Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 06


Martin had been single for some time after he had been ditched over the phone by Sally whilst Sally took Martin’s father’s huge cock up her pussy and she explained to him that she had found a proper man. Richard, Martin’s father, had enjoyed fucking all of his son’s pretty young girlfriends but he was beginning to think his son had given up with girls. What Richard didn’t realise was that Martin was seeing the gorgeous Kim, although he was not getting any sex.

Richard sat in the office and contemplated calling Sally as his dick was stretching down his trouser leg and he needed some action.

His secretary then called through to inform him that Mr Johnson had arrived and insisted he have an urgent meeting. Richard knew what this was about. Richard had invested £5 million in a company which had recently failed. Mr Johnson had invested all his savings in the company as well. Richard had found out about the failure a week before it happened because he was screwing the civil servant who was in the know. He sold his investment for a profit whilst watching Mr Johnson lose everything.

Mr Johnson stormed through the door. He was a huge fat man in his thirties with a red face which looked like it was about to burst:

“I am going to have you arrested for insider dealing, I have just found out that you discovered from that civil servant what was going to happen and that is why you sold your shares. You’re finished!” he shouted.

Mrs Johnson then walked in behind her fat husband. She was a red head who stood around 5 foot Antep Escort Bayan 10 tall and wore a short skirt showing her stocking clad long legs and a low cut top showing her oversized fake tits to their maximum effect.

Richard smiled at her. Mr Johnson continued his shouting:

“If you don’t pay me £1 million today I will finish you.”

Richard sat quietly and considered his options. He was in trouble because he had clearly been guilty of benefiting from inside information but he could easily afford the £1 million. That would mean this fat man had beaten him and he couldn’t accept that. He decided to go on the offensive:

“How does a fat man like you get a wife like that?” he asked calmly.

Mrs Johnson blushed but her husband was outraged and his face went a deeper shade of red.

Richard continued:

“If you leave now I won’t tell your wife never to have sex with you again, now get out!”

“Who do you think you are?” screamed Mr Johnson.

Richard decided to take a huge risk. He silently unzipped his trousers and let the top of his cock spring above the level of the desk. There was silence in the room as the Johnsons both stared in incredulity as this huge cock head appeared above the desk.

“Mrs Johnson, how big is your husband’s cock?” Richard asked.

“Um, er, I don’t know. Five or 6 inches long I guess” she replied.

“About this big then” said Richard allowing 6 inches of cock to appear above the desk.

“Nowhere near that size, not that thick but that long” she said quietly, her eyes transfixed on the cock.

“It won’t be this big then” he said pressing another 3 inches above the level of the desk.

Richard turned to Mr Johnson and said “You dare to threaten me. I will take everything you value.” As he said it another three inches of thick cock appeared above the desk and Mrs Johnson mouthed:

“Oh my God its huge.”

“What is your name Mrs Johnson?” asked Richard.


“Well Val, suck on this in front on your husband please” Richard said allowing the final 3 inches to come into view.

“Don’t you dare Val and you are a freak and a pervert” said Mr Johnson sinking into the nearest chair and looking terrible.

Val hesitated and then Richard started wanking his dick in 2 hands and staring at her tits:

“He is right of course but please Val, it is me or him. You can’t have both. Just look at the fat shit.”

She moved forward quickly and grabbed it with both hands and started licking it.

Richard smiled and steered his cock into her mouth. He grabbed the back of her head and thrust his huge weapon down her throat. He looked across at Mr Johnson who seemed to be having trouble breathing. He fucked her head remorselessly and groped her huge firm plastic tits. He looked at Mr Johnson and said:

“You made a mistake today. I win fat boy.”

With that he pulled his cock out of her mouth and grabbing her huge tits he slid it through her deep cleavage. His cock flared and grew even thicker. He felt his balls tighten and he blasted cum all over her face and hair. Shots of cum flew past her and onto the floor yards away but after 20 seconds her face was covered. He fucked her tits and as he grabbed his cock he slowed the flow of cum and it came out as a thick steady river of viscous cum rather the initial blasts. His cock was sliding slickly through a couple of inches of its own cum which settled in the valley of her huge tits.

“Mr Johnson, I am going to fuck your wife now” said Richard.

“No please, I have a pain in my side, help” he responded clutching his heart.

“I will leave it up to your wife. Val, do you want me to fuck you or do you want to help your fat husband.”

“Oh Richard, fuck me with it, it’s fantastic. I need it. I married him for his money but he has lost it all.”

“You bitch!” Mr Johnson said quietly as he slumped forward.

Richard’s hands reached above her stockings to her firm creamy thighs and firm arse. His cock which still had plenty of cum to offer pressed past her thong and she grunted as he hit his mark. Within seconds 15 inches were ploughing into her and his cock continued to cum. A minute later they looked across and saw the fat man slumped on the floor.

“You are a bad man Richard. Please fuck me again and then we better call an ambulance. I think he is dead already so there is no way I am missing out on another fuck from your monster. I have it all planned out. I get the insurance money and your cock – I knew it was a good decision to get these tits done and to marry a rich fat man with a serious heart condition.”

She laughed and lowered herself back onto his cock.