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My younger sister was hired into the local count system right out of high school. It was a low level job doing filing and transcribing older files on to computer records.

Sally Ann is really my half sister as Dad was remarkably healthy well into his seventies. My mother died shortly after I was born. Dad remarried sixteen years later to a Martha Bolton age nineteen. Two years into this marriage my sister Sally Ann was born.

Dad died a few years ago and Martha died in an accident the year before Sally Ann graduated. I was away working out of the country when I got the news and returned to see what I could do if any thing.

Sally Ann had grown up and was in my eyes one hell of a beautiful young lady. Like her mother she was blessed or damned as one might see it with large full round breasts. I fine round plump ass and legs that were of such shape it took you breathe away.

Sally Ann took losing her mother well and also accepted me as her only living relative. I moved into the home and while Sally Ann finished school I found a job at a local real estate office.

I turned thirty seven three days after Sally Ann graduated and she turned nineteen six weeks later on her first day on the job at the court house.

Sally was at first put into a program to teacher her how to use the compute system at the Court House.

Sally seemed enthusiastic and every evening we talked about her job and what I was doing as well. We got along fine and after a few weeks I invited Sally to join me and my boss for a dinner out at the local Hotel. The Anderson Hotel is the best place in town to dine and have a slow dance with a glass of wine.

Wilda Stark my boss is sixty and what I would guess Sally will look like at that age. Beautiful, busty, plump but not fat with a sexy look at teases a guy to think all kinds of outrageous sexual ideas. Ever since my first day on the job I lived with a hard-on and a deep desire to plug my boss.

I think Wilda had the same feelings but I had to test the waters so I talked about my sister and suggested Wilda meet my sister with the idea of maybe some day not too far down the road getting Sally into the real estate business.

This was of course all bull shit I just wanted to get Wilda out get her into a good mood with a few drinks then if it works out fuck the hell out of her and hope I get to keep my job.

I pretty much told Sally what I wanted and she understood with out blatantly saying I wanted to fuck my boss. The date was set for a week from next Friday.

This was Monday so I had nearly two weeks to plan how, where and when to bang dear old Wilda. For a gal twenty three years my senior she had everything that I had always looked for in a woman. I knew deep down it would only be a causal sex thing but if I ever met a younger version of Wilda I would consider marriage in a heart beat.

I stopped by a local restaurant and picked up dinner one afternoon and had it all on the table when Sally pulled in the drive.

I could see Sally was some what excited as she always wiggles and giggles a little when she has some news to tell me.

The table was already set so Sally washed up slipped into a pair of sweats and joined me at the table.

After two bites Sally could no longer contain herself blurting out she had some news about my boss.

Knowing what Sally did at the court house I was immediately interested. I said “What was it that has you so excited?”

Sally looked at me and said “I was transcribing some older records today and Wilda Stark’s mane popped up. She was arrested for but never convicted for sexual misconduct twenty years ago.

She was married at the time and she and her husband were into swinging.

Swinging is not illegal but their home was raided and it was found two of the group of the swinger at this party were underage. They were over eighteen but under twenty one. I don’t know what the law is or was back then but some how it made a difference. There Escort Bayan Gaziantep were six couples at this party. All were arrested and later all but two of the group were released with out formal charges being brought. The transcribed court records were very detailed in everything that took place and what was said in a closed session before the judge.

It seems your dear Wilda was a very popular with many of the local men. Her husband an older man at the time, he’s dead now by the way. Anyway Wilda stated it was her husband idea to start swinging and she did not appose the idea. They had been into this swinging for nine years. She was only Thirty five at the time by the way.

This particular evening Wilda was the lady that was picked at random to be the comfort station. From what I read and I was totally taken by this crazy idea but when any of the men wanted to com they would present themselves to dear Wilda an she would allow the men to cum in her mouth or on her naked body.

From one of the related statements I read Wilda was very much into oral sex and often volunteered to be the recipient for the men to cum on and in. God don’t you know she must have drunk a gallon of cum in her time as a swinger.

I heard every word but my thoughts were elsewhere. I was wondering how Sally knew so much about oral sex.

I let my sister talk and as I watched her mouth open and close I thought “Christ what a great mouth to shoot a load in.”

Sally paused and looked at me waiting for some kind of comment. So I said “All I can say it I may have some thing to look forward to neat Friday night.”

Sally said “So what am I to do while you seduce you boss? Do I slip off later to leave you two alone or what?”

