Father Michael

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A crack of lightning lit the sky followed by a loud boom and then a steady rumble. The rain was coming down in sheets. The sky was black with pent up rage as the storm ravaged the countryside. High winds shaking the buildings and bending the trees at will.

Father Michael made his way through the old church building. It had been standing for over 200 years and the patrons had not always had money for upkeep.

Over the years it had become a hodgepodge of patch work and repairs. In this deluge the roof leaked in several predictable places. He stepped around one of the buckets he had put out earlier to catch the steady drips.

Father Michael was just blowing out the last of the candles in the main sanctuary when a figure stood in the doorway.

It had the lanky and slight build of a young teen, although admittedly quite tall. A heavy long trench coat over black pants and a huge black hoodie made the sex impossible to determine. The oversized black hood hid the figures identity from him. He couldn’t tell if it were one of his parishioners or not. Concern filled Father Michael.

A recent rash of petty crimes made him wary of keeping the church open at night as was the tradition. It was still mostly a safe community though so he consented to at least keep it open during his waking hours or as long as someone responsible was available to be there. He hoped he wasn’t going to regret it now.

Despite the heavy clothing the figure was soaked though to the bone. A large puddle was forming on the floor under the still, silent, form. He was about to speak but the figure reached out into the air and fell to the floor.

Father Michael moved surprisingly quick for someone his size. He was a giant man. At almost 6’5 and easily 260 pounds of solid muscle, His flock lovingly referred to him as the ‘gentle giant’. Sometimes they teased him and called him Goliath. He bent over the unconscious body. It moaned. He knew instantly that the mystery person was female.

Sighing, Father Michael scooped her up, slinging her over his shoulder. The first thing he noted about her was how light she was. His large arms had easily taken her weight. He guessed that she was close to 125 pounds before the added weight of her wet clothing. She was also taller than she had first appeared. He figured she’d reach his shoulders at least making her around 5’11.

He pulled the heavy doors to the church shut and locked them. He was quickly soaked through to his underwater as the flood of water rained down on him. He walked the short distance to his house. This posting came with a small two room cottage for the serving priest.

He opened his door to warmth and the smell of food cooking on the stove. He stepped into the sparse room. Walking the short distance to his couch he carefully lay the young girl down. As her hood fell away from her face he was struck by her beauty. She had long slightly wavy reddish auburn hair. It was thick and glossy. Her bangs added to her youthful appearance. Her skin was pale.

She had high rounded cheek bones in an oval face. A straight nose turned up ever so gently at the tip. Full lips and delicately arched brows. She opened fevered eyes to look at him. Her eyes were a light turquoise green. They took his breath away.

Leaving her there momentarily he went to stripped naked. At 28 Father Michael was still a virgin. He had never even made out with a woman. He worked his body hard to deal with his sexual frustration and the odd bout of lust caused by the women who would occasionally try to tempt him. As a result his naturally large body was very fit and muscular.

His massive pecs flexed as ripped arms pulled his wet shirt over his head. His wide chest was hard and toned tapering down to noticeable washboard abs and a small waist. He struggled to pull his sodden pants off. Well defined muscles in his legs rippled as he worked the clinging material free. His tight bubble butt clenched in the cool air. He shivered. His long thick penis hung lax between his legs. He pulled on dry clothes and returned to deal with the girls wet garments.

Father Michael tried not to look at her body as he removed the cold wet material she wore but he had never taken a woman’s clothes off before, never seen a naked female. He stripped her down to her shirt and pants fairly easily.

As he managed to get her tight T-shirt over her head he saw that she had lovely high breasts that had peaked as her already chilled body was exposed to the air. He felt his body stir as he stared at her hard nubs.

His heart was pounding as he reached out to undo her pants. His thick fingers had difficulty getting ahold of the dainty tag as he slowly lowered her zipper. He fumbled with her pants. His eyes widened and his pupils dilated as he watched her tight tummy come into view.

It felt very naughty to be opening her pants. His mouth went dry and his hands started to shake as he revealed her gently rounded hips. She sported a tiny dragon tattoo just above the line of her low riding Etlik Escort thong. He had a sudden desire to lick it with his tongue.

