Feelings Ch. 02


… I turned to my side as my right breast fell on my left and I involuntarily gasped as I felt his hands gripping around my naked body resting it over my breasts while his fingers rested on my collar bone.

I tried not to move, not to disturb, but a sudden adrenaline rush made me stretch my legs pushing my body up ahead, as his fingers went floating on my breast which was now an ocean of sweat, it moved down quick and reached my pelvic and before I could get my body back to his crotch he already had separated my legs.

His left hand under me was still playing with my breasts; the tender nipples were erect as he curled his nail lightly scratching the tip of my breast.

Moving my hair away, digging his face he placed a kiss on my cheek moving to my jawline until he reached my neck. He bit down just enough to make me feel the warmth of his breathing as he sucked on my neck and left a print of saliva on it.

My back was searching for rest, filled with open-ended veins was thirsty for something I couldn’t name and suddenly I felt as if I said it out loud because the next thing I could feel was his lips pressing against my back. Slow mellow kisses rhyming with his hands caressing my breast were making a synced music that was soothing to feel on my own body.

My separated right leg rested on his body over his naked legs, I am not even sure when he got those black chinos he was wearing off, and I didn’t care enough till something poke me.

This was the first time I had ever felt that between against legs be it his or someone else’s, I was scared as he slowly rested it against my ass but I couldn’t even wait to have it inside me. He kept on sliding it up and down on my ass making me breathe altyazı porno heavily again.

But my body couldn’t yet overcome the feelings his lips and his thick beard on my back and the feelings all around my body, I couldn’t help but twitch and curl my toes close to break them. I gripped the side of the bed with my sharp nails.

He moved down with a trail of kisses and reached the center of my back and placed a light kiss before he pushed in himself between my legs, he wasn’t in yet, he was rubbing himself between my legs, the touch itself made me jump on my place with a sudden gasp, I could feel his lips smirk on my back.

I gulped down with my eyes close exhaling my satisfaction as he had now started moving his body rubbing himself on me. That feeling was electrifying with every forward push of his I could feel a shiver run from my lower spine to the temple of my body making me push my back.

I was now craving, craving to feel it inside me, the walls were shrinking and expanding with every rub of his and were crying for it, and I couldn’t help it but whisper in my tired erotic voice “do it, do it already”.

He suddenly stopped, he stopped and he knew this was coming, he planted the last kiss on the curve of my body close to my tummy as he stood on his knees departing his legs he looked at me, I couldn’t help but blush badly, he smiled and got his body closer to me.

The closer it got the higher got the heat, I could feel it before it even had touched my body or me. Then he gently touched the tip of it and I inhaled heavily as he slowly pushed it in, only the tip was in and I could feel it against the walls inside me, the curves molded with the shape of it, amatör porno I could feel his skin moving back as he got in.

He slowly took it out and pushed it forward in, my lungs were overflowing and my chest rose in the air accepting him in me.

I couldn’t believe we were doing it, he gently kept on moving it, I could feel the water inside me rising, with my increased breathing, but I wasn’t the only one moaning, I looked at him, his eyes were closed and he was inhaling smoothly from his nose, as he let out light moans, he looked beautiful with the moon light reflecting on his beard.

I closed my eyes to feel the hot flames in my body; I could feel those in the chest, my palm, my legs, and the fingers all curled and wanting to twist. With the increase in speed the echo in the room of our panting and the bodies hitting increased, I could feel my veins popping out from my neck as I pushed my head back in the soft pillow with my mouth wide open and eyes rolled up.

My legs instinctively wrapped around his waist, and I could feel my body going weak as he kept on pushing it in and suddenly he pushed it in except deeper this time, my eyes rolled to the back of my head as my body started to shake and shiver with him dug deep inside me. I instructively pushed myself back trying to get away but he had me held from around my legs.

My hands stretched out to wrap around his neck, I pulled him close till his face was buried in my neck. He kept on moving his ass back and forth to make me cry in the pleasure of this pain. Suddenly releasing the hold of my legs he pushed his hands underneath my back and penetrated with all the love he had, my lower body raised slightly off animasyon porno the mattress made him hit a spot which made me throw my hands on bed as I pushed my lower body up pushing it on him shouting on the top of my voice “Yes don’t stop”.

He continued at the same pace which was fast enough to keep me shivering as I kept on shouting my vocal cords out with my hands gripping the bed sheets and my body raised on his pushing so heavily that my breast kept on dancing.

He then gripping my body from my ass pushed in deeper and his body went shivering as he made his way inside me, the walls squeezing around him, I could feel the thickness and the length deep inside as my eyes went open wide and I kept on shouting “Yes, Yes, Yes”.

I could feel my juices gushing around him inside me; I was about to burst out as if I was holding a bomb inside me. I shouted on the top of my voice “Fuck” as the bubble burst open with all the juices pushing out, making my hip to push up enough to get my back curled as I fell on my left shivering and shaking heavily with my lungs crying of air, panting and struggling, I could hear him shouting “Fuck as well” as he had pulled out and splattered loads on my body.

My body was the most tender thing the heat waves left my body, I heard him fell beside me panting equally heavily.

Suddenly the room had gone hotter, filled with our heavy panting, stinking with our sweat.

Once I was cooled down I turned myself to him and looked at him while his eyes were closed and his chest moved up and down, I later my head on his chest and kissed his brown nipple, stretching my hand around his chest.

I felt a kiss on the forehead as I was stretching leg over him, the stretch made my inner sore legs stretch making leave out a light moan, placing it on his stomach I could feel it dripping.

Closing my eyes I slept the best sleep on my life while the patch of blood on the bed sheet showed the maturity, pain, and pleasure I had gained.