Fantasies and Realities


All characters are over 18. Not based on anyone living or dead. Contains incest and simulated non-consent.

“No! Don’t!” Kate squealed as he pushed her down. He was already sliding his head across her labia. With one hand he squeezed her throat and with the other her roughly groped her breast.

“Shut up! Shut your mouth!” he grunted, ramming his cock into her wet pussy.

“Please, don’t do this. I’m your momma!” Kate cried.

“Yeah, and I love fucking my momma’s wet cunt,” he said, licking his lips with sinister satisfaction.

Her bound hands, tied with rope, tried to push him off her, but her attempts at resistance only increased his pace and drive. Like a pillaging barbarian, he pumped himself into his “momma”. The sound of his balls slapping against her skin filled the air. Her toes curled as his cock slid in deeper and deeper, grinding against her cervix.

“Please honey,” she sobbed. “Don’t do this.”

“You like it. You like your son’s dick in you. You like it when I take you,” he grunted as he kept on thrusting.

Her breasts shook back and forth. They were nearly the size of his head. He couldn’t resist the temptation to take one of her nipples in his mouth and bite down on it. She screamed out, exciting him even more. What a hot slut.

“Please…I’m your…I’m your mom…” she sobbed. Her cries fell on deaf ears.

The bed shook as he pounded Kate’s hot pussy. He suddenly shifted position, taking one of her legs and putting her foot on his shoulder. He could see his dick glide into her as her tits rocked back and forth. She had an amazing body for a mother of forty. Huge ass, thick bush and large curves. He could fuck her like this forever. Her cries and protests only made it better.

His hand groped her ass, exploring her cheeks and pinching them. She bit her lip when he pushed his thumb against her asshole. An idea grew in his mind. He pulled out from her pussy and pressed his dick against her anus.

“No!” she screamed. “Not there. Please don’t!”

Once again, he ignored her pleas and went right for it, plunging his hard cock right up her ass. It was amazingly tight. He shuddered all over, while she moaned and sobbed as he began sodomizing her.

“Oh, you hot bitch,” he moaned. “Mommy’s such a hot bitch, with a delicious cunt.”

Mary said nothing. She buried her face in the sheets, hiding her face from the humiliation. By this point, he was balls deep into her ass.

Just as he felt he was getting close and ready to make up his mind where he was going to shoot his load, a little tune began to play from the bedside. Mary looked up. It was her phone. It was Peter’s ringtone, calling her.

“Hang on, babe. I gotta take this,” she said, her tone of voice completely changing. She spoke the safety word; “Tomato”, and playtime was paused for the time being.

No longer the sad, abused and raped mother, she went back to her normal business like demeanor. He slid his dick out of her ass, and without any difficulty she slipped her hands free from her bounds. Kate sat on the edge of the bed, while her customer laid down. He was annoyed by the interruption, but Kate’s rules were not to be broken.

“Hey honey,” Kate answered the phone. “What’s up?”

Her son, her real son, Pete was on the other end. He was out grabbing some stuff at the mall, and apparently he couldn’t find the place that sold the specialty tea she liked so much.

“Hon, I’m kind of in the middle of something. Yeah, it’s a job. One of your friends. Hang on, I need to ask,” she mumbled into the phone, before turning toward her customer. “Hey, babe. What was your name again?”

“Uhm, I’m Ryan. I’m in Pete’s basketball team,” the suddenly shy twenty-one year old said. His previous vigor and enraged state was all but gone. Kate turned her attention back to the phone.

“Ryan…yeah. Yeah. Ok. I’ll be busy for a bit. No, that’s ok. Ok, see you soon. Love you,” she said, before hanging up.

Kate turned back to Ryan, who was now shyly sitting on the bed. His erection had died down a bit. He seemed somewhat distraught.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” Kate asked.

“I dunno. It’s…does Pete know what you do? With me? And…and other guys?” Ryan asked.

Kate sat herself on the bed, brushing her hair aside. She smiled gently, brushing her hand against Ryan’s face.

“My son and I have an…understanding. We’re very open about everything. Plus, ever since his dad died, we’ve had to make changes to pay the bills. Doing this job on the side keeps a roof over our head.”