He pulled her pants the rest of the way off. He looked over her body clad in just a white lace bra and a matching thong. Her waist was tiny and her legs were slim and long. She had a slightly coltish look that he found endearing.

He was fully hard now and very uncomfortable. He also felt a little guilty that he had so enjoyed taking her clothes off. And that he had trembled as he stroked her soft skin.

He felt stimulated everywhere as he carried her through to his bedroom and lay her on the bed. Covering her with his blanket he administered some Aleeve to bring her fever down. There was no point in calling anyone. The main bridge was washed out. Shaken, he ran his hand over his face. He took a deep breath and left the room.

Entering the draughty kitchen he prepared the soup. Bone broth had been on the stove for the last hour so he diced up vegetables and herbs to add to it, making a rich flavourful meal.

He was a good cook as he had been on his own since his mom died when he was 17. He had looked after her long before that as cancer slowly took her life away. He would look up different recipes at the library to entice her to eat something. In the end she just stopped eating. His Dad was long gone so after she died he’d gone to live with the nuns. That’s where he decided to become a priest.

Father Michael came to this area solely because of the youth. There was opportunity here to start a basketball program for the kids at the juvenile penitentiary located not far from the valley. He had a passion for helping kids get off drugs, out of gangs and helping them to not return to prison.

There was already an inner city program being run by his board but nothing in the prison itself. Father Michael accepted this very rural posting so he could be the person to make it happen.

He pulled himself out of his revelry. He was happy to see that his body had settled down. He felt normal and in charge again. When the soup was ready he took out a tray. Piling it high with bowls, cutlery, bread, butter, cups of milk, salt and pepper, he headed back to his bedroom.

The young lady was still asleep. He set the tray down and sat close to her. He tried to rouse her from sleep. She opened her eyes and smiled.


He smiled back. His cheerful ‘hello’ was drowned out by her cough. It was a deep chest rattle. ‘This girl has been sick for awhile’ thought Father Michael.

He helped her sit up and eat some soup. “My name is Father Michael. You are in my parish cottage. Do you remember coming to the sanctuary?”

She nodded between mouthfuls. Her breathing was raspy and she erupted into another bout of coughing just like he suspected she would. He could see the fever in her as she lay back on the pillows.

“What is your name my dear?”

She opened weary eyes and looked at him. “Emily” she said Emily Duncan”

“Hello Emily. Where are you from dear? Why are you out in this storm?” His concerned eyes searched her face. His heart turned over when she smiled.

“I am 18. I’m travelling across the country. I fell ill… needed shelter…” She closed her eyes. Talking seemed a lot of effort for her as she drifted back to sleep.

Father Michael sat looking at her for a moment. He was a good looking man. His thick black hair curled around his ears. His dark eyes took in her sleeping form as she struggled to breathe. He had a face too rugged for beautiful but somehow still sexy despite his sharp features.

Getting up he set about cleaning up from dinner. He did the dishes and chilled the soup. Then he got out two blankets and a pillow and brought them to his sofa. It was his intention to pass the night there as his unexpected guest slept in his bed.

Just before retiring for the night he went to check Emily once more. The young girl was shivering with cold and fever. Father Michael was worried. He covered her with a second blanket and then made up his mind to sleep near her. He wanted to wake if she needed him.

He was in for a long night!

Father Michael gingerly climbed into the bed and lay beside her. He wore an old pair of gym shorts. It was a double bed so technically there was room for two but he was so large and she was asleep right in the middle of the bed so that he’d had to lay on his side next to her to fit. He pressed tight against her to keep from falling off the bed.

She was very small boned and though tall she was very skinny. He dwarfed her despite her height. He could feel the heat blasting off of her even though she was shivering.

He had laid out a small basket of things he would need to treat her illness in the night. Cough syrup, Aleeve, a spoon. Beside the basket was a cup and a pitcher of water. Confident that he had all he needed he switched off the beside lamp and closed his eyes.

The storm was Keçiören Escort still raging outside. Heavy rain continued to beat down on house. High winds howled against the windows rattling them in their frames. Lightning cracked and lit the sky while the thunder reverberated through the valley. All the while she slept.

He was just about asleep himself when she rolled over in his arms. She wiggled closer until she was fit tightly against him. Sighing deeply she settled back to sleep.

