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Big Tits

Part One:

…jade flashed sapphire eyes towards the clock. Soon, she thought, soon He will be here. jade kept writing, then would read what she had written and change a few words, delete a sentence or just leave it as written.

The room was prepared for later, when He would arrive. The wood in the fireplace was burning low, casting shadows of intricate design everywhere its light glowed. Candles of all size and colour were burning, and incense, wonderful incense. jade breathed in deeply, closing her eyes and tilting her head back. The scent reminded her of cascading waterfalls, freshness kissed with such sensual perfumes from frosted orchids.

jade slowly tossed her silky waist length tresses to fall behind her shoulders. It shimmered from the light, the gold mixed with rich warm browns delicately framed her face allowing ebony fringed sapphire eyes to sparkle even more.

Thinking of what was to come in such short time was making her very excited. She could feel her nipples harden and the tight pleasure start to build up deep inside her body. jade smiled thinking of Him, of Michael and how He drove her wild with lust and craving. She could barely stop from running to the door when she heard Him approach. All was ready, just waiting for Him to complete what was needed for a night of pleasure for both of them.

Michael smiled softly seeing jade, noticing immediately that all was prepared for them. He swooped her up and cradled her in His strong arms, then kissed her deeply, “I missed You little one.”

jade returned His kiss, pressing her body into His, feeling His desire for her, reaching down and lightly grasping His hardening cock through His pants. Michael gasped, “Mmmmm, but tonight it will go slower, and I will wait until much later to fuck you.”

“So have you written a story for Me?” He asked as He caressed her body and sliding a finger deep into her wet hot cunt. Michael chuckled feeling her pussy was soaking already and knew she had written and was very anxious to read it to Him.

Michael slipped the rose coloured robe from her shoulders, allowing her body to be displayed to Him. Firm breasts, nipples ripe and ready to be bit, sucked, pinched or sucked on.

Jade shivered, and then spoke softly, “Shall I begin now?” She waited until Michael sat down and placed her onto His lap, allowing her to wiggle until her pussy was over top His hard cock. “Yes, begin now, read slowly and we shall just wait to see what happens,” He smiled, then pressed up with His hard cock, feeling it rub against her bottom…

Part Two: Fantasy

…jade shivered but not in cold, in excitement. Excitement of what was to come, and what He was doing to her body now. moon knight izle jade squirmed lightly, then feeling Michael’s hands hold her hips still, “Slowly My little slut, it is going to be a long evening” He murmured in her ear.

Michael slid His large hands up from her hips to her waist, then to cup her breasts in His hands, very aware of their hard tips as He pinched them, and then released, “Go on now pet, tell Me your story.”

“Yes Sir” she smiled speaking softly, “I am going to tell You of lacey and Daniel, of their love and passion for each other.”

“Daniel looked at lacey’s sleeping body curled up on the wide bed. Just the sight of her hardened Him instantly and made Him thirst for her even more. He could never sate Himself of her, for she was such a great need to Him. He leaned over and ran His fingers along her creamy thighs, then slipping His hand between them and feeling the stickiness there. He had used her many times during the night, her cunt and ass were filled with His seed, and so much it had dripped out down her thighs. Dried cum was on her breasts, face, hands in her hair. Daniel had lost count of how many times this little vixen had been filled with His rock hard cock, stretching her cunt and ass, taking more than she ever had before. Again and again He took her, almost raping her at times, going slow and driving them both crazy. And always, lacey begged for more, to be fucked over and over again, begging Him to never stop using her. Just thinking of this was making His cock so hard again. Daniel turned lacey over onto her back, then kneeled down and lifted her legs up and parted them, once ankle on either side of His shoulder, then rammed His pulsating cock deep into her very wet and hot cunt. lacey woke up instantly, her green eyes wide at first, then forming a smile with them and her mouth as she realized Daniel’s cock was buried in her cunt once more. lacey screamed out, “oh yes, yes Daniel, yes…fuck me, fuck Your slut hard. Fill my cunt, take it, it’s Yours!”

jade shivered, even though she knew what was to come, it still affected her, especially with Michael’s ever hardening cock so close to her, throbbing and hot. And she wanted it so much!

Michael could feel jade move, and knew from experience that His slut was affected by what she had written and was now reading to Him. She knew that He would get hot and hard, knew that He would keep her body in intense excitement until He was ready to ram His cock deep into her body.

“Daniel was close to spurting His hot creamy cum into lacey’s tight cunt, when He pulled out and turned her over, then rammed His cock into her ass, fucking her harder than before. His mrs fletcher izle hands pulled her body up, then grabbed at her pert breasts as His cock was driven deeper and harder into the slut’s fuckholes. lacey moaned and cried out, His cock was huge and it stretched her so much. Her cunt and ass were small and His cock would rip into her and pound in deep, bruising her, yet she loved it, it drove her wilder the harder He fucked her.”