“But…he doesn’t mind that I’m…you know,” Ryan said, blushing.

Kate doktor porno was amused by how shy he suddenly was. A few minutes ago he was an angry savage, raping her ass with no regard for her. Now he was worried about what her son thought about his schoolmate fucking his mother.

“Babe, what I do with my body is my business. Besides, you’re not the only kid from his school to spend their cash on me,” she said, with a wink of her eye.

Ryan wondered who else from school Kate meant. It was a popular secret that Pete’s mom was moonlighting as a hooker, but Ryan didn’t think many other guys would need to spend money for sex. Least of all the guys from the basketball team. But most girls in school would draw the line at certain things. Certain fantasies that would never be fulfilled. With Kate, that was not a problem. Whatever your kink was, she’d let you enact it on her. As long as you abided the rules, you could fuck her in any way in any scenario. Ryan was shocked she said yes to his role-play suggestion, even if it did cost him three hundred bucks.

“So, stud,–” Mary said, crawling on her hands and feet towards Ryan. “–shall we continue where we left off?”

Ryan hesitated for a second. Kate took his hand and put it on her breasts.

“Honey! What are you doing?” she gasped in her fake, higher pitched voice. “Im your mother!”

And with that, she was back in character. The frightened, naked, plus-sized mom who was ripe for the taking, at the mercy of her violent “son”. Ryan was back in action within seconds. His dick sprang up and her pushed Mary down on the bed.

“I’m gonna fuck your ass, momma,” he hissed.

“No, please–!”

With her face being pushed into her pillow, Mary’s cries were muffled out. Ryan pressed his cock past her large cheeks and into her ass. He picked the pace back up, and fucked her like that for another twenty minutes.

“Goddamn, you’re the hottest piece of ass, momma,” he grunted.

Mary cried more, taking his dick as well as she could. It didn’t take long for Ryan to begin spasming. With a load moan he unloaded his cum into her ass. He finished off by smacking her ass. Worth every dime.


Pete walked through the front door, dropping all his shopping supplies on the floor. As he did, he found himself face to face with Ryan from the basketball team. He noticed Ryan was afraid to look him in the eye. He chuckled, as this wasn’t the first time he ran into a familiar face that avoided eye-contact.

“Hey Ryan. What’s up?”

Ryan finished tying his shoes and put on his jacket. He was noticeably rushing, trying to get out of this awkward situation.

“Hey, Pete,” he muttered. “I’m all right…”

“You have a good time?” Pete asked with small smirk.

Ryan rushed past him to the door. “See you at practice,” he muttered.

And with that, Ryan flew out the door and rushed to his car. Still chuckling to himself, Pete closed the door and headed into the kitchen. He was greeted with the most beautiful sight. His mom, Kate, sitting on the counter next to the sink with a cup of steaming coffee in her hand, wearing only her blue robe.

“Hey Pete,” she said with the biggest of smiles. “Did you get everything?”

“I did. I also ran into Ryan by the door.”

“You weren’t mean to him, were you? He paid well for his session.”

“Nah, just light teasing,” Pete said.

He walked over and began to unpack the shopping bags, handing his mom the tea she asked for. She rocked her bare feet back and forth, watching him unpack everything.

“So mom,” Pete began. “What’s Ryan’s little kink that he paid so handsomely for?”

“Pete, you should ask things like that. And he only paid $300 for it, which I wouldn’t call handsomely.”

“Well, I know for a fact he has a after-school job mowing lawns. I’m sure he saved up a lot just for this afternoon, so whatever it was he wanted to do must have been worth it.”

Kate rolled her eyes. Pete was always so curious about her sessions, especially when it came to his schoolmates. But she also knew he would never blab or tell, considering it could hurt themselves more than any friend of his.

“Well, Ryan wanted me to play his mom, and that he was raping her.”

“Seriously?” Pete asked, his eyebrow raised in surprise. “That’s fucked up.”

“Language!” Kate snapped. “And it’s only a fantasy. He wasn’t really doing that to me.”

“Yeah, but what kind of person thinks of things like that in the first place? I met his mom. Does he want to rape her then? Why rape someone you love?”