I laughed and said “Dear Sister you see right through me don’t you?”

“Denver” she said “I’m no virgin you know. I’ve been around a little not as much as you but I know pretty much all there is to know about sex and how best to enjoy it.”

I said “I had no doubts that you have been and are sexually active and I can only guess that you enjoy sex as much as I do or as much as our dear parents did.”

Sally said “Denver after I read all about your boss it get me to thinking about Mom and Dad. Maybe when I have a chance I’ll look up and see if they have a record.”

I said “Sally maybe you should let the dead stay dead.”

She looked at me and nodded her head in agreement.

Over the next few days before our pending date with Wilda Sally seemed preoccupied. I had an idea what se was dong but did not ask her about it. I figured in time she would tell me what she was up to.

Sally came down stairs dressed to kill. The dress was low in front and back accenting her breasts and fine firm ass. I had to say who ever was banging my sister he was sure as hell getting my respect. I got a fucking hard-on.

We went by Wilda’s home to pick her up and were invited in for a drink before dinner. Wilda was impressed with Sally and as they stood side by side I had to think Wilda could be Sally’s mother or more like a Grandmother. Twins in every way. Beautiful, busty, great legs and a wide generous mouth that I would like to fuck. Either one would be fine with me.

Wilda was dressed in a skin tight black dress I was sure was made to fit her figure by a very skilled dress maker. The neck line was higher than Sally’s but just as reveling and her slightly wider ass was there for me and the whole world to see. My cock got harder and this time I did not try to hide it. I was proud of my cock size and hardness and hopefully I would get a chance to show if to Wilda later this evening. I took a good look at her cherry red lips and thought of all the lucky men that had shot a load there. “Oh, God give me strength.”

Our table was hear the wide open French door that looked out over the gardens. It was a splendid view as were the two ladies I had at my side.

The evening was warm but comfortable. Sally seemed to fit right in and shared in the conversation. When Wilda ask Sally if she had ever thought of getting into real estate I was surprised when she answer “Yes”

Sally went on to say that I was her inspiration and loved to listen to me talk about what I did and how much I enjoyed the business and the people I worked with.

I had to laugh at this as I thought Sally was laying the ground work for how much I liked Wilda regardless of our age difference. I thought this was a very skilled way of getting the conversation around to … “to what?”

We ate and about dark a band took the stage and we three relaxed and had another round.

I asked Wilda to dance. I held her close and did not move much as I was purely interested in letting Wilda feel my hard-on rubbing her leg. I wanted her to know and feel how excited I was with her.

We floated near the windows and I took a moment to check on Sally. She was not at the table. I quickly spotted her on the dance floor with a tall guy holding her close. I looked hard at the man as he was nearly my age. I thought her interests would have run younger nearer her own age.

They seem to melt together and I got the feeling this was not the first time they had danced.

I said without thinking “Darling do you know the man Dally is dancing with?”

Wilda smiled and said “I believe that is Karen Cross’s brother Kale I think his name is.”

I was in negotiations with an island resort and Miss Karen Cross as she wanted to buy a home out of the country. I handle foreign sales for Wilda’s company. Miss Karen Cross is my newest client. One with whom I felt a kind of special closeness with. Yes; I know I’m here this evening hoping to get my cock in my boss’s pussy but the first time I saw Miss Cross we had an instant link. I had a lunch date with her early next week. “I wonder.”

Wilda and I returned tot eh table before Sally and her dance partner. Mr. Cross pulled out Sally chair as Sally introduced Kale to Wilda and I. We shook hands and Wilda asked Kale to join us but he said he was with a group of friends and had to get back. He went on to say he met Sally at the court house and just wanted to stop by and shy Hi.

After Kale had retreated Wilda asked the question I wanted to ask. She said “Sally; Mr. Cross seems interested in you. He is seems very nice. Denver is working a sale with his sister did he tell you that?”

Sally did not blush as she said “I could get interested in him if given the chance.” Sally looked at me and said “Denver; remember you’re my brother not my father and I do like older men.

I get a lot of attention at work from older men mostly lawyers and such. And I do enjoy it.”

Wilda said “I did too at your age. But now I like them a little younger.” Both women looked at me. I did not say a word.

