust you to do whatever you want, just don’t expect me to like the guy with my little sister.”

Daisy smiled and kissed her brother’s cheek, “you’ll always be my favorite,” she whispered in his ear.

The sakarya escort drop off went well, the family was ecstatic with the dresser although the father and son had a tough time peeling their eyes away from Daisy.

She did her part to tease, but also happily wrapped her brother’s arm around her and rubbed against him while Will talked to the family before leaving.


That night Will drove Daisy over to her friends for a party and throwback school girl type sleep over, barely escaping when the girls teased him to stay.

When he arrived back home Lexi was in the living room watching tv.

“Where’s mom?” he asked.

“She went upstairs for a long bath before bed,” replied Lexi.

“No hot date?” Will lightly teased his sister. “I could ask the same” shot back Lexi.

Will grinned, “who needs dates…”

Lexi smiled, “want to go into the hot tub?”

Will paused for a moment, then nodded, “sure, you go get ready, I’ll turn it on and get us something to drink.”

Lexi squealed and ran upstairs to change.

Will went outside to turn the hot tub on before going down to his apartment to get his swim suit. When he came back he went to the liquor cabinet and got some tequila. Their mother didn’t mind the girls drinking so long as they did it at home, Mary knew youth was guaranteed to rebel, experiment, or both and tequila was a personal favorite of Lexi’s.

When Will walked back outside he found his sister waiting for him, already in the hot tub.

Lexi smiled when she saw the tequila and two glasses, “see? Who needs a date when I’ve got my big brother?”

Will smirked as he got in the hot tub and slid beside his sister, pouring a drink for the both of them.

The siblings let the warm water relax them as they chatted about life, work and the summer ahead. The pair drank more and more tequila before Lexi popped the question, repeating something Daisy had asked earlier, “do you ever get lonely?”

Will smirked, “do you and Daisy compare notes or something? She asked me the same thing earlier.”

Lexi shifted closer to her brother, “what did you tell her?”

Will looked at Lexi, “I told her I get out.”

Lexi snorted and giggled, “when!?!”

Will looked at his sister, “what’s it matter to you?”

Lexi smiled, “can’t a girl care about her big brother?”

Lexi slipped even closer to Will, her body now against his, she straddled his lap.

“Quit fooling around sis,” Will said.

“I’m not playing around Will,” Lexi moaned.

The sexual tension was high in the air. Will knew he should push his sister off his lap but couldn’t find the energy, his cock growing harder by the second.

Lexi felt her brother’s hands slide over her body and moaned softly, she reached over, thrusting her breasts in her brother’s face and poured another drink.

“I get lonely too,” she huffed softly.

“Do you now…” Will groaned as he pulled his sister down harder on his lap, letting her feel his hardon.

Lexi moaned again, lust in her eyes as she bit her lip and nodded.

Lexi took another drink and put the glass down. Her nipples were hard, her heart beating fast as she leaned even closer into her big brother.

Will felt those gorgeous breasts against him and gripped her body even tighter. Lexi pressed down against her brother’s cock then moaned with satisfaction when he finally kissed her.

The two siblings kissed in the hot tub. Will could taste the tequila on her lips as their mutual must boiled over in their embrace.

Lexi felt her brother undo her top as they kissed, his cock getting harder and harder. She reached down and undid his trunks, her hand snaking in to grab his shaft.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yea” she moaned as she grabbed his dick.

Will couldn’t believe what was going on as he kissed his sister, the sensations, the desire, the pure unadulterated lust. It felt so good to kiss her, it felt so good to have her grab his cock, it felt so good to have her body on top of his.

They kissed like long lost lovers when all of a sudden memories of his father and Lexi as a young child flashed in his head. He broke the kiss.

“What’s wrong?” Lexi asked.

“I can’t do this, it’s wrong,” he said.

Lexi smiled, “it doesn’t feel wrong, and little Willy seems to agree with me.”

Will lifted his sister off his lap, “Lexi, you’re insanely hot, I want you, part of me wants to just bend you over this hot tub and fuck you raw but it’s wrong. I’m supposed to look after you, I’m supposed to beat guys up for taking advantage of you, and I’m not supposed to be the one taking advantage.”

With that he stood up and got out of the hot tub, leaving his horny half naked sister alone as he went inside.

15 minutes later Will was downstairs in his apartment, the door connecting him to the house closed when he heard a light knock on his door.

“Will? Can I come in? I want to talk,” asked Lexi.

Will sighed; he had hoped to delay this but should have known better, “come in Lex.”

His sister opened the door and walked down the stairs, she had changed into a tank top and shorts, her breasts bouncing softly as she walked downstairs.

“Can I ask what the hell just happened?” she said as she sat down on his couch.