Family Fun Ch. 03

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Author’s Note: COVID continues to ravage the land. Stay-at-home orders, closures of the usual public gathering places, the creeping social isolation from the outside world tend to create changes. Tensions rise, something had to break. Bonds and taboos changed, relationships morph into something new.

But for some those changes came long before COVID struck. Karen and Bill Sr’s daughter Kathy a case in point. And she went too far. However, that’s what Family is all about. Helping each other.

If stories containing elements of incest/taboo, cross dressing/sissy/transexual feminisation, lesbian sex, or bdsm aren’t to your liking then perhaps find another to enjoy.


It was early evening as Kathy left her dad’s. A sense of depression had begun to envelope her as she’d prepared to leave; a desperate feeling that things had finally spun out of her control. And the one touchstone she’d developed, a sanctuary of sorts from the chaotic storms that were on the horizon wasn’t available. Her current girlfriend was out of town, vacationing with her parents.

It’d been so much fun at the beginning. She’d been angry at her parents for divorcing. Their marriage dissolving, her mom and dad had begun to prepare for the final rendering of the household. Her dad had been careless, likely due to the incessant bickering and fighting he and her mom had engaged in — a certain box of DVD’s had been tossed into the trash. Curiosity as to its contents had caused Kathy to filch it.

Well, she’d been grabbing other things that both of them were pitching away — it’s odd how memories get associated with stuff. Kathy had assumed the box had contained old pictures or home movies and her dad had tossed it from spite; she was damn glad she’d waited until later that night before checking it out.

The house still and quiet, Kathy had opened then rummaged through the box of DVD’s. They were all in jewel cases and the labels only had dates on them… all before she’d been born. Kathy’s curiosity stirred she picked one of the later ones and popped it into her laptop.

Kathy grimaced reliving that memory. The video was of her parents all right; but instead of the staid and normal family get together she’d been expecting it was an amateur porn flick starring her mom, her dad and a half dozen or so black guys.

She remembered the shock, the feeling of horror when viewing that disk for the first time. And that anger she been holding back over her parents’ breakup erupted into something else.

Kathy sighed. That malevolent anger had finally burnt itself away. Her father had borne the brunt of her rage; and it was in the hot madness of her grief that she’d decided to punish him. And what better way she had thought while in that terrible state than to use his disgusting lust as the tool of her vengeance.

That remembrance brought a bitter snort. It’d finally dawned on her that her dad and most especially his girlfriend Alicia were not just enjoying the punishments she’d been doling out — but they’d been manipulating her into making each succeeding visit more extreme than the last.

She felt a wave of disgust over what she’d done in her last — and final! — visit. The revulsion she felt, the shame of allowing her raw emotions enable the gross tricks her daddy, and that bitch of a slut he lived with had played…

“I’ve been so stupid” Kathy muttered as she drove back home. Domineering her dad had been far too easy, too simple. Her rage had blinded her and the feeling of depression deepened as she continued her dark introspection. And then there was the other half of that ruined marriage. Her mother. Kathy had thought she’d been getting some back with her mom once she realized Billy was into crossdressing.

Her face felt hot as her thoughts veered. Billy, sweet gullible idiot brother Billy. The only bit of good THAT situation produced was her getting his ass — and willing mouth — out of the clutches of those two douchebag assholes who’d been grooming him. She barked a short sharp laugh. That bitch Tiffany!

Well, she mused frowning severely. Another one of her ideas that had blown up in her face. Her bargain with Delacorte and his skanky slut was to trade her dad for Billy. At the time she’d thought it a great way to get back at her ‘dear father’ for all the shit he’d brought on his family. Another bark of a laugh and hot tears started in her eyes.

Oh yeah. Intending on humiliating and degrading her daddy? The asshole AND that whore of his enjoyed every second of that initial meeting with Tiffany. She shook her head. Both of them became full members of ‘Uncle Rod’s Palace of Perv’s’. Her chin quivered and she swiped burning bitter tears from her cheeks with one of her hands.

Almost home she thought. No chance of seeing her Nora, to forget this nightmare mess she was in the middle of. Hollow despair filled her. And for the umpteenth time wondered how in the hell she could continue to keep her mom unaware of the entire shit storm.