“Lot’s of people have fantasies that we’d find weird ensest porno or repulsive,” Kate said. “You wouldn’t believe the number of guys who want me to play the stern schoolteacher, or the older sister. There’s a guy last friday who wanted to pretend he was strangling me.”

“Christ mom! What if–“

“Please, I’m a big girl,” Kate laughed. “Besides, I only do that when I know my big, strong man is around to save me from the creepo’s.”

“You know I would, mom,” Pete said with determination.

Kate took Pete’s hand and stroked her fingers over his.

“We can’t judge someone for their fantasies, especially if it means money to keep this roof over our heads. I’m supplying a service to them as much as they are to us. Besides, you had some fantasies of your own,” she said, smiling coyly.

Pete let his hand wander onto his mother’s bare leg. He began to gently knead her thigh.

“Yeah, you’re right,” he said with a grin. “But my fantasy became a reality.”

His hand began to wander down ever further, until his fingers began to brush against his mother’s bush. The moisture stuck to his hand and he slid his fingers past her labia.

“You’re still wet,” he smirked.

“I haven’t showered yet,” she giggled.

Pete could see that, or more precisely, feel that. His fingers went inside his mother’s pussy with ease.

“Pete, honey,” she moaned. “Not now. I’ve got a customer in an hour and a half.”

“Damn,” Pete muttered. His erection was practically jumping out of his pants. His mother noticed this.

“Doesn’t mean we can’t fix this real quick,” she said with a smile.

Kate slid off the counter, and got onto her knees. She opened her robe. Her large breasts popped out. Pete nearly exploded right there and then. He felt his mom’s hand grope his dick trhough his pants. She looked up at him with those develish, aluring eyes.

“Having any deja-vu, baby?” Kate asked, as she unzipped his pants to reveal his rock hard cock.

Pete chuckled. She was referring to their first time, right after his dad died. When they got a bit too frisky after a night of massaging each other. The night Kate ended up giving Pete his first and best blowjob ever. That fateful cocksucking session that began their sexual relationship with a bang. Just like that night, Kate teased his cock by letting the tip of her tongue glide over his head. She was the mistress of tease, building up her boy’s lust in anticipation.

But she could hold back no longer. With greedy vigor, Kate took her son’s cock and took it into her mouth. Pete gasped as he felt her lips glide over his shaft and her tongue massaging his head. Her hand cupped his balls, as she used the other to stroke him.

“Christ, mom. You’re so fucking good at that. You keep getting better and better.”

Kate smiled. She loved the way her son enjoyed having his dick sucked by her. With one eye on the clock she began to pick up her pace. By now she knew all the right places on her son that could set him off. A push of a finger here, a suckle there, and he was ready to go.

“Aw, shit! Mom, I’m…I’m gonna–!”

Brought to a state of euphoria, Pete climaxed right into his mom’s mouth. His hot cum blasted right past Karen’s lips, leaking down her chin and dribbling onto her tits. As a way to close off the session, Kate opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, revealing a small pool of cum inside her to her boy. She swirled his load around for a bit, before swallowing it all.

“Did you enjoy that?” she asked.

“Fuck yeah I did.”

“Good,” she said, patting him on his ass. “I’ve gotta shower now. You behave and answer the door when the next guy rings, ok?”

“Sure mom,” Pete said, kissing his mom on the lips.

He could still taste himself on her, but he didn’t care. He loved her, and he loved her lips. In fact, he loved everything about her.

Kate headed up the stairs, letting her robe slide off her back. Her bare ass jiggled back and forth as she walked. Pete could look at her walk for hours. What a beautiful ass. What a beautiful woman. So unashamed. And so drop dead sexy. His mom, the prostitute.


Three hours passed. Pete was doing some wash, collecting all his clothes and bringing them downstairs. When he passed his mom’s room, he could hear the moans and grunts coming from inside. Her last customer of the day was really going at it. A thin guy, balding with thick glasses. A guy you wouldn’t be surprised by if he told you h had a hard time picking up women.

Whatever, thought Pete. As long as he pays the fee.

It was about twenty minutes after that, when erotik porno Pete was in the kitchen making tea, when the john came down the stairs. He threw his coat on and gave Pete a short nod, before booking out again.

