Family Friend with Benefits


‘It’s a lovely spring day isn’t it.’

‘Yes it is’ I replied. Hi there my name is Derek, I am married with one child and 32 years of age. My life is how shall I put it mundane, I have a job as a landscape gardener, live in a terraced house in a small village miles away from the nearest major city.

My marriage is okay we have sex occasionally about once every two weeks nothing spectacular. It was better before my wife became pregnant, about two to three times a week but since having the baby my wife seems to have a lower sex drive.

Anyway, today I am off to do some gardening for an old family friend. When I say old family friend I mean old. She’s 58 and now lives alone about 10 miles away in a small town. Her name is Wendy. I remember the times when my family and their family visited. Her husband who died 3 years ago was good friends with my family and I happened to get along with their children.

Wendy seemed to like me. She would always smile when she saw me. Later on in my teens she would occasionally ask if I was popular with girls since she thought I was quite handsome looking. As for my thoughts on Wendy, I always thought she was pretty but not in a sexual way. The last time I saw Wendy was about 2 years ago at one of her daughter’s wedding. I set off to Wendy’s house, after going through one country road after another, after 25 minutes I had arrived at Wendys house.

Once I got out of the car, I headed for the door. Her house was a quaint semi detached house that was built in the 1930s. To the left of the driveway there were several garden gnomes on the grass which were in various poses. One of them was in an upright position holding a spade, another was lying on the grass with a pipe whilst another looked as if it was staring at me. I rang the doorbell, a little while later someone came and opened the front door. It was Wendy.

‘Oh hello there how nice to see you’ she replied joyously.

Wendy was about 5 foot 8, was medium sized and was big breasted, around a D cup I would guess. She was wearing a flat pair of shoes, with black opaque stockings, a skirt just below her knees and a blue blouse which was a bit tight around her breasts. As well as this she wore some makeup particularly lipstick.

‘So how is everything?’ I said.

‘Oh things are going okay, but I do have things that need to be done around the house, it’s a bit quiet ever since Jack died’ she said.

‘It must be hard to cope, do any of your offspring ever visit?’

‘Oh not really, not very often. Which is a shame as I could do with some company’ she said disappointingly.

Well I’ll get started with the gardening,’ I said.

I then got my gardening equipment ready and got to work. After a few hours later I had finished. I was about to set off home when Wendy then said,

oh please stay a little while why don’t you.’ At least have tea and biscuits.’

I thought, to myself why not, ‘okay then, I’ll just go wash my hands.’

As we had tea and biscuits, Wendy talked about how things were since her husband died and how she hasn’t seen her offspring as often as she would like. She then asked about me. I told her that things were okay nothing out of the ordinary and that since having the child the marriage has gotten somewhat stale. We talked for an hour. I then decided that I had to go, so I said my goodbyes to Wendy.

Wendy was a little disappointed but she understood that I had other errands to run. As I was saying my goodbyes, Wendy came up close to me and held her arms around me and said Antep Escort Bayan thanks for taking the time to talk to me. She held her arms round me so tight that her body especially her breasts pressed against mine, then she gave me kiss on the lips and then one on the cheek. When she let go, I was completely blushing and she just laughed.

‘Oh come on it wasn’t much and after all your wife isn’t going to find out Wendy said with a sexy smile.

As I have said before I didn’t see Wendy in a sexual but I was beginning to wonder if she viewed me in a sexy manner.

A couple of days later I got a phone call from Wendy saying that she would like me to do some odd jobs around the house. At first I was reluctant to do so but since my wife was going to be at a friends house I thought why not? A couple of days later I was driving to her house. As I got out of the car and walked towards the front door the garden gnomes seemed like they were staring at me, was it me or were they actually alive? I rang the doorbell. A few moments later Wendy opened the door. Once she opened the door I must say I was a bit surprised.

Wendy was wearing black high heels with black nylon stockings a tight leather mini skirt, on her torso she was wearing a tight red blouse that showed the shape of her large D cup breasts. As for makeup she had bright red lipstick. I must admit that I was rather turned on by her appearance. I could feel my penis beginning to get hard and my body felt slightly shaken.