As she’d always tipobet365 güvenilirmi done after a scene with her dad and his slut of a girlfriend she’d showered before she left. It didn’t help this time. She still felt filthy, soiled, defiled. Just a couple more blocks she realized. Deep breathes she reminded herself, blow all the crap out with your exhale. That’s it, now another…

Lola sat on the couch in the lower-level family room, facing the TV. It had been a wonderful afternoon with her mom and she was excited as well as more than a little anxious over what was to come.

She was wearing the costume her friend Tiffany had provided months before, for a party she never was able to attend. A crisp white button-down long-sleeved blouse buttoned to the neck, with a blue checked criss-cross tie under the collar. A prim matching blue checked skirt whose hem just brushed the tops of her knees covered her lower half. White anklet socks with a lacey ruffled trim clad her feet — a shame since they hid the red nail polish of her toes. The identical polish her mom was wearing.

Her fingers brushed along the pink leather collar her mommy had put around her neck, and her heart raced. She’d helped her mommy get ready for this evening, and in so doing learned a lot more about the earlier life her parents had led. She smiled. Turned to look at her mom, and simply said “Thank you.”

Karen had been giving the room a last minute surveil as she heard Billy — no, she mentally chided herself once again. Lola. “For what hon?” she asked, nodding to herself, feeling satisfied. They were ready.

“For today mom. You have no idea…” Lola’s fuzzy contralto stopped. Took in a breath. The afternoon had almost been too good to be true. Combined with the thought of what her mom had planned for the evening had butterflies fluttering in her tummy.

Karen gently smiled and looked at the girl sitting on the couch. “Today?” she said softly. “Honey, it’s been a day of firsts for everyone in this house.” She walked behind the couch and leaned over, kissing Lola on the top of her head. “More firsts to come, are you ready?”

“I sure am…” and stopped. They both heard the car turn into the drive.

“That should be Kathy” Karen said. “TV on but no sound, remember? And be just like I instructed.”

Without another word Karen left and took the stairs to the upper level. Lola turned the TV on, then started the DVD she and her brother Bobbie had been watching earlier that morning — when everything went upside down. Or rather, as Lola smiled. Actually, it’s all gone right side up.

Kathy parked, rolled up her windows and pulled the key from the ignition. All the while struggling to put on her ‘home face’. She felt a little apprehension when she saw her mom’s car; there’d been hope that mom’s date would have gone into the evening. Which would have meant her brothers would be fucking around, too interested in getting off to be worried about their sister coming home. Shit.

“Okay” she said to herself. Wanting to frown but catching herself, keeping her face looking neutral, she got out and walked to the front door.

Karen stood in the living room patiently waiting. She’d had Lola dress her for this meeting. Knowing her daughter would likely be wearing her usual jeans and baggy tee shirt she’d decided on a gray conservatively cut business suit. However instead of wearing the usual cream silk blouse under her jacket she went with only a black bustier.

She’d considered a tiny black thong — G string to be honest — under her skirt but decided that it would only get in the way. Black laced top stockings along with black high heeled pumps were of course de rigueur for bringing her errant daughter to heel. And considering that like her mother, Kathy was tall and equally statuesque the pumps gave Karen a bit of an edge in height.

Hearing the screen door open Karen stood erect and crossed her arms across her chest. The inner door opened and her daughter Kathy walked in — saw her — and stopped.

“Hi…” Kathy was a little taken aback with her mom standing in the living room, looking like she’d been waiting for someone. The expression on her mom’s face prompted “Is something going on?”

Karen waited a second or two then quietly responded. “Yes, in fact a number of things are going on. Close the door, Kathy.” She saw a fleeting look of — fear? Apprehension? Flit across her daughters face before she’d turned around and closed the door. “Lock it too please.” Hmmm. Tension in the shoulders. Good.

Facing the door Kathy felt her stomach turn to ice. She took a second to compose herself, turned after locking the door. “So, uh. Mom. How did the date go?” Her heart was pounding. What did those two asshole brothers do she wondered.

“It didn’t. I was, to use the current term, ghosted. Speaking of which, from the look on your face, I’d think you’d just seen one.” Karen smiled ever so slightly as she watched her daughter blink rapidly.

“There are some things we need tipobet365 yeni giriş to discuss Kathy. Would you go to the family room please?”

Oh. Shit. Kathy licked her lips. “Uh. Mom? It’s been a long day. I just want to go to my room and…”

She stopped as she saw her mom’s continence harden. It was — odd. Not angry, but not… Shit. “Okay” she just said quietly. She couldn’t have found out Kathy thought. No way. Mom would be absolutely shitting herself freaking out if she had — this has to be about something else!

