Fat And Ugly Chick Does Anal


Meet Sylvia O’Shea. She is a completely unremarkable woman. A five-foot-three, plump, plain-faced Irishwoman with a thick body and big butt. She’s large and plain, folks. Let’s face it, she is not nor will she ever be beautiful. She’s not that intelligent and doesn’t have a very good or interesting personality. Sylvia is also a slob. Yes, women can be slobs too. Her apartment is so messy that swine wouldn’t want to live there. Since Sylvia is short, large, plain and uninteresting, as well as unintelligent, she is what most people would consider to be a loser. Still, even losers have sexual needs. Now, how does a loser like her go about getting some? That’s what this story is all about.

Sylvia has been large and plain all her life and discovered that men and women don’t find her particularly interesting. Indeed, most of the time they tend to ignore her. So, she’s generally mad at the world and loves to cuss and swear up a storm. That makes people resent her more. So, she’s not only large, plain and unintelligent, she’s also boring and a commonplace cussing freak. Yeah, way to attract the cute ones, Sylvia! At five foot three inches tall and more than two hundred and forty pounds, this chubby dame was beginning to wonder if she would ever get laid. She spent time online watching porn and chatting on sex forums. Talking with horny men and sometimes horny women, she learned a lot about people’s fantasies. She lusted after both handsome men and beautiful women, for different reasons. She wanted to look beautiful to attract the handsome men. Unfortunately, miracles don’t happen.

While chatting online, Sylvia came across a man who called himself the Stranger. The Stranger described himself as tall, masculine, sexy and sexually adventurous. He also said that he liked all kinds of women, including chubby women. Sylvia was thrilled. Still, the Stranger claimed to like women who were big and beautiful. She was half of that equation, so would he overlook her imperfections and give her the sexing she desperately craved? Time to find out. Sylvia set a date with the mysterious Stranger, and they agreed to meet to have some wild and hot fun. That’s how it all began.

Sylvia showered, put on her best clothes and makeup, then went out. She went to meet the man known as Eryaman Escort the Stranger. She waited at the restaurant where he had agreed to meet her and passed the time by gobbling up large quantities of meat and cheese. Half an hour later, the Stranger showed up. There he was, the man of her dreams. A tall, good-looking Black man in a black leather jacket, red shirt, blue jeans and cowboy boots. He looked sexy as hell. He approached her with a bright smile. She looked at him, her heart thundering in her chest. Yeah, he was all that and then some. Sylvia smiled as he took her hand and kissed it. Then, he sat down and they started talking.

The Stranger went by the lest suspicious name of Adam Fraser. He was one sexy man. He regaled her with stories of college football, barroom fights and high-speed car chases. Sylvia listened to him, captivated. He was so fine. She loved that about him. He asked her about herself and looked really interested. Sylvia told him the truth. She was a community college student, just trying to make ends meet and get a life. She tried not to come across as desperate. He promised her a night of fun. He took her dancing. Sylvia had never gone out on a date, let alone gone dancing at a fancy nightclub. Yet for Adam, she went along. He took her hand and danced with her, and in spite of her initial shyness, she had a good time.

After the club, Adam took Sylvia to a movie theater. They watched three features, an action movie, a romantic comedy and a powerful drama. She enjoyed all three, and felt delighted when he put his arm around her. He kissed her, and she gasped in surprise. She was suddenly nervous. He told her to relax. She did and they resumed kissing. Adam was the best kisser she’d ever had. Hell, he was the first kisser she’d ever had! She felt a particular thrill in kissing him. Later, they exited the movie theater. He took her hand in his and kissed it before walking out the theater with her. He kissed her in front of everybody! A romantic, long and passionate kiss! Sylvia had never been treated like this before. She was thrilled. Adam promised her that days with him would always be interesting. When they left the movie theater, he walked around in the park with her and then Sincan Escort walked her home and kissed her goodnight. He was the perfect gentleman. Sylvia stood there and watched him go. He was unlike any man she had known in her life. He made her feel things she’d never felt before. She didn’t want to let him go. How many chances like this would she ever get? She found herself walking after him.