Father Michael was instantly horny. Her gentle breath tickled his skin where her face lay against him. Her soft silky hair had caused him to break out in goosebumps as it slid across his chest. Her breasts where pressed firmly into his tummy. She had slid her leg between his and her warm body now cradled his growing erection. She felt like heaven. He swallowed hard. He managed to pull himself together and go to sleep. He was still semi erect.

Some time in the night Emily grabbed ahold of his rigged hard on. She rubbed the head as she picked up his pre cum and lubricated her thumb. She rolled his head around in her hand and squeezed the underside of his mushroom top just right. He moaned.

He took her hands in his. It felt so good to be touched that he didn’t want to stop her. Putting his selfish feelings aside he captured her hands and trapped them still against his chest. She seemed to settle back to sleep.

Father Michael lay thinking as Emily once again stilled in his arms. He wondered where she was from, where she was going. She’d said she was travelling but he’d seen no sign of a backpack or a travel bag. He eventually fell asleep. He could ask her in the morning.

He was having the most incredible dream. He was laying sprawled on his back in his favourite position. His one hand was on his stomach. The other lay over his head. His hard sex was sticking straight up. A warmth like he had never known enveloped it. Soft, hot and wet it traveled up and down his shaft. His rock hard length was being squeezed and massaged in just the right way. The sucking motion was like nothing he’d ever experienced in his life! He felt his balls beginning to churn as he neared his limit.

The “Oh yes Daddy… Cum for me.” forced him wide awake. This was no dream. Emily was actually sucking his straining member with all the skill of one who ‘made love’ to a cock. He was buried deep in her throat now as she swallowed his swollen head.

Lightning flashed and Father Michaels eyes were filled with the image of the lovely Emily’s plump lips wrapped around his engorged dick. She was moaning and the vibration was more than he could take. Both her hands were pumping him in all the places her mouth couldn’t reach. He came hard in her mouth. She swallowed every drop.

He turned on the bedroom light. He could see her fever was really high. He’d felt the heat of her mouth while she was on him. He reached for her. Pulling her onto his lap he offered her more medication. He lay her next to him, pulled his shorts up and shut the light.

He didn’t know what else to do.

As Emily settled in once again Father Michael’s heart nearly beat out of his chest. He was so keyed up from the sinful things that Emily had said and done to him that he was shaking.

He couldn’t get her voice calling him daddy out of his head. Somehow Emily had stumbled onto his secret sin. The idea of incest, even though he knew it was wrong, turned him on. As a result he never allowed himself to think about it.

He didn’t want to have a daughter so that he could violate her or anything like that. He would have stepped down from his calling if that were the case. But as a sexual fantasy, roll playing, it fired him up like nothing else could.

Sometimes, if he were very hard and needed relief, he would masturbate and envision a girl sucking him and calling him ‘daddy’. He got off almost instantly.

He hadn’t done it often because he always felt so ashamed and unworthy afterwards.

The problem was that he was a young, hot and built looking priest. There was always someone trying to get him alone, flirting with him or flat out coming on to him. He’d even had one young wife come and confess in graphic detail her sinful fantasies about him! It was impossible to never find relief.

Father Michael managed to get some sleep. He woke up to a fitful Emily some time around two. Treating her with fever pills and cough syrup he settled her again and dozed off.

This time when he awoke he knew he was in real trouble. He was on his back again. His shorts were gone and Emily was sitting on his stomach completely naked.

She had her hands on his hard pecs to brace herself and her soft, wet, warm pussy was rubbing up and down his penis leaving a slick trail of her juice behind. His dick felt like a steel rod it was so hard!

She had her head thrown back and her beautiful breasts were on full display. He couldn’t help it. He reached out and covered Kızılay Escort them with his hands. Her hard nipples jutted into his palms tickling his hands. His mouth went dry and his hard sex jumped.

He could see that she was still highly fevered and he was concerned… but what she was doing to him was undoing his self control.

He had never seen or touched a naked woman before. His mind was filled with stimulation as he took in the sight of his hands covering her breasts and his penis disappearing behind her sweet shaved womanhood. He felt her heat, her slickness. He heard her moans and the sound of her sliding over him. Felt her legs squeezing him as she flexed against him.