“After you” was the acknowledgement Karen gave her daughter. And then followed her down the stairs to the same family room where earlier she’d had her surprise of the day.

Kathy was desperately hoping it was anything — anything! — else than her mom finally figuring out all the nasty shit she’d been manipulating her brothers and dad into. Laundry? Was that maybe it? That had to be the reason they were going down to the stupid family room.

Stepping off the bottom step she saw it. The TV. The screen filled with the image of her mom, naked and by a group of equally naked as well as aroused black guys. “I’m so fucked” was all that went through her mind. Those idiots! They must have left the DVD in the player and mom… The color drained from her face.

She froze. It had been the movement displayed on the widescreen that had caught her initial attention. But it was the figure in the foreground that caused her eyes to change their focus. Kathy had heard the term ‘feeling your heart in your throat’ but never really understood what it meant. Until then.

The blonde hair on the figure sitting on the couch in front of her. A white… blouse? Oh. Fuck. Billy?!? She took another step forward, her mind whirling, working to come up with anything no matter how lame to throw out as a defense.

As she reached the back of the couch, she saw it. Her body slumped, she felt faint.

Standing proudly, it’s suction cup base secured to the top of the wooden box her dad and brothers built to hold their game crap. The dildo she gave Billy. The one she’d used to use on her dad.

A perverse exclamation point, a symbol of her fear. Her hands sought the back of the couch and she steadied herself. Mom knew.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Karen said standing behind her daughter, again with her arms folded. She let the silence linger.

“No?” Lola kept her face towards the screen. Kathy’s entire body looked slack; her shoulders slumped. Karen kept her voice level as she said “I obviously don’t know all the details but I’ve had quite the day learning what I do know.” She let her words linger, then continued. “And what I know is that you are in the center of all of it my darling daughter.”

Kathy felt the words more than heard them. It was all out of control. Including her. She felt hysteria grab her and while still facing the TV stood erect and pointed to it. Her arm shook — adrenaline surged through her body.

“You… dad… he whored you out! All those… Men!! My god! Mother!” Her eyes went wild as the scene on the screen unfolded. “Look at that mother!” she shrieked. “Disgusting. You were a slut, a whore!” She felt the surge of adrenaline end as she spit out the last. The following feeling of exhaustion caused her legs to feel rubbery.

Karen chuckled, replied drily. “We never charged Kathy… so prostitution was one of the few things we can’t be accused of.”

Kathy’s head slumped. She’d needed Karen to react with anger so as to maintain her own. Despair replaced the hot molten emotion, her senses dulled and she felt stupid.

“The fact remains your father and I were married at the time. Married people have sex.”

Karen walked to the side of the couch, able to see both her children in profile. “On the other hand, daughters should not have sex with their fathers.” She gestured to the dildo. “And sisters most definitely shouldn’t be doing… whatever… with their brothers.” She looked hard at Kathy. “Your father and I fucked around before having you kids. We stopped. Or rather I did as your father went on to have affairs. Several. He couldn’t stop and that was what caused our divorce.”

Kathy turned her head to look at her mother. Her eyes and cheeks were wet with tears. “I don’t know if… if… if dad is my father” she said with a quiet desperation. “And what about… the boys? Are any of us his?”

Karen half smiled. “If you had just come to me…” She sighed.

“Consequences Kathy.” She saw the confused look on her daughters face and continued. “After you were born, I had your father take a paternity test. Same for the twins.” She saw her daughters’ eyes go wide, then twisted the blade. “To be extra sure there were genetic tests as well, later on.”

Her eyes bored into Kathy’s. “There isn’t a bit of doubt who fathered all of my children.” Her daughter wilted under her stare. “And I’d made damn sure I didn’t fuck anyone else long before your brothers were conceived.”

Kathy silently mouthed “Oh my god”. She felt tipobet365 güvenilirmi ice cold. She had convinced herself that dad really wasn’t her father. She… that meant Billy was her full biological brother. Oh, shit fuck! The bit of rationale she’d used on herself… She felt nauseous.

Karen gave her daughter a moment. Judged it was time to bring things to a close. “We’re going to have to face some facts here Kathy. You’re all adults. I don’t want this family destroyed, and that’s all going to the authorities would do.” She saw the look of surprise on her daughter’s face. “There have already been changes made due to…” she glared at her daughter and Kathy blanched. “Circumstances you’ve created.”