Adam was slowly walking down the street, his fine body looking so wonderful under the street lights. A Black hunk in shiny leather. Sylvia went after him. He turned around, smiled and took a little bow. Sylvia’s heart skipped a beat. He was so special! She leapt in his arms and kissed him with all of her passion. Adam seemed surprised by such a display of affection from her. He asked her what was up. smiling, Sylvia told him that she wanted him to come back to her place. Adam hesitated. He told her that he liked her, but wasn’t too sure about this. He told her that he wouldn’t want to take advantage of her, since he was a gentleman. Sylvia looked at him. Not only was he handsome but he was also such a decent man! A real keeper! She kissed him again, and this time he didn’t resist. They went back inside her apartment.

Sylvia O’Shea was treated to one hell of a night, courtesy of Adam Fraser. The handsome Black stud showed her everything he was capable of in the sack, and then some. First, he asked her to get naked. Sylvia obeyed, and showed off her plump yet somewhat sexy body. Adam sat on the bed and watched as she touched herself and did a mildly sexy little dance. Adam watched, and stroked his massive black cock as Sylvia did her thing. Finally, he got tired of it and told her he wanted to fuck. Sylvia was totally down with that. It’s not everyday that a gorgeous, masculine Black male takes interest in someone like her. He told her that he wanted to take that plump ass of hers. Thrilled beyond belief, Sylvia dashed to her bedroom to fetch the necessary tools. Moments later she returned, sporting a bottle of KY Jelly and a box of condoms. She smiled at Adam, who nodded gravely.

Adam stroked himself while Sylvia assumed the position. She got on all fours and spread her plump butt cheeks wide open. Her butt Etlik Escort hole glared at him, winking obscenely. Suddenly turned on, he put on a condom and doused his dick with lubricant. He came up behind Sylvia, ready to take her ass. Playfully, Sylvia tried to flee. Adam wrestled her down and took control. He pried her butt cheeks wide open and pressed his cock against her butt hole. Grabbing her hips firmly in his strong, masculine hands, he thrust into her. Sylvia gasped as Adam’s big cock slid into her ass. For such a large woman, she certainly had a small asshole. No matter, Adam liked tight asses. They were a lot more fun to fuck. He took his sweet time as he rammed his hard cock up the big woman’s asshole. He had read somewhere that the bigger the woman, the tighter her asshole. It looks like this myth was proving to be true.

Adam held onto Sylvia’s fleshy hips and slammed his cock deep into her asshole. He had a big smile on his handsome face as he filled her ass up with his cock. There are few things that can compare to shoving your dick into a woman’s asshole. It gives you a feeling of power and contentment that you can’t imagine. Every man on the planet, regardless of his sexual orientation or interests should anally penetrate at least one woman in his lifetime. If you don’t do it, you’re missing out. Adam was a master when it came to the fine art of anal penetration. He had anally penetrated his fair share of women in his day. From the big-busted, blonde-haired, bodacious supermodels of London to the thick and curvy, big-bottomed Black women of Harlem. Nothing like fucking a woman in the ass to make a man feel good. It’s a pleasure that Adam intended to continue enjoying until the day he perished. He continued to fuck Sylvia all night, and took off the following morning.

Adam Fraser, Anal Conqueror and Master drove off on his motorcycle. There were plenty of anal adventures which awaited our hero. So many women out there with butt holes that needed to be lubricated and filled to the brim with manly cocks. And you know what? Adam is always the right man for the job. All women secretly have an anal curiosity if not outright fixation. From the supposedly empowered yet often unhappy feminist type to the office flirt, the club scene slut, the career woman and the independent fly. All of them secretly crave a stiff cock in the butt. They’re waiting for a strong man to give it to them. Adam Fraser is at your service, ladies. Just lube up and bend over, and he shall be there to satisfy. You see, to avoid trouble, our nocturnal conqueror always uses the back door. It’s more fun that way.