Pete walked upstairs, carrying two cups of tea. He walked into his mom’s bedroom and put the two cups down. Now, if any other boy found his mother in the state Pete just found Kate in, he’d be shocked. Horrified even. But by now, it was almost routine between them.

Kate laid there on the bed. She wore nothing but long stockings and high heels. Her legs were spread out as thick globs of cum leaked out of her cunt. Her face and hair were coated in it as well. Her mascara ran down her cheeks, and Pete could tell from her reddened skin of her breasts that he’d slapped her a few times.

“You okay?” he asked. “Did he step out of line?”

“I’m fine,” Kate groaned, brushing her cum stained hair aside. “He paid, and I’m a big girl.”

“Hmn,” Pete mumbled, handing his mom her tea.

They sat on the edge of the bed for a little bit, drinking their tea in silence. With one hand Pete rubbed his mother’s neck. She seemed to enjoy it, be something distracted her.

“Pete, can you be honest with me?”

“Of course,” he said.

“Do I embarrass you?”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“You know what I do. I’m a whore. A good one, but I still fuck for cash. Do you ever feel ashamed of what I do?”

“Why would I? You do it so we can keep living here. You put food on the table. And you make way more than you did at your old job, so that’s another plus.”

“Yes, but how many of your school friends know your mom whores herself to make ends meet? Aren’t you afraid of becoming a laughingstock.”

Pete put his hand on his mother’s knee.

“Listen, nothing you could do would ever make me feel ashamed of you. And besides, I enjoy the perks that come with it too much.”

With that, Pete took one of her breasts into his hand. He began rubbing her nipple and leaned in for a kiss. Kate returned it, and put her hand on her boy’s crotch. Their tongues intertwined. Her saliva was salty, but Pete didn’t mind it.

He whispered; “Can I fuck you now, mommy?”

“Babe, my pussy is still filled with his cum…”


“…so you’ll have to take another route,” she added with a devilish grin.

Pete’s cock immediately hardened like never before. Within seconds he was undressed, while his mom laid on her side and spread her ass cheeks apart for him. He pressed his rock hard dick against her asshole sliding in with no problem.

“Ooh, baby,” Kate cooed. “That feels so good. You gonna fuck your mommy’s ass?”

“Hell yeah,” Pete grunted, sliding in even further.

Her ass tightened around his dick. Instinctively, Pete began to thrust back and forth. Kate gasped and smiled, proud of how manly her son was being. Taking her like he wanted. At the end of the day, after seeing all kinds of men and boys who fucked and degraded her, no man could ever compare to her son. She loved him, and she loved his big cock inside her.

The feeling was mutual. Pete loved her as a mother, of course. But he loved her even more as a lover. Even like this, covered and filled with another man’s cum, he loved her. And nothing could ever break their bond. Because he knew that her body was free to him. Only he could have her without a catch. Only he could make her feel this fucking good, and she was the only woman for him.

For nearly twenty minutes, Kate’s ass was being fucked by her son. He was rough at times, but she didn’t mind. It just spurred her on to play with herself as he did. She could feel his orgasm building up as his cock twitched inside her.

“Cum in me, babe. Cum in my ass,” she moaned.

Pete stuttered and gasped. He moaned loudly as he unloaded into his mom’s ass, filling it with his cum. Kate orgasmed along with him, shrieking and squeezing her breast as his sticky load filled her up. Thick globs poured out of her ass when Pete withdrew his cock from her. She turned over and began to kiss his body.

“I love you, you know,” she said, stroking his skin with her tongue.

“And I love you,” he replied.

“Let me shower real quick. Then we can keep going for a while, but not too long. I have three guys tomorrow, but we can fool around for a bit.”

“That’s fine,” he said.

“And don’t play with yourself when I’m gone. I want you nice and hard and ready to cum in my pussy, got it,” she said, in a faux-stern voice.

“I’d love that,” Pete laughed.

Kate sat up and pulled her stockings off. She bolted into the bathroom, wanting to waste no time. Pete laid back, wondering how he ever got so lucky. He pitied the guys who rented her, as they never got to enjoy her the way he did every night. They lived out their fucked-up fantasies on her. But Pete? He got to live them. Those were his realities.