Putting her hands on her hips Karen took a couple of breaths then continued. “You have some choices. Move out — whether it’s with your dad, into an apartment, campus — none of my concern.”

Kathy felt her throat go tight. Move in with dad? Oh, fuck no way! Not with the level of — shit that girlfriend of his — the whore does sex cam shows! No fucking way! She quietly moaned. And school… she didn’t have money. Apartment?

Karen finished. “Or stay here. Under my rules. You’ll be punished of course, and find that things — well. They’ve changed.” She took a step forward — saw her daughter almost step back. Good. “If you decide to stay… Lola. You tell her.”

Kathy felt her eyes rapidly blink. It was if the room was spinning. Lola? She looked down at the blond head in front of her — she’d forgotten all about Billy. Lola? Things were confusing — she felt as if time had slowed — her brain not working.

Lola stayed seated but turned and placed a hand over her sister’s. “Please stay Kathy. It’s okay, everything is out in the open. Bobbie and I feel — it’s fantastic. No more having to hide things.” She smiled brightly up at her older sister. “Mom understands — look!” She pointed to the collar she was wearing. “I belong to Mommy… it’ll be so much better than before. Please?”

Frantic thoughts skittered through Kathy’s mind. She stared at her younger brother; she heard her pulse pounding in her ears. She felt as if circumstances were battering her. First the scene earlier with her dad and girlfriend Alicia — it had been intense, foul. Far more so than their prior trysts — and their perverted demands had become overwhelming.

If only Nora was around! Kathy had always been able to go to see her after a visit with her dad, it helped to allow her to forget, to decompress, to get back into feeling as if she was in control. Control.

Her body shook. She’d lost it, all sense of it, of control. Did she ever really have it? Mom was right. No matter what she and her dad had done in the past, they’d been a married couple. Incest? That would never get excused. She looked at Billy’s face. God, he looks — happy. It would be good to just — let this mess go…

“Punishment” she said quietly. Looked from Billy to her mom. “What? I mean… Uhm. I don’t want to live with dad. What would be my punishment?”

Karen met her daughter’s gaze. “As I said, you’re all adults. I’m surprised — more than you’ll ever know — about the sex.” She slowly shook her head. “I find it hard to understand myself but… I’m not all that bothered by it.”

Karen’s face hardened then as she continued. “But it’s been the hiding, the lying to me that requires you to be disciplined.” Kathy nodded. Karen continued. “I promise it will be quick. It will be humiliating but will only involve the three of us — I’m not interested in airing this family’s dirty laundry.”

Kathy thought a moment, closed her eyes and nodded again. “It will be painful Kathy” Karen said softly. “And I’ll enjoy doing it; you may find that you’ll enjoy it as well.” She smiled. “Your father always did.”

Lola got up off the couch, walked around it to Kathy. Put her arms around her older sister. “You’re going to stay?” She kissed the side of Kathy’s head, nuzzling her hair. “Say yes… I so want my older sister to keep helping me.” Kathy seemed to relax but didn’t answer. “I’ll be right here Kathy; I’ll hold your hand as mommy punishes you. It’ll be okay. Please?”

“The things… the things I… we did” Kathy said hoarsely.

Lola smiled, hugged Kathy. “You helped me come out, be myself. You named me, sister.”

Karen cleared her throat. “You’ll be helping me to continue training Lola.” She sighed. “You opened Pandora’s box Kathy, and there’s no going back.” She took a step towards her children, laid a hand on Kathy’s arm. “What’s your decision?”

Kathy nodded. “I’ll stay.” She licked her lips. “And accept my punishment.” She looked to her brother — no. Right now, Lola was her sister. Kissed her lips. “Hold my hand? Please?”

Lola kissed her back, squeezed Kathy’s shoulder. “Of course,” she whispered into her ear. “Mommy told me what to do. It’ll be okay. But I have to get your clothes off.”

Kathy felt a chill. She hadn’t expected that. She quickly turned her head and stared at Karen.

Instead of answering Karen walked over to the wooden chest in front of the couch. She bent over, picked up some items from the floor that had been hidden on the back side of it. She arranged them around the rampantly erect dildo suction cupped to the boxes lid. Kathy’s eyes went wide when she saw them.

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