‘Oh its good to see you’ said Wendy.

As she said this she took her arms around me and hugged me tight. As she hugged me I could feel my body tense up and my penis get increasingly harder. Her breasts were pressing hard on me. She then kissed me on the cheek and then gave me a kiss on the lips which lasted around two seconds. Then she invited me in her house.

I got to work at once with the things that needed doing. After two hours I had finished exhausted. Once it was over Wendy then made tea and biscuits and we were in the living room conversing about our lives. Wendy sat close to me on the sofa.

I noticed that her blouse had a few buttons undone and a significant amount of her cleavage was exposed. I also noticed that her skirt was a little higher exposing her stocking tops. I must admit I was somewhat aroused, I was wondering if this was innocent or whether she was trying to seduce me, whichever way it was my penis was getting a little hard.

We continued talking. Then the subject came to my relationship with my wife. Wendy asked how things were with my wife. I told her that things were okay however since having the child the marriage had gotten a little stale. She then asked in what ways had my marriage gone stale. I told her all about the fact that we spend less time together.

‘Do you feel that you’re happily married.’

I was a bit shook up by that question. I did not know at first how to answer that question. It seemed as if she was asking how my sex life was going.

Wendy noticed my nervousness and slight shock at the question and said in a very smooth voice, ‘come on don’t be shy you can tell me.’

I looked at her I must admit that my erection was getting significantly stronger. I could see a substantial amount of her cleavage and oh were her breasts simple delicious. I just wanted to suck on her huge breasts like a hungry baby.

‘Do you like looking at my cleavage?’ asked Wendy sternly but with an air of naughtiness.

‘I, uh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean…

‘It’s okay’ Wendy said. ‘It seems like your marriage isn’t going well if you’re enjoying the sight of my aging assets’ said Wendy in a seductive voice.

‘Well, I wouldn’t say, it’s that bad.’

‘Oh come you can tell me, I promise I won’t tell a soul’ said Wendy reassuringly.

‘Oh, well we haven’t had much action since the birth of the baby, but also we both work, although my wife spends a lot of hours in the office.’ ‘She’s also, I hate to say it, a bit of a prude, we only ever do it once every two weeks.’

‘Aww that’s disappointing, have you ever thought of getting yourself some kind of a friends with benefits?’ ‘

Oh no not at all besides I don’t feel as though cheating is a good idea and besides I don’t think I would be able to pull it off.’

‘What do you mean that you won’t be able to pull if off.’

‘I just don’t think there is another woman willing to you know give it a go.’

I must admit this conversation was getting me rather aroused. Wendy was sat close to me with a very seductive smile, my erection was getting harder.

‘Well what about me?’ ‘I could be your friends with benefits if you wanted me too.’

As Wendy said those words a part me thought that this was definitely wrong as I would be cheating on my wife, the other part of me thought, ‘why not what do I have to lose.’ As I was weighing up these decisions Wendy leaned in closer puckering her bright red lips for a kiss.

‘Come on just this one, try me.’

‘Oh okay.’

I thought to myself, what do I have to lose. As I faced her she looked at me with an erotic smile and said, ‘ready?’ I replied quietly and a little reluctantly, ‘ready.’ She then planted her lips onto mine and put her arms around me shoulders and was pulling me closer. Her kiss felt amazing, the sensations I were getting were out of this world, we carried on becoming more and more passionate. My erection had become far stronger. The kiss lasted for a minute but it felt like eternity had passed.

Once our lips had separated, Wendy looked at me with desire and said,

‘now that I’ve given you a taste of what I can do, I want to you to do something for me.’

Her arms were still around me and I asked,

‘so what would you like me to do?’

‘I would like you to give me kisses all over my body, I want you to kiss my face, my breasts, and then finally by giving me some much needed relief on my cunt, oh and by the way we’ll go upstairs to my bedroom to do it, more comfortable up there.’