Then she lifted up higher and slid him inside her. His eyes widened as her hot, tight pussy engulfed him, taking his full length. She sighed a contented sigh as Father Michael whimpered. His conscience was seared by his vows and how wrong this was but his body was screaming “YES!!”

He lost the fight as she started speaking. Dirty, slutty words that inflamed him. Made him lose his mind and control.

“Oh Daddy!” she sighed.

“Your big hard cock feels so good…”

“Mmmmm.. Fuck me daddy, put that hard cock in me deeper.”

“Fuck me hard… Fuck my tiny pussy daddy… Please.”

The sight of her hungry pussy eating his hard cock loosened the last of his resistance and finished him off.

He couldn’t believe his eyes. Her cunt was so sweet and so tiny. Her clit was spread flat as her legs opened to accommodate his massive body. Her tight hole clung to his cock. He filled her so full that the sides of her hole stretched to take him in. They looked like lips wrapped around his cock as he moved in and out of her.

He reached out and scooped some pussy juice. Wetting his finger he slid it over her hard bud. She cried out.

“Oh fuck! Of fuck that feels good. Oh daddy feed me that hard cock and play with my pussy.”

She bounced harder on his hard cock. He didn’t think he’d last much longer.

“I’m a bad girl daddy. Spank your bad girl for fucking her daddy’s hard cock.”

Father Michael couldn’t believe his ears! He let go of her breast and brought his hand down on her bare ass hard. He still played with her hard nub. She cried out in pain and delight.

“Oh fuck daddy! Yes! Slap me harder. Teach me to be a good girl! Spank me and teach me a lesson!”

He couldn’t take it. The dirty talk, the role playing, spanking her. His first fuck was his wet dream. He slapped her ass hard several times as he shot his load deep into her pussy.

She screamed as she came.

Exhausted she lay on his chest. Her quiet “thank you daddy” came out on a happy sigh. She was fast asleep in seconds. He held her close, still inside her. Rolling on his side he pulled out of her tight pussy. Even semi hard it still clung to his cock.

Looking around he found his shorts. He pulled them on. Sitting on the edge of the bed he bowed his head. His body was still feeling spasms of pleasure as he tried to pull himself together.

He couldn’t believe he had lost his virginity to an 18 year old seductress that was too ill to be responsible for her actions! He waited for the guilt to come but it didn’t. That scared him just a little.

Fighting lust and desire for the sexy pixie in his bed he lay beside her and tried to sleep. He was still wide awake the next time she woke up. She was still fevered but not deliriously so, she smiled a sweet smile at him. He fed her more pills and cough syrup and held her while she slept.

In the morning he awoke to her sitting up in bed staring at him. She had the blankets down and his cock out of his pants. She was rockin his cock with one hand while she masturbated herself with her other. He could hear her wet cunt as she played with it. He couldn’t help it, he looked. His mouth watered. He wanted to taste her!

Looking back at her face he could see her fever was gone. Her eyes blazed with hunger and desire. She said “this time I want to remember it.”

Father Michael was quiet for a moment. Then he sat up and kissed her mouth. She opened her lips to allow him in. He devoured her mouth with barely contained hunger.

She broke their kiss and got into the doggy position. Looking at him with sinful eyes she said “Fuck me hard Father Michael. You’re my Daddy now.”

Father Michael closed his eyes briefly as forbidden desire flooded his body. Her words had the power to transform him. He was undone.

He entered her slowly. If he was going to hell for this he wanted to relish it. She was a little less tight this way but he got deeper. Then she squeezed! He slammed his cock home. Thrusting in her over and over her took her with force. She was moaning.

“yes… Yes… Oh yes!!”

He slapped her ass.

She cried out “yes daddy spank me as you fuck me!”

He slapped her again. She bucked against him.

He loved this position. It felt so good! He was starting to sweat with the effort it took to pound into her like a huge jack hammer. Her pussy would be sore when he was done. Her ass too. He slapped her hard. She came on his cock but he fucked her right through it. He fucked her till his balls were soaked from her dripping pussy and her ass was bright red from her spanking. Then he thrust deep into her cervix and blew his hot load.

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