Michael grabbed jade’s breasts harder, pinching and twisting the hard nipples, and then leaning close to her ear and whispering, “Very good little fucktoy, as you can tell, I am rock hard, so continue the story.”

jade was wiggling, squirming and pressing down on His cock. The heat from her cunt and His cock was wild. She wanted, needed His cock to be buried deep in her.

“Daniel exploded…hot streams of creamy cum filled her ass, He pulled out and more spurted onto her back. “Like that My slut?” He spoke softly knowing that she did.

“Oh God, Daniel, yes yes yes!” jade was wild with lust, hunger filled her thoughts, she wanted more.

“Daniel looked towards the door and called out, “Ok David, come in now, she’s ready for You.”

The door opened and another man, almost the twin of Daniel entered the room, His cock hard and erect from hearing Daniel fuck His slut. David smiled, “Thanks bro, you know how much I love fucking your slut.”

Daniel slipped back and off the bed, “now lacey, clean my cock, you’ve gotten it very messy.”

lacey turned around and moved her head to Him, then using both hands, she lifted His cock, still heavy and sticky and began to lick and suck cum off Him. As she did this, David lifted her body up and slid His throbbing cock deep into her dripping cunt. He knew His cock was huge, most whores He had fucked could barely take it and most screamed in pain, but lacey loved it. She craved it. Both Daniel and He had very large cocks and in their experience most women could not take them like lacey could. David rammed harder and harder, pulling back slightly and hearing lacey moan, then rammed in harder. Daniel watched His brother fucking His slut as she sucked and licked His cock clean. It was rock hard again and He pulled lacey closer, “suck it slut, suck My cock deep into the whore’s mouth of yours.”

Daniel shoved His cock into her mouth, David was still pounding her cunt, lifting her off the bed as He slammed in and out of her cunt. Daniel watched His slut suck His cock, then looked up at David and smiled. David pulled out of the slut’s cunt, spread her legs and then slid His throbbing cock deep into her ass. “Yesssssssss, god I love fucking her Daniel. She can take murder in big horn izle whatever I give her and still beg for more. You were so lucky to find a slut that could take what we have to offer.”

Michael could feel His cock throb in His pants. He wanted to release it, to fill jade’s cunt, to cum inside her over and over.

jade moaned and pressed, wiggling over and over on Michael’s cock. She wanted Him to undo His pants and ram His cock into her so much.

“David kept fucking lacey’s ass. He was almost ready to explode in it. Daniel was read to cum in her mouth. “Now slut suck it harder, swallow it! Daniel gasped out. David moaned and thrust hard once more, gripping lacey’s ass cheeks hard as He filled her ass with His cum. David pulled out and spurted it across her back and ass cheeks, rubbing it in with one hand while the other pinched and twisted a rock hard nipple.

Daniel pulled His cock from lacey’s mouth as David released her body, then He pulled her up to Him and kissed her, “You were very good tonight my little whore, I know David enjoyed you as much as I did. Just for that, we will let you cum little slut”

lacey moaned and looked at Daniel, “Thank You Master Daniel.”

Daniel looked at His sweet slut, “Lay on your back and spread your legs pet.” Lacey moved as He commanded, parting her sticky thighs, feeling cum from them both dripping down them from her well used ass and cunt.

Michael lifted up and rubbed His cock hard into His slut, then felt it explode, still in His jeans. He had not touched it nor had she, and yet it felt so good. jade knew He was cumming, could feel His throbbing cock, feel the heat and knew He had spurted what she loved to suck and feel all over and in her body.

“Daniel smiled down at His slut laying in front of Him, her ass and cunt red and raw, cum still dripping out. He picked up a very large and very long dildo from the night table, then rammed one end into her cunt and the other into her ass. He pounded her over and over. He knew she loved it, and He watched her writhe in agony and pleasure. David smiled as he watched Daniel rape His slut’s ass and cunt with the huge dildo. It was even larger around then their cocks and that she was now stretched more than she had ever been before.

“Cum now slut, cum like you’ve never before!” lacey screamed out, arched her back and pushed as hard as she could into the dildos filling her fuck holes. She was dizzy from being fucked so much, sore from being stretched, filled and used more than ever before, but feeling so much pleasure and lust and wanting it all the more. She arched and came hard….screaming out, panting, and crying. “Oh God Master….that was the best ever. Thank You Master, thank You David.”

Michael lifted jade up off His lap…set her down beside Him, “Okay slut, look at the mess you made, clean it up, then we will begin Our fun for the night. I loved your story little whore and know that’s how you love to be used.”

jade just smiled, “Yes Master, You know Your girl so well.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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