Sally seemed to hold her drinks pretty well until we got back out to the parking lot. I opened the car remotely and went around to open the front door for Wilda and the back door for Sally. Wilda slipped past me making an obvious attempt to touch my hard-on. I was pleased with this and was about to touch her in return when Sally slumped against me. I grabbed her and pushed into the back seat. Wilda laughed and said “I thought she was doing so well too.”

Wilda took Sally’s arm and we lifted her out of the car and into the house. Together we got Sally up to her room and while I watched Wilda removed Sally’s dress and I was surprised to see Sally had on panties but no bra.

Wilda and I got her under the sheets. Wilda said “There was a day my tits were that firm and solid.”

I pulled her into my arms, kissed her slipping my tongue into her mouth. The kisses was returned and the tongue as well.

I cupped a breast and rammed my cock into her thigh. I said “You’ve got lovely tits and a lovely ass too.”

Wilda said “Where is your bedroom. I think I’d like to see it.”

I said “I love to show you the ceiling over my shoulder as I show your pussy my fucking cock.”

Wilda laughed and said “You’re so vulgar I love it. Come on I want you to show me that cock you’ve been rubbing on me all night.”

I said “You’re the boss.”

The next thing I hear Wilda say was “God what a lovely cock. I want to suck it. May I suck you beautiful cock before you fuck me with it.” I mumbled some thing as she slowly lowered her head.

I was on my back with Wilda on her knees between my legs. I had a tit in each hand pulling and teasing the nipples. Wilda swallowed my cock all the way down her throat a few times before she felt my harden and my balls pull up under my cock. Wilda straighten up and quickly move up to sit on my cock.

It went all the way to the hilt and we rocked back and forth. Wilda moaned, screamed and yelled for me to “fuck me” I had a hold of her hips jerking her back and forth forcing my cock to flip around inside her pussy.

Wilda screamed “Oh god.” Then she arched her back and lowering her head almost to my chest as her pussy tightened around my cock like a vise.

I screamed too as I let go with a load like I had not done in years. Wilda jerk up straight and leaned back so far I thought she was going to fall over backwards.

I grabbed her arms saving her from what I thought would hurt her. Wilda screamed again and again as her pussy squeezed my cock only to release it over and over again. Wilda eyes were closed and she was in some kind of wild sexual dance. I came until my cock strained to the point of hurting.

Finely Wilda straighten up and suddenly relaxed and came to rest on my chest.

“What the fuck was that?” I asked myself. I had never had that happen and it was the greatest fuck I ever had.

I woke some time later with Wilda stretched out beside me. Lovely in her nakedness. I had to piss so I wiggle out of bed and went to the bathroom.

I heard a muffled sound and thought “Oh God what if she wants to go again?”

I came out to fine Sally standing next to the bed talking to Wilda.

Wilda was saying “That was the greatest fuck of my life. What a great cock. I love his cock and want it again. Soon maybe not tonight but son.”

Sally said “I know you’ve been around a lot and I think that’s great Denver needs a wholesome woman”

Wilda laughed and said “By wholesome you mean someone older that loves to fuck, suck and just enjoys it all.”

Sally said “Something like that.”

Wilda looked over at me and said “Would you look at the beautiful cock. I just fell in love with it the moment I saw it.”

Sally said “You’re one lucky lady. Kales’ cock don’t get really hard just kind of half hard but he still get my motor running and I do climax most of the time.”

Wilda said “Try giving him a long slow cock sucking before he fucks you and see if that helps get him harder.”

“Sally said “I was thinking I might let his play with my ass in hopes he get hard enough to fuck my ass. Wilda so you like a cock in your ass? I’ve only had one up my ass a few times and I kind of like it.”

I had reached the bed and was standing there like a fish out of water or a third person on a date.

Wilda said “There now … look at that cock. Isn’t that the prettiest cock you’ve ever seen?”

Sally moved back and said “Now Wilda you stop that kind of talk you know we’re half brother and sister. I don’t want to give Denver any crazy ideas about wanting to fuck me or have that succulent cock in my mouth.”

Wilda reached up and took my cock in her hand. She said “Sally I fucked both of my brothers. They are both gone now but that is one of the greatest moments I can remember. I was as if we three were free to feel live as it was intended. I love to feel free to do as I please and you should to.”

Sally move to the bedroom door and said “Oh God do I want to Feel Free. Maybe not to night but soon.” We thee laughed.

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For those of you who have read Keaster’s fine stories I want you all to know she is doing fine. However with her eye problems she may not write again. But I may help her with ever I can.