I agreed we then went upstairs to her room. As soon she went in she closed the window and drew the curtains to a close, it wasn’t too dark in the room as it was quite sunny. Wendy then began to undress and took off her tight red blouse, then her bra, once taken off I was feeling somewhat euphoric as even at the age of 58 she had a body to die for. Her breasts were huge and her nipples were sticking out like buttons. Then she took off her skirt. Now all she was was wearing was a pair of nylon stockings and high heel shoes. She was a sight to behold.

‘Erm, you’re also expected to strip off too you know, I’d like you to take off everything with the exception of your underwear’

I did not need telling twice. I began quickly taking off my clothes. Once I had taken off my clothes, Wendy was lying on the bed with her legs stretched out. I got onto the bed.

I began by kissing her all over her face passionately and multiple times. I could hear Wendy utter a soft moan. I then went for her lips. We kissed passionately and are tongues even met. I had only spent a couple of minutes kissing her and my penis was already becoming erect. I then kissed her on her throat softly and slowly, I gradually moved slowly down to her breasts. I licked all over both her breasts and took each nipple into my mouth. It was evident that Wendy was clearly enjoying it as she was moaning and groaning with pleasure.

‘Oh God, Derek give me more!’

I carried on kissing, sucking and licking her breasts. After about ten minutes, Wendy asked me to go further down her body. I started kissing her stomach. From here I gently kissed her thighs.

Not long afterwards Wendy demanded that I perform cunnilingus. Her cunt was large and already wet. I held my hands on her thighs and dutifully went down on her. I licked at her cunt like I hadn’t eaten in days. I licked and sucked furiously. Her cunt was getting more and more wet. Her juices tasted like honey. I was in ecstasy and so was Wendy.

‘OOhhh yes Derek, give me more Derek, be a good guy and give this woman a good licking to.’

I was totally turned on by the fact that she was having the time of her life. I continued giving her oral and even began massaging her increasingly wet cunt in hopes of increasing the stimulation. Eventually her body began to shake and her cunt contracted and she let out a howl of an orgasm.

‘Ohhhhhhhh yessssss! God yesss!!’ God YESSSSS!! God YESSSSSSSSS!!’ ‘Oh Derek, thank you Derek, my husband never wanted to go down on me.’

Oh you’re welcome Wendy.’

Once Wendy had recovered from her orgasm she then told me that I should take my underwear off. I did so with eagerness. By now my penis was already rock hard and pre cum appeared on my underwear. Wendy then got up and told me to lie down on the bed just as she had done. I happily obliged. Once I had laid down, Wendy with her sight on my heavily erect penis said,

‘now it’s your turn.’

She began licking gently at first on my penis. Within seconds my arousal was already rocketing. Then she began to slowly take down my penis into her mouth. Her technique was heavenly. I had never received oral this good before. I was moaning in pleasure. Not too long after, I felt I was about to cum. I told Wendy I was about to cum but she kept on sucking. Finally I couldn’t contain it and I cummed in her mouth. She swallowed my cum whole. I lay on the bed satisfied.

After a few minutes, Wendy then motioned for me to get on top of her. I willingly did as she told. She motioned me to enter her hole. I finally managed to slot my penis inside her. It was warm and moist. I began to move my penis inside her gently at first. I could hear her moaning.

‘Oohhh Oohhh Oohhh!’

Wendy then wrapped her legs around my waist. Her breasts were touching my chest. I was in heaven. After a few minutes Wendy demanded that I increase the tempo. I proceeded willingly. Her moans became louder.

‘Oh yesss Derek, give me more!’

What followed was a howling orgasm which I thought even people at the end of the street could hear. I had never had such a wonderful sexual experience before. After we recovered from sex, we both got up and decided to get dressed.

As I was about to leave, Wendy asked when was the next time I would be making a visit. I said I didn’t know. I didn’t want to come too often as I may get caught out, also I didn’t want to visit sparingly as my wife wasn’t interested in sex.

As I walked out of her house and past her gnome filled garden, I left with a smile of satisfaction knowing that this wouldn’t be the last time I would be at Wendy’s. When is the next time I’m visiting? Oh you’ll find out soon enough.